Snowy Car Crashes

The most accidents at one intersection than I have ever seen.

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Author Bad Drivers of Albuquerque (1 year)
This was the first video I ever watched on YouTube! PS. Why would you risk
your life to jump out of a car instead of a mere 5 MPH crash???? Nothing
will happen if you are wearing a seatbelt!!!!

Author fiddlerpin (2 years)
That guy that gets out of his car before it crashes is a complete moron!!!
Off the brakes when you skid morons

Author 7th Wheel (3 years)
@aagtace They were trying to stop the car Fred Flintstone style.

Author gidychi (3 years)
@CrippledPotato watch the black car at 0.44 it doesnt lock its brakes on
and doesnt hit the car infront

Author Clifford Joe (3 years)
lol time to plat bumper cars

Author cohoswimmer (2 years)

Author GoldenNorway1 (2 years)
Much snow?! Haha..! :P It`s like 5 centimeters or something. It`s not much
snow before it reaches 80 cm.

Author Alison Giramma (2 years)
i wish the city of san diego gets snowy?

Author HardRokMiner (1 year)
What kind of stupid cunt thinks its a good idea to get outta the car while
its still sliding down the street?... MORONS!!!!

Author Camilla Myklebust (3 years)
Havn't they heard about using winter-tires..?

Author Sean Gordon (3 years)
In this situition are tickets given out?

Author Star Light (3 years)

Author John Mastrella (3 years)
alot of asian and women drivers would cause this

Author henday750 (3 years)

Author Socomboy35 (3 years)
@aagtace he wasent bailing he was trying to stop his car like the person in

Author carkid1953 (3 years)
Really, ditching your damn

Author TheNoah1240 (3 years)
best part at 0.27

Author coolakiIlen007 (3 years)
all 4wd cars could´ve turned to the curb and used a bit of throttel could
probably get up on the pavement, braking on ice just makes it glide more.
Very inexperienced drivers,

Author euphorial (2 years)
ABS systems work on traction. They are no longer going to be "shuddering"
if it the wheels feel NO resistance. That would be just like being stopped
at a red light, and your brakes constantly be pumping. There was ICE. The
brakes locked because it did NOT know the car was still moving. And you
need to do your research again. ABS has been around since the 80s in MOST

Author hahakjfdd (3 years)
Stupid ass Asian coulda been squished

Author javelinxd44 (3 years)
Why a firetruck? police ya but the firetruck is a pointless waste of
resources for this incedent

Author wergop99 (3 years)
111 people own an auto body shop..

Author Testikkeli (3 years)
Oh my god! How is it humanly possible to SUCK THAT BAD??? Please tell me?
How many chromosomes you have to be missing to actually JUMP OUT of a car
that's about to hit another car? Jesus Christ.

Author euphorial (2 years)
ABS is not going to help on pure ice. Even in snow it's hard. If the wheels
are not getting any resistance, the brake is going to lock, as if you were
stopped completely at a stop light. The point of ABS is to pump until there
is a stop without resistance. My theory here is that the ice was far to
slick, and without the resistance they just locked. If the brakes
constantly lock and unlock at a traffic light, you're going to continuously
move into traffic :>

Author bmw325e1991 (3 years)
Just put it in reverse and floor it durrrrrr.... saved my grand cherokee 3
times doin that. Abs my ass.....

Author dickcheney6 (3 years)
more than 3 car accidents on the same road, they should have closed the
road until it was salted/plowed, I mean, no one can even WALK on that
street let alone drive a car!

Author nandiito (2 years)
Do they really get police tickets??? WTF.. I mean, of course ensurance has
to pay, but why affect your record with a ticket?

Author Jordan Kowal (3 years)
this is why bitches shouldnt drive...putting someone else in jail getting
crushed between 2 cars

Author dafilip94 (3 years)
WHY the hell do they even try

Author alex benjamin (1 year)
well its been summer for 3 months so far and its still hot as balls so i
dont expect snow until mid october

Author XBLTwistedWhiskey (3 years)
Welcome to Denver

Author Bmw Power (3 years)

Author weiserbud67 (3 years)
a good song to be played on stuff like this is...dierks bentley-what was i
thinkin! lol

Author En11dj (3 years)
Where is it guys?

Author SuperToasterCat (3 years)
Well, look on the bright side...At least you get all the snow off of your
windows! xD

Author icicicles (3 years)
This reminds me of THE FLINSTONES.

Author aagtace (3 years)
0:26 WHY would you bail out?!?

Author halo3go1 (3 years)
Thats why you dont go out in a MOTHER FUCKING SNOW STORM!

Author euphorial (2 years)
lol wtf? Every single car made after the 80s (just about) has ABS.

Author lpspgameplay (3 years)
@Testikkeli she could of banged her head really hard

Author alex benjamin (1 year)
abs has no effect when your wheels are locked up which happens very easily
on icy roads like this one the only thing it does is measure tire speed and
apply braking pressure to the tires with the least resistance. maybe you
should familiarize yourself with driving assist systems before you ever
consider driving a vehicle

Author OneStepForward (3 years)
0:24 i saw that on the news

Author AndreyInternational (3 years)
haha for those who jumped out they can say they weren't driving while it
hit the other they don't get a ticket. haha

Author redradlad (3 years)

Author Peter Fertig (3 years)
@l3utthead me too

Author TheUltimateScot (1 year)
Don't you mean 9-10 months out of the year? Lol.

Author MrPptaco (3 years)
holy shit whats the story with the ppl jumping out!!! ,either there smoking
crack or have very low iq. very funny lol

Author Mrshanewayz (3 years)
haha its kinda funny. Nice video.I sub to u and sub me beck.thanxx

Author jmalloy1214 (3 years)
thats a long ass crash report....

Author Greta-Lill Andreassen (3 years)
you didn't know you can't drive on snow with summer tires?????????????

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