Tribal Wars Tutorials: Farming Script [HD]

This video shows how to easily farm many abandoned villages around you in the Tribal Wars game.

***Yes, this IS legal. You cannot get banned for it. Got the script from the TW external forum.***

Farm Finder:

Farming Script:

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Author TITO979899 ( ago)
farming scripts are so inefficient since now you can just attack with to
clicks on the mobile app...

Author Mohamed Tarek Fawzy ( ago)
any new farm finder 

Author kurt vanger ( ago)
what if i put in the script in the address bar and it either searches the
script or says
414. That’s an error.

The requested URL /... is too large to process. That’s all we know.
what do i do and i got this script from zomgtw farm finder and i am just
using a browser i havent downloaded anything do i need to down load
something to use it

Author hardcoreteunes ( ago)
doesnt work

Author Tom ( ago)
dont work

Author Leandro de Abreu Oliveira ( ago)
w w w . zomgtw.hosted.clashrank . com/ < - My farm finder (:

Author chris rowledge ( ago)
Farm finder website: "Could not locate remote server."

Author Arjun Tandon ( ago)
you'll know when you have to farm more than 30 villas using these scripts,
you can make separate templates for different troop combinations hence 3
clicks per attacks are a lot less then going to the maps or farming with

Author Arjun Tandon ( ago)
Thank You Thank You Thank You Works like a charm Out of the 100s of scripts
that I tried, only this one worked for me

Author Allan C ( ago)
uhg it just does it randomly. possible sending the same tropps to same

Author Tiago Barboza ( ago)
Play Grepolis!! -.-

Author J_Pearcee ( ago)
Hey guys i have started doing how to get of toa good start tribal wars
videos on this account check em out please there new and the best...

Author Michael Pittau ( ago)
villo misto :O

Author reisanibal1 ( ago)
How is this better than doing it manually?

Author anapthras ( ago)

Author miningficht ( ago)
works fine using opera

Author hunterryan725 ( ago)
oh now i see it

Author hunterryan725 ( ago)
were do you get the script?????? These things are important. im sure it
would work if i had the script.

Author Theodore M ( ago)
Thank you man!! Using it on l27 :D

Author andre alexandre ( ago)
@JustCause2Ownz try

Author IIzTrollin G ( ago)
@Fejoun1 thumbs up if its hacking you

Author Martijn Leten ( ago)
either that script or that file is corrupted. Smad.exe virus came
from there on my pc. Be warned guys!

Author Benjamin Hadzic ( ago)
kako da samo hrvati naj vise igraju ovo igru :P

Author chris rowledge ( ago)
when I put the script in the URL and press enter nothing happens? what am I
doing wrong?

Author MrIdris1994 ( ago)
dude this sucks!!! 1hour for 1 village:S??? check my video i farm
10villages in less then 30 sec!!!

Author gtako1 ( ago)
dude this is to diffucult noob i have a better way and you need you'r board

Author Andre Santos ( ago)
@CribBoy9 use mozilla

Author CribBoy9 ( ago)
it doesnt work... more i press enter nothing happens

Author Five Subby! ( ago)
I always attack random villages. I end up losing troops and getting no
resources wtf is that!

Author oliv4543 ( ago)
hey i now to get all you buldings in level

Author LunaticPT ( ago)
cool you have a MAC :)

Author GOD MODE crew ( ago)
very nice video and easy to do script... unfortunetly theres over 20 people
in my 15 x 15 :P

Author Pedro Oliveira ( ago)

Author JustCause2Ownz (1721 year ago)
hey dude the link for farm finder doesnt works :(

Author Dunglin ( ago)

Author crashenburne ( ago)
yes it is possible but still in random the only diff is that it will not
select already selected coords. =)

Author crashenburne ( ago)
@DEYDEY222 yes it is possible, i mean random still but it will not select
already selected coords. =)

Author SergiuHellDragoon ( ago)
What program you used to capture?

Author Andrei Tudorică ( ago)
is it poossible to make the script to choose the coordinates in order not
random? and why are there coordonates that don't work .... for ex:"if I use
'335|294 336|295 335|295 334|294 338|294 335|292 337|292 339|294 337|291
337|297 339|295 333|292 339|296 340|294 337|290 337|298 340|293 333|291
334|298 338|290 338|298 333|290 340|291 331|295 340|290 341|297 330|295
331|290 341|290 330|291'it works but with ’ 325|276’ it doesn't.... why? "
I play on w54 ... I wait for your response thank you!

Author Antal Botond ( ago)
This is a new tribal wars speed server, check it out : /watch?v=XGUW1TO6h_o
. Thumbs up if you like the server. If you encounter bugs, let me know, by
leavin a comment on the video. Thanks.

Author Dany Khalife ( ago)
You know, what i do for farming is use a tool called TWBooster google it,
you'll see what a great farm tool they have :)

Author Anthomi01 ( ago)
how many troops should I have at 2k points?

Author TheJawlessCornet ( ago)
i opened the website and i clicked download then it was like THIS WEBSITE
MAY HARM YOUR COMPUTER so i guess i wont be downloading this :(

Author yared94 ( ago)
@AltJokerPk mm good luck :) This game... It can become very fun. Just
remember not to quit if it goes badly the first tries. Just remember to
learn from your mistakes!

Author yared94 ( ago)
@AltJokerPk Axes, LC and then the Rams for the wall are the normal ones.
Some people like replacing LC with HC instead, but I don't think you should
deviate from the standard Axes/LC/Rams combo. NEVER attack with Spears or
Swords unless it's for farming. Scouts are also very important, both in an
O village and in a D village.

Author yared94 ( ago)
@AltJokerPk It depends on the village. Do you want it to be offensive
oriented? Do you want it to be defensive oriented?

Author yared94 ( ago)
@AltJokerPk It's when you build both O units (axes, LC, etc) and D units
(spears, swords, etc) in a village. It's bad, as you're wasting precious

Author VradisTheGreek ( ago)
linux ubuntu niceeeeeee

Author yared94 ( ago)
ouch, mixed village

Author Victor Brito ( ago)
Well, where is the sript?

Author Amado Fraga ( ago)
i don't understand this program your farming the same dude? someone please
tell me what this script does it auto attacks people?

Author TheSteaIth ( ago)
i love you :)

Author willgrana ( ago)
thank you i could use this in my visual basic program

Author Grimlock257 ( ago)
And i thought i was addicted..... And his village in a grass type pokemon
named bulbasaur.

Author Kvalifikuotas ( ago)
Works perfectly, thank you. Guys, when you copy the cordinates, from the
left side there has to be symbol ' and from the right those 2 ';

Author tossa6 ( ago)
sad it doesnt work for non-premium :(

Author Janos Demeter ( ago)
I have the similar problem as others here, some of the linked villages get
multiple attacks, some of them doesn't get any.

Author Janos Demeter ( ago)
it works for every server

Author Kevin Rice ( ago)
What a shitty script, make it automated using greasemonkey

Author macddy ( ago)
Thanks, this helps a lot!

Author youkill3r ( ago)

Author youkill3r ( ago)
Can u even read or listen?

Author youkill3r ( ago)
Yea it is...

Author Enter a Name Here ( ago)
it dosent work for me what do i need to press when the scripts in the url?

Author Dmstrify ( ago)
Yes tell us is it for NL server too?

Author freek114 ( ago)
is this link for NL server too

Author Mpiritsas3 ( ago)
please my friend can you send me the script? i would be gratefoul! i think
it is one of the best script i've ever seen!!

Author SkillzXXD ( ago)
after this first time u copy the script do you just copy it again?

Author ironguns327 ( ago)
not working for me :(

Author RasmusXF ( ago)
Everytime I use it, then i'm sending 2 * 30 LC to some of the same
coordinates. Is it possible to do, so the script sent 30 LC to every
coordinates instead of 2 * 30 to some coordinates and none to other
coordinates :S

Author malikster222 ( ago)
question, uhmm k so i got like 98 spear and 66 sword and i want to farm 3
vilages. how often do they go and how to i make them all the vilalges

Author AlexR6666 ( ago)
No hahh idk who that is...i was AlexR666.

Author Pedro Martins ( ago)
@AlexR6666 So you are not cengo ?

Author AlexR6666 ( ago)
No... i stopped playing.

Author Pedro Martins ( ago)
Are you Cengo of World 12 portuguese?

Author ufojizzle ( ago)

Author DrummaBoy112 ( ago)
Its a javascript, works in any web browser. He was using safari/mac OS.

Author ufojizzle ( ago)
do u have to do it with firefox or can u use enternet explorer?

Author WW299 ( ago)
@ Tonyrockwalker Farming is when you attack a lower level Village and take
their resources to build or to take their village to Noble. Farming is good
for people with huge Werehouses that take forever to get filled. I hope
this answers your question.

Author tommy247ps3 ( ago)
thanks helped alot

Author Antonio ( ago)
i dont get it -.- i just started tribal wars 6 days ago im with 800 i make
about 100 points in a day but i heard you can do like 1000 points in a day
with something called: "farming" i am really confused... plz help?

Author sarahsiddique ( ago)
mine says Greek 1 Greek 2 Greek 3 Greek 4 Greek 5 Greek 6 X: Y: Radius min:
max: Points min: max: +NON Barabs: Script output: Were do i put army number

Author Shamde ( ago)
Ok. ive used the script and its targets the same village a few times.
Instead of attacking 9 villages its attacking 3 of them, 3 times?!

Author Shamde ( ago)
nvm 2 my last comment, it works fine with firefox =)

Author Shamde ( ago)
Im trying this with firefox and its not working... help

Author Devon9099 ( ago)
This script commonly targets random villages. Is there a special method you
use to get them all 1, 2, 3 in a row. Or perhaps something I'm doing wrong.

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