The Richest Caveman - The Doug Batchelor Story

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Pastor Doug Batchelor

As a teenager, Doug Batchelor had everything money could buy—everything but happiness. His search led him to drugs, fights, and suicidal fantasies, but he still was convinced that life held no purpose. Before his search ended, a cave in the hills above Palm Springs became his home, and he eventually had to scavenge for food in garbage bins.

The happiness Doug wanted eluded him until the day he began reading the dust-covered Bible a fellow "searcher" had left in his cave. What happened next can only be described as a miracle!

His down-to-earth approach to living the Christian life stems from his own experiences. Pastor Doug is now President and Speaker for Amazing Facts Ministries, an international evangelistic organization incorporated as a denominational television ministry within the North American Division territory.

He is an energetic man of vision and deep spirituality with an unusual ability to communicate not only to church oriented people, but also to the millions of secular-minded people of today.

He is the author of five books and has a wife, Karen, and five children. View Doug Batchelor's testimony! "The Richest Caveman: The Doug Batchelor Story"

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Author VerifyVeracity ( ago)
@40:37 he says; "while 'we' lived up there" (in the cave), I thought he
lived in the cave alone. But interesting story. Although I did skip over
some parts of it because it was kind of long.

Author Racquel Wright (1322 years ago)
One of the most touching & powerful testimonies ever: :)

Author Ralph Libby ( ago)

Author Tolu Olunubi ( ago)
Brethren ... also check this out

Author Troy Story ( ago)
Amazing what The Lord can do in such a miserable an sinful life 

Author YahwehBeliever ( ago)
This is the key to it all.... When I was an SDA CULT member, I was asking
hundreds and hundreds of SDA CULT members I met during my time as an SDA
CULT member, and my time preaching in the SDA CULT, one question:

Are you sure you are going to heaven?

Their answers would prove to me that there is a general consensus and
culture within the SDA CULT to believe that salvation is based on HUMAN
EFFORT and the LAW, because 99% of SDA CULT members I would ask that
question, would shrug their shoulders, tell me they aren't ready yet and
working on it, and make it clear to me that they believe they are not saved
"yet" until they can become better and stop sinning, because 99% of SDA
CULT members do not believe a SINNER who continues to break the Law and 10
Commandments of God that they can be saved RIGHT NOW and TODAY!

If SDA CULT members were to renounce and burn all Ellen's 130 books, and
only start reading the 66 books of Bible, then they would realise and
understand that a SINNER can be saved RIGHT NOW and TODAY!

But as I said, questions like these makes it clear how much influence EGW
rubbish books have made to the SDA CULT, because their answer to questions
such as the following exposes their trust in Ellen and her filthy gospel:

Can you avoid the mark of the beast, inherit the right to enter the gates
of heaven, be accepted by God and saved if you continue sinning, in other
words, continue being a sinner who breaks God's law and 10 Commandments?

Their answer will PROVE beyond ANY DOUBT that they have rejected the gospel
taught in Holy Scripture, and instead trusted in Ellen's demonic gospel
based on human effort!

Author YahwehBeliever ( ago)

Approach your SDA CULT Pastor and the SDA CULT General Conference and tell
them that you believe that Sunday Keeping Christians who don't know better
and who continue to attend Church on Sundays and NOT the Sabbath, EVEN
after the "Sunday Laws" are enforced, will still NOT get the "Sunday Laws"
Mark of the Beast and will still enter the gates of heaven and be saved and
accepted by God and then come back here and tell me what your SDA CULT
Pastor and SDA CULT GC says:)

Author Constance Collier ( ago)
Wow, what a life.

Author YahwehBeliever ( ago)


I will prove EGW/SDA CULT really teaches a false gospel of salvation based
on WORKS, by asking you this:

1. According to EGW, what must a Christian do to be saved, accepted by God
and avoid the coming "Sunday Laws" Mark of the Beast?

2. Can a Christian who has faith in Jesus be saved if they attend Church
Service on Sundays and not Sabbath, according to EGW?

Ask your SDA Pastor and theological professors at SDA university and you
will be SHOCKED by their answers!

Author YahwehBeliever ( ago)
SDA CULT members will sidestep this following question, and/or insult you
when you ask it, run and hide, tremble etc, because they know if they
answer truthfully, their false legalistic gospel is exposed... their answer
contradicts the Bible, and their answer exposes their trust in themselves
and the Law and the Sabbath to save them...they do NOT completely 100%
trust in Jesus to save them, and their answer proves it, IF you are lucky
enough to get them to answer which SDA CULT members usually refuse to do:

According to Ellen G White and the SDA CULT, what must I DO to avoid
getting the "Sunday Laws" Mark of the Beast, to avoid getting the final
plagues, and to be accepted by God and to inherit eternal life in heaven
and to be saved?

Author Ray Kemo'o ( ago)
The Bible say's is in Matthew 7:6 "Not to give what is Holy to the
dogs"because they will only trample over it and turn and rend you. So I
will not explain further, you may ask whatever question which Bible can
give the right answers bro (just like the above question), but since you
will not understand it will be a waste to explain what is Holy. So love you
and goodnight.

Author John Anthony ( ago)
What about if I "prayerfully" study the Vedas, Tripitaka, Dianetics or the
Quaran? Will I understand god reading these holy books as well?

Author Ray Kemo'o ( ago)
John you have are special name, I wonder where you got the name from. Bro
it's only the Holy Spirit that leads us for us to understand the Bible and
what happened in the past. He is the Creator, He created you and me if only
we prayerfully study the Bible with the leading of the Holy Spirit we would

Author John Anthony ( ago)
There have been thousands of gods created in the minds of man throughout
the ages. I'd hate to break it to you but yours is just one of many made up
mythical deities.. Yours is a homicidal tyrant who isn't worthy of praise.
According to the bible, your god murdered children and drowned people to
death. He also commands his people to kill those who "sin". Why would you
worship such a petty tyrant? No doubt because of fear. There is nothing to
love about such a psychopathic killer..

Author John Anthony ( ago)
Julia, you are delusional. The bible is complete bullshit. Christianity is
bullshit.. Save your stupid little christian threats for someone who
actually believes your nonsense... Heaven and hell are man made myths.. I
hate to break it to you but you won't be going anywhere after you die.
There is no eternal reward, Julia. Humans have a propensity to create gods.
You deny 99.9% of all gods and religions invented by man throughout
history. Your god isn't real either, friend. Sorry..

Author John Anthony ( ago)
Which god will you be praying to for me? There are so many... Man has
created thousands of gods to worship throughout the ages. Humans have a
propensity to create gods and build religions around said gods. You deny
99.9% of all these gods and religions.. Why do you think yours is real?? A
modern society doesn't need to create gods. Science can answer many of the
questions humans didn't have the answer to 5000 years ago.. You do realize
that your religion is 5000 year old nonsense, right?

Author Julia D. ( ago)
you can say all you wish, but remember me anonymous, when he will be seen
bygreat ans small, and it will be to late for you to repent.May God give
you the light before ti is to late. I would never argue with anyone about
this issue, it is available for all human very clear, only your choice will
determine your destiny.Yes John Anthony,it is evident if you would have
read the entire prophecy you would have the iluminare" in your soul long
time ago.Wish you a timely awakening Amen!! 

Author Kurt Bucher ( ago)
GOD is good and GOD is love .... IF not we already all burned and melted
away forever and ever ,,,,,, 

Author John Anthony ( ago)
The God of the Abrahamic Bible is a petty tyrant. The "holy" Bible is
filled with immoral, homicidal and psychotic nonsense.. It's a collection
of scribblings by anonymous bronze age men who had no understanding of what
preceded them. It was inspired by nothing but the human mind of the time..
The thought patterns of bronze age men have no significance in modern
society.. The sabbath is man made nonsense, friend.. 

Author John Anthony ( ago)
And what is going to happen to those that don't "worship on the sabbath"?

Author andrea mcintyre ( ago)
Why is there an argument about the Sabbath? God said to keep it..Jesus kept
it...the disciples kept it, the gentiles kept it..God sanctified it before
the Jews were even a's in the eternal 10 commandments...God
didnt' state He changed it. God is so wise! He did say Remember before this
particular commandment. If we really want to do what is right research
rather than arguing our traditions on here.

Author andrea mcintyre ( ago)
@marva reynolds..Saturday is not about a day it's about obedience. God asks
us to worhsip EVERYDAY but asked us to observe the Sabbath in His 10
commandments. Bondage is what we are in when we are slaves to our own
desires. I always wonder why no one questions adultery or killing which are
in the same 10 commandments as the Sabbath? Why doesnt anyone say that not
being able to kill is bondage? It's in the same 10.Love God = commandments
1-4, Love man = 5-10 this is the fufilment of the law.

Author Sylvina Hinds ( ago)
Love this story! 

Author suthbiker 55 ( ago)
What a blessing this was. Thank you for posting

Author inbyhisgrace ( ago)
Do you have to build this "path/relationship" or did Jesus already build
it?...the faith is what produces the works, not vice versa! Holy Spirit is
who produces the "work/s"...the works comes only by resting, never ever by
striving :)

Author joe d rooter ( ago)
@Josephine Merlan the forbidden tree contained the knowledge of good and
evil. And the tree of life contained the knowledge of Christ. Simply
focusing on the "good" is still focusing on the forbidden. Contrary to
modern religion, Jesus didn't come to make bad people good but to give dead
people life. I know many atheist that actually live very very moral lives,
yet are still dead!

Author Josephine Merlan ( ago)
because that's how we get on the path and build a relationship with our
Lord, Jesus. I want to be saved because I learned to love Jesus during my
life, and not just want to claim my prize when Jesus comes. I don't want to
be told, "Depart from me for I don't know you." Knowiing him is to love

Author Josephine Merlan ( ago)
May I say that you have a lot to learn. Get on the path. Get a light to
find your way and a lot of prayers in your pockets. Often, salvation comes
with maturity. Once you reach Jesus, he'll take your hand and pilot your
way. You sound like you have your info kind of twisted. Ask God.

Author Rolando Quijada ( ago)
get over it. He is preaching straight out of the bible. 

Author l337pwnage ( ago)
Growing up wealthy is psychologically more difficult than not. People
aren't hard wired for that.

Author BrettFavre107 ( ago)
We don't worship Ellen White. We believe she was a prophet, like a modern
day Daniel. Also, we don't worship the sabbath, we worship ON the sabbath,
as all christians should.

Author Stephanie Torres ( ago)
Egw is just a prophet we don't worship her like we don't worship Samuel or
Daniel they are just prophets to tell us more of the word of God we don't
worship her get your facts straight or better yet take it up with God he'l
tell u

Author sandra ochoa ( ago)
Brain washing going on and on and on!

Author sandra ochoa ( ago)
catholics worship mary, charismatics worship speaking in tongues,
televangelist worship money , and sda worship ellen and sabbath! thats all
that comes out of their mouth, jesus christ came to free us , and religion
is here to enslave us !

Author sandra ochoa ( ago)
laws+ bondage= kabblah= illuminati= ellen g white= lies! pharisees talking
lies !

Author inbyhisgrace ( ago)
although many have eaten freely, once again, from the "tree of life". Why
do so many still insist on feeding from that "forbidden tree" of the law
and works?

Author DerrenBrown100 ( ago)
You have an imaginary friend.

Author Marva Reynolds ( ago)
Hi..was unable to reply back using the email. it came back to me..I know
many believe that going to a building is the best thing to do: however when
Jesus reprimanded the Pharisees for this very thing, He was letting them
know that I am the fulfilling of the Law...The day we congregate is not
nearly as important as the fact that we do. We must remember that Jesus
said I am the Lord of the Sabbath...if we look at His life did he only meet
with people willing to following Him on Saturdays? 

Author Marva Reynolds (10 years ago)
Jesus said He is Lord of the Sabbath! So any day that I worship is sabbath
when I am doing it unto Christ. No Bondage!

Author Marva Reynolds (132 years ago)
The video testimony is great. after the part of you being on the road and
getting picked up by a christian..the video starts loading and it loaded
for almost an hour and still nothing...but the rest is great.

Author MaranathaAgain ( ago)
@imax1971 "An SDA member comparing Ellen to Jesus Christ.." You seem to
have a penchant for twisting words around. "By their fruits you shall know
them." You certainly show yours. So as to clarify; I do not compare Ellen
White, nor anyone else, for that matter, to Christ. Secondly, while Christ
is soon to return, you would do well to focus on that fact and stop trying
to discredit the means by which God has chosen to reveal himself, whether
you believe or not. Have a good day. 

Author imax1971 ( ago)
@MaranathaAgain Typical... An SDA member comparing Ellen to Jesus Christ..
Quick question. Is Jesus Christ the prime focus of your faith? 

Author michael oxley ( ago)
watch my testimony, just search michael oxley to find out how Jesus took me
from drugs, gambling and living on the streets to being baptized into the
Seventh-Day Adventist church. praise God

Author pluto15xyz ( ago)
Mukorowari Imax1971 Fellow Christians, test the spirit of this pastor, thru
his words!!! Research & even find fault if you like... If its necessary to
satisfy yourselves... Post it here... I will be waiting for it. This pastor
is also challenging you to test or compare DEEPER your belief system to
his.... Matthew 13:3-17.... It's a parable from Jesus... Know where do you
STAND.... Godbless. Amen

Author Lucian Dumitrescu ( ago)
@MaranathaAgain , DOUGH is briliant.

Author Lucian Dumitrescu ( ago)
Dough keep ON for I SHALL KEEP YOU.

Author MaranathaAgain ( ago)
Also, IMAX, she clearly states that she did not quote the original author
for the sole reason that she wanted the reader to stay focused on the
content and not the author. Let me, also, draw your attention to the fact
that Christ, when preaching, quoted many an Old Testament writer without
giving credit to the author. Does this make Him a plagarist, too? Not at

Author MaranathaAgain ( ago)
Yes, she did and she did not hide this fact. She clearly, and so do the
publishers of her work, state that she took information from other authors
of her time and used their material to clarify or highlight what she was
trying to convey. This was very common in her day and she was not the only
one who did this. As stated before, copyright laws were not in effect in
her day so she did not, in the legal sense plagiarize anything. 

Author imax1971 ( ago)
@MaranathaAgain Your response validates my point.. You just admitted that
she quoted the writings of other authors... 

Author MaranathaAgain ( ago)
@imax1971 White was neither a plagiarist nor lunatic. It was customary
during her time to quote other writers material without giving credit to
the original author. This was common practice and is easily verified by
doing a bit of historical research into what was customary during her day.
Also, copyright laws were not in effect at that time. Her physical state
during those visions were well recorded by many a prominent physician.
Again, a bit of historical research will dispel any doubt.

Author DD Antonio ( ago)
This was a very good story, my mum and daughter told me about it and I
finally was able to see and hear it.

Author Michael Godfrey ( ago)
@imax1971 Apology accepted. Thanks man. I really appreciate that. May Jesus
and His Word be our highest authority!

Author imax1971 ( ago)
@heatherngreg How so? 

Author imax1971 ( ago)
@GamerDude573 Hey listen. I apologize for being mean. I hope you accept my
apology. We believe what we believe. Although our religions have
differences, we both agree that Jesus is our savior. I wish you the best.

Author YahwehBeliever ( ago)
ATTENTION SDA MEMBERS: According to Ellen G White and SDA, does a person
have to keep the Law and 10 Commandments to avoid getting the Mark of the
Beast and to avoid getting the final plagues and to inherit eternal life
and to be accepted by God and saved? If no, then does that mean a person
who breaks the Law and 10 Commandments can avoid getting the Mark of the
Beast and can still be saved? If no, then do you admit that you are lost
until the day you can perfectly keep the 10 Commandments?

Author Michael Godfrey ( ago)
@imax1971 Sorry, I forgot to address that part. All I'm going to say is
that you should judge someone based on the bible not based on what other
people have said about them. People can be biased, but the bible is never
biased. I rarely use The Clear Word. It's supposed to be used as a
devotional bible; we never use it in church - we use the NKJV or NIV
usually. Do you have a problem with using the living/message bible etc.? We
never use TCW as a substitute to the other versions.

Author imax1971 ( ago)
@GamerDude573 I said the founder of your religion was a lunatic and
plagiarist... Funny how you didn't respond to that... As far as the Clear
Word Bible is concerned, you have no problem with a paraphrased version of
the Holy Bible??? Are you kidding me???

Author Michael Godfrey ( ago)
@imax1971 This was done in the middle or his prophecy series. He had an
audience way before he said all of that stuff. I don't find it that hard to
believe his story. You'd only have trouble believing it if you had an
initial bias towards the man or his denomination.

Author Michael Godfrey ( ago)
@imax1971 The Clear Word isn't the SDA Bible. Sure it was written by an
Adventist, but on the front cover it clearly states that it is a
paraphrased version of the bible like the Living Bible or the Message
Bible. We don't even use it in church at all. We use either the NIV or NKJV

Author imax1971 ( ago)
@GamerDude573 The SDA published "their" version of the bible called the
"Clear word Bible".... It is as phony as Batchelor is... Sorry, he is a
snake oil salesmen.... The SDA was founded by a Plagiarist and a lunatic,
Ellen White.... The fact that you believe this man lived in a cave where he
found a Bible is pretty sad.. Pathetic, actually...

Author Michael Godfrey ( ago)
@imax1971 You don't think he's telling the truth? If you watch the whole
thing it shows pictures of him outside his cave and I think it has some of
inside it...not sure but I think it does. This is a very touching
testimony. Doesn't matter if you believe what the guy teaches of not. This
isn't about that. This is talking about how the grace of Jesus changed his
life so why can't we all say Amen? The guy isn't a snake oil salesman, he's
a spirit-filled preacher.

Author imax1971 (264 years ago)
The fact that anyone believed that this man lived in a cave is sad....
What's really sad is that they also believe that this cave had a previous
occupant that left a bible... This guy is a snake oil salesman....

Author GodzzzSon ( ago)
Beautiful story Doug. The Lord is coming soon my people, prepare your
hearts and souls today!

Author PlantiPal ( ago)
Claims can be made to defend or condemn Doug's words. But one thing you
cannot deny is his personal encounter with the Lord. My experience was
similar and like him I can attest that the Lord is real and that He pleads
with us to come to Him for freedom from the sin that ensnares us. Don't
over estimate the power of your mind and its rationality, remember that
Lucifer was created intellectually superior to the brightest of us and his
thoughts still led him astray. Trust God and His proven Word.

Author Serafinos ( ago)
@Serafinos (continued) The Pope changed the law, as signed by another 'man'
Constantine. The Bible says that not one jot or tittle will pass from the
Law until it is all fulfilled. Much rather follow the finger of God in
stone than MAN's law. No? :)

Author Serafinos ( ago)
@FatTonyAU... (Rev 22:14 KJV) Blessed are they that do his commandments,
that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the
gates into the city. Pretty simple. It would mean Gods 10 Commandments &
not the 10 which the first commandment was totally removed; 2nd split into
1st & 2nd; and 4th cut down from Remember the 7th day to keep it holy...
etc -- downsized only to read "Remember the Lords Day". In Daniel it warns
"They think they can change the times & the Laws"

Author Serafinos ( ago)
@FatTonyAU Will answer my understanding of it... if that helps. I am not
ONCE SAVED ALWAYS SAVED! I cannot wake up one day, have a hallelujah
moment, walk out the door "saved" and run down to local sin-dens and live a
party life like there's no tomorrow & expect to be walking the path God
planned. NO. Am I Baptised? Yes! Does that mean a free ticket to heaven?
NO! Am I striving everyday to follow Christs example? Yes! Am I forgiven
for faultering along the way? YES! (running out of space)

Author Serafinos ( ago)
@jing031378 Have you read the book? We read it 7 times. Still enjoy going
over some of his experiences. His story is very inspirational & encouraging
for those, like us, that strayed... but were found again! :D 

Author Serafinos ( ago)
@BibleJesusChristian You didn't ask if he was a sinner. You asked if he
'kept' the 10 Commandments. Quite haughty for a professed
BibleJesusChristian. The 'gotchya' questions; demonizing; hatefullness,
misleading, misquoting & then attempting to judge via a few pixels here &
there. I believe in the 10 ORIGINAL Commandments and ATTEMPT to keep them,
however, fall short, often. Do you keep the original 10 or Constantines 10?

Author Serafinos ( ago)
@Mr28chance Agree! Nice meeting you. Christ has had His hands full with me
thru life. Dougs abillity to bring scripture to life & understanding was
none other than God sent. So grateful he serves the Lord during my
lifetime. :) 

Author Serafinos ( ago)
@FatTonyAU Scripture teaches that we study the Bible precept upon precept &
scripture upon scripture. "Come, let us REASON together." Come before Him
with humbled & contrite hearts seeking TRUTH... not to put others down.
Several posts appear to have attempted in answering your questions... but
also request studying further, on your own, from the Word, in order to
allow truth spoken from scripture to bear it's own Witness. It's the only
way my husband & I study, including along side EGW.

Author Serafinos ( ago)
@BibleJesusChristian Please, provide a link to the video in Pastor
Batchelors own words. I've listened to majority of his videos; most of his
Sabbath School classes, every week; and read many of his books. What you
claim is either taken out of context &/or completely misquoted. You remind
me of a very angry Baptist minister, here, that thrives on arguing the
Bible & hating any Christian of other faiths. Sad!

Author Serafinos ( ago)
@PreparetomeetthyGod God doesn't forgive an "intentional" sin? Then why
should anyone bother to be "reborn again" and go to Him as little children?
Was the thief on the cross saved... as Christ told him He was surely
forgiven & would be in heaven? Did the thief not intentionally steal? The
God we read of in scripture, as He shows especially thru David & Paul -- is
a loving God. Turn from our wicked ways (intentional or unintentional) ...
and follow Me! What GREAT HOPE & amazing promise! :)

Author Serafinos ( ago)
@johnstumph Amen! 

Author Serafinos ( ago)
@BibleJesusChristian No cult -- as proven by my former Baptist Minister
husband - for whom has witnessed first hand, due to his own questioning
from what he was "taught" at Temple... that SDA were a cult. He has found
the direct opposite. The Waco bunch were a cult... and believed opposite of
most of our teachings... with additional false teachings. 2nd - In no way
would I judge you... but your own words of misinformation & false
accusations you seem to enjoy spreading. Why are you so angry? 

Author Serafinos ( ago)
@FatTonyAU Please share a reference book/page/paragraph which you find EGW
teaching that a "person must become sinless before the can invite Jesus
into their hearts." Considering the fact -- she fully teaches, as scripture
teaches... come as you are... sinful, broken & down trodden. She never
wrote nor believed those attending church on Sundays are lost. Perhaps
actually reading her material would help. Praying for your anger. 

Author Serafinos ( ago)
@Mr28chance LOL My hubby tried that route - Sunday vs Sabbath... when asked
to show any scripture that proved GOD threw out the 10 Commandments,
especially the 4th, but including the 1st, which was totally removed by
Papacy .... he came up with the one he was taught in Theology class at
Temple Univ. Where the Disciples went to visit someone on Sunday.
Otherwise, he found none. Now baptized SDA... but does struggle with
Daniel/Revelation... but don't we all.:) He truly enjoys Doug Batchelors

Author Serafinos ( ago)
@Mr28chance AMEN! 

Author Serafinos ( ago)
@BibleJesusChristian Bottom line -- each individual is judged by God & God
alone. He judges each of our hearts and by the KNOWLEDGE each has acquired.
A new believer is not less a Christian, nor less likely to be saved than a
biblical scholar. Why do you hate, so much? 

Author AspiringPotato ( ago)
@HarlanLovestone So what you are saying is that you make up your own
theories without consulting anthropologists, archeologists, or any other
scientists, because you are desperate to believe that the world is 6000
years old?

Author HarlanLovestone ( ago)
@AspiringPotato My theory on cavemen is that they were mentally ill or
deformed and cast out by normal society or a primitive tribe of people who
lived among themselves and became extinct like the Mayans. How often over
the past 2 centuries have explorers and scientist ran into strange savage
tribes attempting to communicate with and/and or civilize them. I believe
that's all cavemen were.

Author HarlanLovestone ( ago)
Not everyone in the SDA church will be saved if that's what you are
implying. But I believe Jesus is going to save his people and anoint them
with wisdom so they come to realize sunday is the man made day, not God's
weekly Sabbath day. 

Author HarlanLovestone ( ago)
To answer your question further i believe Christian who are sincere and
worship on Sunday may be saved if they don't know better. But I'd rather be
on the safe side and worship on Saturday cause it is truly the Lord's day.
Faith and Grace don't erase the Law. If your speeding on a highway and a
cop stops you but doesnt give you a ticket that's what grace is like. But
it doesn't mean the law has changed and you can keep going 90 miles an

Author HarlanLovestone ( ago)
@BibleJesusChristian You are aware that there have been Sunday Laws in many
states and countries for decades, but they have not been enforced, But
recently there have been moves in Europe to mandate Sunday as an official
worship day with no work or shopping. Also many right wing christian groups
in America are for mandating Sunday Law. This is all fact not fiction,not
1984,or EGW gobbly gook as you might think. I've seen it on PBS news and
read articles online. Our freedoms are slowly eroding.

Author HarlanLovestone ( ago)
@Mr28chance God judges people based on what they know. If you know that
Saturday is the sabbath but still choose to worship on Sunday that does not
please God. 

Author HarlanLovestone ( ago)
@HarlanLovestone Satan does not have to burn for every person he can get to
die in sin. They will burn for those sin and satan does not have to suffer
for them, but satan has to burn for every saint that repents and chooses

Author HarlanLovestone ( ago)
@BibleJesusChristian EG White is a religious writer. She is not the bible.
However i have never heard her contradict the bible. She is simply saying
that Because Jesus dies for our sins his blood cleanses us and makes us
pure from all sins. And that those sins of the saints are gong to be
attributed to Satan and he will be destroyed by Christ. How is that
blasphemy??? It follows the same history and archetype Jesus is the
innocent lamb and Satan is the goat! 

Author HarlanLovestone ( ago)
@maicoolfly There is nothing political about it ,the bible is very clear
that Saturday is the sabbath , its even a 10 commandment

Author Macc Lokki ( ago)
how possible sunday is the mark of the beast?

Author Macc Lokki ( ago)
@bigblueunited9 if you have faith their is hope...former SDA i still
respect them...but i dont like their teaching anymore....their will be a
time you will see what SDA is really is....

Author Macc Lokki ( ago)
@bigblueunited9 you wont be blind as long you have faith....dont depend
from other thoughts....who is right or is really
disappointing...religion can make you astray 

Author Macc Lokki ( ago)
each religion has been attacked by pastor dough even jews. 

Author Macc Lokki ( ago)
i dont go to church on sunday or saturday,their will be the day their will
be no tommor sunday nor saturday...same to religion as well all i have is
Christ wont live me....he know how politic like religion is...

Author Macc Lokki ( ago)
i need to watch david and batsheba, adultery and after....please post
it,,and you will see SDA is misleading you... 

Author Macc Lokki ( ago)
you know what the number one selling magazines are in north america,is not
the the supermarket tabloid magazines...hahahaha dough is
misleading you..shut up dough you even read those things.. 

Author Dave Crocket ( ago)
To take the cross from the Christian is like blotting the sun out of the
ski We are saved by grace by faith Our Lords blood covers us like a cloud
over u all ur days. Long as u keep ur eye on Him u can not be lost. He died
for me, He represented for me. I am accepted in the beloved by the grace of
God. For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son By the
merits of Christ we are looked upon. If we hold to him by faith we are held
as spotless as His Son 

Author Dave Crocket ( ago)
We all have fallen short of the glory of God, for there is 1 that God gave
all power & authority to, 1 that is glorified Christ died out side of us,
it is reckoned! Our salvation is in Heaven. That is why we can not loose
it! As long 1 keeps his eye on Christ Our Lord, our God, our King came to
serve us, died 4 us, so we could have life ALL GLORY TO OUR LORD! Christ is
what love is We are not good enough to wash His feet, yet He washed ours! 

Author Dave Crocket ( ago)
Christ became what He was not, so I could become what I am not He was
treated as I deserve so I can be treated as He deserves In my place He
stood sealed me with His blood Barabbas, ur 2nd name & mine, condemned to
death, a very bad man Nothing he could do & Jesus takes his place. Friends
we are Barabbas, Jesus has taken our place He was flogged & by His stripes
our wounds would be healed He was condemned so we could be justified He was
striped so we could be clothed What a savior! 

Author SphincterMan Bubba ( ago)
Who cares?

Author AspiringPotato ( ago)

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