Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham part 1

It features some of Bollywood's most popular actors: Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Kajol, Hrithik Roshan, Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukerji in a guest appearance. It is director Karan Johar's.

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Author agung satriyo (10 months)
film in age young junior school :') miss it film

Author Siti Roaeni (9 months)
Filmnya bikin nangis

Author i saszira (1 year)
malay subtitles please!

Author jyoti meshram (1 year)
mere saso me tu he samaya...........

Author Thameena Shaik (2 years)
Old movies are always the best!

Author hariom sahu (2 years)

Author itsmeloozerz (3 years)
@dannysouper986 thats really annoying

Author mochacoffee24 (3 years)
Thank you for posting this! It's amazing quality!

Author Ika Rahma Hidayati (3 years)
i like it this vidio...

Author RANDILAKOVSKA (3 years)
@ZSANJM2012 Don´t tell me ¬¬

Author Tasmim Hoque (4 years)
<3 I NEVER get tired of this movie <3 <3 <3 <3 =]

Author Love Bug (2 years)
nor of KKHH

Author Prasetia Dika (2 years)
goog movie....,im from indonesia. any many indonesian people to liked this

Author mrock0able (3 years)
i love this movie, never get enough of it, i dont know why probably cause
of sharukh and kajol. luv them both . dont u agree

Author appleetpuccas (2 years)

Author kurdishboy94 (3 years)
thumbs up because dairy of a bad man Humza brought you here!!!!

Author Sageofthe1000paths (3 years)
thumbs up if your here because of diary of a bad man

Author Maria Segura (3 years)
hola alguien me puede ayudar me encanta esta movie y kisiera verla
subtitulada ...........

Author chocorosee (3 years)
aiyo no subtitles??

Author Roslan Abdul Ghani (3 years)
Very touchy film. Reminds me of beloved parents.

Author john cruz (3 years)

Author Kacey Chiah (3 years)
@dannysouper986 lol

Author mateeda1 (3 years)
this movie is epic!!doubt there'll be another one like it

Author Faris Rahman (2 years)
Awesome movie!

Author TheJ17M (2 years)
@ikazuuyr13 yess it is

Author Melinda Dulaney (3 years)
pls put english subtiles

Author B44BBU (3 years)
one of the the best movie ive seen in years heartbreaknig movie this is y
they say life stabs a man in the back

Author btrbollywood (3 years)
This is how every bollywood movie should be.

Author Heych22 (3 years)
The most amazing film to ever be made. I'm in love with this film. The
actors, the acting, the setting. Everything. It's extraordinary, this film!

Author Brenda Almazan (3 years)
Lol, saw this movie so many times when i was small that i dont need
subtitles to know whats going on(: this is the best movie there can be!:D

Author Ayu Ashfiya (1 year)
mmmuuuaaach i love this movie ,,,,,,,

Author asron endriyansyah (2 years)
यह फिल्म बहुत छू रहा है तो मैं बाहर आँसू ले लिया .. इस फिल्म महान केएलओ मैं
मैं pilem में पाने के लिए करना चाहते हैं और कहते हैं कि मैं वास्तव में इस
pilem पसंद सकता है

Author pinkynjashie (3 years)
can someone please tell me -what this movie is about ? I dont know hindi :(

Author Mahadir Khan (2 years)
why :(

Author Mastkalanderimran (3 years)
@smartmnn omg that is soo true...never thought of it like that!!!!...wat r
we gnna doo!!!

Author RemixxReverse (4 years)
no matter how cold hearted yu are, when u watch this movie, tears will
naturally rush down ur eyes i see god in my parents not in any holy books,
or in any churches or temples or anythign like that

Author Tirana69 (3 years)
Seriously, Hrithik Roshan HAS to be the most beautiful man on Earth!

Author rdhami100 (3 years)
this very well may be the best emotional film of all time, with the
greatest actors ever, this movie was great...i can't wait for yash chopra
film next year, hope it is another one the bollywood classics :)

Author smjim1 (3 years)
i love it \

Author Usman Rajj (2 years)
Always fantastic movie....

Author TheSway91 (2 years)
none necessary, the delivery is so strong, you understand what theyre

Author Sanyukta Bholay (3 years)
Lol it's weird how when he is small rohan is fat and chubby but then he
becomes hritik roshan lol.

Author SaberroitALIa (3 years)
i really wish this had subtitles :/

Author miluska garcia (3 years)
nom canso d iorar esta pelicula

Author kuli ram (3 years)

Author channy882009 (3 years)
@seema8in Really, tell us more! p.s i hope yours was a happy ending also!

Author Miinakox3 (3 years)
Whats the name of this song at 7:29 PLEASE TOLD ME PLEASE!!!

Author ZSANJM2012 (3 years)
in SRK s childhoold is his son ARYAN KHAN

Author Sara Rajan (3 years)
the little boy in the first, its SRK real son right...?

Author Amber Black (2 years)
@smartmnn I know, this is the very first movie I ever watched and the first
movie I ever watched in a cinema I was only two! I love this movie
sooooooooooooooooo much and totally agree with you

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