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Author Ralph Libby (6 months)

Author EvangelistEvan (9 months)
This is the key to it all.... When I was an SDA CULT member, I was asking
hundreds and hundreds of SDA CULT members I met during my time as an SDA
CULT member, and my time preaching in the SDA CULT, one question:

Are you sure you are going to heaven?

Their answers would prove to me that there is a general consensus and
culture within the SDA CULT to believe that salvation is based on HUMAN
EFFORT and the LAW, because 99% of SDA CULT members I would ask that
question, would shrug their shoulders, tell me they aren't ready yet and
working on it, and make it clear to me that they believe they are not saved
"yet" until they can become better and stop sinning, because 99% of SDA
CULT members do not believe a SINNER who continues to break the Law and 10
Commandments of God that they can be saved RIGHT NOW and TODAY!

If SDA CULT members were to renounce and burn all Ellen's 130 books, and
only start reading the 66 books of Bible, then they would realise and
understand that a SINNER can be saved RIGHT NOW and TODAY!

But as I said, questions like these makes it clear how much influence EGW
rubbish books have made to the SDA CULT, because their answer to questions
such as the following exposes their trust in Ellen and her filthy gospel:

Can you avoid the mark of the beast, inherit the right to enter the gates
of heaven, be accepted by God and saved if you continue sinning, in other
words, continue being a sinner who breaks God's law and 10 Commandments?

Their answer will PROVE beyond ANY DOUBT that they have rejected the gospel
taught in Holy Scripture, and instead trusted in Ellen's demonic gospel
based on human effort!

Author Troy Story (9 months)
Amazing what The Lord can do in such a miserable an sinful life 

Author Heroil x (1 year)
Attention: EvangelistEvan:

Why are you religiously coming back to this video or videos? What are you
accomplishing by returning to simply call us a cult and whatnot? Who's work
are you doing? Can you see yourself in the mirror? What do you believe?
What's your religion?

Author Constance Collier (1 year)
Wow, what a life.

Author EvangelistEvan (1 year)

Approach your SDA CULT Pastor and the SDA CULT General Conference and tell
them that you believe that Sunday Keeping Christians who don't know better
and who continue to attend Church on Sundays and NOT the Sabbath, EVEN
after the "Sunday Laws" are enforced, will still NOT get the "Sunday Laws"
Mark of the Beast and will still enter the gates of heaven and be saved and
accepted by God and then come back here and tell me what your SDA CULT
Pastor and SDA CULT GC says:)

Author Betty Callahan (1 year)

Author EvangelistEvan (1 year)


I will prove EGW/SDA CULT really teaches a false gospel of salvation based
on WORKS, by asking you this:

1. According to EGW, what must a Christian do to be saved, accepted by God
and avoid the coming "Sunday Laws" Mark of the Beast?

2. Can a Christian who has faith in Jesus be saved if they attend Church
Service on Sundays and not Sabbath, according to EGW?

Ask your SDA Pastor and theological professors at SDA university and you
will be SHOCKED by their answers!

Author EvangelistEvan (1 year)
SDA CULT members will sidestep this following question, and/or insult you
when you ask it, run and hide, tremble etc, because they know if they
answer truthfully, their false legalistic gospel is exposed... their answer
contradicts the Bible, and their answer exposes their trust in themselves
and the Law and the Sabbath to save them...they do NOT completely 100%
trust in Jesus to save them, and their answer proves it, IF you are lucky
enough to get them to answer which SDA CULT members usually refuse to do:

According to Ellen G White and the SDA CULT, what must I DO to avoid
getting the "Sunday Laws" Mark of the Beast, to avoid getting the final
plagues, and to be accepted by God and to inherit eternal life in heaven
and to be saved?

Author Kurt Bucher (1 year)

Author Macc Lokki (4 years)
you know what the number one selling magazines are in north america,is not
the the supermarket tabloid magazines...hahahaha dough is
misleading you..shut up dough you even read those things..

Author Serafinos (4 years)
@BibleJesusChristian No cult -- as proven by my former Baptist Minister
husband - for whom has witnessed first hand, due to his own questioning
from what he was "taught" at Temple... that SDA were a cult. He has found
the direct opposite. The Waco bunch were a cult... and believed opposite of
most of our teachings... with additional false teachings. 2nd - In no way
would I judge you... but your own words of misinformation & false
accusations you seem to enjoy spreading. Why are you so angry?

Author Michael Godfrey (3 years)
@imax1971 Sorry, I forgot to address that part. All I'm going to say is
that you should judge someone based on the bible not based on what other
people have said about them. People can be biased, but the bible is never
biased. I rarely use The Clear Word. It's supposed to be used as a
devotional bible; we never use it in church - we use the NKJV or NIV
usually. Do you have a problem with using the living/message bible etc.? We
never use TCW as a substitute to the other versions.

Author Feelingsview (4 years)
No se consigue subtitulado o doblado al español?????

Author Michael Godfrey (3 years)
@imax1971 This was done in the middle or his prophecy series. He had an
audience way before he said all of that stuff. I don't find it that hard to
believe his story. You'd only have trouble believing it if you had an
initial bias towards the man or his denomination.

Author MrVolcom65 (1 year)
God will not punish the people who don't know about him or the sabbath he
will punish the people who KNOW understand?

Author Mr28chance (3 years)
Hi, hadn't been on youtube very much lately. signed in to watch a video i
put in the watch later column. saw that I had a reply, was very unexpected
especially from this one so long ago. i would love to talk about this more
with you if you are willing..? looking forward to your response, may God
and His spirit guide us to the truth, in Jesus name amen. God bless

Author Macc Lokki (4 years)
@bigblueunited9 if you have faith their is hope...former SDA i still
respect them...but i dont like their teaching anymore....their will be a
time you will see what SDA is really is....

Author SphincterMan Bubba (4 years)
Who cares?

Author HarlanLovestone (4 years)
To answer your question further i believe Christian who are sincere and
worship on Sunday may be saved if they don't know better. But I'd rather be
on the safe side and worship on Saturday cause it is truly the Lord's day.
Faith and Grace don't erase the Law. If your speeding on a highway and a
cop stops you but doesnt give you a ticket that's what grace is like. But
it doesn't mean the law has changed and you can keep going 90 miles an

Author inbyhisgrace (2 years)
Do you have to build this "path/relationship" or did Jesus already build
it?...the faith is what produces the works, not vice versa! Holy Spirit is
who produces the "work/s"...the works comes only by resting, never ever by
striving :)

Author Serafinos (4 years)
@FatTonyAU Please share a reference book/page/paragraph which you find EGW
teaching that a "person must become sinless before the can invite Jesus
into their hearts." Considering the fact -- she fully teaches, as scripture
teaches... come as you are... sinful, broken & down trodden. She never
wrote nor believed those attending church on Sundays are lost. Perhaps
actually reading her material would help. Praying for your anger.

Author athealovesu (4 years)
@FatTonyAU oh shut up and get a life. you sad pathetic weirdo

Author MaranathaAgain (3 years)
Also, IMAX, she clearly states that she did not quote the original author
for the sole reason that she wanted the reader to stay focused on the
content and not the author. Let me, also, draw your attention to the fact
that Christ, when preaching, quoted many an Old Testament writer without
giving credit to the author. Does this make Him a plagarist, too? Not at

Author Serafinos (4 years)
@johnstumph Amen!

Author 7thDayLittleFlocker (2 years)
Doug Bachelor is one of my favorite pastors. The S.D.A. Sacramento Central
Church is the church he pastors at. I think he's a great man of God. If you
want to get to know God better, try a couple of his sermons and see what
you think. I pray that god blesses you, and leads you to Safety. O:-)

Author Michael Godfrey (4 years)
@FatTonyAU Stop going on about this 'false doctrine' SDAs have. Every SDA
that has replied has stated that it isn't true and that they've never met
anyone who has said that their 'sabbath works' will save them. It's not
even in the SDA churches official beliefs. It's not biblical and there's no
use going on about it. Can we just stick to what each of us believe instead
of attacking another's beliefs? We will all be saved by grace. That is the
most important part and we both agree on that.

Author Lucian Dumitrescu (3 years)
Dough keep ON for I SHALL KEEP YOU.

Author HarlanLovestone (4 years)
@AspiringPotato My theory on cavemen is that they were mentally ill or
deformed and cast out by normal society or a primitive tribe of people who
lived among themselves and became extinct like the Mayans. How often over
the past 2 centuries have explorers and scientist ran into strange savage
tribes attempting to communicate with and/and or civilize them. I believe
that's all cavemen were.

Author Dave Crocket (4 years)
To take the cross from the Christian is like blotting the sun out of the
ski We are saved by grace by faith Our Lords blood covers us like a cloud
over u all ur days. Long as u keep ur eye on Him u can not be lost. He died
for me, He represented for me. I am accepted in the beloved by the grace of
God. For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son By the
merits of Christ we are looked upon. If we hold to him by faith we are held
as spotless as His Son

Author BrettFavre107 (2 years)
We don't worship Ellen White. We believe she was a prophet, like a modern
day Daniel. Also, we don't worship the sabbath, we worship ON the sabbath,
as all christians should.

Author Julia Drienyovszky (1 year)
you can say all you wish, but remember me anonymous, when he will be seen
bygreat ans small, and it will be to late for you to repent.May God give
you the light before ti is to late. I would never argue with anyone about
this issue, it is available for all human very clear, only your choice will
determine your destiny.Yes John Anthony,it is evident if you would have
read the entire prophecy you would have the iluminare" in your soul long
time ago.Wish you a timely awakening Amen!!

Author Macc Lokki (4 years)
how possible sunday is the mark of the beast?

Author HarlanLovestone (4 years)
@maicoolfly There is nothing political about it ,the bible is very clear
that Saturday is the sabbath , its even a 10 commandment

Author Dave Crocket (4 years)
Christ became what He was not, so I could become what I am not He was
treated as I deserve so I can be treated as He deserves In my place He
stood sealed me with His blood Barabbas, ur 2nd name & mine, condemned to
death, a very bad man Nothing he could do & Jesus takes his place. Friends
we are Barabbas, Jesus has taken our place He was flogged & by His stripes
our wounds would be healed He was condemned so we could be justified He was
striped so we could be clothed What a savior!

Author MrVolcom65 (1 year)
Well I have a special prayer for you John....

Author Myhopeisinhim (4 years)
If it has anything to do with sunday, you can sure bet that part of the law
will be to worship the false christ in his own name. The day of sunday in
and of itself is not enough and will not cause someone to receive the mark
of the beast. It does not denote rejection of Jesus, for if it did than
anyone, even the disciples by gathering on the first day, and every other
day of the week, would have spent more time rejecting him than accepting

Author imax1971 (3 years)
The fact that anyone believed that this man lived in a cave is sad....
What's really sad is that they also believe that this cave had a previous
occupant that left a bible... This guy is a snake oil salesman....

Author Colten Pilipchuk (4 years)
@FatTonyAU i cant give you a direct answer to an indirect question. if the
bible tell us to worship God on Sabbaths, and no where in the bible does it
say to keep sunday. then i would want to obey my Lord Jesus and worship Him
on the day that he has made for me to worship Him. so your saying, if one
kept the 4th commandment and then decided to permenantley break it would
they be saved? 1John2:4He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his
commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him

Author yovazquez (4 years)
@FatTonyAU Hi there. Once again I ask you this question. Do you expect to
be saved without obeying God? Obeying God included keeping the Sabbath.

Author johnstumph (4 years)
@Jesus4Truth So let us turn the table here...? Do you, "Jesus4Truth", keep
the Perfect Law of God? Yes or No? If no, then you too are a law breaker.
You can not keep only nine of the Law and choose to not keep one. The Law
was in effect at creation. "This is the message you heard from the
beginning: We should love one another. Do not be like cain, who belonged to
the evil one and murdered his brother, and why did he murder him? Becuase
his own actions were evil..." 1 John 3:11

Author PreparetomeetthyGod (4 years)
@FatTonyAU (Part A-1) Do I continue to sin or am I claiming to have
perfectly stopped sinning?? Have you ever read the Bible? No? Well its time
you started & start with the book of Hebrews. Hebrews 7:11 If therefore
PERFECTION were by the Levitical priesthood, (for under it the people
received the law,) what futher need was there that another priest should
rise after the order of Melchizedek & not be called after the the order of

Author AspiringPotato (4 years)

Author Michael Godfrey (3 years)
@imax1971 The Clear Word isn't the SDA Bible. Sure it was written by an
Adventist, but on the front cover it clearly states that it is a
paraphrased version of the bible like the Living Bible or the Message
Bible. We don't even use it in church at all. We use either the NIV or NKJV

Author Dave Crocket (4 years)
When our Lord died as our representative, He took our place. In my place He
stood, sealed me with His blood Justified is the open door to the temple
beautiful He became what He was not, so I could become what I am not. It
is not a matter of who u are, but who's u are, the devils or Christs Sins
of yesterday, today,& tomorrow, I am in Him by faith! I have been crucified
with Him, I have been buried w Him Rom 6:4 I have been raised w him(Col
3:1 Do U believe this? Can I get an Amen

Author HarlanLovestone (4 years)
@BibleJesusChristian You are aware that there have been Sunday Laws in many
states and countries for decades, but they have not been enforced, But
recently there have been moves in Europe to mandate Sunday as an official
worship day with no work or shopping. Also many right wing christian groups
in America are for mandating Sunday Law. This is all fact not fiction,not
1984,or EGW gobbly gook as you might think. I've seen it on PBS news and
read articles online. Our freedoms are slowly eroding.

Author yovazquez (4 years)
@FatTonyAU Hey, Jesus is not gonna say, "You know, even if you did not keep
all my Commandments, I am still gonna save you." And I have never seen any
of your comments include any Bible verses. Read Exodus 20, and after this,
Matthew 5:17-20. Hope this helps!

Author Stephanie Torres (2 years)
Egw is just a prophet we don't worship her like we don't worship Samuel or
Daniel they are just prophets to tell us more of the word of God we don't
worship her get your facts straight or better yet take it up with God he'l
tell u

Author Arjelo Onde (4 years)
very nice message pastor. very inspiring and motivating.. i could relate to
your experiences almost same as mine.. i've been taking drugs and drinking
alcohol for ten year straight.. Thank God He changed me.. And now i'm
waiting for him to use me.. I think it's my turn now to be used by Him..

Author Robert Hill (4 years)
Doug, i am going to have to believe that the anti-christ is from a muslim
not the catholics.

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