Vacuum Fluorescent Displays

Vacuum Fluorescent DisplaysAll systems which have to present data in a convenient visual form use means of data display.One of the main parts of such systems is the display. It is an electronic device for converting electric signals into spatial distribution of brightness.We shall consider one of the display types - a vacuum fluorescent display.The operation principle of these displays is based on the phenomenon of luminescence which is formed in cathodophosphors when they are excited by an electron beam.Vacuum fluorescent displays are made in cylindrical and flat bulbs.The basis of a single-digit display is a glass or ceramic board. All other parts of the display are installed onto it.A conductive layer connected with the contacts is located in the sockets of the board which are made in the form of sections. Each section has an individual lead.Conductive layers of the sections are completely covered in phosphor. A flat metal electrode is installed on the front side of the board in the reading direction. Openings on the electrode are located opposite the corresponding phosphor-covered sections.A control grid is installed at a short distance from the blocking electrode. A forward-channel oxide cathode is located at a short distance from the grid plane, approximately parallel to the lamp axis. The whole system is placed into a cylindrical glass bulb. It is covered from the inside with a transparent conductive layer.Nowadays vacuum fluorescent displays are used in single- or multi-digit devices. These are letter-and-digit, matrix, bar-graph, and mnemonic indicators. The latter is used for displaying special conventional symbols.

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