Nerf Gun Zombie Apocalypse Part 1

Part 1

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Author Eddie Lara ( ago)
this sucks

Author MrMentalz2 ( ago)
6 year ago loooool

Author MrMentalz2 ( ago)
Wow I hope they realise that not many ppl will sub 😁😂

Author Brix ( ago)
Ah. A good ol' classic

Author Mexicangamer505 ( ago)
In the first part of the film the guy was tripping over everything like Lee
in the walking dead.

Author Hacks4YourLife ( ago)
I'm sorry but " WHAT ARE THOOOSE

Author the flying dragon ( ago)
not even a make up this vid sucks

Author BCFK/ Big Channel For Kids (1455 years ago)
Your name is please sub

Author pingping ( ago)
It was realy good but it could have been better

Author dakota starbreak ( ago)
Sooooooooooooooooo cheesy

Author Marcus Lennie ( ago)

Author TheFTAGuy ( ago)
you guys are not gay just ignore the haters they are just jealous

Author DeadPool ( ago)
of course theres a random bucket he trips on

Author SamOneBro ( ago)
Зомби которые убивают щикоткой)))

Author Ray Ray ( ago)
This is not true

Author Bobi288GamingBg ( ago)
Who are you 3 times

Author Aidan Coakley ( ago)
1:51 how the hell do you trip on a tiny bush

Author Meme God ( ago)
I like it

Author Kevin Summerall ( ago)
that was funny when you kicked him in his balls

Author Exotic ' ( ago)
That's right how 

Author Matheus Lima ( ago)
Its My you

Author Aidan Coakley ( ago)
How do you trip on a tiny bush?

Author Billy Fart ( ago)
the walrus

Author Colby George ( ago)
I would like to do a video with you

Author BigNeechie Nabors ( ago)
He fight like a bitch

Author Cleavon Harrell Jr ( ago)
lol the first part i would have yelled "basketball bitch!" 

Author Skittlezthegamer ( ago)
hey the rest of my team is either hunting zambies or theyve turned into

Author P.T. Productions ( ago)
I think I would show a little more emotion if my friend just got

Author Charles Doyle ( ago)
Die Zombies DIE!!! 

Author mistrz legos ( ago)

Author nerfyeeters ( ago)

Author Jolanda Blokesch ( ago)
3keer hou ar jou 

Author Jolanda Blokesch ( ago)
cool fiimpje 

Author raedel morales ( ago)
He screams like a girl

Author inactive ( ago)
Lol . Say hello to satan for me. Lol 

Author Nicholas Cage ( ago)
This is the fucking gayest video to fap too i tried and i didnt even get a
boner till the asian kid showed up!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Author Liam Fawcett ( ago)

Author Falkon347 ( ago)
Annoying voice!!!!!

Author Bill beyblade (1395 years ago)
2:02 i have that gun (Deploy)

Author Michael Walsh ( ago)
zombies dont go ahh when they get kicked

Author Bruce Wayne ( ago)
Just a movie making hint: in the credits, the producer is 2nd to last and
the director is last :)

Author Arm & Trout ( ago)
1:09 to skip the credits

Author Rob Bond ( ago)

Author gabriel garcia ( ago)
muito legal 

Author Rust Led Jimmies ( ago)
1:46 that's not a boy

Author anthony smith ( ago)
but the same nerf gun is tru :V

Author Stevie Speer ( ago)
i use to play nerf then i took a nerf dart to the knee

Author Gladiatorcompany15 ( ago)

Author Dkizz _ ( ago)
wow jake you had lonnnggg hair 

Author Somecheesywaffle (1507 years ago)
i used to love this... until i took an arrow to the knee...

Author Bob Bra ( ago)
Big gay retards gone wild

Author NathanScott Productions ( ago)
There are some problems with this video 1) you said how it started, which
every person knows you arn't supposed to 2) at 2:37 you can see people in
the background (make sure your are is clear before you start filming) 3)
you can see outside of houses and inside electricity Pretty good otherwise

Author Jack Wright ( ago)
nice crocs

Author Brandon Sam ( ago)
see if you found the GAY in this.
BEIBER-wwwwwwwwwwww thumbs up if you found the GAY.......

Author Teh Viizionz ( ago)
thats fucken fake ! and you guys are fucken retarded grow some fucken balls
and get rid of those manginas that you guys have

Author Jannitta Yao ( ago)
video starts at 1:10 

Author TheUrbanHero ( ago)
my whole squad is dead or turned into a zombie.... but theres only a few

Author Agayretard ( ago)
@vinnie931 i know right

Author mandogandTL ( ago)
think of ideas how to kill zombies1?!?!?!? 

Author Jake McMichael ( ago)

Author the gamer2525 (1485 years ago)
the guy in the white shirt acts like a girl

Author the gamer2525 (1648 years ago)
bad fake slap

Author NerfWarrior1096 ( ago)
seriously whats with the music at the beginning

Author Crazy as a Cool Fox ( ago)
Nice porno music. Other than that. cool vid

Author bigh7702 ( ago)
nice fake falls 

Author Brooke Altmann ( ago)

Author GotGame? ( ago)

Author 74happygolucky (55 years ago)
wow crocs and socks

Author NerfWarrior1096 ( ago)
save the credits for the end

Author ZeeCon ( ago)
everyone is just lelous of how awesome this is

Author Michael Vahle ( ago)
funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny and dumb 

Author RyanConway2018 (1440 years ago)
@ThatKidsShow wow your voice was way highe back then.

Author alex munoz ( ago)
ive seen this before YA i did AND IT SUCKED!!!!!!!!

Author Jake ( ago)
Thumbs up if i sent you here

Author Garfield McIntyre ( ago)
When an atomic bomb goes off it first releases nuclear pulses during this
time people can see through each other with a neon green glow.After this
time it blows up and can kill everybody within a very very long range.

Author Jake ( ago)
@divineoblivionguy Ha i know

Author MrLtippin ( ago)
skip to 5:54 

Author SeimusANDHotmi ( ago)
5:40 that was a cool headshot

Author 2k11dj ( ago)
well well well well well god he keeps saying well 

Author SGT Mango10 ( ago)
y did u even open the doors? wtf

Author SGT Mango10 ( ago)
u didnt even touch that bucket

Author SGT Mango10 ( ago)
its so awful its funny

Author Vick McBread ( ago)
your suposed to put the credits at the end.

Author des3DZ ( ago)
gay zombie movie Cacox97 rule the zombie movies.

Author SGT Mango10 ( ago)
wtf how do u trip over that tiny thing?

Author Blanks Blanks ( ago)
Wtf this idiot slipes on everything 

Author DXDan75 ( ago)
shut up morons i bet cacox97 stole this tytle cause he made his zombie
movie in october and 2009blackandwhite made this in may

Author JTGJAKE18 ( ago)

Author vincent schuurman ( ago)

Author Impact ( ago)
Their acting sucks Cacox97 rules all 

Author YukonOutdoors ( ago)
That guy really IS a member of the "Zombie Hunting Squad". If by Zombie
Hunter, You mean taking it up the butt by all the dogs at the animal

Author Spiniestset954 ( ago)
zombie hunting squad lame...... this is gay but why does it have over

Author 1999beachboy ( ago)
its fuckin retarded

Author Roland CodVids ( ago)
stupid gay noobz

Author Dax McKinlay ( ago)
Statepodtouch059 damn you 

Author NiTROXx_Gaming ( ago)
come on come on come on come on OKAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY MAN

Author Nerf Pokemen ( ago)
TAkE THE STARTER next day HELP HELP then they kill the 2 zombies and he

Author Beyhokage ( ago)
holy crap, this sucks soooo bad i cant discribe it .... wow.

Author EcHo Remiix ( ago)
@Statepodtouch059 cacox97 rules

Author umika anderson ( ago)
This Not Even Funny This F*** Halarious .. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

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