Free microsoft points NO SURVEY or Download

Ok guys how to get free ms points

2.thumbs up
3.add jakarta840 on live
4.send me a live message saying that u came from youtube
5. Ill tell u how in a voice message how to get it. survey or download get up to 10,000 ms points but pleaae dont use to many
or you can

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Author Jennifer Galindo ( ago)
Hey people, the video is outdated. Method above no longer works! After
tried everything, this site is the only one that worked!
You guys should try it!!

Author moneymancoolpro gamer300 ( ago)
OK my gamer tag is moneymancoolpro

Author MattSutherland ( ago)
Free Xbox Live and Microsoft Points Codes go to this website and get them
*XblMsPointsCodes. co m*
Yes! I got 2000 points from there, without account registration!!

Author K405 GAMING ( ago)
K405 SNOOP DOG is my gamertag

Author Ellie Waller ( ago)

Yes im a girl so wa

Author ben clark ( ago)
can u please send me a code for 4200 microsoft points my gamertag is

Author ethan major ( ago)
Friend better. 68

Author ethan major ( ago)
Add me as your better 68

Author gmapodaca ( ago)
Send me a friend request DYNO6 PLZ

Author gmapodaca ( ago)
Lambo 1 2 3

Author Phenomenal Gamer ( ago)
Lamberghuni 123

Author Aaron Orman ( ago)
Jeremi lnTheRaces i cal bullshit i need a site without a survey or offers

Author Phenomenal Gamer ( ago)

Author OriginalKotomik ( ago)

Author Nick Tompkins ( ago)
Or you can suck my ass

Author Eli Garner ( ago)
Hey I'm bored text me at 770-670-1416
Girls only 

Author ScopeZ PlayZ ( ago)
the xbpointcodes does not work!!!!!!!!!

Author Jacqueline Farris ( ago)
Hey i found this real site!
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Author Martha W. Long ( ago)
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Author Pr0Min3Cr4ft3r ( ago)
Marie Clark your retaded it has a survay proably

Author Sage England ( ago)
I want a 15$ code plz

Author David Duffy ( ago)
need 12 month card for xbox live and 1`500 point card

Author FABZ XD ( ago)
or add me on xbox priestlyjaguar7

Author FABZ XD ( ago)
not just had to do to see if i do

Author Matthew Watts ( ago)
Dose it still work in 2014

Author Sony Trinitron ( ago)
sheesh they need to seriously clear up the comments on this video

Author Moustafa Abdelaal ( ago)
Your friends list is full

Author Eufemia Minks ( ago)
Chris was stressed and hard to obtain together with

Author SOD Mist ( ago)
WOW scam!!

Author yolanda Mira ( ago)

Author Jeremi lnTheRaces ( ago)
That method is outdated. Its for 2011... Not working anymore as we can see.
But you can take working Free Microsoft Points at this site:
Thank me only after you get your code...

Author Llon FIocks ( ago)
That method is old and not working anymore....
But you can take working Free Microsoft Points at this site:
Thank me only after you get the code...

Author lila oac ( ago)

Author Kharon Davis ( ago)
please show me how!!!

Author Keanen Peñaloza Donoso ( ago)
WOW!!! I just got a free Xbox live codes at

Author diana maria ( ago)
However I get Free 12 months Xbox Live Gold here

Author lila oac ( ago)
The? glitch is patched! No longer works!
But this site gives 12 months Free Xbox Live Gold here

Author Pika Boss ( ago)
this link is FREE and completely LEGAL to get free xbox live!! NO VIRUSES!
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