long hair selfcut to very short

long hair selfcut to very short

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Author Hans Becker ( ago)

Author Gina Simpson Rawson ( ago)
haha is she using the bacon scissors..blahhhhaaaaa

Author siraly HU ( ago)
have you again this extra super thick long hair?

Author Hana ( ago)
I can understand wat she is saying cuz I'm Persian

Author Mahdie Bakhtiari ( ago)
I'm persian and she is speaking persian

Author Ligeia Noire ( ago)
such a messy cut and with that thickness it would be better to go shorter or let it has it was.

Author cnith2 ( ago)
She's not saying Merci as in French.  She's saying it differently as in like Oh My... or something else, it's not Merci as in Thank You in French.  Anyway she's talking about Locks of Love in the beginning.  I was writing this comment before she showed the address, lol.

It kinda sounds Hungarian... but I'm not sure what she's speaking.

Author TheOrganiclady ( ago)

Author Figaropc ( ago)
So long and beautiful hair but so bad cut ? What do they will do with them when they will got it ? I guess they will throw them in the bin ... I am a hairdresser and especillay a wig maker looking for long hair and buying it. I think that I could give a good price by seing her long hair before she did cut it. But seing how her long hair is massacred, I could divide the price by 2 or even 3. For a good price, the hair must be long but well cut. To sell or to donate it ?

Author siraly HU ( ago)
you are very sweet charming lady with your beautiful face, eyes, smel and super thick hair!

Author SkylineGTR grandtheftautogirl ( ago)
thats solo bad u should of got a hairdresser to do it cause them it will look better and not that thick ........ i was thinking my hair is bad .... nope you's is worst sorry to say . like if people agree

Author Chantal Said ( ago)
Thats a horrible thing to say. She's trying to help. They need virgin hair, and then they cut and dye and treat it anyway. You think wigs are made from actual redheads or blondes or whatever? Shame on you.

Author It's Ella ( ago)
U have horrible thick fluffy hair , no one would want a wig with your hair in it !

Author dinadehnad ( ago)
She's persian

Author Nathaly Reyes ( ago)
Look like she dont care about her hair

Author Max Ambush ( ago)
Just because you hear her say "merci" doesnt mean she's french

Author Sunilda ArkEl ( ago)
what? do you really think french sound like that --' i'm french and believe me... this doesn't even sound close to french...^^

Author siraly HU ( ago)
she is very sweet beautiful lady and has excellent long thick hair

Author haircut fun ( ago)
She looks pretty cute.

Author Suzanne Flynn ( ago)
lol same

Author Lulabelle Bee (524 years ago)
Same here... I was just there like 0.o then it clicked *facepalm*

Author Rhiannon Bennett (1551 year ago)
what a cool woman. i love how casual she is about cutting off her hair.

Author Abigail Acosta ( ago)
its FRENCH!!!

Author thestigg61 ( ago)
HAHA, locks of love , looser , sucker .

Author Jizzy Swede ( ago)
She looks like a gypsy. xD

Author Candice K ( ago)
She kind of sounds like the language that Sims speak.

Author IdrawCow16 ( ago)
she has aaaaalllllllloooooooootttttt of hair. It would have tookin 10 seconds to cut my hair, but it took her like 4 minutes. Dang. Thats awesome.

Author TheVidesi ( ago)
I really got a kick out of her. Despite the fact she had the most beautiful hair, she just braided it, chopped it off and put it in an envelope to locksoflove. No hesitation, no mirror no tears. She is what I call a gutsy broad.

Author Princess Spearmint ( ago)
I watch haircutting videos to see how many people are dumb enough to cut their hair,
most will be traumatized, and the forced ones are worse, it's just a scan. To all the long haired
ladies, stick to your guns, don't let anyone make you feel guilty about having long hair, if
someone pressures you by saying you look better in short hair, or tease you about it, just
ignore them, it's your hair, and as Americans, we have the God given right to have long hair,
no matter how long, it's up to us!

Author Princess Spearmint ( ago)
I agree, most people who have long hair treasure it, to them it's not just hair, it's who they are and part of the identity, and I honestly feel that when (Locks Of Love) has
a setup for free haircuts. I think it's a silent pressure, it's like they are pressuring
long haired ladies and men to cut it, jus chop it off, no worries. well, put the hairstylists
in the chair, the long haired ones, and see how they like the pressure. God, people can
be so awful when it comes to hair.

Author darkroge ( ago)
She donated it to charity :)

Author Seymour Kreevich ( ago)
You should have gone a LOT shorter, as long as you were cutting it.

Author Cawolinee ( ago)
Peu importe à qui tu parlais, j'ai posté ici pour que les gens ne croient pas les bêtises que tu racontes ;)

Author X.BlckRabbit.X ( ago)
ur very kind person xxx

Author X.BlckRabbit.X ( ago)
i wasn't talkin to you

Author Cawolinee ( ago)
No she's not ! I'm french and I don't know what is her language. The only french word she said was "merci".

Author F. U. ( ago)
wtf this bltch is crazy lmao

Author siraly HU ( ago)
you are very swet sexy lady!!Kisss

Author Janine Evans ( ago)
You are awesome! I am grateful that there are still some selfless giving people in this world, you have just showed this to so many people with this video. Thank you for being you :)

Author redazi1 ( ago)

Author haircut fun ( ago)
Her hair is too strong and dense, they had to try three different scissors

Author Laura Broadwater ( ago)
i hate it when i try to cut my hair and the stupid scissors dont work..

Author X.BlckRabbit.X ( ago)
she is

Author Isabel Ashton ( ago)
she didnt care because she donated her hair

Author 123WintersAngel123 ( ago)
@chibipandaawesomenes That's because she's donating it to kids that have cancer.

Author Cindy Pace ( ago)
Um that's a weird way 2 cut you hair💇

Author Tasharah Person ( ago)
i thought she was speaking French !

Author Kat's Pick Jewelry ( ago)
@framerkat ...others are saying Persian, but it sounds more like Portuguese to me ;-)

Author Kat's Pick Jewelry ( ago)
For those wondering...I think it's Portuguese she's speaking.

Author yumadapaka ( ago)
she can shave her head and still look beautiful. she is just that gorgeous.

Author Lilmiss Tav ( ago)
OMG A Chin-length bob is NOT very short- Mia Farrow, Emma Watson's hair VERY SHORT NOT YOURS LOVE!

Author peekaboots01 ( ago)
Good Lord!!!!!! That took FOREVER! Why didn't you just get that guy to do it since the beginning? Who knows what the back looks like? You sure you don't have a giant hole in the back of your head now?

Author Nomu Momoi ( ago)
Not to be rude or anything but the language somehow reminded me of Sims. xD

Author TheAlisweety ( ago)
Thats NOT German!!!

Author TheAlisweety ( ago)
@HappyCloverNail Thats not German! and in Germany..we don´t say : Merci..thats french.

Author KNG LIZZLE ( ago)
I love long hair but she looks better in short hair! (: Good job

Author athompson7 ( ago)
Before you cut your beautiful long hair, you spoke my language. Fluently. After you cut it, I couldn't understand a word you said!

Author TheEoaj ( ago)
thats cool. thanks :) :) i am gonna go learn some german lol

Author MissAkree ( ago)
NO i´m life in German ... this is a persian girl i knowwww

Author TheEoaj ( ago)
awesome thanks :) :) im gonna go learn some french now xx

Author Linnea Nordin ( ago)
@HappyCloverNail This is absolutely NOT french!!

Author MissAkree ( ago)
NOOO >>>>This is persian BEST OF IRAN

Author Chelsea Kieler ( ago)
I think she looks pretty with or with out her long hair.

Author TheEoaj ( ago)
what language are you speaking its soo sexy xx

Author brama ( ago)
Pretty sure nobody wants that Brillo pad as a wig.

Author Rox anne ( ago)
Wow.. at first i was like wtf? what language is that...then it took me a sec to realise ahea speaking paersian. lawl.

Author vi nguyen ( ago)
i wouldnt go with this hair choice , but not bad i mean it saves money and she wanted short hair its not the stylish choice but still nice
and its sweet shes donating it

Author vi nguyen ( ago)
i wouldnt go with this hair choice , but not bad i mean it saves money and she wanted short hair its not the stylish choice but still nice

Author Domino Deville ( ago)
@banjosandwashboards nope mexican

Author siraly HU ( ago)
super lady, super hair!!

Author sanzoparty1066 ( ago)
What a very giving person you are. You are beautiful long hair or short!

Author juanitae9 ( ago)
@koenig1010 acually yeah it does feel good thats why i said i cut my hair and let it grow back out, no i dont have a dirty ass i just took a shower...dont you have your uncles dick to go suck????go do that itlll relieve some of your tention

Author juanitae9 ( ago)
i love cutting my hair then growing it out again it feels so good

Author Domino Deville ( ago)
but really she sounds like a cute french woman who cute her hair.and I think it loos nicer , it shows off her cheekbones and pretty face. Go Frenchie!!

Author Domino Deville ( ago)
Im pretty sure she is speaking mexican mmhmmm mexican

Author sandip ( ago)
whn we chat ? chat me on yahoo .

Author Yolanda VegA (243 years ago)
There's a lot of hair system salons in FL where people pay thousands of dollars for hair.. You sure that hair is going to "Locks of Love"?. I would not trust it unless i saw it for myself.. In India, women are shaving their heads and giving their hair to what they believe to be the GOds, meanwhile they are shipping it to the US and getting good money for it..

Author Christine ( ago)
Ok she donated the hair...

Author Christine ( ago)
So how much money did she get for the hair?

Author athompson7 ( ago)
Sweetie, you made a mistake!

Author mephisto293 ( ago)
long hair or short hair, it doesn't matter. she has a really pretty face.

Author Andrea Harrison ( ago)
I like the short hair more :)

Author Steviej148 ( ago)
First rule of haircutting. Use a sharp pair of scissors.
Especially when your hair is thick and you are making a video.
You forgot both !

Author Jonaeproductionx3 ( ago)
Its annoying everyone's like ''No don't cut your hair..'' ''ITS BETTER LONG''

Like people...who said short hair is just ugly like really shut up
she's doing this for a good cause.

Author Corri Dunn ( ago)
thats amazing..and she didnt even seem to care. i personally think she looks better with short actually pay attention to her face.

Author Marcelina121 ( ago)
Why people do it ? I have never understand.

Author cisbelinda ( ago)
She is sending her braid to Locks of Love. Nice gesture, although there are more reputable orgnizations to cut your hair off for.

Author Kala Halani ( ago)
why the fuck are you doing this??? o.O

Author RoboCat ( ago)
...and she stills looks pretty! :)

Author Shirine ( ago)

Author Snow-Girl ( ago)
@cocoa020 it's Persian =)

Author annasander ( ago)
I have no idea what you are talking about through the entire video but it's so entertaining to watch it haha. I mean it took about four minutes for the scissor to cut through your hair :D

Author RAHEL KHAN ( ago)
i wish i do this for u free

Author PinkFluffies ( ago)
pretty!!! great cause!

Author tomatotomatomato ( ago)
you are beautiful and i love the sound of your voice! your hair looks gorgeous short :)

Author Splendid Beaked Man ( ago)
Though I wouldn't automatically call a man ugly just because he's not tall. |D I mean, fuck. Some of these commenters are unhealthily obsessed with long hair. Getting angry and calling her ugly just because she chose to chop off all that shit - signs of one abusive boyfriend.

Author servingthealiens ( ago)
I'm a woman and my hair is short. Just like any style, some people like it and others don't. What's wrong with this video was she just chopped it off, crooked and blunt and was like DONE! She could look good with a professional short cut and not this idiocy.

Author Carson ( ago)
listening to this is like playing Sims...I have no clue what she's saying and it sounds like gibberish.

But she was an exotic beauty with the long

Author Petr Stuchlý ( ago)
@MrJDenver yeah, but you're the prettiest person on the earth...
i don't know if you know that, but you really aren't. and on the top of that, you've proven yourself to be a stupid ignorant.

Author junibismalis ( ago)
Women with short hair should stop thinking that shit looks good.

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