What's up with RIDLEY? - Alien Covenant Review

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  • Phase5
    Phase5 7 hours ago

    So human beings indirectly created the ALIEN by way through a man made robot.... I thought the original film was called
    ALIEN. Lmfao! Give up Ridley...stop making it worse you clueless old pseudo intellectual prick.

  • James Conkey
    James Conkey 1 day ago

    After seeing these Ridley Scott interviews...ALL my questions about why this movie sucked maximum ass have been answered. All of them. Thank you!

  • Nyran Stanton
    Nyran Stanton 1 day ago

    Its actually destroyed, everything I loved about the original alien, I thought when I first watched it, but that pilot of the alien ship that looks like a Trilobite, the Trilobite is where the artist got all the alien designs and ideas from, the first creature to exist or something, that we supposedly evolved from, is IN the original Alien, so, maybe this was where he wanted it to go all along? or maybe when he saw Jurassic Park, and the little mosquito idea, he decided hed go that way with it and have aliens created in a lab, maybe it was his idea all along to do that. I THOUGHT, the original Alien, was a perfect species of survival, that had nothing to do with humans at all. They might have to reboot, scrub, the whole franchise and literally start it all over again, same goes with Alien vs Predator :(....oh sorry he explained it at 1:18 , Prometheus is very successful...ok, that's why he went that way. :( The real sad part about this movie..................its made me not care about Alien anymore , i think ill stick with Alien 1 and 2 and DITCH all the rest.

  • Mahonski101
    Mahonski101 1 day ago

    This the best review of Covenant so far.  Biggest movie disappointment of the year.  No one wants the Alien to be created by a dodgy android with a god complex.  I was happy with the Alien just being the Alien.  A scary, ancient, unexplained nightmare that came from the deepest, darkest parts of space that no one in their right mind would ever want to travel to.  Stay off the loony juice Ridley and fix this mess.

  • Tom Truett
    Tom Truett 4 days ago

    Covenant basically took the plot of a b movie where the newlywed couple has an auto accident during a storm, seeks shelter at a spooky mansion, meets their mysterious host, who, as it turns out, has nefarious plans for them. Variations range from "The Most Dangerous Game" to "The Rocky Horror Picture Show".

  • MMODoubter
    MMODoubter 4 days ago

    Who better? JAMES FUCKING CAMERON! That's who.

  • Nigel Farage
    Nigel Farage 4 days ago

    Been waiting so long this film, now I want to commit suicide! I liked Prometheus apart from the shitty characters.

  • Teufelhund Odinic Rite

    "Face rapes Jesus" ROFL...

  • Hanging Glider
    Hanging Glider 5 days ago

    Lmfao You funny Cunt!! I love my COuntrymen!! The real ones that is!

  • Resident Jason
    Resident Jason 6 days ago

    Nothing is up with him. He hates the fact he was forced to put xenomorphs in his David movie, as backed up by his previous comments. So he's trying to ruin the franchise.

  • Happy SpaceInvader
    Happy SpaceInvader 6 days ago

    Only true sequels to the original Alien are... Alien: Isolation and Aliens (in that order, actually).

    Everything else, including the prequels, can go to hell.

  • Happy SpaceInvader
    Happy SpaceInvader 6 days ago

    Unintentionally hilarious moment: man exuding blood from every orifice is brought back to a ship's med bay, whereupon a supposed doctor comes in protected only by RUBBER GLOVES! No mouth or eye protection. And when the guy inevitably splatters blood in her face and eyes... does she even go to wash that crap off? Of course not!

  • B A
    B A 6 days ago

    *You Sir are a God send for Movie reviews*

  • Yatsura2
    Yatsura2 9 days ago

    Videos like these are the reason why the kids nowadays cant understand, let alone aknowledge satire when it slaps their faces.

  • Aza Mam
    Aza Mam 9 days ago

    Ridley got lucky with alien 1 and you worshipped him , he's mediocre peeps.

  • King Vegeta
    King Vegeta 10 days ago

    Ripley Scott you suck Ass

  • King Vegeta
    King Vegeta 10 days ago

    It was bullshit

  • Marc Bell
    Marc Bell 11 days ago

    This is one reason people aren't going to movies as much. Why was the low budget original the best? A: Smart people wrote the script.

  • Killer0fTheSun
    Killer0fTheSun 11 days ago

    Uwe Boll > Ridley Scott

  • Will Nitschke
    Will Nitschke 12 days ago

    Ridley Scott is fucking useless. He pisses all over the cannon, fucked up the mystery of the origins of the Xenomorph, and his characters continually do completely moronic things to get from point a in the plot to point b in the plot. Audience must continually turn its brain off.

  • seva809
    seva809 12 days ago

    6:19 Xenoborgs?

  • Trill Gates
    Trill Gates 13 days ago

    But I don't give a fuck about David. Explain the fucking Engineers. Explain the fucking previous movie.

  • Gate
    Gate 13 days ago

    Poor Scott, he looks so tired xD

  • vonVince
    vonVince 14 days ago

    The biggest problem is that Scott is so set up on making these movies as philosophical treatises (there's all that what is God/creator etc etc) as opposed to just good Alien films (like the first one; a horror movie) that the plot becomes so muddled with all this philosophy and becomes very inconsistent.

  • Fleshy91
    Fleshy91 14 days ago

    It's time to start referring to Ridley Scott as "Ridley Twat."

  • vanglor1144
    vanglor1144 15 days ago

    I wasted 2 hrs of my life watching this trash.

  • CBU 2029
    CBU 2029 16 days ago

    faithful sequel to prometheus? i don't think so. most of what made prometheus interesting is missing from covenant. in that case most of what could have made covenant a good film is missing because crybabys and the studio wanted more alien an less prometheus in it. now we have this abomination of a film nobody likes. :(

  • darren676767
    darren676767 16 days ago

    parts of this review were hilarious. I probably won't bother with the movie, but I am glad it was made just so this review could be the result.

  • WinMore
    WinMore 16 days ago

    RIP Ridley Scott.

  • Pedjo Gt
    Pedjo Gt 16 days ago

    All my life i am big fan of alien...but i didnt see Covenant and i dont want to see him at all....especially after prometheus dissapoinment

  • olavjonas
    olavjonas 16 days ago

    Mr Scott is 80 years old. He is not drunk, just tired ass balls having to do interviews and directing movies when other people his age are busy dying

  • TrenchCoatHans1945
    TrenchCoatHans1945 16 days ago

    Crucify me, but I like the story.

  • Future 7
    Future 7 17 days ago

    HR Giger made the Alien and the Mythology, and LV426, and the Alien ship, and the chestbuster, and the facehugger, and the eggs, and the pilot. No one understands it like Giger did.
    Without him & his influence they have moved further & further away from his original concept which was the first original movie.

  • thtkidfrmvab
    thtkidfrmvab 17 days ago

    Prometheus > Covenant

  • 7thSmurf
    7thSmurf 17 days ago

    lol Jesus got face raped !! .. muahhaha

  • Captain Crunch
    Captain Crunch 17 days ago

    Ridley has lost his touch if ever had any gift at story telling. he got lucky and had a magic team for A1. this shit is all about robots and pretentious trite stupid elitist dialogue that just ruins the film. covvy is such a turd in raises Prometheus to a masterwork. the box office has spoken to the fans who hate us the detractors! it's a flop, accept and don't blame "bugs & guns" fans. fuck you Ridley, hand over the keys.

  • Bryan Manning
    Bryan Manning 18 days ago

    The frustrating thing to me is that going into both Prometheus and Covenant without ties to the Alien franchise i think would have made them fuller more fulfilling experiences.There is enough good science fiction and thought provoking stuff in both that if fully fleshed out and focused on fully without having to shoehorn in Xenomorph shit they could have been very good movies on their own.

    Ridley Scott should have done these films on their own merits and the next Alien movie should have been Neil Blomkemp's Alien except instead of live action use a full on CGI thing with the IG actors reprising their roles retconning everything past Aliens.

  • Sinestro Corps
    Sinestro Corps 18 days ago

    Blade Runner Covenant

  • Kent Wong
    Kent Wong 18 days ago


  • RenegadeExpressBF52
    RenegadeExpressBF52 18 days ago

    Prometheus was a good movie I wish fanboys would just let the Ripley, Newt and Hicks characters go. That was 31 years ago get over it. Prometheus should have got the sequel it deserved had the fanboys not complained about Prometheus, which is a better movie than Covenant.

  • Paul Martinez
    Paul Martinez 19 days ago

    Yup. That's pretty much it, they took the greatest straight-forward sci-fi horror, and made Babylon 5.

  • Chrisindapurplehouse

    He sort of did and he didn't. He crossbred the trilobites with neomorphs (they facehugged them). Out of the neomorphs burst proto-queens, they gave birth to the eggs and some of the eggs contain queen facehuggers. So, xenomorphs pop up and queens give birth to more eggs whenever a human or another sentient creature comes to the planets they're on. He's responsible for this, but also deacon xenomorphs are created when the trilobites facehug humanoids and they look very similar to the final xenomorph form, so he didn't really have to cannibalise the species. It's possible that he introduced cybernetic enhancements at some stage in the process, but the black goo is probably a form nanotechnology, so maybe not.

  • fireflyry
    fireflyry 19 days ago

    Ridley suffers from a huge case of hubris without recent merit. Gladiator was 17 years ago, Alien 38 years. Outside those two trump cards there is not much to look at outside relatively mediocre success. It's George Lucas syndrome. He needs to gtfo of the IP and franchise as a producer and just direct but I doubt his ego and attitude would let him. Most will write off these prequels and long term pretend they never existed. Long story short he's flogging a dead horse....and doing a shit job of it.

  • Watching !
    Watching ! 20 days ago

    This movie was not good. It actually was pretty bad.

  • azor ahai
    azor ahai 20 days ago

    Blonsky movie of Alien 5 would have been way better than these two prequel but no they canceled it so they can give us Covenant the Andrew that creating a xenomorph Android the whole trilogy are based on a fucking Android

  • azor ahai
    azor ahai 20 days ago

    Ridley Scott and George Lucas should be called the prequel killers

  • azor ahai
    azor ahai 20 days ago

    absolutely agree with you one hundred percent the fact that David Michael Fassbender because he's probably the highest paid actor he's popular is not the creation of the xenomorph garbage the engineers or the space jockeys should have been the creation this whole movie should be based on the space jockeys because this is why these movies are happening now we should just call these prequels David the Android

  • asiq1987
    asiq1987 20 days ago

    Alien Covenant 4 OUT OF 10

  • Paolo murphy
    Paolo murphy 20 days ago

    after this movies shit box office I think this old fool is done making alien movies

  • Paolo murphy
    Paolo murphy 20 days ago

    and if the answers to all the questions are stupid and male no sense don't give us these answers.

  • Paolo murphy
    Paolo murphy 20 days ago

    what a stupid fucking movie I was really excited about this one. saw it yesterday basically same shit a the last movie. people doing stupid shit for no reason, and if your going on a dangerous trip across space to set up your new world, wouldn't  you bring more then five soldier/security type people maybe a platoon of thirty soldiers would be a good idea

  • Rodger B
    Rodger B 20 days ago

    It really sucked. Bad writing stupid writing bad script bad science. frustrating telegraphing. I new 10 to 30 minutes ahead of time. pretty buy was a bad story badly written.The ship was bad science.The command desertions where really stupid.The premise is less realistically possible then a bad acid trip about buggy bunny and Jessica rabbit. Yes the acting was good. Yes it was pretty. Its an F don't watch. Lost in Space was better.

  • Ruy C. T.
    Ruy C. T. 20 days ago

    Now i understand the explanation for all the dilemmas of the Alien series. Especially these last movies. Ridley Scott loves Jack Daniels.

  • K. CHAN
    K. CHAN 21 day ago

    Next movie is Kenny powers vs Alien.

  • sweetvegan74
    sweetvegan74 21 day ago

    "...gives birth to a squid which becomes a bigger squid that face rapes Jesus and gives birth to a blue dolphin."

    I'm freaking dead 😂

  • JohnStephenWalsh
    JohnStephenWalsh 21 day ago

    The space jockey isn't a skeleton of an awesome, huge alien--it's a suit!

    Godlike beings didn't create the aliens--a human-created robot did!

    Why are these ideas so much better?

  • Eric Selbst
    Eric Selbst 22 days ago

    PLOT TWIST, DAVID IS THE ALIEN! think about that, makes more sense then this story line.

  • Based Joe
    Based Joe 22 days ago

    ridley scott says he's going for a "war of the worlds" type deal which is kind of ironic in a way, because the reason there are so many problems with the alien franchise is because of this tug of war going on between the two differing visions, ridley's version vs cameron's. is the alien the star or is it ripley? the more movies ridley makes the more i think he's lost his touch. i kind of dislike the idea that he gets to own creative license if he has gotten this lazy with his story telling. he is literally pulling a george lucas right now.

  • Kelly Pfeiffer
    Kelly Pfeiffer 22 days ago

    Ridley should have used Styx's Come Sail Away when Tennessee was retracting the Space Sails in the beginning because Tennessee was a big fan of 20th Century pop music and then later at the end of the movie Tennessee could ask Walter when being put back into hyper sleep for Walter to play the same song he played earlier and David wouldn't know what song Walter had played. More entertaining and more exacting than, "help build our house" which is easily deniable and like Guardian of the Galaxy, it makes the use of modern music entertaining and helps out a plot point in the film.

  • Olli Suvivuo
    Olli Suvivuo 22 days ago

    Alien Covenant? Alien fucking shit!

  • Luis Estevez
    Luis Estevez 22 days ago

    AVP is a far better movie than this Covenant crap! Ridley should be put in an home yesterday.

  • Mike R
    Mike R 22 days ago

    Ridley Scott messed up the franchise.

  • DarthYuYevon
    DarthYuYevon 22 days ago

    Cordery - "And gives birth to a blue dolphin" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Classic!

  • Summer Bug
    Summer Bug 22 days ago

    or, by fan retcon, what if David created one specific strain of the xenomorph "bloodline", but the space jocky's made our beloved traditional xenomorphs? despite what Ridly Scott says. the logic for this comes from the red alien and black aliens from he old comics. could this be a fesable​ movie theory?

  • Terry Foster
    Terry Foster 22 days ago

    Mr. CorderyFX If you like blood and gore, and like to be terrified and horrified, I have a suggestion. Join the USMC but before you take the oath and sign on the dotted line, insist that you be given the MOS OF 0311. This way, you have a very good chance of getting paid for, and witnessing, all the blood and gore you want. In addition, there is the added bonus of being terrified and horrified for a long ,long time to come. All this is free, curtesy of the United States Government. Sound good? Sign up.

  • Robert Leung
    Robert Leung 23 days ago

    I agree with you totally about Ridley Scott. Never been a good story teller.

    Rule one on alien planets protect against alien contamination. Where a god damned space suit! It ruins the whole premise of the movie if you think the crew is just plain stupid. It is so basic it defies all logic and Scott has to take full responsibility for what can only be described as incompetence, hubris and/or stupidity.

    Ridley Scott is a visual director and an excellent one. But he cares less about plot and actors and his films suffer because of it. He's a glorified cameraman. Let's face it this franchise died after the first two films. The rest of the films have been occasionally interesting but in the end inconsistent, disappointing, unfaithful to the Alien canon.

  • Constantine XI
    Constantine XI 23 days ago

    Just keep him away from BR and that atrocious Gladiator 2 ideas PROMETHEUS was great but he destroyed everything in this...

  • neglesaks
    neglesaks 23 days ago

    Faithful sequel, yes. TOO BAD BOTH ARE CRAP!!!

  • Παραπολιτικός Τηλέτυπος

    The movie bombed and for good reasons.
    It shit on conservatives , it shit on the alt-right types, religious ppl, anti-feminists, black women, it pissed off gays by luring them in with trailers and then telling them the Muslim dollars are more important, it pissed the hell on the cult followers, and finally it was god awful.

  • patrick carroll
    patrick carroll 23 days ago

    cruel///but fair

  • Doug Yurchey
    Doug Yurchey 23 days ago

    http://www.oom2.com/t47452-alien-covenant-review-unlike-all-other-reviews-by-ts-caladan  We Prometheus fans were cheated out of 1 super sequel with release of Covenant. Remember how great 'Aliens' was? That's what we should've gotten: Shaw's big questions concerning Engineers answered! Should've been on Engineers home world like first idea of 'Paradise.' We got robbed! Keep reading review & you'll see my version of what Prometheus 2 could've been. Deacon alien TALKS to Shaw! Tell me what u think~   http://www.oom2.com/f19-t-s-tray-caladan

  • music man
    music man 23 days ago

    in the comic the alien at the end of prometheus turns into a massive living mountain!

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith 23 days ago

    Who would bonk in a shower, when everyone around you is dropping like fly,s?

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith 23 days ago

    Alien Covenant,makes out that David created the first Alien, as it looked in the film "ALIEN", yet it is on the wall in Prometheus?

  • Mr. Bosporos
    Mr. Bosporos 23 days ago

    Haha you literally killed Ridley in this rant. The alcohol reference was just too much. xD

  • Michael Wozniak
    Michael Wozniak 24 days ago

    Gave me a good lol

  • canton7180
    canton7180 24 days ago

    except for we are not going to have any of the questions answered that were introduced in Prometheus.....Fucking NONE

  • R Stan
    R Stan 24 days ago

    Alien Covenant stunk. Big rip off. I'm glad I only paid $5.00 to see on discount day. It was nothing but a cheap monster movie. Poor Michael Fassbender had to put up with a terrible story and script. The only reason James Franco was in it was to try to get his hands around Micheal Fassbinder's legendary penis.

  • Dorin Velovar
    Dorin Velovar 24 days ago

    This is what happens when number of neurons in your brain is so low its alien. Alcohol + finding Jesus in old age = big albino space Jesus cant create xenomorphs because blasphemy / director cant go to heaven. RIP Gigers artistic vision and world building. Cudos to visual department, everything else is beyond repair.

  • roberto gurrola
    roberto gurrola 24 days ago

    2:45 I love Prometheus but this summary is gold

  • Richard Koek
    Richard Koek 24 days ago

    lol that bottle...

  • Mattias Lindgren
    Mattias Lindgren 24 days ago

    such a mess this movie is! such utterly garbage c movie this was! why? it is unbelievable! why is ridley Scott letting other shitty script writers been involved in this alien franchise?? these shitty script writers in hollywood these days is nothing to hire ever! so low point direction the alien franchise has been directed to it is so unbelievable stupid and arrogant! The alien franchise should be handled over to pro people outside the hollywood circle. hollywood is out of order end of the story folks.

  • Linda Taghon
    Linda Taghon 24 days ago

    Why? in the hell didn't they wear Helmets?  The DUMBEST CREW EVER!!!  They were asking for death!

    ROBOTPETER101 24 days ago

    Ugh, I got to say, I've said some shit about the director that I don't really feel good about saying, but god damn this movie was insulting. Not as an Alien movie, but as a movie alone. Bad acting, abysmal writing, with the only good bits being scenes that are never explored, like the Android's relationship or the interesting new aliens that are nearly immediately killed off. I guess there are the action scenes, but they were almost all confusing messes where I literally couldn't figure out who had died in them. Even the final one was literally ripped from a better Alien movie.

    In all honesty, it was on par with freaking Jason X. *Jason goes to space* for Christ's sake. Characters were all about equal in intelligence and uniqueness, acting was about the same, fucking effects might have been better* in Jason X, and at least the entire movie was consistent in being silly shit. At least Jason X didn't try to throw in big serious Revelations that make no sense with a minute of thought when the story itself was already a big enough mess.

    Yeah, know what?
    Jason X was an objectively better or equal film to the majority if not all of Alien Covenant.

    I wish the best for Ridley but god damn man.

  • melanphilia
    melanphilia 24 days ago

    Scott is DICK

  • poker Face
    poker Face 24 days ago

    I just can't stand fassbender in this movie. every scene with him made me cringe.

  • ShogunOrta
    ShogunOrta 25 days ago

    Hey what is the music that you're using as the soundtrack for this video?

  • jason lee
    jason lee 25 days ago

    Ridley Scott has seriously screwed the pooch with these films, let him do 1 more to link it back to the first alien then fucking get rid of him, the senile old bastard is ruining my favourite film franchise.
    1 more then sod off please mr Scott, your religious android love fest is utter shite.

  • Fapologist
    Fapologist 25 days ago

    Scott is literally becoming George Lucas

  • dicem slasher
    dicem slasher 25 days ago

    The longer gestation period was a genetically added feature so that the aliens could develop in the time that a host gets to more possible hosts. research your facts. as you know, a single alien will evolve into a Queen if it needs to. problem solved. the rapid life cycle process was a trait of the original indigenous xenomorphs and the protomorph, the Deacon in Prometheus your "blue dolphin". created before Warriors or Big chap, the alien from the original. just corrected your mistake of calling that an innacuracy to the original.

  • gerrixx
    gerrixx 25 days ago

    Can you imagine how horrible blomkamp's political bullshit script would have been?

  • Asturian Cetorix
    Asturian Cetorix 25 days ago

    I was hyped with Prometheus, despite the odds I was hyped with Covenant... But they are a piece of shit. Damm it.

    You´ve fucked it up...

  • Cheekytita
    Cheekytita 25 days ago

    This review is sad and hilarious. Maybe Ridley is drinking? Ayayyayiiii! His speech almost is starting to sound like Ozzy..

  • KillerPojo12
    KillerPojo12 25 days ago

    bloody brilliant

  • maria maria
    maria maria 25 days ago

    Very good movies! I adore them and waiting for "part 3" !

  • Rockin Records
    Rockin Records 25 days ago

    Ridley Scott is 79 years old, and practically makes 1-2 movies a year. How else do you expect him to sound? Also, he's been sober for years.....

  • Wayne Ramsden
    Wayne Ramsden 25 days ago

    its shite.

  • Cure4Living
    Cure4Living 25 days ago

    I'm getting some serious Mr Plinkett vibes from this review (first time stumbling on your channel / video)... which isn't a bad thing in-fact I rather like it.

  • Jack Flank
    Jack Flank 25 days ago

    I couldn't get to sleep last night because the idea of Ridley; just doing this all this stupid shit to get free "buzz" for his movie, I couldn't get out of my mind. After seeing this, I think I'll be able to sleep better now. Thanks.

  • Volkan Arman
    Volkan Arman 25 days ago

    noone can hear your scream in space? try Ridley, he is not hearing fans scream despite all, Alien is now literally alien to all Alien fans... pity...

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