Trevor Noah Accepts the Award for Best Host | MTV Movie & TV Awards

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  • Smangele Mhlongo
    Smangele Mhlongo 2 days ago

    He's accent is changing wenzani kodwa Trevor

  • Kayley Pratt
    Kayley Pratt 4 days ago

    And thank you to South Africa who made you famous in the first place, when your tickets were still affordable.

  • pious Hadebe
    pious Hadebe 8 days ago

    lol. You guys were Amazing.😂?? when Trevor?

  • Tshepo Moloko
    Tshepo Moloko 14 days ago

    continuing to make us proud, showing us that we can be whoever we aspire to be, only if we put in the work.

  • noemie cansier
    noemie cansier 24 days ago

    Thanks for the france shout out trev. Vive la france et vive la republique, liberte, egalite, fraternite etc...

  • nanagodzilla
    nanagodzilla 24 days ago

    Um....shouldn't he also thank to the guy who brought him to America , and Jon Stewart who picked him as the successor?

  • Sikhumbuzo Ndlovu
    Sikhumbuzo Ndlovu 29 days ago

    Oh well there goes the accent....

  • Bluebell 30
    Bluebell 30 1 month ago

    Very happy he won! Funny, witty, lovely... Heartiest Congratulations!!! So much winning...

  • Miss Bleu
    Miss Bleu 1 month ago

    I'm a real fan of Trevor Noah & glad he won this award. But I feel some kind of way after seeing his girlfriend. It's like I love how he always wants to credit black women for being strong and having the hardest time in society in interviews and such yet his girlfriend looks anything but black. What is she mixed or just not black? I can't tell because her hair is silky straight and her features and skin tone could pass for any race. I have nothing against interracial dating or interracial beauty. But I really wish good black men ( biracial or not) would really give a shot to try and date a black woman that looks unmistakably black for a change (like kinky curly hair and nubian features at least). For a change.

  • NallumGaga
    NallumGaga 1 month ago

    Representing South Africa!!

  • Rara Zap
    Rara Zap 1 month ago

    I love Trevor Noah!!!

  • Because I'm BATMAN!
    Because I'm BATMAN! 1 month ago

    His accent! aish......

    JESUS SAVES 1 month ago

    In fact, this to be "THE BEST BIASED HOST" ,
    the host of the propaganda, media host , all the like, pfpffffpfpfff,

  • Dimitri Alexander
    Dimitri Alexander 1 month ago

    Great Stuff Trevor Noah

  • Bonnie O'Callaghan
    Bonnie O'Callaghan 1 month ago

    LOL Trevor my man remeber Dont loose that accent...

  • nico pheiffer
    nico pheiffer 1 month ago

    Gathering of deluded morons.The prize for the biggest moron goes to...wait for it...Trevor Noah !!!!

  • BB The Greate
    BB The Greate 1 month ago

    Its old ....not funny enymore.

  • Blackest Man Alive
    Blackest Man Alive 1 month ago

    it's funny how the people hating on him are pissed because it's not an american that has been a host for about 10 years, but rather a newcomer.

  • Aicha Daillo
    Aicha Daillo 1 month ago

    How can a girl not be in love with Trevor Noah. I started watching his comedy before he got the job at the daily show, and he made me laugh so much. Although he was talking about life in his country, I could see it and believed it like I always knew him. I'm so proud of him, he's the prove that what Black people lack isn't the ability to do something but the opportunity to do it. And I hope more Africans will make it internationally because we have the most intelligent, talented, and loving people in the world, who are only waiting to get a chance TO BE.

  • Day Day CARTER
    Day Day CARTER 1 month ago

    mxm Kev is the Trevor tell the same jokes over and over

  • Linda Lee
    Linda Lee 1 month ago

    Bantwase niyamva uTrevor sethetha ngetwang?

  • Undergroundkid
    Undergroundkid 1 month ago

    S/O to our boy

  • glyde69
    glyde69 1 month ago


  • Patrik Landqvist
    Patrik Landqvist 1 month ago

    Mtv award the most political unbiased show in america. Hehe. Sore losers and propaganist Trevot Noah, hope you like seeing your view rate continue to drop. MAGA greetings from Sweden.😉

  • Charlene Boezak
    Charlene Boezak 1 month ago

    Congratulations Trevor. SA is proud of you. Keep on doing your best. This is just the beginning.

  • Atiyah A
    Atiyah A 1 month ago

    So proud of him!

  • Luke Earl
    Luke Earl 1 month ago

    catching that American accent hey there Trevor... still SA at heart tho.. do us proud

  • Mr Red
    Mr Red 1 month ago

    Subscribe to my channel.

  • Ronel Valaondaram
    Ronel Valaondaram 1 month ago

    f%ck you Otmar Keins
    Trevor is the best

  • Mustapha Osman
    Mustapha Osman 1 month ago

    "Trevor, do me a favour please, don't lose your accent, okay?"

  • Big Black Guy
    Big Black Guy 1 month ago

    171 snowflakes disliked this video.

  • Sabrina Martin
    Sabrina Martin 1 month ago

    Watch all the Trump supporters bitch🍿🍿🍿

  • sam myy
    sam myy 1 month ago

    Hahah all conservatives came here to hate😂😂😂😂

  • Michael Shane
    Michael Shane 1 month ago

    Best host for a show no one watches.. A third rate Jon Steward and SJW Cuck

  • Lwazi Nontuma
    Lwazi Nontuma 1 month ago

    !ke e: /xarra //ke

  • mendy luthuli
    mendy luthuli 1 month ago

    hating on him wont change the fact that he won...good job trevor

  • Sthuthukile Biyela
    Sthuthukile Biyela 1 month ago

    Stop with the country generalizations geez. like we had a say in which geographical plot of land we were born into. people by all means, diss, shade and roast them. Don't drag geography into it. 'America is shit' Land, trees, mountains and ocean: What did we do?
    'South Africa is shit' Land, trees, mountains and ocean: Sho skhokho 😂😂

  • YouTube Polls
    YouTube Polls 1 month ago

    thank you again to France for making the best decision

  • Spacehybrio9
    Spacehybrio9 1 month ago

    Some people up in here are mofo haters...yet again foreigners make USA, USA,BIG UP SA...

  • Laney Jean
    Laney Jean 1 month ago

    MTV and VH1 truly died in 2006 now they're giving awards on the movie awards to TV stars😑

  • Fundiswa Fundy
    Fundiswa Fundy 1 month ago

    double like 😂😂😂

  • Thelma wickedness Adams

    did anyone hear that trevor noahs speech turned to  American.. wheres proudly south African now

  • Victor Landu
    Victor Landu 1 month ago

    U go boy!!!!

  • SA HIP HOP South Africa Hip-hop

    160 Donald Trump supporters dislike this video keep hating 😛

  • Miss Kanu
    Miss Kanu 1 month ago

    so proud of him #Africa

  • Mojalefa Koloko
    Mojalefa Koloko 1 month ago

    The lady that Trevor Noah kisses at 0.08 is "disturbingly" beautiful! Congrats Trevor...

  • Zayne
    Zayne 1 month ago

    Agggg fake accent

  • Noko Mehale
    Noko Mehale 1 month ago

    congrats Noah , u the man

  • tshilidzi munyai
    tshilidzi munyai 1 month ago

    well done Trevor Noah!!!

  • Patrick Esau
    Patrick Esau 1 month ago

    Trevor our next Oprah

  • Sam Ndlovu
    Sam Ndlovu 1 month ago

    Why so much hate? is its because he is a Black South African? We have a racism issues in SA but after reading all these comments full of racist and anger about a black person winning an award made me realise that USA need a lot support and information about diversity. #blackandproud #fromSA #therainbownation.

    • nico pheiffer
      nico pheiffer 1 month ago

      Sam Ndlovu the US doesn't need any information regarding diversity,especially from us. They had a black president in a predominantly white country. The reverse would never happen here.Blacks hold some of the highest positions in government and is way more diverse than ours. Trevor Noah as an immigrant to the US degrades the President of the country at every turn and enforces the false narrative that he's racist. He's a smug race baiter and shouldn't be surprised when he's called out for it. The problem with racism seems that it's white on black and blacks can't be racist and if they are it's not their fault. Well if you consider crime statistics you see the same pattern in the US as in SA. Blacks murder,rape,steal ect on a grande scale .Disproportionate to their population size ,so it's easy to see why people (not just whites) have negative attitudes towards them the world over. Maybe view more widely than that Blacklives matter bull and look at pictures of farm murders in SA or look at Collin Flaherty video's on youtube . BTW I would add ,if a white male American immigrant came to SA and berated our president like Noah does, how do you think that would go down ?

    • Sam Ndlovu
      Sam Ndlovu 1 month ago

      nico pheiffer how is your comment relevant to what I and Micah said about the issue of racism?

    • nico pheiffer
      nico pheiffer 1 month ago

      Micah Fourie. So true. In the US the blacks are murdering whites just like in SA. Check statistics before making stupid comments.

    • Micah Fourie
      Micah Fourie 1 month ago

      Sam Ndlovu It's interesting, I have always gotten the sense that America loves lording it over us for our apartheid past, yet the only difference between SA and USA, is that we openly admit we have a problem and try to deal with it, whereas they are mostly in denial of their massive issues with racism

  • manfred schmidt
    manfred schmidt 1 month ago

    Good to hear Trevor is doing well in the USA. .......and he has to do well, as his success is shortlived in position like this. ..he must e joy while he can...

  • Mark Shea
    Mark Shea 1 month ago

    Yeah because we all love hosts who stumble over their monologues every 15 seconds. He is the least watchable of any latenight host.

  • Briana Robertson
    Briana Robertson 1 month ago

    Can anyone else hear the American accent coming through? HE PROMISED US. #SAInsideJoke

  • Wolf Pro1
    Wolf Pro1 1 month ago

    Trevor Noah sucks because he's not funny!

  • Roslyn Moorkey
    Roslyn Moorkey 1 month ago

    Trevors accent is changing and it's so sad

    • Sikhumbuzo Ndlovu
      Sikhumbuzo Ndlovu 29 days ago

      Joining the likes of Charlize. and there so many south africans who lose their accents intentionally once their in the states not even the famous ones.

    • Micah Fourie
      Micah Fourie 1 month ago

      I was actually thinking the exact same thing when he started talking! Those American R's rolling off his tongue... And I always LOVED his accent. It really just isn't the same anymore...

    • Trevor Phillips
      Trevor Phillips 1 month ago

      Roslyn Moorkey Aint sad

    • Wes J.
      Wes J. 1 month ago

      Roslyn Moorkey he's appropriating culture. get em!

    • Kieran Muller
      Kieran Muller 1 month ago

      Roslyn Moorkey and we told never loose your accent😂😂

  • bill bixby
    bill bixby 1 month ago

    Best Host?  Now that was a goddamn joke if I ever heard one. LOL!

    SIMPHIWE NELSON 1 month ago


  • frederick goliath
    frederick goliath 1 month ago

    trevor nooooooah best comedian hands down just like how the donald trump supporters be catching feelings ...

  • Lapis Lazuli Hates SJWs

    I hate this little DBag so much.

  • Charles Charlemagne-Martel

    didn't even thank Jon Stewart, the guy who handed him his entire career...not only is this guy a painfully unfunny, race baiting piece of sh*t, but also an ungrateful cunt...MTV is an absolute DISGRACE.

  • Charles Charlemagne-Martel

    this is the same network that brought us the racist "dear white people" its no surprise they are awarding this race baiting POS also

  • Charles Charlemagne-Martel

    he's getting an award for being a liberal hack, not for being funny...the same night they honor Maxine Waters who was voted as one of the most corrupt members of Congress and these liberal ZOMBIES cheer her on simply because she launched a bunch of juvenile insults towards the President...these people are disgusting, hypocritical cretins.

    MIZZJACQUETTAx 1 month ago

    He was all right. Not a fan of him.

  • im ok12
    im ok12 1 month ago

    yo congrats trev.. big fan dude .. i like john oliver too man both u guys deserved it .. congrats.!!!

  • Jonathan Garcia
    Jonathan Garcia 1 month ago

    duck that guy

  • Mazwi Zwane
    Mazwi Zwane 1 month ago

    Trevor uyibhoza mfethu, siyaz'qhenya ngawe.

  • Mixxi Pazzi
    Mixxi Pazzi 1 month ago

    i'm so proud of you Trevor ❤

  • Abraham Rivera
    Abraham Rivera 1 month ago

    Another liberal hack

    • Thelema
      Thelema 1 month ago

      hahahaha, this guy.

  • Tasha Vladimiroff
    Tasha Vladimiroff 1 month ago

    I love him

  • Karan Jetley
    Karan Jetley 1 month ago

    Motherfucker didn't thank my man Jon Stewart? FFS!

    • Nkosi Mkhwanazi
      Nkosi Mkhwanazi 1 month ago

      He said thanks to everyone who made this possible!

  • Ethan Deahl
    Ethan Deahl 1 month ago

    he thanks Donald trump for all the comedy but congratulates france on the results. What a dumbass. France president is a guy version of Hillary. He's evil

    • Marie Andrieux
      Marie Andrieux 1 month ago

      Ethan Deahl So Marine Le Pen should have been elected, according to you?

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 1 month ago

    Rue Paul should have won

  • CASound
    CASound 1 month ago

    John Oliver is funnier than this guy even Samantha is better but it's MTV

  • Mateja Ercic
    Mateja Ercic 1 month ago

    He definitely deserved it

  • Dane Cook2
    Dane Cook2 1 month ago

    cancer, just pure cancer.

  • Mandisa Mlambo
    Mandisa Mlambo 1 month ago

    Representing SOUTH AFRICA :) we`re so proud!!!

  • Mabusela Mntungwa
    Mabusela Mntungwa 1 month ago

    so much hate in the comments, must be the DJ TRUMP supporters lol

    • Don J
      Don J 1 month ago

      Mabusela Mntungwa death to liberalism and feminism. 1000 deaths ..

  • itsmemandy
    itsmemandy 1 month ago

    yass Trevor! love ya and the show! :)

  • BLACKHAWK199511
    BLACKHAWK199511 1 month ago

    I'm embarrassed he bears my name as his last name. He's an insult to Noah's everywhere

  • Obey Amma
    Obey Amma 1 month ago

    His dimples😍

  • Cheesus Saves
    Cheesus Saves 1 month ago

    I rate this video 0 out of 2 genders.

  • Julio Chino Martinez

    the masonic illuminati greet with snoopy dog right there.....

  • Korra Martell
    Korra Martell 1 month ago

    I'm French I didn't expect that...
    Ok you're welcome...

  • Motivational Michael

    He did not deserve this how the hell he replaced Jon Stewart is unfrigin believable he is insulting the show that made Stewart's career

    • Motivational Michael
      Motivational Michael 1 month ago

      Ivone de Figueiredo with Trevor Iv seen his stand up before he started hosting the show and thought he was genuinely funny but when he started hosting he toned back a lot of his comedy as trying to be more pc and he does have conservatives on the show but seems more hostile as he forgets these are people with differentiating opinions this does go both ways tho and he does do a good show from time to time and I know Jon had a longer time to make his career before he got his name and Trevor has only been hosting for about two years so I shouldn't be to hard on him and give him more time but he still needs to find his voice and as for Obama when he was first elected I was a kid and didn't care that he was black then I found out he was Melado I found it weird that he was are first black president when he was half white and there were racist that wouldn't vote for him just because he looks black but he got almost all of the black community votes as if are you voting for him because he's black as people in this country could careless what a candidates policies are just if there the race religion or sex they want not to forget I know this country has a history of racism and intolerance that a black president would of been big for a lot of people but then I think would about Mitt Romney if he was elected he would've been our first mormon president and Bernie Sanders he would've been our first Jewish president but no one flashed that around as to having a black president what about Melado people in this country wouldn't this be a big milestone as someone of two different racial backgrounds became president would if someone who is actually black becomes president will they be looked back as the first black president were there people that voted for Obama because he looked black yes were there people that voted for Hillary because she was a woman yes not to say they didn't have prejudices against them but why do we make a big deal about this person overcoming diversity rather than this one is it because we choose which groups of people we care about then ignoring others we don't care about

    • Ivone de Figueiredo
      Ivone de Figueiredo 1 month ago

      Motivational Michael Trevor does that too. He has put that Tomi woman on the show, and other conservatives, he does very good and sensitive interviews. Well, we are not going to agree.

      My mother has always said that "Likes" cannot be argued about, which is of course part of the point I also wanted to make.

      You talk in absolutes, your absolutes. Your view of what is comedy is your view, but state your opinion almost as if, because you find his comedy "weak", others should all agree with you, that it must be "weak". As I've said, I like it.

      You know that people, just as you and I, are made by their environment, what they have seen, what they have experienced, what they have endured, what they have lived through, etc. That will have an impact on their personality and most probably their stage personality. Plus, Trevor is young, he is growing into his role and he has a following. Jon has several failures before he became successful, and he grew in his role. He didn't come fully formed.

      You may connect with someone colored by experiences similar to yours, with similar cynicism so etc.

      I, for example, like black and sick humour. Many people are disgusted by that, they seem to have some sort of boundary. However, just because a comedian doesn't do black or sick humour doesn't mean he is a bad comedian, in my book. I can be open to all sorts of acts. I'm more critical of delivery, to be honest.

      Me, I'm biased, I've seen Trevor's stand-up and I'm South African, but then again, there are other South African performers that don't do it for me. There are a few British performers that don't do it for me either, same with US performers.

      I should not have pursued this thread, it's unfair and wrong. Likes are never something one can dispute or argue. I hope you find your comedian somewhere.

      (In response to my previous comment, I'm afraid I didn't quite understand what you were trying to convey in terms of Obama and racism.)

    • Motivational Michael
      Motivational Michael 1 month ago

      Ivone de Figueiredo first off his Comedy is weak and pc second Obama had problems that people didn't like this he's black people are racist is shit there were people like that but he was elected twice and Jon Stewart was a liberal but would make fun of both sides and talk to people of ever political side republican or democrat instead of the oh trump did this and that there are people on all sides of the problem God forbid he get out of his safe space and try to have a conversation

    • Ivone de Figueiredo
      Ivone de Figueiredo 1 month ago

      Motivational Michael No dude, Jon Steward made the show! And he chose Noah to continue with the show, which has proved to have been an inspired choice. Trevor had a slowish start but he is great now, so those that liked the show when Jon was headlining and dislike it now that Trevor is headlining are having a Republican Obama moment in my opinion i.e. 8 years of hating anything Obama, just because he is black, but pretending otherwise.

      I do agree with others here though, that he needs to be careful not to lose his South African accent.

  • BaddestSalmon
    BaddestSalmon 1 month ago

    Wtf how?

  • portalplayer
    portalplayer 1 month ago

    I haven't watch daily show lately because he's terrible in it. Unfunny host and seems amateurish.

    • Alpha Savage
      Alpha Savage 1 month ago

      portalplayer : That's because you're stupid.

  • Bobby Brown
    Bobby Brown 1 month ago

    Yessssssss. Snoooooop hahaha

  • Gregory Astill
    Gregory Astill 1 month ago

    whats the song as he's walking to the stage

  • pumps0333
    pumps0333 1 month ago


    • Louis Hindle
      Louis Hindle 1 month ago

      pumps0333 what? A mixed race person winning an award? Yep, loony lefty that is.

  • Márton Lukács
    Márton Lukács 1 month ago

    he's not funny he's reading leftist bullshit from a teleprompter for a living

    • Thelema
      Thelema 1 month ago

      Don't be mad, Márton. It'll be okay.

    • Márton Lukács
      Márton Lukács 1 month ago

      his stand-up is shit tho

    • Micah Fourie
      Micah Fourie 1 month ago

      Márton Lukács So I guess you've never watched his stand-up, because he is original and hilarious. He is so much more than just the host of The Daily Show.

  • Space Hitler
    Space Hitler 1 month ago

    MTV and CC are both owned by Viacom, I'm surprised they didn't give that cancer Problematic any awards.

  • jeff4justice
    jeff4justice 1 month ago

    Two party system apologist

  • jarad davis
    jarad davis 1 month ago

    just a bunch of millionaires jerking each other off, wearing thousand
    dollar outfits and drinking 500 dollar glasses of champagne talking
    about how down to earth and representative of the struggles of the
    common man they are..... wheres a jihadist when you need one

    • Mohamed Sudheer
      Mohamed Sudheer 1 month ago

      lmao how ignorant you Trevor's will know how much this guy went through to reach the top...

    • Puseletso Sauli
      Puseletso Sauli 1 month ago

      jarad davis yous a hater bro

  • Trevor Sibuyi
    Trevor Sibuyi 1 month ago

    So there's still people hating on d guy? Mmm He's d best hey. 1 of our very own SA represent.

  • I am Thuto
    I am Thuto 1 month ago

    Well done Trevor.. All you do is win win win no matter what.... Probably there will also be an influx of haters and trolls on this thread.

  • Theo van Gogh
    Theo van Gogh 1 month ago

    Made in South Africa.

    • Theo van Gogh
      Theo van Gogh 1 month ago

      I know for a fact that one day should I be as successful as he is in my own field, he would hesitate hailing his pride for me and my achievements. because in South Africa we are taught that every man is my brother, every lady my sister and every child my own. Some valuable lessons ignorance will deprive you of.

    • Dewa Moyo
      Dewa Moyo 1 month ago

      +David Hernandez who are you to say that? You can be proud of someone's achievement, there is nothing wrong with that. Do you want him to be jealous?

    • David Hernandez
      David Hernandez 1 month ago

      Theo van Gogh Dude you should b proud of your achievements, not other one else's.

    • Theo van Gogh
      Theo van Gogh 1 month ago

      stupid is limitless. his father is Swiss not Swedish if that's the gross rhetorical insult you're shamefully failing at aswell.

  • 30 Seven
    30 Seven 1 month ago

    Awards discriminate against those of us who identify as non-best.

    • Zungu Njabulo
      Zungu Njabulo 25 days ago

      Thats true, we need a safe space away from all of this.

  • Biohazard BoB
    Biohazard BoB 1 month ago

    "Best host" Thanks mtv I needed a good laugh

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