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  • TheKoriCode
    TheKoriCode 7 hours ago

    I guess the back to school giveaway vid is a *follow* up to this vidio

  • Isabelle Munoz
    Isabelle Munoz 13 hours ago

    lmao the people in target probably think that Bunny is crazy

  • Laura Gomez
    Laura Gomez 1 day ago

    You look so pretty😋😊

  • Konstantina Pitta

    make slime at 3AM please

  • Katie The Turtle Lord

    pause at 10:04

    you're welcome

  • Reign Bowman
    Reign Bowman 4 days ago

    late squad

  • Sophia Smith
    Sophia Smith 5 days ago


  • Izabell Adams
    Izabell Adams 6 days ago

    she looks like 5he girl in that band called the band perry

  • kay kay
    kay kay 7 days ago

    1:05 when u tryna wink at yo crush but get sumthin in ur eye 😂😂

  • liveloveslime
    liveloveslime 8 days ago

    She reminds me of Miranda sings in so many ways

  • Lore Goro
    Lore Goro 8 days ago

    you are wiered

  • liveindamoment
    liveindamoment 9 days ago

    Is this chick a millionaire?

  • Films By Hillary
    Films By Hillary 9 days ago

    She really does remind me of a bunny....soooooooooo energetic

  • Peculiar Paws
    Peculiar Paws 10 days ago

    I'm SO sad right now they closed Target where I live 😭

  • Valeri Beers aka theval2000

    yes! a swamp family activity 😊 I'll put haikus on the back of the spin art

  • First name Last name

    Cashier: Wow! You sure do spoil your kids for school... how many do you have?
    Bunny: None..........
    Cashier: oh okayyy

    I think this conversation would happen... Don't you?

  • Math Quinto Grado
    Math Quinto Grado 13 days ago

    Lol I'm watching this in 2017...who else??? btw please do a 2017 back to school vid in July. I know it's early there in US but school in Puerto Rico starts in August😥. Love you Bunny!!!

  • rileygrace
    rileygrace 13 days ago

    you need a vlog chanel 😍🤗

  • Maddy Boles
    Maddy Boles 13 days ago

    Idk why but when I go school supply shopping, I'm super excited to see and get nice school supplies.... but then I get to school and I wanna die.

  • Charlotte Bascomb
    Charlotte Bascomb 14 days ago

    I Love your hair!

  • Mia My2009
    Mia My2009 15 days ago

    Sippy Sippy

  • Tammy Dohmen
    Tammy Dohmen 16 days ago

    I like your hair

  • Caitlin
    Caitlin 17 days ago

    One time I was going outside my mom's car (I'm ten) and u bumped a person's car door by opening our door. Thank goodness my mom's car was the one that bleeped

  • Slimeking03
    Slimeking03 17 days ago

    Serious liza koshy vibes

  • Abril Escobar
    Abril Escobar 18 days ago

    I know I'm not going to win it but they are entertaining to watch

  • Abril Escobar
    Abril Escobar 18 days ago

    I love your videos you are so funny can you make another school supply giveaway

  • ActuallyNathalie
    ActuallyNathalie 19 days ago

    You look so flawless in this video! 😍

  • Reagan Guerrero
    Reagan Guerrero 20 days ago

    I live in texes

  • Britney Centeno
    Britney Centeno 20 days ago

    Who's watching in 5012

  • videos with nevaeh
    videos with nevaeh 20 days ago

    your shoes are weirdly cool

  • HufflepuffJacklyn
    HufflepuffJacklyn 20 days ago

    10:29 I feel u girl I've been doing that my whole life

  • Antolin Ambrosio
    Antolin Ambrosio 22 days ago

    I love your hair it really pretty

  • Lilly Smith
    Lilly Smith 23 days ago


  • Modesta Catarino
    Modesta Catarino 23 days ago

    why do you do basket tos

  • Riffat Parveen
    Riffat Parveen 25 days ago

    love your crown😂😂😂😂

  • Tiffany McLaughlan
    Tiffany McLaughlan 26 days ago

    Us Canadians don't have target anymore........... 😪

  • Cameron Gomez
    Cameron Gomez 26 days ago

    Should I be watching Bunny at a EXTREMELY young age?

  • dominique den ridder

    Can you act normal for only 1video your always doing so weird

  • It'sMo
    It'sMo 27 days ago

    Your hair looks so pretty and I love your nails <333

  • Kiana Love
    Kiana Love 28 days ago

    i am in the family

  • zach macdonald
    zach macdonald 28 days ago


  • Jules Acer
    Jules Acer 1 month ago

    Sub to sub!????

  • Leen The Unicorn
    Leen The Unicorn 1 month ago

    you remind me of Bonnie from baby daddy

  • selena kat
    selena kat 1 month ago

    Can you please do these more chill videos again if you have time 💕💕

  • Emily Andreoli
    Emily Andreoli 1 month ago

    I'm watching this on my last day of school

  • Abigail Dingels
    Abigail Dingels 1 month ago

    Who else would think she would be a great mom?

  • Shirley Silva
    Shirley Silva 1 month ago

    Bunny one thing we really need is 7 composition notebook's

  • Xx AlexisMiles xX
    Xx AlexisMiles xX 1 month ago

    Why are so beautiful😍❤🔥👌

  • R.C. Decker
    R.C. Decker 1 month ago

    "Engage Earthworm!" 😬

  • Qween Gabrielle
    Qween Gabrielle 1 month ago


  • Keyla Kawaii
    Keyla Kawaii 1 month ago

    hair on fleek



  • Rebecca Maycy Quinn
    Rebecca Maycy Quinn 1 month ago

    its like she's shy to talk

  • Irrelevant Creepster

    This is like, one of my favourite videos of hers omg

  • Dimond Courtesy
    Dimond Courtesy 1 month ago

    they call her Cinderella

  • Azraa Mathews
    Azraa Mathews 1 month ago

    u so funny

  • Emma Clarke
    Emma Clarke 1 month ago

    I have never got to go to Target

  • 10thmarch2011
    10thmarch2011 1 month ago

    Everytime Bunny said school supplies I thought of Lizzie McGuire where her and Miranda wanted to buy their first bras and instead of saying this they said they were going to the mall for 'school supliesssss' 😂

  • Toasty Kawaii
    Toasty Kawaii 1 month ago

    Omg Bunny, you are AMAZING and SOOOO PRETTY 😍😍

  • _daveshadow6_ O
    _daveshadow6_ O 1 month ago

    I miss your 2008 gold Scion xB 5.0!!! Love you bunny please respond

  • Riane Yurchak
    Riane Yurchak 1 month ago

    Where I live we still have a Target unless it got shut down with out me knowing🙄

  • FurryGamer
    FurryGamer 1 month ago

    Anime is double time exciting

  • savage girl
    savage girl 1 month ago

    you are so funny 😆😆😆

  • If Only It Were Glittery

    you should include at least (2) binders in your next back to school giveaway!

  • KatGirl
    KatGirl 1 month ago

    Harry Potter life

  • KatGirl
    KatGirl 1 month ago

    Sad times in Canada :(  No targets

  • Mary Kelada
    Mary Kelada 1 month ago

    Do u live in plano

  • Maddie Greenhalgh
    Maddie Greenhalgh 1 month ago

    Nearly two years after this video and I still call washi tape wasabi tape because of this video

  • featured channel
    featured channel 1 month ago


  • cool girl 21
    cool girl 21 1 month ago

    we Dont have target

  • Kiana Angeliee
    Kiana Angeliee 1 month ago


  • Wytleigh Woods
    Wytleigh Woods 1 month ago

    IMY neamis wytleigh I live Gilbert East mitlost1410

  • emily hipp
    emily hipp 1 month ago

    I live here and I feel you

  • Elsa Ford
    Elsa Ford 1 month ago

    Luckey the hottest it gets here is like 25

  • Amanda Cate
    Amanda Cate 1 month ago

    In Cheyenne we don't have Kmart

  • Wytleigh Woods
    Wytleigh Woods 1 month ago

    I my naemiswytleigh 4th in Gilbert argon 1410

  • Mateus Great
    Mateus Great 1 month ago

    Your crazy

  • Talia Marie
    Talia Marie 2 months ago

    we don't have target in Canada anymore :[

  • Ermy Gurung
    Ermy Gurung 2 months ago

    You're crazy but still I love you

  • Shyan Polite
    Shyan Polite 2 months ago

    Been two years, but do you remember this lipstick you wore here?? I'm very pale and looking for a good nude pink!

  • Olivia La Via
    Olivia La Via 2 months ago

    Happy Easter bunny! Lol I'm sorry that sentence sounded weird.

  • Leila Soufiani
    Leila Soufiani 2 months ago

    I live in Canada 🇨🇦

  • HeyIt'sMarjorie
    HeyIt'sMarjorie 2 months ago

    I wonder what the security cameras look like.

  • clare sutton
    clare sutton 2 months ago

    Why does she always do earthworm every time she walks into a shop/store?

  • Maddy Limee
    Maddy Limee 2 months ago

    Confidence level to achieve: Bunny school supply shopping in target with a tiara

  • Julissa xoxo
    Julissa xoxo 2 months ago

    she acts like a stupid i hate her

  • Brionna Parks
    Brionna Parks 2 months ago

    What was that noise at 10:51

  • Michelle Abreu
    Michelle Abreu 2 months ago

    engage earth worm 😂😂😂

  • Alyssa McCravy
    Alyssa McCravy 2 months ago


  • Chloeisnotonfire
    Chloeisnotonfire 2 months ago

    back when stores had gluerip millions of oz of anyone who needs it for anything. ever. other then slime.

  • sofia olsson
    sofia olsson 2 months ago

    she is crazy but funny!!

  • katherine yanez
    katherine yanez 2 months ago

    I love your sense of humor!!

  • katherine yanez
    katherine yanez 2 months ago

    omg!!! I love your hair makeup & nails!!!

  • Pete Wentz from My Chemical Romance

    Ok so I get a locker next year we don't get them till high school and I have already bought things that will decorate and fill up my locker

  • Justin Evans
    Justin Evans 2 months ago

    They are called carts LOL 💙😜💞

  • Cutiepie 68713
    Cutiepie 68713 2 months ago

    When you walk by people do they sometimes look at you weirdly? Hey, I've worn a tiara around school, people look at me weirdly! One of my brothers asked me "Did you get bump your head on something" some people asked me why I was wearing it or if it was my birthday. Just say "why not wear it ", then people have no responses.......or tell them that you are 😜 crazy like grav3yardgirl! 😂 LOL!

  • Vy Tran
    Vy Tran 2 months ago

    If she can't drive with shoes on wonder how her driving test went

  • Logan Donnell
    Logan Donnell 3 months ago

    8:03 she looks like Maddie Ziegler when she's crying

  • Paloma Gonzalez
    Paloma Gonzalez 3 months ago

    You Look pretty 💁🏼💁🏼💁🏼💁🏼💁🏼💁🏼💁🏼💁🏼

  • rachael leggett
    rachael leggett 3 months ago

    don't throw the weird colored pencils! you might break the colored things inside their little tube-vehicle things!😨

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