Dreamers Challenge Quest

My Dreamers Challange quest video.

Songs: So cold - Breaking Benjamin,
Prelude 12/21 - AFI

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Added: 7 years
Runtime: 7:51
Comments: 37

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Author shitface046 (3 years)
Hmmm failed at lvl 20, but going to go when i get my bless abck lvl 40 now

Author TRINTA e TRÊS (2 years)
A parte que mais interessa q das almofadas o cara tira vsf

Author Abdul Youama (7 years)
Nicely done.

Author TheSlashSky (5 years)
Song is: So Cold - Breaking Benjamin, jhrsilva15 :D

Author Eric_Life (1 year)
very helpfull video! much better then wikia ;)

Author afdgafghadfh (6 years)
omg try document of the flower ftw?

Author Bertil1993 (7 years)
5.07 scary...

Author Pk69DGital (6 years)
wowowow the bets... --> plx the song is so cool man .. :OO Owned Plx

Author Martín DLF (4 years)
for the outfits you need a "document of the follower"? If the answer is
yes... where you get it and what you have to do with it?

Author Hugo Sales (7 years)
LOL I just made it now :) lvl 33 xD roxx 4ever nightmare knights rulez

Author David Moura (6 years)
I did the whole quest, but I did not get the outfit, and when passed by the
portal of the tower can not go back, how can I get the outfit?

Author ThatKiddiot (7 years)
Thanks :) I just did the quest 2 days ago, and I picked the Brotherhood
outfit :P This vid sure cleared up a lot of stuff though. :) Thanks for
posting it.

Author drakodev (5 years)
yea gtz

Author zorroswordmaster32 (6 years)
what level are you im lvl 22 and my friend is lvl60 and he is gonna take me

Author Tomek Etonix (5 years)

Author Hugo Sales (7 years)
very nice video I dream with that quest :P Nightmare order rox~ (nice

Author Timik001 (7 years)
no, any of the boxes gives you the same items, but there are two seperate
paths you can follow. That decides if you join Brotherhood or Knights.

Author shitface046 (4 years)
i like the song about dreamin when u were dreamin thts cool im gona do this
quest lookks awesome and cool

Author Timik001 (6 years)
I was around level 80 at that time

Author DvPP123 (3 years)
Where do you get a document of the follower so that you can get the outfit?

Author tibek3 (6 years)
how much damage this walls u hit

Author Manolo1404 (6 years)
i did with my lvl 15 druid without problems :D

Author asswind1996 (5 years)
i died on lvl 43 pally on these towers ¬¬" cuz of net crash

Author Fredrik cp (4 years)
i really wanna know the way to that quest

Author tekontre (6 years)
I was 30 ms when i did this quest. I think you can do this in lvl 8

Author Randz88Goddex (1 year)
that pillow shit puzzle so fucking anoying

Author villafane12 (4 years)
This Quest its great!!! Seems like a LSD trip :)

Author Lukas0203 (6 years)
nilba tbm

Author ThatKiddiot (7 years)
Nice man. Do you have to pick another box if you want to join Brotherhood
of bones?

Author Dombi5 (7 years)
music? :D

Author Rodrigo Azambuja (4 years)
how much time to solve colors? its impossible

Author Sebastian Lundgren (7 years)

Author Ekin Durdag (4 years)
such a cool quest

Author xJUSxTINx (7 years)
Very nice Bro, should have made one of us wondering around in MOLS for
hours last night ;) But great video Knight the Hell Raiser

Author alex19919919 (6 years)

Author Timik001 (7 years)
The first song is So Cold, by Breaking Benjamin. The 2nd is looped twice,
and that is called Prelude 12/21 by AFI.

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