Chris Rock Gives His Recap of Final Obama White House Party

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  • Joe Piervincenti
    Joe Piervincenti 5 days ago

    I bet it was great seeing all those portraits of white slave owners.

  • Robbas
    Robbas 7 days ago

    Chris Rock, your intellect never gets old, your humour is crazy fun :) Thanks for 5mins of laugter and tears <3

  • Colin Arruda
    Colin Arruda 10 days ago


  • Adraconian
    Adraconian 14 days ago

    Put some extra blind on it.

  • Observation Insight
    Observation Insight 16 days ago

    this is wayyyyyyyyy better than his oscar monologue

  • Joe H
    Joe H 17 days ago

    all the alleged illuminati drones / shills/ sellouts out the last obama party....

  • Hammad Akhtar
    Hammad Akhtar 18 days ago

    First time jimmy genuinely laughing

  • Sorensen D
    Sorensen D 18 days ago


  • Ella Rue :3
    Ella Rue :3 22 days ago

    Chris rock is just like Greg from NITW!

  • Clifster
    Clifster 23 days ago

    it's weird because it's like it's marty from madagascar talking. xD

  • rewind_pie
    rewind_pie 24 days ago

    omg i grew up watching his movies with my dad and he looks so young right here 😍😍😍😍 he looks great!!

  • Kumbie Ruwona
    Kumbie Ruwona 26 days ago

    'Put some extra blind in it' i am in tears😂😂😂😂

  • GODSGIFT2780
    GODSGIFT2780 27 days ago

    Chris Rock the King

  • Erick Pedroza C
    Erick Pedroza C 27 days ago

    Jimmy is now the fakestperson ever

  • Bryan Christ
    Bryan Christ 28 days ago


  • Lo Oo
    Lo Oo 28 days ago

    Black heaven!

  • Luendre Santos De Oliveira Santos

    hi people I'm brasilian

  • Christina Jefferson
    Christina Jefferson 29 days ago

    I lost it when he said Stevie Wonder put some extra blind in it 😂😂

  • Benjamin's
    Benjamin's 29 days ago

    Don't worry Chris, Obama didn't even ran America Rothschild does and his federal reserves

  • TheLeatheryman
    TheLeatheryman 1 month ago

    Slaves built the White House?

  • ayman hussain
    ayman hussain 1 month ago

    Still funny

  • SoHardToBeMe
    SoHardToBeMe 1 month ago

    i can't stop watching this shit

  • isadora k
    isadora k 1 month ago


  • ohshucks30
    ohshucks30 1 month ago

    This dude said his GED flared up😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • James Excell
    James Excell 1 month ago

    So that's what Jimmy's real laugh sounds like.

  • Nikhil Mistry
    Nikhil Mistry 1 month ago

    the way he tells stories is funny as hell
    naturally funny
    unlike jimmy no offence
    plus this guy NEVER AGES

  • Mohammed Belghith
    Mohammed Belghith 1 month ago

    I gotta say... you cant fake laugh this... Jimmy was Laughing hard xD

  • MrGodismypower
    MrGodismypower 1 month ago

    does Jimmy be fake laughing? Lol

  • crazedmartinez
    crazedmartinez 1 month ago

    Fallon is so annoying

  • tigerlily
    tigerlily 1 month ago


    I love Chris

  • Jason Gillum
    Jason Gillum 1 month ago

    there is no fucking way kid rock was there.

  • SV Kane
    SV Kane 1 month ago

    i doubt kid rocks bitch ass was there

  • Keri N
    Keri N 1 month ago

    Omfg this makes me miss the time before PC culture. So good 😂😂😂

  • Kabunda Kampengele
    Kabunda Kampengele 1 month ago

    Extra blind 😂😂😂😂

  • Kyon
    Kyon 1 month ago

    He's 52????

  • Liam Hackett
    Liam Hackett 1 month ago

    Me: i've lost my wallet

  • Louis Freeman
    Louis Freeman 1 month ago

    "I was talking about the country" LOL

  • Bob Onyango
    Bob Onyango 1 month ago

    Chris was just too funny in this one....Jimmy Fallon had to just sit back

  • Justi Siempre
    Justi Siempre 1 month ago

    ROFLMAO "extra blind in it" ; "His GED flared up"... I love you Chris.. speak Truth ! Lemme catch my breath!! I can't... LOLLLLL

  • Sammy Derrick
    Sammy Derrick 1 month ago


  • spudnic88
    spudnic88 1 month ago

    Seriously , who is funnier than Rock?...................and this is coming from a cracker ass cracker

  • GoodFoShizzle
    GoodFoShizzle 1 month ago

    If you keep a close eye on Jimmy when he finishes his over the top fake laugh, his face just looks dead

  • jacob nagler
    jacob nagler 1 month ago

    Oh my gosh, this was gold

  • slash slash
    slash slash 1 month ago

    Hillarious rock 😭

  • Jay Dot
    Jay Dot 1 month ago

    300+ ppl disliked this? Grow up lol

    • Dusty Grady
      Dusty Grady 1 month ago

      There is a ratio of 36 to 1 in favor of the "likes"
      And that's not enough for you, you Asshole?

  • Househeld Media Group


  • M Azzopardi
    M Azzopardi 1 month ago

    ''Extra blind in it'', holy shit!

  • J0shnChris
    J0shnChris 1 month ago

    Does anyone know which Roots song that is during the outro?

  • Liam Anderson
    Liam Anderson 1 month ago

    How is he 52 years old. He looks like mid 30s

  • Geoff Karis
    Geoff Karis 1 month ago

    Black president 12th there might be a wutang reunion

  • Sk
    Sk 1 month ago

    Chris Rock is so good that he got a rare real Jimmy laugh. :D

  • isaac hanks
    isaac hanks 1 month ago

    Wow subtitles kill comedy

  • Sandra Soll
    Sandra Soll 1 month ago

    Love him kid rock somebody 😂😂😂

  • tammie heazlit
    tammie heazlit 1 month ago

    oh lordy i love chris rock.

  • V
    V 1 month ago

    extra blind! !!!!!

  • Greg Adams
    Greg Adams 1 month ago

    The D.C. commissioners, charged by Congress with building the new city under the direction of the president, initially planned to import workers from Europe to meet their labor needs. However, response to recruitment was dismal and soon they turned to African Americans—both enslaved and free—to provide the bulk of labor that built the White House, the United States Capitol, and other early government buildings.

    Stonemason Collen Williamson trained enslaved people on the spot at the government's quarry at Aquia, Virginia. Enslaved people quarried and cut the rough stone that was later dressed and laid by Scottish masons to erect the walls of the President's House. The slaves joined a work force that included local white laborers and artisans from Maryland and Virginia, as well as immigrants from Ireland, Scotland, and other European nations.

    Everyone made the Whitehouse. Stop playing Marxist games.

  • Greg Adams
    Greg Adams 1 month ago

    "Slaves made" you keep repeating that lie.

  • lisalary
    lisalary 1 month ago

    His voice annoys me so much

  • Keyshaw30
    Keyshaw30 1 month ago

    He's an amazing storyteller!!!

    AWUNGSHI AWUNGSHI 1 month ago

    This is internet. the fuck with censorship!!!

  • Bigg John96
    Bigg John96 1 month ago

    0:40 is that Jimmy actually laughing for real?! 😱

  • Jonathan Furlong
    Jonathan Furlong 1 month ago

    The "slaves" who built the White House were paid freemen.

    • VMohdude -
      VMohdude - 1 month ago

      Jonathan Furlong some were freeman, some were slaves. Why hate facts?

    H BLUEBELL 1 month ago

    Chris is the KING!

  • thywhipboy
    thywhipboy 1 month ago

    Hate jimmy some what fake laughter hate it hate it

  • Mark & Emy Shibukawa

    Did Michelle say, "Secuuurrrity!"? LOL!

  • ANA
    ANA 1 month ago

    Buddy can you stay still an shut the fuck up with the fake holding your laugh and let black Jesus speak

  • Miss NOYBB
    Miss NOYBB 1 month ago


  • Don X
    Don X 1 month ago

    After which both Obungholes took turns destroying his asshole, all night long, yo. ;8)B

  • Roua Shama
    Roua Shama 1 month ago

    i am a big fan jimmy

  • Kasey Cooper
    Kasey Cooper 1 month ago

    Extra blind 😂😂😂

  • Dustin Whitten
    Dustin Whitten 1 month ago

    Yeah, slaves didn't build that bra

    • VMohdude -
      VMohdude - 1 month ago

      Dustin Whitten yes slaves were involved

  • 87Phantomz
    87Phantomz 1 month ago

    when u realize that chris rock is 52

  • Trina D
    Trina D 1 month ago

    Gotta see Chris on tour😂😂😂

  • lestat de lioncourt
    lestat de lioncourt 1 month ago

    Extra blind in it...that had me literally dieing...this dude is funny as hell..

  • Aakarsh Agarwal
    Aakarsh Agarwal 1 month ago

    Best . Interview . Ever .

  • piousness
    piousness 1 month ago

    chris rock >>> kevin hart

  • piousness
    piousness 1 month ago

    if you think Kevin Hart is funny, wait to see Chris Rock!!

  • Benjamin O'Donnell
    Benjamin O'Donnell 1 month ago

    George Washington with a single bloody tear - perfect.

  • pipimp100
    pipimp100 1 month ago

    Question of the day: has Jimmy EVER had a REAL laugh and not a fake one in his life????

  • Dale white
    Dale white 1 month ago

    "I thought I died and went to Black Heaven", Chris Rock. A piece of shit that is a slug on humanities shoes. Your a Fuck Tard Chris!

  • Derrick Budden
    Derrick Budden 1 month ago

    Best late night inverview/standup act I've ever seen. I was crying.

  • Keith Norris
    Keith Norris 1 month ago

    "It's like my GED flared up"....c'mon man

  • mama diop
    mama diop 1 month ago

    everybody hate chris

  • dizasta vina
    dizasta vina 1 month ago

    Tell me he's going to hell???? 😐 no way

  • cartergirl3of3
    cartergirl3of3 1 month ago

    jimmy is such a fake little turd.

  • Danker Than You
    Danker Than You 1 month ago

    " He put some extra blind in it " 😂😂😂

  • IssenKai
    IssenKai 1 month ago

    did understend the georsge washington bloody tear george was ashamed of black ppl in the white house? or i got it totally wrong?

  • dudi laroma
    dudi laroma 1 month ago

    chris is a LEGEND

  • freedom1234573
    freedom1234573 1 month ago

    def not kidd rock

  • Dirty Mota
    Dirty Mota 1 month ago

    First time jimmy gives a honest laugh

  • indigo Rager
    indigo Rager 1 month ago


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