Conor McGregor at Madison Square Garden "I am Boxing" & Has Words with Sergey Kovalev


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Author aaron johal ( ago)
The big bad Russian would eat mcgreggor alive

Author RoidWatch ( ago)
Conor would ko Mayweater clean with one left cross. Let's be honest - he'd probably beat down Kovalev too. The big Russian just too slow.

Author deryl Robinson ( ago)
"I am boxing" He got that Quote from mayweather lol

Author John O'Neill ( ago)
We know from video footage online that McGregor is useless at punching. We also know that punching is his forte in fighting. It’s safe to assume that he is therefore even worse in other aspects of fighting e.g. elbows, submission, knees, B&D, fist fucking etc

Author Nygelite ( ago)
please destroy this man money..."I am boxing" lmfaoooo

Author nebula days ( ago)
turning into a tall poppy big time.

Author TheMacocko ( ago)
Conner is a business man, not a fighter.

Author A Black ( ago)
Connor is just a hooligan from southern Ireland who bullshits his way around now in order to try and get a fight against Mayweather. What an idiot if he thinks he can step into a boxing ring and win like he did in UFC!

Author Max Pheby ( ago)
He doesn't what to sit down cos then no one can see him.

Author fitnready4 ( ago)
Kov would murder than Leprechaun.

Author belikemike sameaslife ( ago)
mcgregor scared as shit listening kovalev lol

Author Adilet Takyrbashev ( ago)
Seems like everyone was watching Conor not them boxers lol

Author Fernando Palomo ( ago)
security wants him to set his as down, and stop being a little attention whore. LOL

Author KodziroHyuga ( ago)
only because all of you ppl are so fucking dumb someone like connor is earning more money than fighters which really deserves it more.....mcgregor, floyd - it all destroying the sports we love but you ppl keep doing..

....stupid bunch of buttheads

Author David Hayes ( ago)
Today "Has words with" means hanging out with.

Author Ty Scott ( ago)
I am boxing ,,I just havnt boxed yet. lmao what an idiot

Author Hamza Khaliq ( ago)
Kovalev would send McGregor out of the arena in a stretcher before the end of the first round.

Author Andre Johnson ( ago)
McGreedy would get her loud mouth ass whooped by Floyd. McGregor let Diaz bitch slap him countless times in both fights, just imagine what Floyd would do the McGreedys face LOLOL GTFOH this is boxing, not MMA. You out of your league son.

Author OGIvI - ( ago)
I hope co or wins this fight so all the boxing fans would stfu for once. But idk if that is ever going to happen.

Author ramiro ( ago)
this clown is being spurred on by the powers that be to rob the public of there money...disgrace..

Author Kungfoo Joey ( ago)
:) and the world turns, 5 years no one will care a bollocks.

Author F. Mazz. ( ago)
He's become such a loud mouth douche bag. False idol worshipers take heed. Just like Ronda Rousey, Conor McGregor's career will come crashing down...and in dramatic fashion too

Author Giulio Zoppello ( ago)
This guy is and embarassement

Author Stephen Cann ( ago)
Friendly but conor could choke him unconscious guys..lets be real watch couture vs toney

Author Aleksandar Kan ( ago)
Bring Kubrat Pulev to fight McGregor !! Throw a Bulgarian at Conor and let's see .
Battle of Doiran 1918, 1917 !! the Irish got rekt

Author Im wearing tights that I borrowed from your mum. ( ago)
"Has words with" is not the correct title. "Talks to" is.

Author gianca60 ( ago)
He's screamin' to Dan rafael.

Author Angela Smith ( ago)
why not get around the best boxing has right now

Author Angela Smith ( ago)
looked like they were chilling if u ask me

Author wally wheatley ( ago)
Hey!  thats number 50 on Floyd mayweather record lol

Author Chraig Smb ( ago)
they're both smart.conor's having a "friendly" talk and at the same time suggesting to us he's intimidating the guy and threatening him.the thing is,the other one's doing exactly the same

Author beedee211 ( ago)
The true killer is that bald body guard next to Conor who is ready to kill.

Author InDaKilZone ( ago)
I like McGregor but he should pick fights with people his own size.. Kovalev is 6ft2 and a powerhouse. McGregor is a small 5ft9 guy.. Kovalev killed a guy much bigger than McGregor! What do you think he'd do to someone so much smaller than him. This isn't a fucking game.. Fight Mayweather, he has no power but will school McGregor and even knock him out. Don't mess with guys at light heavyweight.

Author arturo imperial ( ago)
that men are stupid ufc are broke and this men guana box

Author SKILLvsPILLS ( ago)
whats with his lean back swag?

Author Chris R ( ago)
mayweather is gonna smash him

Author Emmanuel Caballero ( ago)
yells ideas about boxin a man that got Stockton slapped 😂

Author Chris M ( ago)
disliked because clickbait

Author John Smith ( ago)
can someone tell me why tf kovalev only looks slightly bigger than conor??

Author Randy Singh ( ago)
it was friendly chat between Mcgregor & Kovalev

Author Issam Rifi ( ago)
Fucking idiot

Author Imhotep Pease ( ago)
I'll fight Conor: UFC or Boxing! Make the fight

Author adon31997 ( ago)
This chump say he is boxing!😁😂😂
Take the Mayweather fight then! And see if your boxing....

Author Ryan ( ago)
ass clown making me watch a 30 second commercial for this

Author mickeyh1961 ( ago)
just love Conors passion and 100% focus

Author Kid Power ( ago)
Of course Conor has the big advantage with his groundgame here, Kovalev is still fucking a beast tho and still has very heavy hands if were to last on the feet for a short while.

Author Nick ( ago)
Love Connor but this is not the guy to talk boxing. If Nate made him try for a take down this guy will hurt him bad.

Author chapo guzman ( ago)
mcgregor overrated pussy

Author John Doe ( ago)
at first i think kovalev is a tough mother fucker and would beat conor.. hes bigger.. then i forgot.. mcgreggor is mma... how could kovalev defend kicks and take downs lol

Author DaLeadBull ( ago)
He gets worked by Nate fucking Diaz in both fights and somehow gets it into his head that he can beat Floyd. lmao delusional!

Author Abdi Hussein ( ago)
is that how you show off coner magrego wtf that shadow box 😯😯😯😂😁

Author I BOW TO YOU, LORD RAMA! ( ago)
Conor may fight in MMA but he has the genetic gifts of great TIMING, ACCURACY and SPEED things that are hard to teach. This fight will prove how most boxing fans are cavemen that don't REALLY UNDERSTAND FIGHTING. Conor WILL BE ABLE to mange DISTANCE against Floyd quite easily. In MMA in 2017 it's common for fighters to fight at 3 to 5 different ranges, sometimes more. There's not a lot of footage of Conor straight boxing opponents whereas there's literally an ARCHIVE of Money May. Floyd will not be able to game plan Conor as well as the hardcore boxing enthusiasts think whereas Conor can easily review tape and come up with 5-10 different strategies. Floyd is over the hill and has NO PUNCHING POWER. Conor is the bigger man and Floyd won't be able to IMPOSE HIMSELF PHYSICALLY along the ropes or with a reach advantage in the Centre of the Ring with the Jab. The area that Floyd WILL DESTROY CONOR in is TACTICS. There's a bag of tricks with a combination of muscle memory that one acquires after doing a discipline for many years that Amateur's can't overcome with genetics or a good game plan. This will allow Floyd to pile up POINTS round after round. Do I think Floyd will win? YES. Do I think Conor has a good shot at getting a knockdown in the early rounds? YES. Do I think Floyd will DESTROY Mcgregor? If Conor has a good gameplan, ABSOLUTELY NOT. Floyd is OLD and has NO POWER. At the end of the day. My prediction. Floyd by decision with a knockdown by Conor in the early rounds.

Author valkor73 ( ago)
remember tyson lost one lucky punch anything can happen

Author Black Bond ( ago)
Conor fans think he can beat Kovalev?? Lol I retire.. Kovalev killed someone in the ring.. too much trauma to the head.. he would put conor in a coma minimum

Author andre bricke ( ago)
fucking disrespectufl sonofabitch pimp poking his motherfooker fingers showing off in public then adjusting chair for Conor, bustard

Author Ameer Khan ( ago)
what time are the dogs on!!!!

Author Joe Doe ( ago)
lol this is hilarious, totally lost in this scene

Author S c ( ago)
the KING is in the building

Author Daniel Leyva ( ago)
Lame wrestling tactics to boost UFC ratings. Won't work. UFC is a fad at best. Boxing is a real sport

Author FH ( ago)
yeah but dont you wish he kicked his luckycharm ass back to ireland.?? yes yes you do, me too.

Author Liquid_sky liquid ( ago)
doesn't looked scared to me mcgregor would fuck kovalev up in a street fight

Author German Martinez ( ago)
People are brainwashed by the media they were friendly towards eachother smh

Author Evan pete basso ( ago)
brigham utah and ogden slc.

Author Evan pete basso ( ago)
brigham police dept. has citizens spies harrassing law abiding citizens.

Author imanishay ( ago)
more eyes and phones on conor than the boxing. if that was mayweather no one would bat an eyelid 😂😂

Author cannibalcheese ( ago)
someone's been on the bags lol.

Author John O'Neill ( ago)
Pretending to know something about boxing by shouting out advice form the corner.

Author John O'Neill ( ago)
He is a poor paraody of Ali. He embarrasses himself because his lack of finesse.

Author Thomas Francis ( ago)
I think Kovalev was saying something and Conor wanted no part of it.

Author TheLamech777 ( ago)
Guys he would destroy kovalev in about 30 seconds hahaha. Boxing isn't MMA lol

Author Free Bee ( ago)
Fake title

Author tonebeatz24 ( ago)
Comparing a boxer and a mma fighter is like comparing a football player and a rugby player together. It's not the same sport. It's different technique the both of them. If a mma fighter was to fight a boxer on the street a mma fighter of course would win. But in a boxing match a boxer would win.

Author Deontae Mckinstry ( ago)
White people love this man.

Author R A ( ago)
kovalev would knock conor the fuck out lmao. im surprised by how tall conor seems tho. he had to have been wearing boots

Author fpineros22 ( ago)
kovalev would literally murder him 😂

Author JackMeHoff Gud ( ago)
The Greatest Arrogant Cunt McQueen tinks he is boxing! Lmaol! Ali will crawl out of his box and whoop this arrogant ass. Cunt McQueen is not a champion until he defended his titles.

Author Pistol Pete ( ago)
he's off it at times like bit to Leary some cunts will end up cracking the Irish cunt one of these days and it's safe to say he'll probably deserve it ... good in the octagon Tho the Irish not job what he is

Author LeRob2 ( ago)
What a clown!!!

Author relikvija ( ago)
what a waste of time
some precious 150 pound 4 feet tall fuck wants to fight everybody and the whole planet is going crazy about it

Author MIF MMA ( ago)
Conor is a fucking legend😀

Author bendlor ( ago)
a lot of new mcgregor doubters from the boxing world emerging, theyre in for a surprise... they'll come through tho, just like we all did in the mma world when mcgregor was slowly climbing the ranks and made us eat our words time and time again.. they dont know whats coming

Author Ayatollah spunksplash ( ago)
"i am boxing" a big statement?..... ,proud,words, from a man whose mouth fights a better game that his fists, but what does the fox,say!!!???.... , mayfeather jnr is going to change all that , too," iam mc tap ,i am throw in the towel, early" thank you and goodnight, and if your,ve just joined us, then i ,m gone, should have come earlier to get a seat.

Author niall cully ( ago)
he out of the head 😂😂

Author Wayne Swaby ( ago)
Conor is a hall of famer when its comes to MMA, but he couldnt beat the best welterweights in britain, someone like Kell brook would f@$k him up in the boxing ring, so I cant see how he would beat Mayweather.

Author Mr Senko ( ago)
this is gonna be the most comical match of the year....Mayweather is gonna sweep the cards

Author Maris .Grinbergs ( ago)
Kovalev is my favorite boxer and Mcgregor my favorite from UFC, hope they are in good terms lol.

Author SuperManBeemerrr ( ago)
I thought Conor was 5'9? The other boxer is around 6'1. They look the same height?

Author Lorel Latorilla ( ago)
"I am boxing"

Yeah this guys getting annoying now.

Author Mirshhhh ( ago)
frig McGregor guy is always fighting with someone and talking shit, sit down bro. Happy that Diaz showed this guy he isn't shit but all talk

Author jason robbins ( ago)
LMAO Kovalev put his hand in Conors chest like 5 different times talking down on him... Every guy knows those are fighting words & Conor didnt do shit!

Author jammy dodger ( ago)
i like conor in ufc... but he mentions mayweathers name a few times and all of a sudden hes a boxing expert... stay in your lane conor

Author Jozeph Reyes ( ago)
Yup.. I'm now pretty convinced that McGregor has had ADHD since he was a kid and is only getting worse without taking proper medication 🤦‍♂️

Author Phillip Gamez ( ago)
connor aint sh!t

Author BlameDamage ( ago)
klobalob lookin for red panty nite

Author Roger Doger ( ago)
McGregor V mayweather why?? he's ducking fights in UFC for sure!!

Author TrueGoldenBoy Champ ( ago)
Mc Gregor is smart he knows boxing is were the real money is at.. Not like how promotor Dana white is taking 50% of everything his fighters make he's not the one getting hit in the ring yet he has more money than mc Gregor and Ronda lol .. Come to boxing MMA fans.. It's to bad mc Gregor will get KOD against mayweather in boxing match lol.. But he has heart.. McGregor is a D level boxer at best, McGregor only looked good against those guys in the UFC because they have no boxing skills lol, McGregor boxing skills was just a little more superior than those guys in the UFC but not when it comes to real boxing he is nothing lol..

Author Boss Bic ( ago)
I can't wait till floyd kick his ass

Author Long Jawn ( ago)
0:25- the headbutt was there, and Conor has a big dome

Author ALEX MCFEE ( ago)
Who cares

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