Nerf Gun Zombie Apocalypse Part 1

Part 1

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Author dakota starbreak (5 months)
Sooooooooooooooooo cheesy

Author Rio Wibisono (6 months)
you guys are not gay just ignore the haters they are just jealous

Author nerfguy (8 months)
of course theres a random bucket he trips on

Author Ballistic Phantom (7 months)
Next time, make sure you fire 1 bullet at a time, don,t waste ammo or your
done for

Author Marcus Lennie (5 months)

Author pingping (4 months)
It was realy good but it could have been better

Author Raymond Betlog (1 year)
This is not true

Author Matheus Lima (1 year)
Its My you

Author Bobi288GamingBg (1 year)
Who are you 3 times

Author Aidan Coakley (1 year)
1:51 how the hell do you trip on a tiny bush

Author GC Sam (11 months)
Зомби которые убивают щикоткой)))

Author King Roblox (1 year)
I like it

Author Kevin Summerall (1 year)
that was funny when you kicked him in his balls

Author CR3W The Dragon (1 year)
That's right how 

Author raedel morales (2 years)
He screams like a girl

Author SeimusANDHotmi (3 years)
5:40 that was a cool headshot

Author 948joejoe (3 years)

Author JTGJAKE18 (3 years)

Author JettaNetaTV (3 years)
1 whole minute just to say the the begining? im not even gonna
finish watching it

Author Glowsticksonmyshoe (4 years)

Author Regionskid (3 years)
soory but this sucks really bad...

Author Liam Fawcett (2 years)

Author Impact (4 years)
Their acting sucks Cacox97 rules all

Author heinrichxbox (4 years)
the song at the beginning it got it on my iPod

Author Nerf Pokemen (4 years)
TAkE THE STARTER next day HELP HELP then they kill the 2 zombies and he

Author 948joejoe (3 years)
@DXDan75 Check the years dumbass

Author vincent schuurman (3 years)

Author NiTROXx_Gaming (4 years)
come on come on come on come on OKAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY MAN

Author Billy Fart (1 year)
the walrus

Author SGT Mango10 (3 years)
wtf how do u trip over that tiny thing?

Author vinnie schroeder (3 years)
bad fake slap

Author Valerie Reynolds (4 years)
Honestly most of the people on this are semi grown. These kids just have
great imaginations and expressing it. They didn't post it for adults like
you to post on it with your stupid comments. -- honestly o think this is
good for kids thier age. I'd like to see one of y'all try to make a mini
movie ; since y'all OBVIOUSLY have a greater imagination than these kids..

Author Vick McBread (3 years)
your suposed to put the credits at the end.

Author Jake (4 years)
i can't believe i did this. Its so awful. He didnt even finish this

Author anthony smith (3 years)
but the same nerf gun is tru :V

Author Truman Leone (3 years)
think of ideas how to kill zombies1?!?!?!?

Author des3DZ (3 years)
gay zombie movie Cacox97 rule the zombie movies.

Author Jolanda Blokesch (2 years)
3keer hou ar jou

Author YukonOutdoors (4 years)
That guy really IS a member of the "Zombie Hunting Squad". If by Zombie
Hunter, You mean taking it up the butt by all the dogs at the animal

Author 948joejoe (3 years)
zombie rape at 4:47

Author Chicafan (2 years)
try to find the Q
thumbs up if you found it

Author looksbad4 (4 years)
skip to 1:12 to start the thing

Author TheZeljko10 (3 years)
You guys suuuuuuuuuuuuuk there i think i made my piont

Author Crypto Maniac (2 years)
Lol . Say hello to satan for me. Lol

Author umika anderson (4 years)
This Not Even Funny This F*** Halarious .. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Author clonetrooper1213 (3 years)
Respond to this video... lol red crocks

Author zombieslayer2020 (3 years)
this is a grate video

Author DiamondMusicGroup (2 years)

Author Jack Wright (3 years)
nice crocs

Author hakoch97 (3 years)
gay gay gay this is gay and it shuks monkey balls aka gay monkey

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