Pump Action Shotgun Disassembly and Reassembly

I completely disassemble and reassemble my Mossberg 590 shotgun. I assume that most pump action shotguns are internally very similar. Although I could be wrong on that. I am very rushed in this video to get in done in 10 minutes. I make a couple of fumbles but, all in all it goes pretty good. I know the quality of the video leaves alot to be desired but, I hope to get better with that. I know alot of people are afraid or intimidated to take down thier shotgun and I hope I show that it is really easy. All you need is a little patience. Mossberg actually recommends you do this every 200 rounds, they also recommend that you take it to a gunsmith to have this done. I show that you can do it yourself and be confident you can. If anyone has any questions about how to do it or let me know if I need to make a better detailed video on it, let me know and I will. Just send questions in PM's and if that don't work we can do it over the phone. I hope that this video helps people take down thier shotgun and feel good about it. I am crazy with my guns, whether I shoot 1 round or 100, I take the gun down completely. I am always cleaning and oiling my guns. I thank all who watch the vid and read this giant paragraph Thanks all and God Bless.

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Author Casper Skaarup ( ago)
Hi. Nice video, very informativ. I have The same gun but have post The
extractor, do U know of somewhere where i Can buy a new one? BTW. I'm from
Denmark and there is no retailer in Denmark :( Best from DK

Author armorer1911 ( ago)
US Coast Guard uses that 590 with the Ghost Ring Sights.

Author Symphony of Noise ( ago)
Cool, thanks for the video, man.

Author Gable Mullen ( ago)
Sure would be nice if you could show us the inside of the reciever while
your reassembling

Author Max Fountaine ( ago)
Great video.

Author Arariel3 ( ago)
I'm really glad you didn't refilm this. Sure, there were points which were
a little iffy to see, but seriously watching the fumbles were as
educational as a successful run, maybe more.

Author Hibiki Ryoga (1832 years ago)
Can you zoom out a little bit, coz I wanna see those inividual part when
you diassamble those parts.... (^~^)

Author Anthony Gullo ( ago)
Thank you for the link, do u need any special tool?

Author Anthony Gullo ( ago)
I have the same shotgun but still have yet to take her apart and I'm afraid
if I do it I won't be able to get it back together, what if any tools do I
need? Any advice u have would be greatly appreciated 

Author Tim Horn ( ago)
thank you simple sweet and knolgeable not a know it all like few
others agian thanks for sharing your knowlage

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
Yes Sir. : )

Author Daniel Guadian ( ago)
Goes to show that even a knucklehead like you can do it, lol. I should be
in good company. Thanks for the info. Long Live the Republic.

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
It could be a number of things. I would make sure you are completely coming
all the way back when you rack the gun. It could also be the elevator or
the cartridge interrupter. I would really need to look at the gun myself to
know for sure. I would really stick with 2 3/4" shells though, I just
prefer them. Let me know if you need more help.

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
My camera work leaves a lot to be desired. Thanks.

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
It is exactly the same. I hope it goes well. If you need any advice, please
contact me. Thanks. 

Author Mac Nasty ( ago)
Cant see inside the gun to see what your doing, but other that that thanks 

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
Happy it helped, thanks. : )

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
Its the 590 Mariner. Thanks. : )

Author Josh Buesching ( ago)
Loved the video! What variant is your 590? I love that finish. 

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
Yes, you can just do a field strip style cleaning and lube. If you need
more info, let me know. Thanks.

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
Ya, my camera skills suck, lol. I appreciate the watch. : )

Author 1111111111202 ( ago)
hello, i just got my m590a1 brand new and havent shot it yet. its my first
gun and i just got my firearms licence. i do not have any experience, i m
literally brand new at this. anyways, i read on the net that i should clean
my gun and lube it before i fire it for the first time so i came across
your video. is this really necesasry? can i just clean the barrel and
inside the chamber without disassembling the whole thing like trigger
mechanisms etc. or do i need to do everything on the video.thnx

Author ultrakool ( ago)
very informative. a wider camera angle woulda been more helpful. thx

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
No, your being smart, hajahaja. My Spanglish laugh. : )

Author GlockPunisher1 ( ago)
What is up brother? lol Now you really know I meant it when I said this is
a badass video. Had to take the mossy apart and when putting it back
together, I have to come back here. I always laugh at the part when you say
you are going to have to remake the video. jaja NO! leave it as is. Miss
you too man. I wish all was as it was a year ago on YT. Now we have all the
govt getting in our business. Not a good idea for people to put their
weapons on display on the internet. Am I being paranoid? lol

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
Holy crap, lol, long time no see. I hope your doing great brother. Miss you
man. ; )

Author GlockPunisher1 ( ago)
can I say I look for this beautiful PERFECT video every time I work on my
shotty? Yes very good video indeed!

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
Thank You. : )

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
lol, thanks.

Author canderson72 ( ago)
Great video. I have an H&K Fabarm FP6 and this video even showed me how to
break that down - great job!

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
Thanks my friend. Da Bears! : )

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
Thank You. : )

Author kevinchris ( ago)
Awesome video! Da Bears!

Author dropfall82 ( ago)
Great video!

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
Thank you for watching, glad it helped. : )

Author Jim Bean (CoyoteMan07) ( ago)
I have a Mossberg model 835 and this video helped me out big time. The only
difference with the reassembly on mine was that you have to put the
elevator in before the bolt. It took me a little while to figure that out.
haha. Thanks for the video.

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
Sure, PM me and I will give you my #.

Author Juancho Rodrigo Reyes ( ago)
Hi. could you please help me. I accidentally pulled the trigger of my
shotgun while disassembling it. I can't figure out how to put it back.
Please help. 

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
No problem brother. as soon as I get that model or one close to it in the
shop, I will make the video for you. : )

Author scifigunny762 ( ago)
thanks for the offer. if work wasnt so slow i would send it to ya. a video
would be great seeing how there arent too many vids for savage/stevens

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
I will be happy to do a video on the Stevens for you and will, when we get
one in the shop. we do get them from time to time. It is probably a weak
hammer spring or the firing pin. I am the gunsmith/ armorer at K&W Gun
Works in Delray Beach Florida. If its worth it to you, you could always
send it to me to fix. Thanks.

Author scifigunny762 ( ago)
i have a revelation 300 made by savage/stevens. anyone find a
breakdown/rebuild video on them? i think my firing pin is off cuz its
barely tapping the primer. i only ask cuz im not trying to break down a
pump for my first time without knowing enough first.

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
It can be a bit tricky but once you do it, you know it. Thanks. : )

Author Darrell Stubbs ( ago)
I got it done though I had to watch reassembly several times. I found the
hardest part was to get the slide plate to connect to the rods on the pump.

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
I am sorry. When I shot this video, I only had 10 minutes, youtube was
different back then and if you were not a partner, you had 10 minutes so I
rushed a lot. They did change thayt and I am a partner now. lol. Maybe i
should re-shoot it.

Author Darrell Stubbs ( ago)
Too fast. Will need to watch several times to get it.

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
It must be a different stock Mossberg is using, I just took an A1 down last
week for a Duracoat job and had no problems removing the trigger group
first. Cool and thanks. : )

Author Ty Montague ( ago)
Okay figured it out. I own a 590A1 Special Purpose. To pull the trigger
assembly you have to remove the whole stock, including the pistol grip.
Once you do that it works exactly like the 590 in your video. Thanks again
for posting the vid. Super helpful.

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
If you have problems, I am a phone call away bro., we will get you through
any issues you may face. thanks. : )

Author Ty Montague ( ago)
Hmmm. I replied but my reply didn't appear. Take II. Removing the handle of
the pistol grip (standard screwdriver, up inside the grip handle) reveals
that the grip housing is one molded piece that slides over the main tube of
the adjustable stock. That seems to be held on by a sort of castle nut.
Seems like removing that is the only way to remove the trigger housing.
Seems harder than it should be. Bet I'm doing something wrong. I'll report
back after I wrestle with it some more. 

Author Ty Montague ( ago)
Okay I'll give it a whirl and report back. Many thanks.

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
I am trying to envision the pistol grip, today is my day off and I don't
have one to look at, lol. I would say, you should not have to and it won't
hurt anything to try. If it will not come off, then remove the pistol grip
and try again but really it should not be in the way. Thanks and let me
know how it goes. : )

Author Ty Montague ( ago)
Thanks for doing this vid. Question: I have a pistol grip on my 590 and am
having trouble seeing how the trigger assembly comes out. Do I need to
remove the pistol grip before removing the trigger assembly pin and pulling
out the trigger assembly? 

Author mrperople derp ( ago)
AA12 with explosive rounds

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
I think they are both fantastic shotguns. I like the Mossberg a little
better but you can not go wrong with either. The Mossberg is easier to
disassemble but not by a lot. I also think the 590 is a bit tougher but all
in all, they are both great pumps. Thanks, it means a lot. : )

Author Michael Forbes ( ago)
Thanks. I'm looking at a home defense shotgun and its between the 590 and
the 870. I saw Hickok45 has a 590. If its good enough for him, I'm sure
I'll be happy. The 590 it is. I'll use your video for my first breakdown.

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
Thanks bro., stay tuned for a ton more. : )

Author alex “bikeman” o'neal ( ago)
Good info...(tip about the trigger real good!) Another real world video
...thanks buddy...

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
Gotta love lever action shotguns. Thanks for watching. : )

Author ross val cavinta jr ( ago)
i just brought norinco 1887 its cool 

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
@alecboi84 I will be more than willing to help you. It should come off as
long as you follow everything in the video to a T. If you still cant get it
off, PM me and we will speak on the phone and figure it out. Thanks. : )

Author Jefferson “TruthIsTreason” Thomas ( ago)
i just bought my 590 and I know relatively nothing about guns...I find your
video very helpful except i cant get my trigger housing it because
it's new?Help! 

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
@elturbonegro Im not sure exactly what your trying to explain but I would
be more than happy to help you. pm me your # and we will try and figure it
out over the phone unless you can explain it a little better on here.
Thanks. : )

Author Vffr1 ( ago)
@krazywabbits I think I'll leave it alone for now, since it doesn't seem to
need cleaning. Thanks and Happy New Years to all you. Triple

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
@Vffr1 I really appreciate it brother. That means a lot to me. Merry
Christmas. : )

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
@Vffr1 Thank You.

Author Vffr1 (1341 year ago)
Some 25+ years ago I had a Mossberg 500 (I loved that gun!) Not sure why,
but I sold it to a friend of mine just a few years later. Last year, I
finally purchased a replacement Mossberg 590 but I've been skeptical about
taking it apart & cleaning it because I remember it being a pain to
reassemble. Thanks to you, I just took the entire thing apart and it all
went back together like clock work. I really appreciate your video. All the
best and happy trials. Glad you doing better as well. Triple

Author Vffr1 (1868 years ago)
@krazywabbits Can you let me know how you removed the stock tube spring
retainer? Mine came with the retainer, I'd like to remove it or at least
know how to remove it, but I wanted to touch bases with someone that had
done it prior to just going for it and messing something up. Thanks. Triple

Author Vffr1 (1460 years ago)
I think it's a great video. Thank you. Triple

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
@TheHalifaxd There is a way but not off the top of my head. I would suggest
you call Mossberg and in 2 seconds, they can tell you year of manuf...
Thanks. ; )

Author TheHalifaxd ( ago)
@ChromeFreak123 no problem.the video is very good and concise. i just got
my mossberg 590 mariner and am learning about it. do you know a way to look
up the serial number to find the year of manufacture on these mossbergs? 

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
@TheHalifaxd This was a video I did early on, when I first started making
videos. I plan on re-shooting a few of my dis-assembly videos and have this
one marked as one to re-shoot. I appreciate any and all constructive
criticism, I hope it will help improve my video quality in the future.
Thanks sir. : )

Author TheHalifaxd ( ago)
It would help if the camera was zoomed out a little bit 

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
@m0sseater You are welcome and if you need any help at all, let me know.
Thanks again. : )

Author Mofungo (734 years ago)
Thank you. This helped a great deal especially the part concering the
ejector plates.

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
@lovehandles16 Thank you Sir, it is appreciated. : )

Author FrAnKie fRanK ( ago)
BITCHEN!!! you the man chromefreak. 

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
@krazywabbits Yes, for some reason my shotgun did not have it on and I
bought mine brand new, so they forgot to do that at the factory. I did not
even think about that being an issue when you first started asking my
opinion. Mine works great and have never had an issue shooting a wide
variety of ammo through it. I would hang on to the retainer and go
shooting, if you have no problems like mine, stay that way. If you really
want peace of mind, call Mossberg up and ask them if its ok to remove. 

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
@hickok45 Well Sir, I really appreciate you coming by and for the
compliment, that means a great deal to me coming from you Sir. : )

Author hickok45 ( ago)
Good job. I needed this as a reminder; I had not had a Mossberg for many
years before buying my 590 A1. Hickok45

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
@jgreedy512 You are very welcome, this is what youtube is all about to me.
Thanks again my friend. : )

Author jgreedy512 ( ago)
Awesome video, finally got the guts to strip my 590 down and put it back
together. Didn't realize how easy it would be, thanks!

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
@krazywabbits Believe me, they have seen and heard it all. They will fix
the shotgun without to much stress on you, I am pretty sure of that. I am
not saying you did, who knows, it could have been a factory issue to begin
with or where you bought it could have played with it. I am just saying
what I think might be wrong with it but you should be able to remove the
cap easily. Just contact them and let them fix the issue. Let me know how
it goes with them. They are known for good service. : )

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
@krazywabbits I am going to tell you that you should call Mossberg ASAP. I
think it has been crossed threaded at some point in time, whether you did
it on accident or someone at the manufacturer did. The cap should come off
with not a lot of effort. I am almost sure of this but without seeing it
myself, I am only guessing but even only guessing, its still not the way it
should be. Mossberg has a great customer service and I am sure will take
care of the problem, Let me know. Thanks. : )

Author ChromeFreak123 (827 years ago)
@krazywabbits Not really had that issue. I would say just put it on like I
did in the video, hand snug, do not wrench it tight. It should not be that
hard to take off. I would try it again and make sure when you reassemble,
don't torch it. lol. Thanks and if you need more help, let me know. : )

Author ChromeFreak123 (971 year ago)
@lilbuddhanic You are very welcome and I am the one that thanks you. I make
these videos just for the reason you stated and really appreciate when I
hear they helped someone. It makes doing videos worth the time and effort,
Thank You. : )

Author lilbuddhanic ( ago)
like an ass, i disassembled my shotgun when a cartridge was stuck. had no
idea how to reassemble so like an amateur I tried to do it on my own.
cartridge interrupter was the piece left over (like the many screws and
bolts in my engine when i tried to dissasemble that..friggin' cummins).
after watching this vid, i have a functioning rifle. thank you. 

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
@daniel55645 I am the one that appreciates you watching it, it means a
great deal to me. Enjoy it and stay in touch. : )

Author daniel55645 ( ago)
@ChromeFreak123 it is really easy and I'm def gonna take care of her. I
plan on having that gun prob my whole life. and thank you for making a
great instructional video. its hard to find good videos on here sometimes. 

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
@daniel55645 I am happy to hear you got through the first disassembly, now
you see how easy it really is and you will have a clean well lubricated
piece of machinery that will out last you. She will always take care of you
if you take care of her. lol. It means a lot to hear that my video helped
you. Thank you. : )

Author daniel55645 ( ago)
@ChromeFreak123 just got it yesterday and put 50 rounds through it so far
and i def do love it. and i watched this video again when i got home to
take apart and put together to clean it, and man it really is easy. thanks
a lot man. 

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
@yrusonoitall I am not sure exactly what you mean by pump. If you are
talking about the foregrip, I do take it off in the video or are you
talking about taking the foregrip itself apart ? Please, Let me know and I
would be more than happy to help. Thank You. : )

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
@silvioam Thank You, Ya I do not edit mistakes out. I am not good at
editing and I think they will help others also. I appreciate you watching.
: )

Author yrusonoitall ( ago)
Good video, but I would like to see you take your pump off & watch you put
it back on, because I have pump that is bulky & would like to put one on
more like yours. I want a pump that is just barley big enough to slide over

Author BigJ782011 (602 years ago)
@ChromeFreak123 I am planning on getting the 590 that is under Mossberg
model number 50660 one day.

Author ChromeFreak123 (1908 years ago)
@BigJ782011 In the experience that I have had with the 590, I have seen
some that do and some that don't. I have no idea what the deal with that
is, maybe a factory issue but it is easy enough to remove. It will come
right out with no effort. Thanks and the 590 is an awesome shotgun that you
will love, in my opinion. I will never get rid of mine. Thanks. : )

Author BigJ782011 ( ago)
@ChromeFreak123 Is there really a mag plug in there that restrict to the
capacity in 590 fresh ot of the box? I plan on getting a 590.

Author daniel55645 ( ago)
@ChromeFreak123 thats good to hear. i ordered mine yesterday so i cant wait
to get it

Author ChromeFreak123 ( ago)
@daniel55645 It is a great shotgun, you will not regret it. I love
Mossberg. They make a great product and they stand behind it. Thanks. : )

Author daniel55645 ( ago)
watching this and the other video about this gun has made def wanna buy one
and the im looking at comes with an interchangable pistol grip, (which i
like better for home defense than a long butt stock) so i think im def sold
on this gun

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