Bruno Mars - That’s What I Like [Official Video]

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Runtime: 3:31
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Author MR JTrend ( ago)
the video is so ARTISTIC !!!

Author Zhareen_ Ortego ( ago)
addicted to this song♡

Author Abdul Azeez ( ago)
I am addicted to his dance and beats rather than the song...... ;-)

Author riyan da ( ago)
the best dance

Author Blessie Villarta ( ago)
"Strawberry pancake on ice
Lucky for you thats what i like"

Author laís annyele ( ago)

Author Dfdvsgsgdhdhdh Gxgsgs ( ago)

Author Vely Putri ( ago)
cute video aaahhh love you♡

Author Alin Jocelyn ( ago)
i liked this song

Author Sizwe Treasure ( ago)
video + song, everything is awesome. He dances great

Author Nyla Webb ( ago)
Who else is listening to this in 2017

Author Hazard RDX ( ago)
who else was here, when this video got 2 million views

Author krisztina porteleki ( ago)
j o lett csak az auto nm kelet volna oda ??

Author Elan Sandika ( ago)
best music video i ever seen

Author earl novicio ( ago)
the dancee is tooo goodd so satisfying to watch

Author amazonchiq ( ago)

Author yehettheinternet ( ago)
At first I was like "wow, he's really good at dancing!" But then I realised it's actually sped up..... -_-

Author Blueberry Princess ( ago)
I never noticed that his a good dancer and singer ❤️😍😘✌🏻

Author Kevin Jones ( ago)
I think he dance better den Chris Brown.. lol what y'all think?

Author _KillerYT_ ( ago)
teach me dance god 😍😂

Author Luisa Araya ( ago)
me encanta esta cancion , la escucho seguido

Author Mr Sacor ( ago)
Bruno Mars - That’s What I Like [Official Video]

Author Anton Ajah ( ago)

Author John Paul Salvador ( ago)
i subcribed

Author Jimmy Tran ( ago)
i love this song

Author ImJamie ( ago)
I can literally look at his dance moves all day

Author Ismael Brase ( ago)
Give Bruno Mars a crown 😳

Author Mr Near ( ago)
Bruno Mars - That’s What I Like [Official Video]

Author Monster Name ( ago)
romanians are all over the world!!!!

Author islam angryman ( ago)
to me ..! u r the #best.! that`s all..,?l

Author queen of lyrics ( ago)

Author Mr Gano ( ago)
Bruno Mars - That’s What I Like [Official Video]

Author SAMEER SAYED ( ago)
new popstar...... M.JACKSON would be proud to hear,,,,,

Author nimia arlynes calizaya castillo ( ago)

Author Callie Von ( ago)
Sounds like my bf

Author Feysal futuristic ( ago)
Great song and great budget Bruno

Author xXSlimyCraftXx Minecraft-HD ( ago)
The second verse of "Jump in the caddy puts some miles on it" the moves satisfy me so much

Author Aurella Arabelle ( ago)
,I love this song

Author Kurniawan Zye ( ago)
he always makes a good song

Author callum mcevoy ( ago)
Hope they don't overplay this one like his other songs

Author POP thomspon ( ago)
i cant stop listening to this song some one help me

Author prince supan ( ago)

Author Adam Vini ( ago)

Author Ashleigh Jervis ( ago)
I love you Bruno
And damm u can sing and dance

Author PrettyPaws05 ( ago)
Does anyone else just love the dance and wanna learn it

Author Night FTW ( ago)
this is my birthday it well be the best if you replied tl me and I am a girl

Author Night FTW ( ago)
I love this song I Ben hearing this sons 3 weeks ago I always hear this song before I go to slepp

Author mrz manwo ( ago)
good song. not into the video clip. could have been a lot better. Personally I find it annoying and over simplified. Would enjoy the song more if the video clip was better.

Author Tyrese Nakao ( ago)
I like this

Author Alisia-jai Preece ( ago)
what a amazing song x love it x

Author ZL Videos ( ago)
Like si el Mejor cantante es Bruno Mars!💪💎🎶😎

Author TheTriggered Elmo ( ago)
I love he shows the donkey for Puerto Rico it's perfect, like if you know what I'm talking about

Author like this comment : ( ago)
what the actual fuck every song this nigga makes is a hit, why do people hate him so much

Author Tom Enright ( ago)
he's fuckin short lol

Author Daniel Varney ( ago)
in 24k and this song talks about gold and money ... but one of his older videos talks about how he wants to be a billionare_lol😁

Author سربوت الوآدي ( ago)

Author Marvino gaming Tv ( ago)

Author Karolina Żebrowska ( ago)
super superi

Author Quang Hai ( ago)
I don't know english

Author Peter Baba ( ago)
Beautiful song

Author GMiN RepUniBiyCr ( ago)
They call me the bruno mar's twin brother,but the opposite one,i cant sing and dance

Author Jessie Mina ( ago)

Author DarcyTheCute ( ago)
R.I.P Editors

Author Justin Dougherty ( ago)
You look like a freaking chameleon

Author tarrance bryant ( ago)
he cant dance'

Author Emajay Rainey ( ago)
Now I'm really curious as to who this Julio fellow is!?

Author Lenny x3 ( ago)
Wer kam auch von jokah tululu :D

Author Tana Thurman ( ago)
This tune is so addicting

Author crisy cruz ( ago)
I like your new music Bruno mars

Author Jamie Horn ( ago)

Author Allene_ Hileary13 ( ago)
thats is so cool

Author aditya skywalker ( ago)

Author Cowen Ng ( ago)
good song

Author Rowen Beltran ( ago)
2:59 That's what I like.

Author rachel tan ( ago)
do you have a girlfriend?

Author Elena Casillas ( ago)
This song is great 😎😎😎👏👏

Author I'm An Orange ( ago)
Secretly sponsored by Cadillac

Author Janellia Hill ( ago)
2:59 best part

Author hello kitty ( ago)

Author Atika Damayanti ( ago)

Author Sherorbi ( ago)
Bruno mar's songs make me so happy for some reason, especially this one :D xoxo <3

Author Medley Boi ( ago)
Less Dislikes Then '24k Magic'. Bruno Is Back, Baby. 😍

Author sandy4real81 ( ago)
This boy is everything.

Author Abel Cardoso ( ago)
I like that this is also like a dance video

Author Suhaylah Abshir ( ago)

Author SydTheSquid P ( ago)
Honestly I like him better than most artist he just a has some type of sparkle

Author Christelina Akatere ( ago)
he's so hot😂😍😜

Author briantechchannel ( ago)
nice song Bruno

Author 360Games XFX ( ago)
Seriously Bruno mars can dance like anything

Author iam rrk ( ago)
Better than 24k magic song

Author Vaianna Tuiti ( ago)
nice song

Author Keylyan Clark ( ago)
I challenge Bruno to a dance battle

Author Charlee Cockrill ( ago)
i love this song

Author Maicon Willian ( ago)
Essa música ficou top demais.

Author Maicon Willian ( ago)
Essa música ficou top demais.

Author Doc Sturgeon ( ago)
The video is so creative.

Author Lexie Lugo ( ago)
I love you

Author Freaky Fred ( ago)
I used to be a fan , now im an air conditioner

Author Mae Guerrero ( ago)
Sarap ulit uliten

Author Angie Alvarado ( ago)
i'm like Bruno
love the song 😻

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