long hair selfcut to very short

long hair selfcut to very short

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Author cnith2 (2 days)
She's not saying Merci as in French. She's saying it differently as in
like Oh My... or something else, it's not Merci as in Thank You in French.
Anyway she's talking about Locks of Love in the beginning. I was writing
this comment before she showed the address, lol.

It kinda sounds Hungarian... but I'm not sure what she's speaking.

Author MissContraryMary (3 years)
@MrJDenver I felt compelled to respond to this comment, so excuse me if I
seem a tad rude, though from the way you just treated this person, I doubt
you have any sense of common courtesy, so I won't bother myself too much
with being nice to you. Now tell me. How do you know how intelligent this
person is? Have you ever met her? Probably not. So why are you judging her
intelligence based solely on the fact that she has been misinformed? Hm?
Sounds like you should question your own intelligence.

Author TheAlisweety (2 years)
@HappyCloverNail Thats not German! and in Germany..we don´t say :
Merci..thats french.

Author VAcylia97 (3 years)
wow you have a huge DALI paintbook...I'm so jealous...

Author Rhiannon Bennett (2 years)
what a cool woman. i love how casual she is about cutting off her hair.

Author servingthealiens (3 years)
I'm a woman and my hair is short. Just like any style, some people like it
and others don't. What's wrong with this video was she just chopped it off,
crooked and blunt and was like DONE! She could look good with a
professional short cut and not this idiocy.

Author mephisto293 (2 years)
long hair or short hair, it doesn't matter. she has a really pretty face.

Author valarie1976 (3 years)
@Couturefashion101 really? how did u find out? what happened? u sure abt

Author Linnea Nordin (2 years)
@HappyCloverNail This is absolutely NOT french!!

Author brama1969 (2 years)
Pretty sure nobody wants that Brillo pad as a wig.

Author HTTS76 (2 years)
@HappyCloverNail She speaks neither French nor German. Don't know what
language she is speaking though.

Author rac717 (4 years)
Her long, fluffy hair made her look exotic. Locks of Love uses very, very
little of what they receive. Most is sold.

Author famous1779 (3 years)
omg, i wish i had ur hair

Author siraly HU (2 years)
super lady, super hair!!

Author Isabel Ashton (2 years)
she didnt care because she donated her hair

Author siraly HU (3 years)
superlady with super thick hair!

Author TheEoaj (2 years)
@HappyCloverNail awesome thanks :) :) im gonna go learn some french now xx

Author ROC SANA (2 years)
Wow.. at first i was like wtf? what language is that...then it took me a
sec to realise ahea speaking paersian. lawl.

Author MissAkree (2 years)
NO i´m life in German ... this is a persian girl i knowwww

Author Nomu Momoi (2 years)
Not to be rude or anything but the language somehow reminded me of Sims. xD

Author rac717 (3 years)
@soniaxsoniaxsonia I don't think that it's "stupid". People want to believe
that they are helping, and they won't accept that a an organization with
such a solid reputation could really be a scam. Yet, it is.

Author Corri Dunn (3 years)
thats amazing..and she didnt even seem to care. i personally think she
looks better with short actually pay attention to her face.

Author ieatgluewithgravy (3 years)
lmao needs a better scissors :x

Author Jizzy Swede (2 years)
She looks like a gypsy. xD

Author MissAkree (2 years)
NOOO >>>>This is persian BEST OF IRAN

Author danniigurl111 (3 years)
@rmdunton yeah maybe most do PERFER it but i think its a half and half
thing some like long some like short.

Author thestigg61 (2 years)
HAHA, locks of love , looser , sucker .

Author browneyedgirlllll (3 years)
also, if you are a man and you judge a woman's physical beauty by the
length of her hair, you're a fucking idiot.

Author TheCandicimo (2 years)
She kind of sounds like the language that Sims speak.

Author sanzoparty1066 (2 years)
What a very giving person you are. You are beautiful long hair or short!

Author annasander (3 years)
I have no idea what you are talking about through the entire video but it's
so entertaining to watch it haha. I mean it took about four minutes for the
scissor to cut through your hair :D

Author haircut fun (2 years)
Her hair is too strong and dense, they had to try three different scissors

Author Cis Belinda (3 years)
She is sending her braid to Locks of Love. Nice gesture, although there are
more reputable orgnizations to cut your hair off for.

Author tomatotomatomato (3 years)
you are beautiful and i love the sound of your voice! your hair looks
gorgeous short :)

Author TheOrganiclady (9 months)

Author Chantal Wischniwsky (1 year)
Thats a horrible thing to say. She's trying to help. They need virgin hair,
and then they cut and dye and treat it anyway. You think wigs are made from
actual redheads or blondes or whatever? Shame on you.

Author jessica figueroa (1 year)
Creole? I know of a French and a Portuguese one (Cape Verdians Speak it as
well as Portuguese)

Author 123WintersAngel123 (2 years)
@chibipandaawesomenes That's because she's donating it to kids that have

Author Cawolinee (2 years)
No she's not ! I'm french and I don't know what is her language. The only
french word she said was "merci".

Author Ella Morris (1 year)
U have horrible thick fluffy hair , no one would want a wig with your hair
in it !

Author JaimeLe50s (2 years)
I don't think so!

Author sototallyawesome1 (2 years)
Yay For donating to Locks of Love!!! I was a child with cancer and I
remember wearing a dress in a grocery store and I kid asking her mom "Why
is that boy wearing a dress" the mother just told the kid "because some
people don't know how to dress their kids". I cried for a long time. Locks
of Love is a great program!!! I highly recommend donating to it if you want
to cut your long hair, I've done it twice so far! Make sure you do not dye
your hair if you are growing it out to donate! : )

Author soniaxsoniaxsonia (3 years)
@Couturefashion101 do more reasearch then the first linkm on google. the
hair that is sold is hair that is unusuable for a quality wig . So its not
a scam. Some hair just cant be used. so what are they to do? throw it out?
send it back? no. there going to sell it.

Author IdrawCow16 (2 years)
she has aaaaalllllllloooooooootttttt of hair. It would have tookin 10
seconds to cut my hair, but it took her like 4 minutes. Dang. Thats

Author TheVidesi (2 years)
I really got a kick out of her. Despite the fact she had the most beautiful
hair, she just braided it, chopped it off and put it in an envelope to
locksoflove. No hesitation, no mirror no tears. She is what I call a gutsy

Author LongNailsChristine (2 years)
So how much money did she get for the hair? Sad.

Author darkroge (2 years)
She donated it to charity :)

Author Barb the Bab Faced (3 years)
@rmdunton Though I wouldn't automatically call a man ugly just because he's
not tall. |D I mean, fuck. Some of these commenters are unhealthily
obsessed with long hair. Getting angry and calling her ugly just because
she chose to chop off all that shit - signs of one abusive boyfriend.

Author Nathaly Reyes (1 year)
Look like she dont care about her hair

Author Laura Broadwater (2 years)
i hate it when i try to cut my hair and the stupid scissors dont work..

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