Tribal Wars Tutorials: Farming Script [HD]

This video shows how to easily farm many abandoned villages around you in the Tribal Wars game.

***Yes, this IS legal. You cannot get banned for it. Got the script from the TW external forum.***

Farm Finder:

Farming Script:

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Added: 5 years
Runtime: 3:07
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Author TITO979899 (15 days)
farming scripts are so inefficient since now you can just attack with to
clicks on the mobile app...

Author Mohamed Tarek Fawzy (8 months)
any new farm finder 

Author kurt vanger (10 months)
what if i put in the script in the address bar and it either searches the
script or says
414. That’s an error.

The requested URL /... is too large to process. That’s all we know.
what do i do and i got this script from zomgtw farm finder and i am just
using a browser i havent downloaded anything do i need to down load
something to use it

Author yared94 (4 years)
@AltJokerPk It's when you build both O units (axes, LC, etc) and D units
(spears, swords, etc) in a village. It's bad, as you're wasting precious

Author reisanibal1 (2 years)
How is this better than doing it manually?

Author Stuwey1995 (4 years)
Can you send me the sript through mail? When I downloaded it, my windows
microsoft word pops up but its blank. Thanks.

Author Dmstrify (4 years)
Yes tell us is it for NL server too?

Author yared94 (4 years)
@AltJokerPk Axes, LC and then the Rams for the wall are the normal ones.
Some people like replacing LC with HC instead, but I don't think you should
deviate from the standard Axes/LC/Rams combo. NEVER attack with Spears or
Swords unless it's for farming. Scouts are also very important, both in an
O village and in a D village.

Author CribBoy9 (3 years)
it doesnt work... more i press enter nothing happens

Author Benjamin Hadzic (3 years)
kako da samo hrvati naj vise igraju ovo igru :P

Author crashenburne (4 years)
yes it is possible but still in random the only diff is that it will not
select already selected coords. =)

Author Mpiritsas3 (5 years)
please my friend can you send me the script? i would be gratefoul! i think
it is one of the best script i've ever seen!!

Author anapthras (2 years)

Author ufojizzle (5 years)
do u have to do it with firefox or can u use enternet explorer?

Author rastderb (5 years)
this script is weird cus sometimes it gives me 3 or more same villages to

Author yared94 (4 years)
@AltJokerPk It depends on the village. Do you want it to be offensive
oriented? Do you want it to be defensive oriented?

Author tommy247ps3 (5 years)
thanks helped alot

Author hardcoreteunes (1 year)
doesnt work

Author ironguns327 (5 years)
not working for me :(

Author Kevin Rice (4 years)
What a shitty script, make it automated using greasemonkey

Author XDJani0 (4 years)
I have the similar problem as others here, some of the linked villages get
multiple attacks, some of them doesn't get any.

Author TheSteaIth (4 years)
i love you :)

Author willgrana (4 years)
thank you i could use this in my visual basic program

Author GOD MODE crew (3 years)
very nice video and easy to do script... unfortunetly theres over 20 people
in my 15 x 15 :P

Author Arjun Tandon (1 year)
you'll know when you have to farm more than 30 villas using these scripts,
you can make separate templates for different troop combinations hence 3
clicks per attacks are a lot less then going to the maps or farming with

Author Amado Fraga (4 years)
i don't understand this program your farming the same dude? someone please
tell me what this script does it auto attacks people?

Author youkill3r (4 years)
Can u even read or listen?

Author Avariance (4 years)
is thisd a grease monkey scropt???

Author 2daco2 (3 years)
this shit not work

Author MrIdris1994 (3 years)
dude this sucks!!! 1hour for 1 village:S??? check my video i farm
10villages in less then 30 sec!!!

Author youkill3r (4 years)
Yea it is...

Author Michael Pittau (2 years)
villo misto :O

Author SkillzXXD (5 years)
after this first time u copy the script do you just copy it again?

Author chris rowledge (3 years)
when I put the script in the URL and press enter nothing happens? what am I
doing wrong?

Author Andrei Tudorică (4 years)
is it poossible to make the script to choose the coordinates in order not
random? and why are there coordonates that don't work .... for ex:"if I use
'335|294 336|295 335|295 334|294 338|294 335|292 337|292 339|294 337|291
337|297 339|295 333|292 339|296 340|294 337|290 337|298 340|293 333|291
334|298 338|290 338|298 333|290 340|291 331|295 340|290 341|297 330|295
331|290 341|290 330|291'it works but with ’ 325|276’ it doesn't.... why? "
I play on w54 ... I wait for your response thank you!

Author Trap Fever (2 years)
Thank you man!! Using it on l27 :D

Author freek114 (5 years)
is this link for NL server too

Author Dunglin (3 years)

Author miningficht (2 years)
works fine using opera

Author IIzTrollin G (3 years)
@Fejoun1 thumbs up if its hacking you

Author TheRhaeven (4 years)
it really helps... thanks for the vid although it is not very useful this
time as i am playing right now in the w52

Author Dany Khalife (4 years)
You know, what i do for farming is use a tool called TWBooster google it,
you'll see what a great farm tool they have :)

Author Adnoctum22 (5 years)
thx for the video mate, it helps

Author AlexR6666 (5 years)
No hahh idk who that is...i was AlexR666.

Author Devon9099 (5 years)
This script commonly targets random villages. Is there a special method you
use to get them all 1, 2, 3 in a row. Or perhaps something I'm doing wrong.

Author Shamde (5 years)
nvm 2 my last comment, it works fine with firefox =)

Author hunterryan725 (2 years)
were do you get the script?????? These things are important. im sure it
would work if i had the script.

Author Pedro Oliveira (3 years)

Author youkill3r (4 years)

Author yared94 (4 years)
ouch, mixed village

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