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Author jorge de la garza (11 months)
Most talented person I have ever encountered ! 

Author Birgit Longbrooke (4 months)
love you video and your voice but I think in this video you have to much
make up but its ok :)

Author Nat N (2 months)
Even 'yea' and 'moving' at the beginning were perfect. Mine sounded like

Author missinvisible (13 days)
Even if she's just in a room she still enjoys singing...awww she's soo

Author Reina Heredia (4 months)
I love it but like I noticed that in every like your videos has Jessie J in
it and I like it love you I'm a big fan

Author elizabeth hoffman (2 months)
Yes yes yes 

Author Martina Calt (3 months)
This woman shes so natural and real in all she do. Simply love her. Amazing
voice amazing her . hello Jessie ! 

Author Miss Ploy (9 months)
My dear #JessieJ I love the way you treat your fans .... I fall in love
with your outstanding talent since i saw your show at The Iheartradio coz
my poor english made me play it in repeat again and again ..but every
single time i 've watched , every word you say its mean alot to me .....i
ve never seen any singer else does such a lovely thin like you do by
uploading the videoes regularly ...all the story you shared i might take
time to get into it
But i never get bored to watch it ...i m a third gender from thailand my
dream is so far over than i can reach but i have you and your story also
your personality inspire me keep it up ...thank you big double J 

Author Адам Айдамиров (4 months)
на трансвестита похожа

Author Ume Ka (29 days)
A.KOR brought me there

Author MusicalHB (5 months)
This is one of my all-time favorite songs! 

Author Nathalie D (5 months)
I feel like I've been living under a rock because I just started listening
to your music. I love your voice and your attitude. This song is badass,
and I like how clever the lyrics are. Thank you for doing what you
do....hopefully I can come and see you in concert sometime soon.

Author Bruna Rrapi (3 months)
I dont think that no bady's perfect 'couse you are perfect love love
your voice :)

Author IloveJessieJ Jess (3 days)
Jessie, it is nice :D

Author Jasiyah Watson (3 months)
The thing I love about jessie j is she can just bust out with any note

Author Melissa Fletcher (3 months)
I think this song is so beautiful.

Author chloe wilson (5 months)
love this song, got it on cd

Author Stephen Tolman (8 months)
Amazing!! I still think ur miming only joking :D

Author Zoe Routledge (9 months)
reminds me so much about the wizard of oz! x

Author ka melot (6 months)
love ya jessie~><

Author Gunnardab (7 months)
I don't like the song but I am still a die hard fan of Jessie J. I would
like for her to try something she hasn't done before this song sounds like
most of the songs on her first CD and that voice of hers can make magic
just not on this song. Oh wait it was on her first album, Hospital drugs
are strong. lol

Author Ana Lucia Abregú Sáenz (7 months)
My favorite singer :3 

Author Tarik El Khattoumi (5 months)
THIS IS PERFECT, do it !!!!

Author Prussian Blue (9 months)
I really like this Song, Pls. Jessie release more Songs like this! <3 I
feel very equally accepted whenever I hear this song! 

Author Tremayne Norris (6 months)
I loved this look! Hope she brings it back.

Author Mariely Nieto (9 months)
The way she said yeah was beautiful lmao

Author Naghi Ariana (7 months)
I love you

Author Ebru Kulaksız (9 months)
Waov I remember when I discovered you first time. You have came soooo far
and you are a DIVA now and I am sooo proud of you. I LOVE YOU AND I WILL

Author itsmeeeee (1 year)
love ive been here since 2007xx

Author Sheryll Landles (9 months)
Raibow ,you are a great singer
I like your sining

Author Sophie Holwill (7 months)
I love it awesome whats ur favorat song that u have released mine is bang

Author Ashly Thomas (9 months)
love it

Author Kimberly Hopkins (8 months)
i loved it 

Author Carolina Rodrigues (8 months)
jessiej traslates:jessie j vai ao email porfavor

Author Jalik Sleep (3 months)
1. I think you are one of ten sexyest lady`s in the world
2. I think you just don`t care what somebody else think about you while you
love music
3. I think you are sucsessfull POPSTAR only because of your ambitions on
hold up
4. I think that you can not be famous in all world as somebody`s wife like
every wife
5. I think that rainbow that you are showing in internet or somewhere on
stage in cool
6. I think I am perfect man to understand you and respect like blood
because of music
7. I think you don`t lost your chanse to be the realest mother to your
8. I think you like boy`s who don`t want to go on job because of girl like
you in bed
9. I think that whole world can not say something about you while you are

Author Jaff lu (8 months)
I love it,and all your songs.
fighting Jessie~

Author Sasha Fedenko (1 year)
She has an amazing voice

Author Ms. Peaches (5 months)
WOW.. SHE DID THAT...I feel like Nathalie D, but I just stopped listening
to the radio because It's just noise! I thank you for sharing your awesome
voice with the world. The music industry desperately needs you girl!!! KEEP

Author precxox nuu (9 months)
me and my sister love jessie j shes got an sick(amazing) voice and we love

Author Giulia Prates (1 year)
Lovely ♥ You're cute =D I love you Jess.
Jesbian since 2011 ♥ ♥ ♥ "Te amo te amo" 

Author Natasha Lee Williams (10 months)
Jessie i love you I saw you on October the 30 at the 02 you have a amazing
voice and I lisen to your album alive everyday my fav song is laserlight
Btw im am 12 

Author ahmet üre (11 months)
cause of thousents. Not bad! 8:)

Author Sereene Liang (11 months)

Author Jason Lopez (9 months)
lololololollololollololololol XD

Author Demi McGaan (1 year)
Amazing voice

Author Brookland Edwards Hughes (1 year)
Love rainbow O my god!! Put it on the album now 

Author Chloe Nutt (1 year)
Awesome song glad it got on ur track

Author Danya Rahma (1 year)
go girl!!!!! u kill it !!! <3

Author Jonathan L (1 year)
Wow..five years passed... I was often stay tuned in her channel in
2009...before she released her first album I miss that time :)

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