"Keeping Up With the Kardashians" Katch-Up S12, EP.19 | E!

Scott Disick spends a lot of quality time with Kris Jenner and her friends, while Kendall battles her anxiety with older sister Kim Kardashian's help.


About Keeping Up With the Kardashians:
Things change, but this famous family stays the same. Can you keep up with the drama?

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"Keeping Up With the Kardashians" Katch-Up S12, EP.19 | E!

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Author Leon Stang ( ago)
I have almost 20 episodes and i know it's kinda scary but i am used to it and sometimes for me it's kinda 3d horror movies.

Author Chane Jones ( ago)
I love you guys

Author jamie Maire ( ago)
Kim would be a lawyer

Author Aslam Barkat ( ago)


Author Roudy Beasley ( ago)
I'm here were r u

Author waynewayne1909 ( ago)
People who watch this garbage kys

Author SophiaTV ( ago)
She looked it up on the internet?😂

Author Yuliya L ( ago)
I wanna test this bitches iq

Author Sana Hellal ( ago)
I just noticed that Kim looks like Kris.

Author Muhammad Shahzad ( ago)
Stupid pl

Author Robert Davila ( ago)
I'm at home if you weren't
few What

Author Ashley Smith ( ago)
Its ONLY The music that makes it seem like something is happening

Author Marty Music rules ( ago)
why is this steel a show

Author PinkPerfectPeach ( ago)
If you love the show cheek out Kardashian Amino to meet other fans and always have all the updates and facts you'll ever need

Author Galaxy MSP ( ago)

Author z9944x - ( ago)
Do they have a talent or something??
I heard its all fake...stories are fake, fake hairs,all makeup,Fake booty,fake boobs,fake gossip,and photoshopped photos and im talking about the entire family....

Author Hitler's Favorite son ( ago)
Fap fap fap fap fap fap

Author Hitler's Favorite son ( ago)
Fap fap fap fap fap fap

Author sofi v ( ago)
They're all stupid hoes that deserve nothing they have

Author Age Mo ( ago)
wow!! footlong eyebrows.....loooool

Author Sagea Davis ( ago)
Since BN a 12TH grade Rotc watching the news 9/11/01 in class and my 18th bday October 2 weeks pregnant and 3 baes after since BN special analyst .

Author Sagea Davis ( ago)
Googled Zedi, means Armenian Syrian... I hate the Kardashians bastards ugly imbreeds always starting fights with ppl since 9/11/01 ...

Author Linda Smith ( ago)

Author Jasmine Torres-Melendez ( ago)
anyone else watch this for comedic reasons?

Author Catrina Jackson ( ago)
That is Satan when it comes to sleep paralysis

Author Erica Denison ( ago)
This celebrity culture is sick, I may sound extreme but it places value on lifestyles which will never truly make a person happy, "joy is in us not in things." Richard Wagner. People with fragile self-esteems like all the Kardashians wear immense amounts of make-up, get cosmetic surgery obsess constantly about their physical appearance what about volunteering for a favorite cause or putting in the time to develop a skill or hobby having meaningful goals and achieving them. People with low self-esteem are attracted to these shows and celebrity culture who cares that Jennifer Garner and her husband were having marriage troubles. Actors can be appreciated for their skills and talents in a movie but that is it, it is akin to people wondering if their post person is getting divorced or their dentist/dog walker why bother it isn't anyone's business or of interest. Living one's own life to the fullest, to one's potential is a full time commitment, verses other people's lives via reality shows and gossip magazines.

Author The Pokemine Studios ( ago)
Why is this a show

Author Jon Peterson ( ago)
I wish I got paid millions to talk about my personal issues and how I live my life 🙄

Author TheModelTalk ( ago)
I love the Karjenners

Author Marilyn Shelton ( ago)
I have sleep paralysis too. Fortunately, it doesn't last long.

Author Reality is what it is ( ago)
yeah so proud for his good and respectful girls lol

Author Metha Mwanza ( ago)
Can I get a iPhone 7

Author Ogl 143 ( ago)
So Their dad would be so proud 😂😂😂

Author chilesdub ( ago)
Se le subió el muerto diríamos en México 😂😂😂

Author Penny's Life ( ago)
I have the same thing as Kendal I have sleep Paralysis also

Author Pablo Carmona Soto ( ago)
Hi wow

Author Solo Solo ( ago)
I got work for you bitches

Author Solo Solo ( ago)

Author Mike j ( ago)
this family has no morals all they do is make kids kris the mother teach them nothing so sad

Author jesica surbakti ( ago)
ive been experienced the same thing as kendall lately as soon as i graduated and starts a job... Its been happening 6 times this year. im so worried..

Author Cara Anzara ( ago)
Yeah sure he would be proud of your kimksuperstar thing, girl!

Author Jaykeria Key ( ago)
im 13 and i have the same thing but if u dont stress it wont happen

Author Tamara Mielke ( ago)
keeping up with the Kardashians is my guilty pleasure!

Author Дана Султанбекова ( ago)
what is the song?

Author Joey Cubes ( ago)
They s show is junk

Author Navpreet Kalirai ( ago)
Proud? Idk about that...

Author luckyone045 ( ago)
Yes your dad will be so proud of u girls...🙄🙄

Author Mimi Amazing ( ago)
why the hell am I here I don't even like the khardashion why is it in my recommendations

Author Mani Acharya ( ago)
hey friends I would appreciate if you check out my covers.. if like give a thumb n sub plz

Author markjun G ( ago)
oh so that is called sleep
paralysis ive experienced that many times and its scary coz it feels like ur dying ur mind s awake but u cant move cant talk cant open ur eyes

Author Jordan Jordan ( ago)
I tried meditating and it can be trippy af sometimes 😳😄

Author Esion Heartfillia ( ago)
I have the same thing as her, sleep paralysis. And I agree, it's really scary not knowing when your gonna wakeup, like you try to and it's really hard to. I try to open my eyes but if feels like something just wnats them closed and paralyze me into the darkness and never come back.

Author sashakimi31 ( ago)
For ppl who do believe in Christ and this is happening to you and you don't know why, it could be happening bc you are not strong spiritually. So there is an open door for evil to make its way, The devil will use any opportunity he can to manipulate you or break you down. Sleep paralysis, dreams, negative emotions is a way to break you down from within or spiritually bc you cannot runaway from yourself so it is a constant torture.Sleep paralysis is different for everyone. For me it felt like someone was holding me down everywhere, it also felt like there was another presence or a takeover of fear. Another person I knew used to actually see things while in sleep paralysis. Pray and even while you are in sleep paralysis, capture the root of the problem there;if you cannot speak out of your mouth in your mind say in JESUS CHRIST NAME STOP! or you can keep saying his name. GOD gave us power over so many situations... why not use it? Dont allow fear to overcome you, thats just a distraction. Fight and win.

Author Adela Ramos ( ago)
.You don't need meditation for sleep paralysis all you need to do is have a concrete sleep pattern. I used to have sleep paralysis when I used to work graveyard shift

Author LyndauraFreitas Or 贝贝 #Be an Panda For Life ( ago)
I've have sleep paralysis since I was 3 now I'm 9ish 10

Author sashakimi31 ( ago)
Wow! I don't know what ppl think sleep paralysis is caused by (I know there is a scientific explanation but there is more to it than that) but when i was in the sleep paralysis, I was thinking clearly and aware of what was happening I literally just called GOD's name and immediately got out of it. You might not be able to speak out your mouth so do it in your mind. To be honest if you want sleep paralysis to stop it's actually not that complicated or hard. I would just pray to GOD before bed and it wouldn't come. God gave us power over evil so why not command it out of your life. It's your body, you need your sleep to wake up up go to work , school etc.You need sleep to let your body rest, preserve your skin longer etc. It keeps some people scared to go to sleep or just interrupts a persons sleep. I just had enough. After awhile I stopped getting scared bc I knew what caused it and I knew how to fight it.I remember getting it one time and thought "this again, nah I'm gonna have a good sleep tonight" I just said In Jesus Christ name stop or something involving his name and I'm telling you, no joke I came out of it so fast. Not everyone believes in GOD and I cannot force anyone too and I don't want to but for me the name JESUS has gotten me out of not just this but life situations in ways that i didn't even imagine.

Author Bluecozade ( ago)
I get sleep paralysis all of the time and don't make a fuss about it lol its pretty normal and yes it's scary but it lasts like a few minutes God

Author Melissa Esquivel ( ago)
ugh dumb fucks !!!! everyone has that 😒

Author bec just_BEC ( ago)
I don't think they father would be so happy with Kim and porn video haha

Author Jacek Mazur ( ago)
I watch this and im Kept.

Author Ariany Styles ( ago)
i've had sleep paralysis for a long time, it"s theost scariest thing ever

Author Catherine Boleyn ( ago)
am I the only one that sees black shadow figures during sleep paralysis? ??

Author Daniel Hunt ( ago)
tommy chong for president is my vote and you ?

Author selina raies ( ago)
I may be the only one but I sisterly/friendly ship kendall and kim 😂😂 idk why tho

Author Sean Jenkins ( ago)
I guess I would have anxiety too if my father turned into a woman there's not enough money in the world to cope with that js

Author Alain Bruno ( ago)
This family is so entertaining.

Author Ibrahim Jawad ( ago)
sleep paralysis is lit after the 5th time.

Author Radhuya ( ago)

Author martha barbieri ( ago)
they're life wouldn't be fuller if their dad was alive because they wouldn't have kendall and kylie

Author InfamousGGirl ( ago)
I think from all the Kardashians that Kendall is the most "natural"... just saying

Author Miss Chirry ( ago)

Author Mirelli Sanchez ( ago)
Proud ??? Proud of them taking naked pictures all the time for the world to see?proud of the tape that Kim made? Lmao🙂✌🏼️

Author Baby Girl ( ago)
the first time I got sleep paralysis was the scariest thing that happend to my life...😱😱

Author ___dreamcatcher ___ ( ago)
Kendall is acting like she is the only one who suffers from sleep paralysis...

Author Cordell A.K ( ago)
You have to pray

Author Cordell A.K ( ago)
I went through that before with Kendall

Author Suzan Farajli ( ago)
so fake

Author Kat P ( ago)
ugly girls Kendall kylie

Author Kat P ( ago)
that's the devil, get to Church

Author Salty Neil ( ago)
biggest waste of time! new record

Author Gayathri Mohan ( ago)
the music while they talk about Kendall's struggles xD

Author Nancy Guzman ( ago)
Kendall is a fucken chillona

Author Shaai Kamaha ( ago)
If his dad was alive...kylie and kendall would have never existed

Author zhaine ross ( ago)
well i always had it and im used to it

Author Ar D ( ago)
That you are not actually awake, you are still sleeping. My severe attack was 5 years ago and gladly, my cat was there and wake me up when she heard that I was moaning (i thought I was shouting for help back then but it's not). Kendall is right. When you are in that situation you can't move. I tried to move always at least any of my legs but that effort causes so much strength that once you wake-up, you'll feel that you are so tired and exhausted. Sleep paralysis is not common thing. It is really scary if left untreated.

Author Ar D ( ago)
For those who says that this is not a big deal, then think about it again. I had this in the past and have several attacks. Your body knows when it will happen, you usually feel that you are very sleepy and you can't fight it. You will make-up in a situation where you can't move and most of the time, you will see a scary figure of a woman or man in black with no face, just figure, who comes to you. I tried several times not to mind and tried to close my eyes and sleep it but I can't breath.but you'll realize

Author cooperUSA ( ago)
wakes up with make up

Author Bennyclay661 ( ago)
0:52 don't you like wonder what our lives would have been like if i never did that video with ray jay ,

Author BJS41384 Na ( ago)
they should get their IQ checked as an episode theme. I'm guessing Kendall is smartest with an IQ of around 27

Author BJS41384 Na ( ago)
these women...have the mental capacity of Lil toddlera

Author *laughs sarcastically* ( ago)
*gasps* we got a special snowflake! kendall suffers from sleep paralysis *oooooh*

Author Purify Gospel ( ago)
I know exactly what she needs!? she needs Jesus Christ!! that's who she needs

Author amar ab ( ago)

Author faboze ( ago)
Jesus that meditation woman's voice is so annoying

Author Cassy W ( ago)
Lol poor scott

Author Amina Zenad ( ago)
"if ur dad was here. he would be so proud of you guys "!!!!!!!!!!!!! for what exactly?

Author mlw2324 ( ago)
omg what a bs fake episode

Author Eunjae Lee ( ago)
SLEEP PARALYSIS ISN'T A BIG DEAL KENDALL!!! Stop freaking out over what most people go through.

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