Kathak - Tarana Kalavati

Tarana in Raga Kalavati, by Archita Kumar. London, UK.

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Author Kruthi B K ( ago)
awsome one

Author chandravati1 ( ago)
This is Birju Maharaj's Tarana based on Raga Kalavati, Teentaal

Author Neha Shah ( ago)
I'm a kathak dancer and i really like the music what is it called? and
where could get the soundtrack?

Author Niddhi Apoorva ( ago)
even i got dizzy at first and used to shabby up the dance and my dance
teacher used to call me ' Ghadi'. Once she told me i should try tatkar as
soon as turns are finished !! dude it actually works!

Author taare zameen ( ago)
tnx very much! ;)

Author Rohit Kumar ( ago)
@sheru7meraa7naam some stories like of mahabharata n krishna is told by
kathak! now it depends what u classify as related with hinduism, hinduism
touches almost every aspect of indian culture, like drama, dance,
litreature, arts, philosophy, names etc!!

Author kazuko ( ago)
this is a most beautiful dance portrayal of Kalavati Tarana. Thumbs up to
the dancer. Can anyone give the following information on this music please.
Music title; music artist; distributor; copyright year; publishser and

Author CriterionCoIIection ( ago)
@sheru7mera7naam007 actually kathak originated in uttar pradesh...

Author swamykool (1214 years ago)
@sheru7mera7naam007 The word kathak comes from the sanskrit word katha
which means story / narrative. Originally this dance was performed with the
raas leela thus creating a dance narrative of the love story of Radha and
Krishna. It was a folk dance form which evolved into classical dance.

Author iHari ( ago)
Where can I find this song? Does anyone know? It's so beautiful. What genre
of music is this (i.e. Hindustani from Madhya Pradesh, Islamic music from
ustaads, or Kashmiri Hindu devotional)?

Author newcreate3 ( ago)
wow ..... ive been learning kathak since i was 4 & now im 12 . Now i
understand the true beauty of dance. lve always loved kathak , am loving
kathak & will always love it

Author Elenia25 ( ago)
oh my i learned this dance. beautiful.

Author taare zameen ( ago)
please,if anybody can help me I would be sooo grateful..I am interested in
professional Indian dance school..Can sby tell how can you join them as a
foreign person? Please,every information is extremely important.Tnx!;)

Author therapeutics23 ( ago)
23 lame people looked at this video

Author Deepak Sijaria ( ago)
very nice performance

Author Sandeep Rawat ( ago)
Very nice... have a look at this too:

Author Ibrahim Ali ( ago)
people are so rude sometimes, talking all the way through this performance.
with this being London, i would have thought people would have had the good
manners to stay completely silent therefore enabling the dancer to
concentrate completely on the dance and music. apart from that, this
performance was beautiful and the dancer coped well under all the added
pressure and distraction from the rude audience.

Author Suwetha Kalyan ( ago)
hey, this is really good, except try to smile a little more!! (:

Author Suwetha Kalyan ( ago)
hey, this is realy good, except try to smile a little more!! (:

Author master20939 ( ago)
@Musicismysoul06 it is called 'Kalavati Tarana'

Author master20939 ( ago)
hey luvin ur dance... im learnin the same tarana but with different
choreogragraphy... could you email me the mp3? thanks Shyam

Author Ramakrishna Peddada ( ago)
Simply superb dance

Author Ramakrishna Peddada ( ago)
Simply superb dance

Author Ramakrishna Peddada ( ago)
Simply superb dance

Author Daz Za ( ago)
absolutely beautiful, i know little of kathak but this white boy from
canada gets goose flesh and tears when i witness such beauty

Author xparox ( ago)
I love reading the comments of this video

Author patel ketul ( ago)
સરસ બહુજ સરસ... મારી ઓરકુટ ફ્રેન્ડ ... આટલું સરસ કથક ડાન્સ કરે છે. તે જોઈન
આનંદ અને ખુશી થઇ. અને ગૌરવ પણ .. આભાર.

Author patel ketul ( ago)
સરસ બહુજ સરસ... મારી ઓરકુટ ફ્રેન્ડ ... આટલું સરસ કથક ડાન્સ કરે છે. તે જોઈન
આનંદ અને ખુશી થઇ. અને ગૌરવ પણ .. આભાર.

Author patel ketul ( ago)
સરસ બહુજ સરસ... મારી ઓરકુટ ફ્રેન્ડ ... આટલું સરસ કથક ડાન્સ કરે છે. તે જોઈન
આનંદ અને ખુશી થઇ. અને ગૌરવ પણ .. આભાર.

Author patel ketul ( ago)
સરસ બહુજ સરસ... મારી ઓરકુટ ફ્રેન્ડ ... આટલું સરસ કથક ડાન્સ કરે છે. તે જોઈન
આનંદ અને ખુશી થઇ. અને ગૌરવ પણ .. આભાર.

Author MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs) ( ago)
@MasterOfAPuppet89 Arabic music did influence Spanish music without a
doubt. Even the early music from the rest of western Europe was influenced
by Arabic music. Most musical instruments & all stringed instruments were
invented by Arabs, including the early prototype of the harpsichord &

Author medgr8o2 ( ago)
very nice....but just be a little more energetic... btw m also a kathak
dancer :)

Author MartaEzis ( ago)
@graphixgen: if ýou want to see more skillful kathak type in Sandip
Mallick, he's an awesome dancer, very expressive with perfectly mastered

Author skoty9999n ( ago)

Author Sunitha M ( ago)
very gracefull :) loved it

Author taare zameen ( ago)
this is my favourite style-love kathak..very elegant and graceful.awesome
dance and choreography...mesmerizing..just wonderful!;)

Author Mrignayani Chhotwani ( ago)
Hello, I absolutely loved your dance. You're graceful. :) Just try to keep
your hands in level with your shoulder while you take rounds, but that's
just my view. Which gharana are you from? I am a kathak dancer myself. :) <3

Author Farsipari ( ago)
She turns perfectly, and comes out of the turn at just the right moment to
catch the taal. Kalavati is a great choice for this too!

Author LaninaGilhi ( ago)
I am a beginner in kathak, and this is inspiring. Thank you for showing
this to us!

Author MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs) ( ago)
@Louviah A Spanish Gypsy has since said to me that everyone is taking
credit for flamenco but no one is crediting the Spanish Gypsies. Flamenco
is a dance of the Spanish Gypsies & very distinctive in it's own right.

Author Louviah ( ago)
@mmedefarge but indian dance influenced in arabic dance too and arabic
dance had many styles... flamenco appeared later mmm... i think that isn't
so easy

Author Andrila Chakrabarti ( ago)
URGENT: Can you tell me which CD this music is from and the name of the
piece? The artist name and also where can I find it? Thank you in advance.

Author MelJE89 ( ago)
Beautiful costume and dancing!

Author hnubntsavaj ( ago)
Damn love her turns...she don't get dizzy...I try but I get too dizzy..Lvoe

Author tanishatanisha ( ago)
@swapte try eyelash glue, the stuff that you get with fake eyelashes. the
tikka will move around while you dance, don't worry about that. as long as
it doesn't come off, it should not be a problem.

Author 1minalgabail ( ago)
Hi Swapte, Spirit gum is the best. Any theatrical store will have it or
order it online. Especially for Kathak, you need something strong and nail
polish isn't enough. Hope that helps.

Author swapte ( ago)
Thanks so much! I'll try everything you've suggested, lets see if it works
on my forehead :)!.

Author Dancing Devi ( ago)
@rannajim Agreed! It is more than just a rumor that these 2 styles may be
share some roots. They share so many similarities in the dancing technique
and style, it would be only fair to assume they share roots somewhere in
their history.

Author Dancing Devi ( ago)
@swapte If the Tika has a flat back, the nail polish will work. If it has a
hollow back, try pinning it close to your forehead. Pin at the top of your
head as well, but also close to your forehead. If you can get a Tika that
has a flat back, use a lot of clear nail polish. Hold it down for awhile,
then it should be fine. The flat back Tikas are the only ones that will
really stay.

Author swapte ( ago)
Hi, I tried using nail polish under my tika and it doesn't stick. Is there
a trick? Pinning the tika never works for me :(.

Author rannajim ( ago)
Continued part 4. I do not think that Kathak dancers came to Spain with the
Muslim invasion, but later. They may have come via Egypt. The word Gitanos
means Egyptian. Yet it is well know that the language of the Gypsies is
heavy with Hindi words. When I see a flamenco dancer, hair combed back and
caugh in a bun decorated with a flower, I see an Indian woman. She may not
be wearing a veil on her head, but she does have a scarf around her
shoulders. Her big earings are also so Indian. Agree?

Author rannajim ( ago)
continued part 3. One can know that Kathak and flamenco are related by
looking at the elements that are similarin the dance.The clapping and
keeping the rhythm cycles. A lot of the footwork is very similar. The dance
is done in composed segments that end in a pose. The hand movements curling
about the danceer. The story element that is sung and interpreted by the
dancer. The types of turns are similar. The way the head snaps from side to
side, I could go on and on.

Author rannajim ( ago)
Continued. part 2. It was not folk dancers or the dancers from the bazaars
that were expelled. But highly trained court dancerss and musicians.

Author rannajim ( ago)
The silk roads and the salt roads brought goods, inventions and culture
from the east through ME to Europe even during the Roman times. When and
how the gypsies brough Kathak to Spain was never documented and is mostly
speculation. The greatest expulsion of musicians and dancers recorded in
Indian history was during the reign of the Mughal emperor Aurengazeb
1658-1707. He exiled court musicians and dancers and forbade the nobles
from patronizing them. Where did they all go? Whoknows. Continued.

Author MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs) ( ago)
P.S. The first Islamic invasion of Spain & longest lasting was by the
Umayyads of Syria. Subsequent invasions were by the Berbers of N. Africa.

Author MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs) ( ago)
I realize that Kathak is one of several ancient dances of India. Flamenco
was first a Gypsy dance in Spain. It wasn't recognized as a dance form by
the general public until late 18th century.

Author MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs) ( ago)
The Berbers were conquered by the Arabs & were/are Arabic speaking. They
were influenced by their Egyptian neighbors & their dances reflect this. I
was referring to the Mughals who invaded northern India in 1526. It was
they who were said to have bought Persian influence to Kathak dance, which
by this time, migration of Indians to Spain had already ceased.

Author Dancing Devi ( ago)
Don't forget that Kathak is not an Islamic dance, it existed longgg before
the Islamic invasion. Long before the gypsies started leaving India. So
Flamenco could have very well been influenced by some Romani along the way,
its a possibility.

Author Dancing Devi ( ago)
They were not Arabs either, but a mix of different Islamic ethnicities:
"The majority of the Army as well as commander Tariq himself were not Arab
but Islamic Berbers, and in time Islamic migrants from places as diverse as
North Africa to Yemen and Syria..." As I said before, Islam invaded India
in the 12th century (and they were visiting India as early as the 7th c.).
I'm not sure where you are getting your information from...

Author Dancing Devi ( ago)
Islam invasion in India started during the 12th century, it didn't affect
Kathak until the 16th and onwards. So even early on when the gypsies were
leaving India, the invasion had already begun.

Author MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs) ( ago)
The Muslim rulers in Spain were Arabs not Persians. Arabic dance is very
different from flamenco. By the time of the Islamic invasion of India in
the 16th century, Spain had already been expelling it's non-Christian
population since the later half of the 15th century, so the influence of
the Islamic invasion of India would not have been felt there.

Author MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs) ( ago)
The Indian migration to Spain occurred during the 11th through the 15th
centuries, long before the Islamic invasion. By the time the 16th century
arrived, Spain had been expelling it's non-Christian population,since the
later part of the 15th century, so the influence of the Islamic presence in
India would not have been felt there.

Author Dancing Devi ( ago)
You should do some more reading. Kathak originated at least 2,000 years ago
in North India. It was originally performed in Hindu temples, until the
Islamic invasion influenced the costume and music. Kathak itself is derived
from a Sanksrit word, not Persian. The Romani people left India way after
Kathak first began, so it's possible they took the dance with them.
Flamenco and Kathak share similarities not just in the appearance, but also
the movements, counting, and some technique.

Author Dancing Devi ( ago)
Kathak comes from the Sanskrit word "Katha" meaning 'storyteller'. Kathak
was heavily influenced by the Islamic invasion (16th century onwards).
Kathak originated from N. India, it existed BEFORE the Islamic invasion
because it was originally a dance telling Hindu stories.

Author Dancing Devi ( ago)
Spain was once ruled by Muslims too, hence the old masjids (mosques) in
Spain. The Romani gypsies traveled from India all the way up into Spain
(11th century onwards). It is likely that the Romani took Kathak with them.
Kathak and other Persian dances may have changed along the way until it got
to Spain, forming Flamenco. There are many similarities between the 2 dance

Author MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs) ( ago)
What is the name of the Persian dance that these people derived Kathak
from? Is Kathak a Persian word? I can find no Persian dance with this name.
Is it possible to refer me to an example of this Persian dance? One can
view the Indian Kathak dance & view the similarities between it & flamenco.
Since Indian people settled in Spain & they do a dance very similar to
flamenco, we are able to see a direct correlation. Can the same be said of
this Persian dance?

Author Chichi ( ago)
Also, Kathak didn't exist in India at the time when the Gypsies left. So
again, Flamenco isn't derived from Kathak, however, both forms originated
from Persian dance (during different time periods and places)

Author Chichi ( ago)
@ mmedefarge @ MasterOfAPuppet89 ^Both of you are close, but still wrong.
The gypsies didn't bring Kathak from India. Kathak (Indian) and Flamenco
(Spain) were both derived from Persian and other Central Asian dances. With
the spread of the Mughal Empire to India, Persian dance spread to the
region and Kathak was formed. Likewise, when the Indian Gypsies left India,
they picked up on Persian dance (since they passed through that region),
which is how Flamenco came about.

Author MartaEzis ( ago)
@CrazyNative4: I live not far from this area and dances of the gypsies here
are different. I heard flamenco has some Persian or Arabic influences so
central Europe has probably not played any role in its creation. Anyway,
this kathak performance is great! I learn kathak and watch it every week to
get my eyes used to fluent kathak moves. Thanks, Archita!

Author MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs) ( ago)
Indian people also migrated to Spain during the middle-ages when Muslims
invaded India. They bought their Kathak dance with them. (The Umayyads in
Spain were very tolerant unlike the Muslim invaders elsewhere. El Andalus
was a becon of light in a dark time & attracted people from many places).

Author MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs) ( ago)
Thanks. People are always going on about how flamenco derived from Arabic
dance. They are so dissimilar as to have almost nothing to do with each
other. The hallmark of flamenco is in the intricate footwork & hand & arm
movements - as is with Kathak. There are little to no isolated pelvic
movements. The hallmark or Arabic dance is isolated pelvic movements with
little to no footwork. Could go on & on, head movements & postures of
Kathak & flamenco, the fast staccato movements, etc..

Author MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs) ( ago)
Flamenco most resembles this type of dance; the similarities are quite

Author TeaCarTeaKey ( ago)
Yes uyghur not chinese, the uygur want independnce from china.. The han is

Author GalinaMora ( ago)
uygurs arent chinese, sorry. They live there. Anyway, interesting remark

Author zcsay45 ( ago)
neeraj that means a lot coming from a kathak dancer. thanks very much for
the encouragement. i wish you all the best also. :)

Author zcsay45 ( ago)
a very valid point indeed

Author Existantia ( ago)
The move at 3:00 had so much power in it!

Author Neeraj Solanki ( ago)
Absolutely in awe of your performance and the style is purely sublime and
superlative. Keep up the good work... P.S: Am also a Kathak dancer!!

Author TeaCarTeaKey ( ago)
Other flamenco n whirling dervish dancing is similar to kathak dance, china
(in xinjiang muslim state) n central asia also has dance similar to kathak
they call uygur dance see this video watch?v=dcUXdDkadsI n also egypt they
call the "tanoora dance" see this watch?v=e6zQ3uYaqg0

Author TeaCarTeaKey (64 years ago)
Kathak has many persian influence, the gypsies never brought kathak to
spain, if they brought why some gypsies dance in europe dont look like
kathak? Actualy Flamenco dance is founded by persian slave who live in
spain when islamic civilization in spain, 1 of the most famous persian
slave who be the famous spain musician is Ziryab.. Persian slave mix with
arab, gypsy n native spanish people n made 1 beautiful genre music n dance
in spain

Author k3dha1sda ( ago)
yes nice but i feel the elbows are a litle too down....

Author Parv Jain ( ago)
awesome dance!!

Author mangomaz ( ago)

Author Mevcude Seçilmiş ( ago)

Author zcsay45 ( ago)
thank you thisrainykitten :)

Author zcsay45 ( ago)
bharatanatyam is a beautiful style

Author zcsay45 ( ago)
thats hillarious - but thank you :)

Author arvindpradhan ( ago)
Archita rules!

Author eemetahuo ( ago)
This dance is the precursor of Spanish Flamenco, through Roma who came from

Author Nital_dance ( ago)
Kathak is nice ... but I like more Bharatnatyam!

Author cherokiimslm ( ago)
graceful and beauuutiful,Ive always wondered how someone can do so many
turns-if I did about 5 I'd be on the floor boy

Author Lisa Mitassi ( ago)
Thank you for enlightening me, I appreciate it. Archita, you are a
wonderful dancer. Very elegant.

Author tetegirl101 ( ago)
wow i wish i could buy that sari does anyone know where i could buy it?

Author Ridy Sheikh ( ago)
awesome performance... just gr8!)

Author KabirC ( ago)
The song is Tarana Kalavati, by the Kathak great Birju Maharaj.

Author Naved Ahmed ( ago)
can someone tell me where i can download this song & can i get the name of
the artist ?

Author ilovetjb ( ago)
that performance was amazing.

Author jaiPawanPutraHanuman ( ago)
The Mughal influence on it is only in terms of their encouragement of this
dance forms. Otherwise the music, the movements are all Indian in origin.
There is no parallel to any of them in any thing outside India. And to any
one who reads this lets go easy on this north Indian , south Indian thing.
Ok brothers? There is only one India.

Author jaiPawanPutraHanuman ( ago)
That was a masterful performance. Maybe the audience could have been a
little more respectful.

Author AydielovesRyanHiga ( ago)
books123456789 that devdas song you are talking about is probably a song
with madhuri dixit in. either ot is kahe ched mohe or maar dala.

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