MILO Appears on Dr. Drew 6/16/17

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  • Crimea_River
    Crimea_River 2 hours ago

    "An AIDS victim who just walked out of Treblinka."

    Incorrect on so many levels. 10/10

  • João Pedro Baggio
    João Pedro Baggio 5 hours ago

    Milo you're amazing, most people think that i am homophobic, but you're the king of gay that i respect, because you refuses to use your sexuality as a polictical agenda.

  • Paige Mars
    Paige Mars 6 hours ago

    Milo is my home boi. I fucking love this dude. He's challenged so many of my ideologies and its really forced me to look at all things for what they really are...

  • Konrad von Marburg
    Konrad von Marburg 7 hours ago

    Milo will never return to his former glory. He is too tainted now.

  • Thenever
    Thenever 8 hours ago

    Dr Drew is a boring, steeped in mainstream, flavorless, zombie. Milo is cool.

  • Shoshana McKinney
    Shoshana McKinney 9 hours ago


    I wasn't horribly offended and even got some insight!

    Kol hakavod!

  • lorem ipsum
    lorem ipsum 11 hours ago

    Sodomy is immoral, unnatural and a disease.

  • Melissa G
    Melissa G 12 hours ago

    I would bend over and let Drew have his way with me for zero pay, any day of the year. In any weather. In a plane, a train or on the ground. With or without green eggs and ham. Yes I would, Sam I Am.

  • sassy frass
    sassy frass 13 hours ago

    I so much want to hear the meat and potatoes of this conversation.... I just don't care to listen to your constant diarrhea of the mouth Milo. You sure love to hear yourself talk. Im not entertained.

  • margaret schneider
    margaret schneider 16 hours ago

    Love you Milo!!!

    DJ KENSKE 16 hours ago

    love u milo!

  • Nicole Handy
    Nicole Handy 16 hours ago

    Milo! we love you, keep on keeping on!

  • Partyof4
    Partyof4 17 hours ago

    Love love ❤️

  • Richard Lowe
    Richard Lowe 19 hours ago

    For those trolls calling Milo a pedophile etc. He was in a relationship with an older man for ten years. He has helped bring pedos to justice. He was misquoted and wich hunted. Typical liberal, left wing blame others for what you do and TRY to destroy them. You and your ilk (msm) are OVER. BUT KEEP THINKING AND MAKING DECISIONS! Keep talking your trash! You losers are destroying yourselves!

  • iDalisMediaTV
    iDalisMediaTV 19 hours ago

    In one breath he calls us the retarded slow cousin and then admits to idolizing us for capitalism, and all the things that make society great. For our modern western philosophies.

  • Nitron DSP
    Nitron DSP 19 hours ago

    I love how Milo slips in these comedic slays whenever he gets a speach..... oh I love it

  • Michael blair
    Michael blair 20 hours ago

    i work at a gay bar in melbourne, alot of gay MEN are fairly conservative and open minded compared to their straight counterparts, i found it quite strange when i started working there and i spoke to them openly about my opinions, most even dont care about marriage, there is a very loud and aggresive minority in the gay community that propogate the LGBTQI (and whatever other letters they added) stereotypes, i feel like many gay men are similar to milo but are scared to be open about it in their circles because they have told me "coming out with these opinions in the gay community was harder than coming out as gay", this i have heard multiple times and it has stayed with me, we need to welcome them with open arms and realize it is NOT the whole lgbt community, we need to help them "come out" to their fellow gays because they are the closest to them they will be able to explain simple facts and figures that are well known and denied by the left.

  • tha1ne
    tha1ne 22 hours ago

    fuck yea Milo

  • john doe
    john doe 1 day ago

    He Is One Dangerous Faggot.

  • jman thegiantsfan

    love Milo

  • jcsheese
    jcsheese 1 day ago

    came here from Milo...who cares about Drew anymore.

  • §paethon
    §paethon 1 day ago

    I had respect for Dr. Drew until he called Kratom an opiate. As a medical professional, he should be advocating for a 100% natural leaf which drastically reduces opioid addiction, which has killed nobody (1st clue it isn't an opioid), which is not a relative of the opium family, which doesn't drive people to steal from loved ones, which does not produce euphoria in the "getting high" sense, which less than 2% surveyed out of 6,000 said they use recreationally, and which 75.72% of users take for depression, anxiety, insomnia, and pain; to which 90.38% of them described kratom's relief as "highly effective."
    We have the most effective and the only natural medicinal remedy to the opioid epidemic right in front of us, and the government is pushing for a ban. Even still, less than 10% of people take kratom to aid with opioid dependence despite its effectiveness. The vast majority use Kratom for chronic medical ailments unrelated to addiction. The salvation to the opioid crisis is right here...and they are trying to call it an opioid and ban it. Boggles my mind.

  • Wyo Drifter
    Wyo Drifter 1 day ago

    American liberals can't stand the stop Islam rhetoric but want a double standard. Wa wa wa you little baby shmucks. Go join you shallow shells. The "resistance"

  • J Nastay
    J Nastay 1 day ago

    Great to see Milo coming back!

  • Jacques Arcadey
    Jacques Arcadey 1 day ago

    He spilled some TEA.

  • Twelve BangBang
    Twelve BangBang 1 day ago

    Milo's wisdom is far beyond his 30 something years. He is someone to aspire to be, both in thought and in practice.

  • Grant Green
    Grant Green 1 day ago

    I feel you Milo, I speak with received pronunciation also, the South African version of it anyway; However, most people often mistake my accent for British, or Australian, in the US.

  • Paul Michael
    Paul Michael 1 day ago

    U.S is a zionist colony. BOTH SIDES are zionist controlled.

  • 5 star Jonny?
    5 star Jonny? 1 day ago

    Milo is a force of nature. A true White Knight.

  • Charles Woodley
    Charles Woodley 1 day ago

    Black pigeon has a video on his channel, about the differences between Japanese and American gay pride parades. One of them is a BDSM, dildo, pedophilia festival, and the other isn't.

  • Troy Anderson
    Troy Anderson 1 day ago

    MILO i got a great song about the bombing in Manchester England-
    my band made this year- it's right on your viewpoint i think you will like it-
    loved have you hear it - when we master and record it for publication....

    • Troy Anderson
      Troy Anderson 1 day ago

      Easy to find me at FB Troy E Anderson
      lead singer of International Punk Kings -
      message me anytime...

  • Its DaTruth
    Its DaTruth 1 day ago

    this is the dude who likes little boys.. y'all sick

  • Loyal Ram
    Loyal Ram 1 day ago

    Dear Milo...I love you in a very straight heterosexual conservative way, and am so sorry about the events of this year for you. I miss the joviality and full throated support of "Daddy," and driving college campuses crazy. I am in a weird place as a conservative (or so I have thought) and openly splitting with conservatives that I used to like who can't stand Trump. Free speech, brother, is everything. Keep on, keepin' on.

  • Alphons Mantel
    Alphons Mantel 1 day ago

    die Milo ziet de werkelijkheid beter dan alle wethouders en ministers bij elkaar

  • Home Runner
    Home Runner 1 day ago

    3:35 Milo, we're a Constitutional Republic. Still love you though.

  • lucaboden
    lucaboden 1 day ago

    Progressive left is also to blame for inflation of tuition, healthcare, housing costs.

  • lucaboden
    lucaboden 1 day ago

    It isnt racist nor bigotry to criticize Islam in the same manner that it isnt racist nor bigotry to criticize Scientology or Christianity.

  • al mcconahey
    al mcconahey 1 day ago

    Wow, that was an avalanche of charm, wit, and intelligence....I gotta go lie down and recover

  • Bad Dragonite
    Bad Dragonite 1 day ago

    I'm so so happy to see Milo getting back in the public more and to see his book still coming out. :) Legit so happy

  • Peechy Orchards
    Peechy Orchards 1 day ago

    2 Yeah, we are ate the point of turning off our televisions and selling them. All this political garbage is made on purpose. Everyday a new fake crises, as soon as it is resolved, Mr T tweets another crises.
    You called wolfe once too often.
    Think about this.
    the TWO most negative politicians in the world were running for office.
    if you wanted to win you win get a politician everyone loves, but that wasnt the goal the goal was to have a divided country so civil war could be started over time.
    Exactly what is happening.
    Dont be stupid

    ignore this garbage.
    THE World order is only interesting in dividing america
    Don't let them. if a polster calls you, tell them you love everyone.

    love you neighbor
    go camping play with the kids, refuse to listen to incendiary planned fuel about other people to foment hatred and more division.
    Be smart
    refuse to be manipulated
    I give this video a negative arrow.

  • Matt
    Matt 1 day ago

    It's interesting how he justifies his thoughts based on his wishes for American culture / law, but's he's not an American citizen.

  • KeepTrying 1970
    KeepTrying 1970 1 day ago

    I appreciate that Dr. Drew (and others) let Milo speak without constantly interrupting him. The Left particularly hate Milo because he is effective (and they know it).

  • Sean S
    Sean S 1 day ago

    excellent interview, always a Dr drew fan, glad to see him support free thought.

  • Jeff Grey
    Jeff Grey 1 day ago

    I hate that Milo had to leave Breitbart.

  • Maple Flavor
    Maple Flavor 1 day ago


  • Karen Lock
    Karen Lock 1 day ago

    Took the words right out of my mouth, Barbie. Just met him online and love him !
    Intelligent, knowledgeable, witty, and personable. Not to mention his adorably sexy British accent.

  • George Lyden
    George Lyden 1 day ago

    Milo For President 2020!!!

  • lamklaner3
    lamklaner3 2 days ago

    Back with a storm Milo!

  • Stupid Fuckin Nigger

    I bees his boyfriend. I loves dat cracka. He my boo boo bear

  • Amanda Rausch
    Amanda Rausch 2 days ago

    He's back Bitches! And looking good too! Welcome back Milo, you have been missed.

  • Noki Redtail
    Noki Redtail 2 days ago

    Finally! Real new Milo content.

  • David Marquez
    David Marquez 2 days ago

    Wow! He is good, the easy that he bullshits through that mouth is amazing.

  • athiest4you
    athiest4you 2 days ago

    Good interview.. will have to follow milo

  • Rum Mug the Orc
    Rum Mug the Orc 2 days ago

    Regressive left=communist

  • Rum Mug the Orc
    Rum Mug the Orc 2 days ago

    If I loved Milo more it wouldn't be biblical

  • Wutzido IOthCatchJitsu

    The vanilla in the ice is cum

  • Dixie Rect
    Dixie Rect 2 days ago

    Milo is a total babe and he knows it! ♡

  • Brad Sand
    Brad Sand 2 days ago

    Dr. Drew keeps trying to defend the Liberal lies.  I wonder why?

  • S H
    S H 2 days ago

    I'm as left as they get, but I also really respect and like Milo. He said a few things that I disagree with, but I don't think any rational person could come away from seeing this and not agree with the majority of what's said.

  • Q Bert
    Q Bert 2 days ago

    they didn't once challenge him .... I could have had him squirming on many of his asserions. Trump for instance, hasn't imposed a travel ban on any country that has been involved in a terrorist attack on the US. Saudi Arabians have every right to travel to the US under his "ban".

  • Rob Smith
    Rob Smith 2 days ago

    cameras suck...make it look like they are talking to each other please

  • judoka187
    judoka187 2 days ago

    Never thought I'd look up to a gay, conservative Jew.  Keep pimp slappin' em with baby powder Milo

  • Severian Wintermute

    Milo would be House Lannister or perhaps Tyrell.

  • Wyther
    Wyther 2 days ago


  • El Valentin
    El Valentin 2 days ago

    Wowowow at first, I agree with most of the things Milo stands for. However I just saw one of his speeches where he talked about how he thinks the AfD in Germany is the party to go for. Milo, Rebel Media, Lauren Southern and so on purport that Germany is just about to be dominated by muslims and that Turkish people form a dominant part of the population. This is simply not true. We do indeed have a lot of immigration, and I don't like all of it either, but at the end of the day, in everyday life you do not notice it, it does not affect you. Giving the AfD more power in Germany is just blatantly stupid. They are run by Nazis, right winged extremists and used to be a threat to our country, thank god they are not doing well at the moment. I agree that having Trump as a president for a while is not a bad thing, however the AfD is a different story and people, please don't let anyone tell you any different. I posted this under this video because the other one was months old and none would have read it.

  • Louis Turner
    Louis Turner 2 days ago

    Such a mind, so misunderstood, like the faggots of old, the old faggots I know anyway.

  • David Nelson
    David Nelson 2 days ago

    I went from stand up comedy > comedian interviews > joe rogan > Gavin mcinnes > Milo > Jordan Peterson > Sam Harris. All have been great in their own right, Peterson is absolutely necessary before moving forward but the Harris podcast "waking up" takes the cake for most refined intellectual podcast I've found thus far... highly recommended!

  • Tom Cross
    Tom Cross 2 days ago

    he's an idiot. a vain, up himself idiot.

  • bigrigbob2010
    bigrigbob2010 2 days ago

    Wow, great interview. I always figured Dr Drew was a modern leftist, but glad to see he has common sense and has his eyes open to the crap that is going on. As a former addict/alcoholic, I still think he is stupid for believing the "it's a disease" excuse for making poor choices in one's life, but I gained a tonne of respect for him here.

    • S H
      S H 2 days ago

      bigrigbob2010 ~ I was wondering about Dr. Drew too. I think he is left leaning but was simply trying to have a fair interview.

    CARTER 2 days ago

    why does milo yiannopoulos look like he is blind? he always talks with his eyes closed or averted from people (looking down, or closed or averted) does anyone know why he does this all the time? blind? health problems?

    • Lindsey Cunningham
      Lindsey Cunningham 1 day ago

      He has said before that he has terrible eyesight and he has tried contacts but he hates them lol. He definitely has shifty eyes though poor thing. I think thats why he wears sunglasses inside all the time.

    • S H
      S H 2 days ago

      CARTER I notice this too. I was wondering if it has something to do with poor eyesight. It certainly seems that way. I know if I don't have my glasses on or contacts in, I tend to not look people in the eyes cause I can't tell what their eyes are focusing on.

    • Saltybabygamer
      Saltybabygamer 2 days ago

      CARTER it just makes him look good

  • SurreallTV
    SurreallTV 2 days ago

    *@Amber Leigh & @Disgusted1 48 (and to everyone else like them, who are Satanic, gay, Pedophile and Pedo-defenders)*
    Oh HELL fuckin no!! Now YOUR sick, deranged, menally ill, satanic ass is on here defending milos ADMITTING of being a pedophile and supporting pedophilia! And then you EVEN cite 1 of the many pro-pedo things he said "oh no! im not speaking of pedophilia, im speaking of sex and relationship with post-puberty people, who are sexually mature"<~~ when CHILDREN can reach puberty from age 8 to 12 to older, which means Milo is PUBLICLY admitting to engaging in and supporting sex with CHILDREN!!!!!!!! (which is just what he ADMITS to, he does way worse in PRIVATE, while he also ADMITTED to being present in the room where other adults were raping what HE said were teens, and VERY YOUNG CHILDREN, and he did nothing to stop them, didnt help the children, didnt call the cops, and he just STAYED at the 1st party, and then went back to MORE hollywood pedophile partys after that - HE admitted this!

    And you're on here DEFENDING and RATIONALIZING it!!!! And youre a FUCKIN POLICE OFFICER!. SICK!!!!!!!

    I know youre not a Psychologist or MD Psychiatrist, so you dont know the FULL, DEEP information on the subject, and dont know the full details that pedophilia / SEX WITH CHILDREN, and pre-maturely exposing a child to anything of sexual nature, is only wrong, because it SEVERELY harms and destroys that childs physical body, and that childs mind, mental health, and their natural development of their sexualty/ sexual attractions, gender identity, and entire mind as a whole. Which is what then produces SEVERE mental illnesses like Homosexuality, gender confusion/ gender identity disorders, becoming sex addicts/ dangerously sexually promisouse/ aka "whores/ sluts", drug addictions, pedophiles, rapists, abusers, and this list goes on and on. And this is also exactly how MILO HIMSELF became a homosexual and became a Homosexual, a Pedophile, a Rapists, a Drug user/ addict, a Sex addict/ dangerously sexually promiscuous/ male whore/ slut. This is how, because he HIMSELF was molested <~~ which he also admits. So now, what YOU are doing, is on here defending, encouraging, supporting, and HELPING, all of these severely mentally ill, destructive things, to continue to occur and develop, and are helping and allowing the PEDOPHILES/ RAPISTS/ PREDATORS, to continue doing what THEY are doing, allowing them to go on to victimize and create MORE hurt and destroyed children, who go to do the same to OTHER children and people, continuing the cycle!!
    And no 16 years old, is NOT acceptable!! A humans body and mind doesnt start to mature and level out until age 19-22. THATS why 16 is absolutely absurd and COMPLETELY unacceptable, because its STILL A FUCKING CHILD!! And because an adult having sex with that 16 CHILD, will STILL severely damage their body, their mind, their mental health and their future, on top of that adult PREYING on a very clueless, naive, inexperienced, vulnerable person. On TOP of the fact that its also satanic and produces satanic power and satanic occurrences <~~ which is 1 reason for why satanist/ occultists/ witches, etc, kidnap and child traffic children, and molest them and sacrifice them. ------------ which by the way, you and these other idiots need to research PIZZAGATE/ PEDOGATE. This is BEYOND sick.

    And so my point was, I KNOW you dont have the full, detailed information and understanding of exactly why and HOW bad pedophilia and molestation is, but its still BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that it is in fact BAD, WRONG, SICK, PERVERTED, and COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!!

    Meanwhile you have the AUDACITY to talk about you love and care about children!! GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE!!!!!!! DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!

    And PS: Milo is a SHILL! He doenst believe not ONE thing that he says! He only says this shit and fights against liberals because he seeks and likes the ATTENTION, popularity, fame, and money that he gets from it. Its all a CON by him, when in reality, HE is exactly what and who he publicly fights against, a sick, perverted, mentally ill, LIBERAL. And you idiots are too dumb to realize this! The man is a fuckin homosexual, it should have been blatantly obvious that he was secretly a liberal the whole time!!! And then after the fact he stupidly admitted that hes also a PEDOPHILE, also admitted that he attends Hollywood partys (which are people who are all REQUIRED to be liberal, homosexual, pedophile, and satanist, to even get IN and STAY in hollywood), and then he even admitted that they were raping teens and YOUNG CHILDREN, right in front of him, and he ADMITTED that he did nothing, stayed, and went to more partys like that- when in reality that also tells you that he didnt just stand there he also participated and just isnt admitting to it. WAKE UP!

    • S H
      S H 2 days ago


  • 7th Planet
    7th Planet 2 days ago

    And the truth shall set you free. You go girl. One day you will be know as St.Milo

  • jesse green
    jesse green 2 days ago

    Lost me at apologizing for saying "s" storms in the first 3 minutes.

  • matthew nelson
    matthew nelson 2 days ago

    We need you in Australia. Please try to get here in the near future. Love ya work buddy.

  • A. Chun
    A. Chun 2 days ago

    Good to see him being given a platform to speak on

  • Lisa Ellis
    Lisa Ellis 2 days ago

    funny didnt Milo has lived on campus as a young girl

  • Leslie Winter
    Leslie Winter 2 days ago

    This guy is extremely boring!!!!!

    • Saltybabygamer
      Saltybabygamer 2 days ago

      Leslie Winter well then don't watch politics idiot

  • Susan B High
    Susan B High 2 days ago

    SO SO SO thrilled to be able to see and hear from Milo again. He is alluring, charazametic, damn handsome, intelligent young man. GO MILO

  • Loresk Canada
    Loresk Canada 2 days ago

    I've found one example of gender wage gap - The SLS championship, the women win like 30 grand while the men make 70 I think it is.. However mens professional skating has a lot of competition the entire championship for the women was like made up of all the professional women skaters. Also their game winning trip was a tre (360) flip, which is a complete joke at that level... anyways other than that, I can't think of any example of women making less money, of course I live in Canada, where its even more of a myth

    • Loresk Canada
      Loresk Canada 2 days ago

      PS MILO if you read this please debate Ben Shapiro, we're all waiting for it lol

  • Narred Darr
    Narred Darr 2 days ago

    It's good to see Milo is back to his old self. That comment he made on a 5am podcast seemed to have knocked him back for a short while.

    and, also? he';s right about gay pride events. they are obsolete. I live in a very gay city and it's so bloody boring and tedious that i hide away until the whole nightmare is over. Every time i used to go out for a drink during gay pride weekend i would get some drunken middle aged old fruit sliding up next to me and trying to put his fkn ar around me even after i tell him that I'm waiting on my gf.
    I'm far from being anti-gay but i have to admit i despise the whole LBGTABCDEFGHIJ. It's become another ludicrous, obsolete wannabe fascist group determined to silence any voice but its own.

  • Kah'oo'un R. M. Klein

    We needed new Milo content. How I missed this.

  • Tammy Pappas
    Tammy Pappas 3 days ago


  • Nate Diaz Fan: 5th March 2016 - 20th August 2016

    *That's God-Emperor-Daddy to you.*

  • Julien Castle
    Julien Castle 3 days ago

    The affirmation that Milo is "not being liked by the LGBT community" is inaccurate imo.
    The ASSOCIATIVE SIDE of of it maybe but not the peoples it's supposed to represent.

  • Amber Leigh
    Amber Leigh 3 days ago

    Gawt damn he's sexy. And a freaking genius. So OF COURSE gay. Although, I've noticed he's one of the few who still fall under the "all the good ones are gay" column. Now it seems most gays are greasy, smelly, uneducated and not at all successful.

  • Chris Mahar
    Chris Mahar 3 days ago

    How hilarious. We in the US see the UK as a sad shadow of its former empire that we've had to bail out of two world wars. So far.

  • Jack Spradt
    Jack Spradt 3 days ago

    Dr Drew loves cocaine.

  • John Do
    John Do 3 days ago

    Milo go back to your hole. You are a troll.

  • kichigaisensei
    kichigaisensei 3 days ago

    The left thinks they destroyed Milo. Nope. He's back...just like nothing happened.

  • Tony Miller
    Tony Miller 3 days ago

    Milo doesnt seem quite as sharp as usual - maybe tired or getting jaded

  • Machete Panda
    Machete Panda 3 days ago

    7:43 OHH MILO.... tisk tisk tisk. Taxing me more because Leshaniqua Johnson decided to have kids that her and her partner couldn't avoid? Fuck you, you pay for it. I'm not.

  • DR G
    DR G 3 days ago

    Dr Drew's face lol

    BETO LOCO 3 days ago

    milo, we need you to have children bro.. lay off the cock for a lil bit and give us some lil milos!

  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith 3 days ago

    Milo isn't pro-rape.

    Unless it's homosexual statutory rape, natch. Then he's positively vibrating with enthusiasm for it.

  • Jim Capatelli
    Jim Capatelli 3 days ago

    Hey Milo! Keep away from my sons and my nephews. UNDERSTAND, you sick and sickening POS?!?!?

  • Eric Me
    Eric Me 3 days ago

    Praising the constiution in one breath and supporting an unconstitutional bann in the other makes no sense. Two, gay bashing and homophobia never went away. Thirdly Trump is not pro LGBT. He refused to make trans bathrooms mandatory. Fourthly, more than two million Muslims died in Iraq as a result of Western interventions. No Muslim managed to top that. So, America is the real threat. Not Islam. Oh, and Drew fuck you for not pointing that out. You are a huge dissapointment!

    • Eric Me
      Eric Me 2 days ago

      Nearly fifty percent of the people who died in Iraq were Innocent and how does the bombing of weddings, hospitals, and news agencies constitute a war zone, idiot? Plus if being responsible for military interventions in over 80 countries around Africa, the Middle East, Asia, South America and the Balkans is not threatening then tell me what is?Fucking check your facts!

    • Saltybabygamer
      Saltybabygamer 2 days ago

      Eric Me you're a disappointment. I guess idiots like you can't understand logic. If we were threats, we would be out there bombing innocent people in PUBLIC, not war zones . Idiot

  • CTWalker Photo
    CTWalker Photo 3 days ago

    Milo is the best!

  • Debora Edwards
    Debora Edwards 3 days ago

    i love Milo........He is correct.....with all the issues.. esp. Islam cancer

  • Dexter Haven
    Dexter Haven 3 days ago

    Fire anti-male, dyke police chiefs for dereliction of duty. They are misandrists and unfit for office, as proven by their anti-law-enforment orders during the UC Berkeley protests.

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