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Author nadeesh tharaka (1 year)

Author nadeesh tharaka (1 year)

Author jaiPawanPutraHanuman (6 years)
That was a masterful performance. Maybe the audience could have been a
little more respectful.

Author parleegee (7 years)
Wasn't Madhuri Dixit(Hindi film actress of the early 90's) a trained Kathak
dancer? Sometimes in some of her dance scenes she uses Kathak hand

Author swapte (5 years)
Thanks so much! I'll try everything you've suggested, lets see if it works
on my forehead :)!.

Author zcsay45 (7 years)
thanks nazakat. good luck for the show :)

Author Bei Naam (7 years)
amazing..i love kathak dance...and she is good!

Author taare zameen (5 years)
this is my favourite style-love kathak..very elegant and graceful.awesome
dance and choreography...mesmerizing..just wonderful!;)

Author MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs) (5 years)
Thanks. People are always going on about how flamenco derived from Arabic
dance. They are so dissimilar as to have almost nothing to do with each
other. The hallmark of flamenco is in the intricate footwork & hand & arm
movements - as is with Kathak. There are little to no isolated pelvic
movements. The hallmark or Arabic dance is isolated pelvic movements with
little to no footwork. Could go on & on, head movements & postures of
Kathak & flamenco, the fast staccato movements, etc..

Author zut212 (7 years)
Who are the musicians? I love this kind of Hindustani beats. Beautiful
sitar piece.

Author taare zameen (3 years)
tnx very much! ;)

Author Dancing Devi (5 years)
@rannajim Agreed! It is more than just a rumor that these 2 styles may be
share some roots. They share so many similarities in the dancing technique
and style, it would be only fair to assume they share roots somewhere in
their history.

Author medgr8o2 (4 years)
very nice....but just be a little more energetic... btw m also a kathak
dancer :)

Author k3dha1sda (5 years)
yes nice but i feel the elbows are a litle too down....

Author LaninaGilhi (5 years)
I am a beginner in kathak, and this is inspiring. Thank you for showing
this to us!

Author Naved Ahmed (6 years)
can someone tell me where i can download this song & can i get the name of
the artist ?

Author Bellydanceshiva (7 years)
simply breathtaking!

Author TeaCarTeaKey (5 years)
Other flamenco n whirling dervish dancing is similar to kathak dance, china
(in xinjiang muslim state) n central asia also has dance similar to kathak
they call uygur dance see this video watch?v=dcUXdDkadsI n also egypt they
call the "tanoora dance" see this watch?v=e6zQ3uYaqg0

Author sanju sanj (7 years)
Archita uses Nailpolish to stick the tika to her forehead....

Author MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs) (5 years)
Indian people also migrated to Spain during the middle-ages when Muslims
invaded India. They bought their Kathak dance with them. (The Umayyads in
Spain were very tolerant unlike the Muslim invaders elsewhere. El Andalus
was a becon of light in a dark time & attracted people from many places).

Author JoyDevivre (7 years)
Iodine999, I'm as far from an Indian nationalist as you can get, and am
actually a Persophile, but please show me the Persian dance on which Kathak
is hypothetically based. Or even any Turkic dance on which Kathak may be
based (given that the Mughal dynasty was founded by a Turk). Believe me
I've looked and found none. Is it not most logical to conclude that Kathak
may be a dance developed in India under Mughal and later Awadhi patronage?

Author patel ketul (4 years)
સરસ બહુજ સરસ... મારી ઓરકુટ ફ્રેન્ડ ... આટલું સરસ કથક ડાન્સ કરે છે. તે જોઈન
આનંદ અને ખુશી થઇ. અને ગૌરવ પણ .. આભાર.

Author arvindpradhan (5 years)
Archita rules!

Author Ibrahim Ali (4 years)
people are so rude sometimes, talking all the way through this performance.
with this being London, i would have thought people would have had the good
manners to stay completely silent therefore enabling the dancer to
concentrate completely on the dance and music. apart from that, this
performance was beautiful and the dancer coped well under all the added
pressure and distraction from the rude audience.

Author Dancing Devi (6 years)
Kathak did originate in Hindu Temples. Katha means "story" and Kathakas are
those who tell the stories. It was later influenced by the Mughals, so yes
there is a Persian influence in Kathak. You can tell by the angrakha (long
dress) costume. But for religious Hindu dances/songs a different costume is
worn, the ghagra-choli. All you have to do is read a little to find out
more. You're right, North Indians definitely DO appreciate classical music.

Author Lisa Mitassi (6 years)
Thank you for enlightening me, I appreciate it. Archita, you are a
wonderful dancer. Very elegant.

Author Dancing Devi (7 years)
You're right, Kathak has Persian influences. You can see that in this
costume as well (called an Angrakha). I love your comment about the costume
being a partner, thats beautiful.

Author Gillian Elise (7 years)
How does she get her tika to stay on??? I would love to know. lol She is
such a wonderful dancer! And I agree that this is the best kathak video on

Author KabirC (6 years)
The song is Tarana Kalavati, by the Kathak great Birju Maharaj.

Author aradhna (7 years)
i would love to learn kathak!!! unfortunatly, i had to stop because it
didn't fit in my schedule......:(

Author crazidesigurl (7 years)
look at the lucknow gharana of kathak, it's heavily mughal inspired

Author fez30756750 (6 years)
there is def persian influence but anyone who studied kathak can tell u the
similarities kathak has with the other indian classical dances.

Author Kruthi B K (2 years)
awsome one

Author Mrignayani Chhotwani (5 years)
Hello, I absolutely loved your dance. You're graceful. :) Just try to keep
your hands in level with your shoulder while you take rounds, but that's
just my view. Which gharana are you from? I am a kathak dancer myself. :) <3

Author mangomaz (5 years)

Author Mevcude Seçilmiş (5 years)

Author Ramakrishna Peddada (4 years)
Simply superb dance

Author Dancing Devi (5 years)
Don't forget that Kathak is not an Islamic dance, it existed longgg before
the Islamic invasion. Long before the gypsies started leaving India. So
Flamenco could have very well been influenced by some Romani along the way,
its a possibility.

Author MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs) (5 years)
The Indian migration to Spain occurred during the 11th through the 15th
centuries, long before the Islamic invasion. By the time the 16th century
arrived, Spain had been expelling it's non-Christian population,since the
later part of the 15th century, so the influence of the Islamic presence in
India would not have been felt there.

Author Dariusdagr8 (7 years)
ITs just a deep seated inferiority complex, brought about by centuries of
foreign rule.

Author zcsay45 (5 years)
neeraj that means a lot coming from a kathak dancer. thanks very much for
the encouragement. i wish you all the best also. :)

Author emonkddancer (7 years)
It is really a nice performance. I am Emon from Bangladesh. I am also a
kathak dancer and learning kathak from my 'Guru'. My teacher is direct
student of Pt.Birju Maharaj. I know this 'tarana' but unfortunately i lost
this record. anyone can send me this record??? please it will then very
helpful for me for learning kathak more accurately...

Author Sandeep Rawat (4 years)
Very nice... have a look at this too:

Author master20939 (4 years)
hey luvin ur dance... im learnin the same tarana but with different
choreogragraphy... could you email me the mp3? thanks Shyam

Author Shweta Massey (7 years)
very good video...and hand movements are brilliant.

Author podgybear (7 years)
I wana learn kathak..I have learnt Bharatnatyam for 4 years but its around
10 years it possible for me to go ahead with Kathak?

Author master20939 (4 years)
@Musicismysoul06 it is called 'Kalavati Tarana'

Author Dancing Devi (5 years)
Kathak comes from the Sanskrit word "Katha" meaning 'storyteller'. Kathak
was heavily influenced by the Islamic invasion (16th century onwards).
Kathak originated from N. India, it existed BEFORE the Islamic invasion
because it was originally a dance telling Hindu stories.

Author Elenia25 (4 years)
oh my i learned this dance. beautiful.

Author cherokiimslm (6 years)
graceful and beauuutiful,Ive always wondered how someone can do so many
turns-if I did about 5 I'd be on the floor boy

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