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Author Hibiki Ryoga (1 year)
Can you zoom out a little bit, coz I wanna see those inividual part when
you diassamble those parts.... (^~^)

Author Gable Mullen (2 months)
Sure would be nice if you could show us the inside of the reciever while
your reassembling

Author Symphony of Noise (8 days)
Cool, thanks for the video, man.

Author Max Fountaine (3 months)
Great video.

Author Arariel3 (8 months)
I'm really glad you didn't refilm this. Sure, there were points which were
a little iffy to see, but seriously watching the fumbles were as
educational as a successful run, maybe more.

Author Anthony Gullo (1 year)
Thank you for the link, do u need any special tool?

Author Anthony Gullo (1 year)
I have the same shotgun but still have yet to take her apart and I'm afraid
if I do it I won't be able to get it back together, what if any tools do I
need? Any advice u have would be greatly appreciated 

Author Tim Horn (1 year)
thank you simple sweet and knolgeable not a know it all like few
others agian thanks for sharing your knowlage

Author ChromeFreak123 (3 years)
@krazywabbits Yes, for some reason my shotgun did not have it on and I
bought mine brand new, so they forgot to do that at the factory. I did not
even think about that being an issue when you first started asking my
opinion. Mine works great and have never had an issue shooting a wide
variety of ammo through it. I would hang on to the retainer and go
shooting, if you have no problems like mine, stay that way. If you really
want peace of mind, call Mossberg up and ask them if its ok to remove.

Author Ty Montague (2 years)
Okay figured it out. I own a 590A1 Special Purpose. To pull the trigger
assembly you have to remove the whole stock, including the pistol grip.
Once you do that it works exactly like the 590 in your video. Thanks again
for posting the vid. Super helpful.

Author ChromeFreak123 (2 years)
Holy crap, lol, long time no see. I hope your doing great brother. Miss you
man. ; )

Author scifigunny762 (2 years)
i have a revelation 300 made by savage/stevens. anyone find a
breakdown/rebuild video on them? i think my firing pin is off cuz its
barely tapping the primer. i only ask cuz im not trying to break down a
pump for my first time without knowing enough first.

Author Ty Montague (2 years)
Okay I'll give it a whirl and report back. Many thanks.

Author sanjuhajinraku (4 years)
@ChromeFreak123 Thanks for your all kind! I refer to your video. Thank

Author reeseman67 (4 years)
@ChromeFreak123 There is supposed to be a spring metal retainer that you
have to pry out so the spring doesn't fly out when you take off the cap.
Most shotguns I've disassembled with removeable mag tube cap have them.
It's a metal 'cup' shaped exactly like the follower and wedges in to retain
spring. If you bought yours new it should have one, did you buy it used?
Just got my 1st Mossy PUMP, a parkerized 590A1 w/GRS,bayo lug & Speedfeed
stock. LOVE IT! Its elevator design makes loading FAST!!

Author BigJ782011 (3 years)
@ChromeFreak123 Is there really a mag plug in there that restrict to the
capacity in 590 fresh ot of the box? I plan on getting a 590.

Author ChromeFreak123 (3 years)
@WhiteKestrell I hope this vague answer kinda gives you an idea. A choke
would be used in hunting shotguns say for Geese as an example. The 590 is a
smooth bore shotgun, it has no rifling and no choke. I hope this helps give
you a quick answer but you could get more specifics on different choke
sizes to change the patterns. Thanks for asking, I really appreciate it.
Thank You again. : )

Author ChromeFreak123 (2 years)
It can be a bit tricky but once you do it, you know it. Thanks. : )

Author NHJordan (4 years)
I have a mariner 500... inside the receiver, running down the middle; the
finish seems to be peeling off, chipping off. I've only fired 300 rounds
through it. Is this normal wear and tear for a mariner? Im worried!

Author mrperople derp (2 years)
AA12 with explosive rounds

Author Mac Nasty (1 year)
Cant see inside the gun to see what your doing, but other that that thanks

Author ChromeFreak123 (3 years)
@krazywabbits Believe me, they have seen and heard it all. They will fix
the shotgun without to much stress on you, I am pretty sure of that. I am
not saying you did, who knows, it could have been a factory issue to begin
with or where you bought it could have played with it. I am just saying
what I think might be wrong with it but you should be able to remove the
cap easily. Just contact them and let them fix the issue. Let me know how
it goes with them. They are known for good service. : )

Author wrybreadspread (4 years)
The resolution of your footage is great. No graininess. And your speaking
style would do a newscaster credit. So clear. A lot of info packed in a
short amount of time. (If you wanna a good guffaw, check out my rambling on
my uploads) But I felt like the angle of view was too narrow…like I was
wearing blinders. In fairness, you did mention you were trying to fit your
whole presentation into a limited amount of timespan.

Author shaveddave (3 years)
thanks man. i almost shat myself when i couldnt get the barrel back on tho

Author canderson72 (2 years)
Great video. I have an H&K Fabarm FP6 and this video even showed me how to
break that down - great job!

Author ChromeFreak123 (4 years)
@BombriderKong I thank you for taking the time to not only watch but to
post a comment, it means a lot to me.

Author ChromeFreak123 (3 years)
@Vffr1 I really appreciate it brother. That means a lot to me. Merry
Christmas. : )

Author daniel55645 (3 years)
@ChromeFreak123 just got it yesterday and put 50 rounds through it so far
and i def do love it. and i watched this video again when i got home to
take apart and put together to clean it, and man it really is easy. thanks
a lot man.

Author kevinchris (2 years)
Awesome video! Da Bears!

Author ChromeFreak123 (3 years)
@Vffr1 Thank You.

Author ChromeFreak123 (2 years)
Thanks my friend. Da Bears! : )

Author Ty Montague (2 years)
Hmmm. I replied but my reply didn't appear. Take II. Removing the handle of
the pistol grip (standard screwdriver, up inside the grip handle) reveals
that the grip housing is one molded piece that slides over the main tube of
the adjustable stock. That seems to be held on by a sort of castle nut.
Seems like removing that is the only way to remove the trigger housing.
Seems harder than it should be. Bet I'm doing something wrong. I'll report
back after I wrestle with it some more.

Author Mofungo (3 years)
Thank you. This helped a great deal especially the part concering the
ejector plates.

Author felix zero (4 years)
Thanks for the breakdown.

Author alex o'neal (3 years)
Good info...(tip about the trigger real good!) Another real world video
...thanks buddy...

Author ChromeFreak123 (3 years)
@lilbuddhanic You are very welcome and I am the one that thanks you. I make
these videos just for the reason you stated and really appreciate when I
hear they helped someone. It makes doing videos worth the time and effort,
Thank You. : )

Author ChromeFreak123 (2 years)
I think they are both fantastic shotguns. I like the Mossberg a little
better but you can not go wrong with either. The Mossberg is easier to
disassemble but not by a lot. I also think the 590 is a bit tougher but all
in all, they are both great pumps. Thanks, it means a lot. : )

Author ChromeFreak123 (4 years)
@sanjuhajinraku I would call Mossberg to confirm that but I am almost
positive they do. Thanks.

Author krazywabbits (3 years)
@Vffr1 Shotguns are easy to clean even without taking them apart. Unless
your dragging them through dirt or mud it should be fine. My dad has had
his shotgun for over 20 years now and he's never taken the thing apart.
Still handles like a champ. Have fun!

Author Josh Buesching (2 years)
Loved the video! What variant is your 590? I love that finish.

Author ChromeFreak123 (4 years)
@daveallanuk Thank you, I appreciate the kind words, it means a lot to me.

Author TheHalifaxd (3 years)
@ChromeFreak123 no problem.the video is very good and concise. i just got
my mossberg 590 mariner and am learning about it. do you know a way to look
up the serial number to find the year of manufacture on these mossbergs?

Author reeseman67 (4 years)
AND THANKS FOR THE HELP! My Winchester 1300 Defender is a BREEZE to take
apart comparitively, even the Moss 930 SPX is 1 of the easiest gas operated
anything to clean/disassemble. But really it's not bad, just the cartridge
stop and cartridge interrupter makes it a 'balancing act', but it's bulit
so tough, you could probably go through 1000-2000 rounds before you started
having it be real 'sluggish' from buildup. It's really the best elevator
design PERIOD! Again, thanks man!

Author ChromeFreak123 (2 years)
No problem brother. as soon as I get that model or one close to it in the
shop, I will make the video for you. : )

Author ChromeFreak123 (4 years)
@wrybreadspread I am sorry about the rushing through everything but at the
time I filmed it, I had 10 minutes. This a video I might go back and
re-shoot. I also wish my editing skills were a lot better, I actually have
no editing skills. lol. I also appreciate the props on how I speak, it
really means a lot to me. I am trying to figure a way to get better angles
and use light to improve quality, I will get there eventually. lol. Thanks
again and please keep it up, I love the helpful criticism.

Author ChromeFreak123 (4 years)
@sanjuhajinraku As far as I know, you can call Mossberg and order a plug
yes. I am almost positive they have them for the 500 series of shotguns.
Enjoy it, it is a great shotgun. Thanks.

Author rckhopper (4 years)
Good demonstration. I recon I could do one after watching that.

Author ChromeFreak123 (1 year)
Yes Sir. : )

Author Vffr1 (3 years)
Some 25+ years ago I had a Mossberg 500 (I loved that gun!) Not sure why,
but I sold it to a friend of mine just a few years later. Last year, I
finally purchased a replacement Mossberg 590 but I've been skeptical about
taking it apart & cleaning it because I remember it being a pain to
reassemble. Thanks to you, I just took the entire thing apart and it all
went back together like clock work. I really appreciate your video. All the
best and happy trials. Glad you doing better as well. Triple

Author Ty Montague (2 years)
Thanks for doing this vid. Question: I have a pistol grip on my 590 and am
having trouble seeing how the trigger assembly comes out. Do I need to
remove the pistol grip before removing the trigger assembly pin and pulling
out the trigger assembly?

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