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Crying Northwestern Kid Becomes Immediate NCAA Tournament

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Crying Northwestern Kid Becomes Immediate Internet Sensation

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Crying Northwestern Kid Becomes Immediate NCAA Tournament Internet Sensation

Crying Northwestern Kid Becomes Immediate NCAA Tournament Internet Sensation

Crying Northwestern Kid Becomes Immediate Tournament Internet Sensation

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Crying Northwestern Kid Becomes Immediate NCAA Tournament Internet Sensation

Crying Northwestern kid Become immediate NCAA Tournament Internet Sensation

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Author D G ( ago)
what a putz

Author alternative laughs ( ago)
he should have had a v8

Author DarknessXmo ( ago)
Ah this moment he knew that UCLA won the NCAA championship Jk he a meme now 😂😂😂😂

Author Bigshotz 12 ( ago)
His biggest problem is that he likes a college basketball team that much

Author papi ( ago)
"when you smash her dad on purpose as a joke but you ended up liking it." a new meme is born...

Author Wrestling Game ( ago)
where's the meme?

Author That Kid At The Movies ( ago)
The game wasn't over yet😂😂😂

Author Maria Hernandez ( ago)
This boy represents me when I'm on my period; a sad, hot mess.

Author YaBoyGriff ( ago)
Subscribing to all who subscribe to my channel and leave a comment on my video!

Author Kevin Kelley ( ago)
I watch this kid every hour or so..keeps me grounded..🙄

Author Jaden32 ( ago)
Someone needs a Snickers

Author JV AERIALS ( ago)
When she sends you a screenshot of the pregnancy test...

Author Brendan Ryan ( ago)
Everybody needs that trophy!

Author Slik-Wit-It ( ago)
Oh white tears yes, yes your anguish sustain me.

Author Anakarina ( ago)
When I saw the game, I knew I had just seen the birth of a new meme. It felt *glorious*.

Author MKS ( ago)

Author Kelly Collins ( ago)
Lol lmao

Author carlos villalba ( ago)
White kid problems

Author Deplorable Brony ( ago)
Imagine if this kid were a Hillary Clinton supporter after the election.

Author SDP ( ago)
"The face tell it all"

Author Gigi's Boutique ( ago)
I feel so bad he looked like traumatized

Author Tyler Olson ( ago)
What a fucking pussy

Author Adam Shaikh ( ago)
me when Blair Walsh missed the game winning field goal against the Seahawks in the playoffs

Author N.E.T.izpossible ( ago)

Author Bullshit Detector ( ago)
This kid needs meds.

Author Kevin T ( ago)
I have seen far worse in the Falcon loss to the Pats in the Superbowl. Some dudes do not take defeat well.

Author Ashlynn Pimentel ( ago)

Author Ron K ( ago)
When you run out of toilet paper

Author Omega8kilo ( ago)
Listen kid!!! It's basketball the least talented sport out of the top 5.
1. Soccer
2. Football
3. Hockey
4. Baseball
5. Basketball

Basketball should never be taken seriously, like ever. #LakersFan

Author glassjaw624 ( ago)
fucking pussy.

Author muhamad ahmadijadi ( ago)
they are brainwashed to worship faggot sport

Author Amir Billy ( ago)
The thumbnail literally looks like he's glorifying the lord. Also he's white and probably transgender.


Author Round Table ( ago)
It's not that deep little white kid

Author TheAstralNomad ( ago)
People get so worked up over the dumbest shit. It's just a game.

Author Ahmad Dakhlallah ( ago)
this looks like a mental disorder if I've ever seen one

Author kenneth lam ( ago)
Imagine one day when his girlfriend tells him his dick is too small lmao

Author FC. Samurai 28 ( ago)
Haha yessssssssss

Author Marie Neely ( ago)
That is exactly what's wrong with our country. We are either teaching or allowing our children to be completely mentally and emotionally to have all their attention on these low IQ knuckle dragging idiots to be their idols instead of teaching them about what is wrong with the world and what's really going on.
This kid isn't considering the eats being fought, the corruption in all political systems, the poverty, the lack of medical care and housing which is a human right. No, this idiot brainwashed kid is on his way to s 8-5 $10.00 hr job with an ok lady who brings him the cheap watered down beer while he rants and raves about the Sunday football game. It will become his GOD. He will pass this ignorance down to his mentally stunted brood of kids and so on.
What has he learned this week? Not just in school which was probably nothing at all. But what did he learn? Did he pick up a book. Watch a documentary? Take in any kind of knowledge except how to cry at a mentally stunted?

Author Tyler Davis ( ago)
Cant tell if this is this a Northwestern fan, or Hillary Clinton supporter after the election 🤔

Author CasualPlayer ( ago)
When your sister ate your last cookie

Author Bob Le ( ago)
Me when I found out that trump won the election

Oh wait I did vote for trump. never mind hahahaha

Author jackhappens ( ago)
I don't know the outcome of the game, but the kid needed to chill out--it was only the 2nd quarter. (I don't really know; basketball's not my thing, and it seems like a lot of points going into halftime.)

Author jjkftw ( ago)
Hillary supporters at the inauguration

Author Chris Wilson ( ago)
Don't know why he's crying over a dropped hotdog...

Author DotCD ( ago)
i feel like only the players and staff have a right to cry about a game

Author blinks343 ( ago)
some needs a diaper change. hahaha...

Author James Jessie ( ago)
To all who complain about videos that have little views on the trending tab: They become trending because they get many views in a short amount of time, not because they have a lot of views. Stop being dumb af

Author Drew Patek ( ago)
wow wut a fag

Author B. Jr. ( ago)
Looks like he just got his first visit from the monthly blood fairy

Author CocoNaut ( ago)
lol what a dumb faggot

Author oquinn712 ( ago)
Felt bad for him until he cursed...

Author Big Dom C ( ago)
I know some grown men who were crying like this, as their March Madness bracket pool picks went to shit lol!

Author Kimtothekizzo ( ago)
I don't understand the sports cry.....especially college sports.

Author Edward Merida ( ago)
I doubt he fully understands the game yet

Author Dylan Richards Gaming 04 ( ago)
If some one says I subbed I'll sub to you

Author Bigdaddyz ( ago)
4chan in a nutshell

Author How to You ( ago)

Author Maxim Fredericks ( ago)
White people, but white men more specifically, are such fucking crybabies

Author Jack Taylor ( ago)
Me three years ago

Author The funky Banano ( ago)
This kid goes to my friend's sister's class

Author PUDD1N TA1NE ( ago)
Don't you hate it when a school you never went to loses?
Sports are gay.

Author Harry Henderson ( ago)
this is bullying by CBS

Author mr e ( ago)
I can't wait for the memes

Author Alex Schwan ( ago)
new gen of beta males

Author MDKGaming ( ago)
fucking loser

Author Class F ( ago)
That's going to be everyone crying when Trump fucks the country

Author hunterw96 ( ago)
When you didn't pull out fast enough

Author mbrapshT ( ago)
Calm down, Hillary with it

Author Seńor Chang ( ago)
"Sports are manly! If you don't like sports your gay!" Lol okay

Author steppflyer ( ago)
Still happier than New TopGear.

Author Brandon Collins ( ago)
It's just a sport

Author q0 Decker 0p ( ago)
What he is really saying while crying is "No daddy that wont fit in there"!

Author TØP Lannister ( ago)
Republicans during the James Comey FBI hearing of Trump-Russia connections.

Author It'sAlexForShort ( ago)
How I act when I gamble all my money

Author Nathan Adams ( ago)
When you find out there is no cake left

Author GoodOlChippy1 ( ago)
Saw this in a bar with some buds, it was hilarious lol

Author Patriiciia ortiiiz ( ago)
corny af. I hate ish like this undeserved fame

Author Nathan Adams ( ago)
It's just a freaking game get over it at least they made it this far

Author RedStorm Kam ( ago)
"Oh boy.. he's back"

Author Victor Rodriguez ( ago)
he going to cry in the car

Author landsolo ( ago)
What kind of parents raise a pathetic child that cries over a ball game?

Author EricdaRED95 ( ago)
He's going to break his rubber bands if he keeps this up

Author Grey Fox ( ago)
i feel sick what about the syrian kids. they cry because they lost their parents.

Author Danny_dan92 ( ago)
When you find out your girl leaves you for another man...

Author Steadno ( ago)
the kid next to him shoulda elbowed him right in the bread basket

Author Steve Harvey Is The Illuminati ( ago)
Warriors blew a 3-1 lead.

Author Redstone Pro ( ago)
He was crying over his team losing. Why the fuck tho

Author IantheGamer ( ago)

Author trusting virus ( ago)
Welcome to America where our biggest problem is a basketball game and grow childish women.

Author Ethan Shepley ( ago)
His parents used him as collateral for their brackets this year.

Author Nancy Cejari ( ago)
How did I end here :/

Author MoppyPuppy ( ago)
You poor kid, you will be ridiculed until you kill yourself because of this, make no mistake getting you to kill yourself *_is_* their intent.

Author Clifton ( ago)

Author PP7Silenced ( ago)
Sports. This countries No.1 practiced religion.

Author Bilge Pump ( ago)
Well at least they'll get a participation trophy 🏆 and go to a safe space and color before they get driven home to mommy daddy's and beat up Consuela.

Author Play-Doh ( ago)
Please make this a meme. *Please.*

Author hyfyre ( ago)
Not a big deal kid. . . . Not at all smh

Author James ( ago)
When rite aid run out of Plan B

Author J Gildz ( ago)
EVERY TROLL IN YOUTUBE COMMENTS NEEDS 3 WEEKS IN BOOT CAMP...f"*k it, everybody on here needs bootcamp for attitude adjustment.
probably including me...can only help being a little more humble and grateful!!!!

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