Dreamers Challenge Quest

My Dreamers Challange quest video.

Songs: So cold - Breaking Benjamin,
Prelude 12/21 - AFI

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Author Randz88Goddex ( ago)
that pillow shit puzzle so fucking anoying 

Author Jan-Eric ( ago)
very helpfull video! much better then wikia ;) 

Author TRINTA e TRÊS ( ago)
A parte que mais interessa q das almofadas o cara tira vsf

Author shitface046 ( ago)
Hmmm failed at lvl 20, but going to go when i get my bless abck lvl 40 now

Author DvPP123 ( ago)
Where do you get a document of the follower so that you can get the outfit?

Author Fredrik cp ( ago)
i really wanna know the way to that quest 

Author Azav ( ago)
for the outfits you need a "document of the follower"? If the answer is
yes... where you get it and what you have to do with it?

Author somebodyy 1 ( ago)
such a cool quest

Author shitface046 ( ago)
i like the song about dreamin when u were dreamin thts cool im gona do this
quest lookks awesome and cool

Author Rodrigo Azambuja ( ago)
how much time to solve colors? its impossible

Author Tomek Etonix ( ago)

Author DemK TV ( ago)
i died on lvl 43 pally on these towers ¬¬" cuz of net crash

Author drakodev ( ago)
yea gtz

Author David Moura ( ago)
I did the whole quest, but I did not get the outfit, and when passed by the
portal of the tower can not go back, how can I get the outfit?

Author Manolo1404 (1912 years ago)
i did with my lvl 15 druid without problems :D

Author Timik001 ( ago)
I was around level 80 at that time

Author Dombi5 ( ago)
music? :D

Author ThatKiddiot ( ago)
Thanks :) I just did the quest 2 days ago, and I picked the Brotherhood
outfit :P This vid sure cleared up a lot of stuff though. :) Thanks for
posting it.

Author Timik001 ( ago)
no, any of the boxes gives you the same items, but there are two seperate
paths you can follow. That decides if you join Brotherhood or Knights.

Author ThatKiddiot ( ago)
Nice man. Do you have to pick another box if you want to join Brotherhood
of bones?

Author Abdul Youama ( ago)
Nicely done.

Author Hugo Sales ( ago)
LOL I just made it now :) lvl 33 xD roxx 4ever nightmare knights rulez

Author Hugo Sales (1574 years ago)
very nice video I dream with that quest :P Nightmare order rox~ (nice

Author Sebastian Lundgren ( ago)

Author Timik001 ( ago)
The first song is So Cold, by Breaking Benjamin. The 2nd is looped twice,
and that is called Prelude 12/21 by AFI.

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