Bruno Mars - That’s What I Like [Official Video]

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Directed by Bruno Mars and Jonathan Lia

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Author Natasha Durbin ( ago)
he is awsome

Author Kellie Harrison ( ago)
Congratulations for your great video

Author Hotburgur 122 ( ago)
I don't know why is this a little cringy and weird

Author nettesuga ( ago)
Dope ass vid and song! I was never a big Bruno Mars but he got me with this banger! Now I'm relistening to old songs of his and have a whole new perspective on them!

Author EmberGames ' ( ago)
Am i the only thinking '' this guy can dance... ''

Author pinsz hok ( ago)
najlepsza piosenka Bruno marsa
Best song by Bruno Mars

Author Jernee Donald ( ago)
my new favorite song

Author Regina E Ward ( ago)

Author Chris Little ( ago)

Author D Kavan ( ago)
I think I figured out why aliens won't come to earth... they're blinded by Bruno's talent.

Author Alma Morales ( ago)

Author Teilan Woullard ( ago)
good song

Author James Perez ( ago)
@ fuck


Author Briana Brown ( ago)
this video is literally the way I want to live my life in the future😂🔥🔥

Author Robson DOS SANTOS DE OLIVEIRA ( ago)

Author NINTENDO xD ( ago)
Bruno Mars Like A Boss

Author SuperHothead14 ( ago)
So thats the spidey life.

Author Leslie Gonzalez ( ago)
sex by the fire at night 👫⛺ 😁😁😁

Author ChatoTV ( ago)
damn this is a great video

Author Sienna Crittenden ( ago)
love this songXxx

Author Jay Red ( ago)
I love hip and rap, however music is what I love and hate to discriminate against other genres of music. I was put onto Bruno Mars and to say this he's talented and gifted is an understatement. this dude takes simple beats simple chorus and makes a hit out of it. this song jams in my truck all day long....because it's what I like it's what I like

Author Jay Red ( ago)
I love hip and rap, however music is what I love and hate to discriminate against other genres of music. I was put onto Bruno Mars and to say this he's talented and gifted is an understatement. this dude takes simple beats simple chorus and makes a hit out of it. this song jams in my truck all day long....because it's what I like it's what I like

Author Brett Clough ( ago)

Author Flaming Falcon ( ago)
when my parents are around:....Smores by the fire at night!

Author Jose Benitez ( ago)
Your songs suck dick and they are gay

Author Locura Gamer ( ago)
mi hermana es fan de bruno mars

Author Kimberly Savage ( ago)
I want to dance the song but I can't dance

Author دلال العسيري ( ago)

Author Chris ( ago)
He needed the toilet at 3:21, so shortly after, he ended the video

Author Polish Guy ( ago)
Paris is everywhere. Why?

Author Leonanfloo de lara ( ago)
whats fack

Author Leonanfloo de lara ( ago)

Author Leonanfloo de lara ( ago)
beach you mom

Author Marcela Gutiérrez ( ago)
I love the song

Author Jose Velasquez ( ago)
la mejor canción!!!!!

Author Joshua Cooperman ( ago)
Great Music

Author Pucca Heart ( ago)
My jaw just dropped when I saw how he was dancing o-o

Author trevience copeland ( ago)
if u don't like dis song u is a ass hoe

Author Stanley Garmon ( ago)
I just miles a test. 😀😀

Author 2KExposed King ( ago)
Can't stop watching this

Author dandare2309 ( ago)
If I get 10likes I'll do a parody of this

Author ana paula Divina ( ago)
BR ?

Author Janiya Pettis ( ago)
my almost favorite song

Author Gladz Dela Cruz ( ago)
LSS because of this song

Author Ayroln Black ( ago)
catchiest song of 2017

Author Wasuta Poin ( ago)
I'm watching this in 0.75 speed.

Author Rickha Utami ( ago)
I Love You So Much😍😍😍

Author Eche Mou5 ( ago)
nice song!!

Author Drone Vids ( ago)
Whos listening today 4/28/2017 can i get a what whaaaattt

Check out my first vid #dji3313 tell me what you think

Author Pandy M8 ( ago)
I dont even listen to this man at all but this song here boyyyyy 😎🤘

Author hanhan _ ( ago)
I feel like Prince would have been really impressed with Bruno's new music.

Author astroboyette po ( ago)
honestly...bruno mars simple awesome................................................fuck

Author Giovanni Nicoletti ( ago)
Shopping SPREES in Paris...

Author Who am I even? *-* :3 ( ago)
This is literally my new favorite song

Author MC - RA ( ago)
es muy buena👏

Author Føxy Øh shit run ( ago)
I love this song

Author Asha Kaur ( ago)
I love this song

Author Amanda silva ( ago)

Author ada ignat ( ago)
Romani pe aici ..? like

Author Gery Muhammad ( ago)
Berapa frame nih buatnya ya? hehehe

Author Nancy Peralta ( ago)

Author jade sparrow ( ago)
Bruno Mar has show that u don't need girls half naked in a video to hit . welcome the new 👑king of pop👑

Author JKPLAY5 ( ago)
dance and music incrible

Author Fanny Surbakti ( ago)
omg. youre just sooo ughhh cute and sm....

Author Sofi Reyes ( ago)
Someone tell why this "simple" video is perfect!

Author ORION EXTREME GT ( ago)
He's so good as 2 billion Justin biebers

Author Ruud Cameron ( ago)
best song

Author Leina Castel ( ago)
love ❤❤

Author God ( ago)
Hey Hows It Going Are We Being Sour Today

Author Vivien Williams ( ago)
I'm old, but I love this song, and he is just right to be my toy boy, oweeeee!

Author Javed ( ago)
Check out my Chanel plz

Author Enis Bajrami ( ago)
bruno marsssssssss big like america

Author Kaygirls Maynard ( ago)
I love it 😂😍💗💝💟💞💖❤💋👄

Author Zo The Fox ( ago)

Author elizabth fuenzalida ( ago)
this 120 likes sorteo 2 entradas para julio 24

Author Elijah Foster ( ago)
@bruno mars that's tho cool as hell.. never seen a artist but his fans in a video. you music is timeless, your going to be the next Michael Jackson

Author FAN OF LEXXX ( ago)
This is my fafrot song

Author Andi Pandi ( ago)
*Bruno mars on a low budget.*

Author Biscoitto ( ago)
Cadê os brs?

Author Fazli Rexhepi ( ago)
That's What I Like 👍good song for Bruno Mars

Author CHILLED_AS_ICE ( ago)
ksi channel is dead and still has more subs than bruno

Author Sylvia Kannemeyer ( ago)
every song gets better

Author CHILLED_AS_ICE ( ago)
guys i forgot how bruno mars got famous XD

Author Jacmel Mrrcedes ( ago)

Author Leona's Spiel-Kanal ( ago)
😃😃😃😃😃😃i like

Author Dingue de l'OM ( ago)
Tu es le digne successeur de Mickael Jackson

Author Dingue de l'OM ( ago)
You are deserving successor of Mickael Jackson

Author jay jizzle ( ago)
was that julio line racist?

Author THECLASHMAN 757 ( ago)
He looks smaller than normally

Author Zoe Xc ( ago)
Love this Song! X 😍

Author Jamie Sue ( ago)
This video is better than the song, and I love this song!

Author Leticia Gonzalez ( ago)
love his all songs wish one day enyoy the show😚😁

Author Woody Hunt ( ago)
I love this song

Author kimberly wall ( ago)

Author lelewins Hill ( ago)
So im not honestly a fan, 1st step AUTOPLAY, 2nd the Beat, 3rd was the dance and im like wtf... 4th was this simple ass video and now i have played the song 30x and my boyfriend hates me LMFAO...🔥🔥🔥🔥SHIT!

Author tehila swisa ( ago)
bruno mars bidopord

Author Aminat Osibote ( ago)
Never knew he could dance

Author Yuri Suescun ( ago)
Mi respetos al que edito el video.

Author eduardo mateo ( ago)
i love this song it makes me dance hip hip hop and i am really  good at hip hpo

Author Twix Boi ( ago)
anything u want just to put a smile on it This song put a smile On when u think ur the best dancer until u see this vid

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