Angelina Jolie Pitt: Refugee system breaking down - BBC News

Angelina Jolie Pitt, the UN refugee agency's special envoy, has warned that the international humanitarian system for refugees is breaking down. Ms Jolie Pitt has been speaking as part of the BBC's World on the Move day of coverage of global migration issues. She warned against a "fear of migration" and a "race to the bottom" as countries competed to be the toughest to protect themselves.

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Author brotherhood33 ( ago)
the amount of comments tells a different story to the 'downvotes' its great seeing the globalist no 1 stooge organisation(un) being ran like deer in (and from ) the face of popular opinon

Author happyuk06 ( ago)
She makes a living parroting the words of others. Who gives a shit what she thinks?

Author мдляc гилидляc ( ago)
mk ultra 100%

Author L. J. T. ( ago)
global government made wrong policy and decision that hurt or kill human. all come to greed!

Author Hiccup Haddock ( ago)
I'm not sure, but I don't think there is one woman I like less in all of America, including Hillary Clinton, so that just means Angelina Jolie is a sell out of humanity.

Author KARTEL MONEY ( ago)

Author Trung Nguyen ( ago)
just like her name, she is an angel

Author Zhani Murati ( ago)
wtf?!! i thought she's gonna talk about syrian people

Author Hari Puttar ( ago)

Author uhrwerks ( ago)
Shut up, take YOUR $€£ and do something rather than criticize others. "Put your money where your mouth is!", u have PLENTY of it (money, that is)

Author WESSupDude 666 ( ago)
Rich people..

Author khung puthysak ( ago)
Queen Angelina ❤️.

Author courtney green ( ago)
I just wonder why they take Africa so serious I think there is a hidden agenda and basically want to know what Islam thinks of power? I believe Islam is another religion looking at Africa because it has no real power in general, talking of which Africa has no real problem! the things I don't see is why would look past turkey for example the Muslim salif culture would be who 'angelina' may want to look up to because that is what you become, unfortunately all these countries you talk of have their ways of dealing with people once their ways of life's are embedded in them. asylum is not a problem its an excuse for you talk on issues its a system in place to bring people into wealth and money... and I don't agree with the topic its a system why not use it systematically?

Author Solomon Magi ( ago)
If I had $800 million. You'd think I could do some direct action measures....

Author Bob Bossie ( ago)
Ms Jolie wrongly distinguishes between true refugees, those who are forced to flee to safety, and economic refugees, those, she claims, who choose to do so. I am very surprised that she does not acknowledge that vast numbers of refugees flee for economic reasons caused by, mostly, first world, economic policies that are another form of warfare against the poor. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is a case in point because it has driven Mexican subsistence farmers from their land and into the cities seeking employment which, very often, doesn't exist. Thus they risk life and limb and that of their children to find other options. .... Please Ms Jolie, you can do better than this. Your voice is very significant but please reconsider, at least, this your position.

Author Erkan Erdin ( ago)
Why do all the countries visited by this woman get worse every time? Answer this question first! We will not take our eyes off the bad deeds US applied on innocents in the middle east because that this woman gave a redeeming lecture. Who does she think herself is to teach us about humanity? Somebody tell her goverment and army to take their bloody hands off those territories.

Author john doe junior ( ago)
I suggest, that Hollywood stars who have so many big multi-acre
houses, use the ones they dont live in, as shelter for new refugees
and homeless people.
Please spread this great idea.
Thank you

Author john doe junior ( ago)
I suggest, that Hollywood stars who have so many big multi-acre houses, use the ones they dont live in, as shelter for new refugees and homeless people.
Please spread this great idea.
Thank you

Author Helga Hufflepuff ( ago)
Paul Joseph Watson would destroy her.

Author dmac Tyler ( ago)
For all the hater posting below. She talked that and is walking it .

Author ivan Testycle ( ago)

Author Exchange Light ( ago)
All the nation split up by daddy's eyes.

Author Angelica Kitali ( ago)
I Have More Than 750 Facebook Friends From Over 40 Countries

Author 哦,它只是旮旯。簡單樸素的旮旯 ( ago)
Such scare little pricks down in the comment section. "BUT BUT..BUT THE REFUGEES ARE RAPING?@@@@@@1!!!!!!!!"

Author Sahar ( ago)
She should be the president of USA.

Author Truthseeker ( ago)
stop funding wars?!

Author Peter C ( ago)
ohh the Mother Teresa....shut your fake mouth will ya!! and rid us of your fake face as well!

Author Looking for justice ( ago)
She hás nice heart
I love her

Author Harry Limes ( ago)
The first safe place a refugee goes they must stay. Thats not walk halfway through Europe to the best welfare states, lying and deceiving all the way there. If shes so worried maybe she could start a hostels with her millions and help the lucky few. Hypocrisy is rife amongst the rich.....

Author TECHNOLİFE ( ago)

Author William ( ago)
teleprompters ... nice ~ looks very presidential.

Author Karla brown ( ago)
What a horrible human she is. Horrible.

Author Ishmael Cetin ( ago)
Angelina stop pretending that you love refugees spend a few million dollars on refugee camps u speak of, u really like to get face time on camera, stop spending on lui and gucci and build infrastructure in Syria, I know u stars have a lot of money so there's your remedy

Author Roseann D ( ago)
Call for the end of wars you stupid lying whore! Where is your outcry for PEACE????? The fake narrative of civil war when it is funded and perpetuated by outside sources.You make me sick!

Author Ibn Awaa ( ago)
She had a lot of sex sense on the YouTube she is bitch

Author elHOMBREdelSACOk ( ago)
great speech

Author Charlye'Charleston ( ago)
I would like to see the interview/conversation following up on this (as indicated by her sitting down with a woman at the end of the video). Does anyone know if there's a link to that?...

Author Bulgaria B.G. ( ago)
You're so sweet. cute and funny and. ...FAKE😃

Author GhostDogg o ( ago)
it would be so much fun if we would all stop using saudi oil and see them riding camels again 30 years later .

then have some jihadis manifest themselfves in the gulf states so they become refugees themselves only to be refused by the rest of the world .

goes around comes around , that would be some epic karma right there .

Author Monica Cameroni ( ago)
Such a hypocrite! Another puppet of the UN pushed into our throats. You are no Diana! Princess Di was in love with the most needed, Jolie is in love with her self delusion of grandiosity. Horrified and disgusted that the poor lives of the UN made refuges contribute to Angelina's fortunate life.

Author Gavrila Stelian ( ago)
The oau........:-);-)

Author cherylfan 1234 ( ago)
she does help them she has a place for them to live.

Author The Japan Show 2017 ( ago)
you're stronger Angelia!

Author Kairat Shokhmanov ( ago)
Sorry, it is really??? But very interesteb!

Author The Beyonder ( ago)
A stable world or fucked up world you pick, red pill or blue pill b,s order out of chaos created.
How about no fix where they came from first send them back do not fell for the Jewish tricks

Author Disabler ( ago)
How can she ask other people for money? Those earrings alone is worth enough to feed the refugees for a year!

Author Brandon E. Smith ( ago)
So naive. You have to look at the person beyond him or her being just a "mother," "father," or "child." For the sake of citizens already living in a particular country, they must take into consideration the cultural and psychological backgrounds of refugees. As evident in Germany and Sweden, safety of citizens comes first—otherwise, they, too, will become refugees seeking help from another country.

Author six million Jew's died ( ago)
I can,t believe this crap I live in UK my neighborhood is full of Muslim's crimes have got out I,m scared to go to church my mother goes out wearing a scarf I hate theses celebrities who sell us out she lives in a gated rich community what does she no it won't effect her

Author kenya ferguson ( ago)
Lot lo we go we gone we zone thank you Angie we on Kenya gone thank you at say of the way we lay lot lo we go we gone we zone of the say we lay thank you we gay of the way we lay lot lo we go we gone we zone of the way we on Kenya gone we go we gay of the way we say nice way we lay thank you we gay of the way we say thank you we gay of the way Kenya lay of the day lot lay of the way we on Kenya gone we zone thank you we on.

Author Ana ( ago)
yuck i can hear her spit like tingling

Author ROBERT OLYMPIC ( ago)

Author Laura Kane ( ago)
Each country has a responsibility to its own citizens first. After seeing the rape increase, women being told to cover themselves to avoid being attacked I think Ms. Jolie needs to rethink her opinions and maybe direct her speech to the refugees and let them know how to act like a human being that respects others.

Author suzanne maddock ( ago)
i give mutch more not bragging tho

Author suzanne maddock ( ago)
just using their easy earned money to help one tenth of what thay earn to look good

Author s mi ( ago)
stop lying

Author umar abdullahi ( ago)

Author SuperSmile2004 ( ago)
Agelina, I admire and respect you however, I do not wish the refugees to live next to my house, sorry.

Author John Walker ( ago)
Is Pakistan 25% foreign and still letting more in? China? Japan? etc. We White people are not doing this in our own country either.

Author Todd Sadler ( ago)
Well look at the facts Angelina half the world is moving west, we have no where to put them, thank the politicians for displacing
them in the first place, they should carry the can for this.

Author Nart Khotej ( ago)



Author Nart Khotej ( ago)
Thanks for Sharing that's.
And Thank You Angelina...

Angelina is right and she told us to Do Something. maybe We Not HEARD ABOUT..

Author Oto Gokhadze ( ago)
hi, could you tell me where i can see whole this text as lyrics? thank you.

Author Victor almaguer ( ago)
You want to take care of refugees. But would give 2 shits about homeless veterans.

Author Paulina 72 ( ago)
we need more people like her to be more compassionate n stop being so judgmental. .all I read here are a punch of negative comments n lots of haters...

Author Paulina 72 ( ago)
we need more people like her to be more compassionate n stop being so judgmental. .all I read here are a punch of negative comments n lots of haters...

Author Paulina 72 ( ago)
we need more people like her to be more compassionate n stop being so judgmental. .all I read here are a punch of negative comments n lots of haters..

Author St. Mark ( ago)
angelina jolie's vagina can take 500 refugees per day, why is she not declared a country ?

Author One Punch Man ( ago)
All refugees have to go to the West..

Why does how that effects their population not matter?

Author Satish A ( ago)
Why there are refugees ???Who is responsible ? West and especially US will see the consequences...

Author tripinagain lsd25 ( ago)
she should spend some of her millions of dollars on this 'problem'.... there problem solved.. next

Author yanbibiya ( ago)
it's like watching paint dry.

Author Kkhan Kareem ( ago)
she is a wright gril for us president

Author Kkhan Kareem ( ago)

Author Reese Issel ( ago)
Well done, reminds me of my speeches with out the Dude dialect of Antartica decades ago .....

Author Deborah Klingner ( ago)





and Hebrew word peleshet. Roughly translated to mean "rolling" or "migratory," the term was used to describe the inhabitants of the land to the northeast of Egypt - the Philistines.

Author Jones Dawg ( ago)
Stupid bitch

Author Ryan Ellis ( ago)
She does lack a certain credibility. I am unsure why. Maybe it is because she is primarily an actress which makes hearing her talk about 'real world' issues a bit preachy. The message is good but I dunno, something just doesn't click with me as a watcher.

Author Lau Ren ( ago)
Of course we have to help them, she could gather a douzen refugees she has many big houses...... Misses Jolie

Author For Father ( ago)
I respect and admire your passion for doing good. In my meager way, I seek opportunities to do the same. I show respect and acceptance and honor those seeking a future in peace and unity.

I'm fearful though. I watch our European allies suffer murders, rapes and vile evils as hundreds of arab rape gangs take charge of their lands and wonder if this may soon happen here, in America. Men, clearly not refugee or migrant, militant and deliberately attacking girls of all ages in broad daylight, strip them and penetrate the fragile bodies, detroying their whoms, killing their souls and all with purpose in mind. In their words, they do it to disrepect the men of the land, "We are multiplying faster and faster. You Germans are not getting any children! At most you get 2 children. We are making 7 to 8 children." A man spoke in arabic. "...and then we take 4 wives each, then have 22 children. So make it Allah - blessed is his name - the almighty god that we conquer you..." Another man then spoke, "I have a problem down here." He pointed to his pants, "My balls are very big. Like this." He made a cupping hand jesture to illustrate just how big. Then another migrant spoke up, "If the disbelievers want to push us back, maybe they can start to marry 4 wives and have alot of children. Start with that, maybe they will have a chance but I don't think so." Another proclaimed as he held a plate with rotten meat, "This food is to bad, even for a dog. This is for women."

Perhaps we can permit women and children refuge. Perhaps we should turn back the teen boys and men up to 70 years old. Send them back to win their country. However, if they stay...perhaps the greatest injustice will be to the benefactors who with open arms and open hearts welcomed armies of enemies through the gates, no Trogan horse needed.

Author Sweep Stalkers ( ago)
If you look up refugees on youtube all you see is full grown men attacking people. Where are these women and children?

Author MrRobynLover ( ago)
I used to be a fan but herself and Clooney are the biggest hypocrites going. Lets just change all demographics and import the Middle east every time theres a conflict because western propaganda dictates we must take in all people. There are many like me who will not be duped, celebrities in the grand scheme do feck all for these people beyond guilt westerners. they have the wealth and resources to take many migrants yet they dont, down on the ground in Germany France etc migrants have already rioted disrupted and participated in terror. You cant pull the wool over all our eyes.

Author Nate H. ( ago)
Virtue! Virtue, where are you?!

Author juan pablo zepeda mardones ( ago)
She's been aging much faster than plastic surgeries promised her. As seen, richness and beautiful body appearence are just as ephimere as a ice cube in hand; however her soul is eternal and until now she would be going to Hell

Author fight me gook yecciiss ( ago)
Why don't you and Brad give the refugees a couple of your spare rooms in your 60 room mansions? Or naw..

Author Anna Andrea ( ago)
Politicians and religious leaders are the ones responsible for the wars all around the world. This world is in chaos because of their filthy agendas. It is sickening to see how they try to proclaim that they do all that in the name of humanity when, in truth, all they do is seek their personal gain at the expense of other human beings. War is an immense source of income: "Divide an conquer". People are so dumb and gullible! They fall for their demagogic speeches and support them. Meddlers! History is repeating itself. Powerful countries subduing the weak. POLITICS=RELIGION The most atrocious crimes committed in the name of the, so called, love, tolerance, and understanding. Human rights! Right! Some people (the ones who put their dirty, greedy hands on the riches of this world) seem to be above all that and kind of got the knack and taste of playing GOD... This is the NEW WORLD ORDER, for you!

Author Sonata Abdul ( ago)
I wanna see her running for president in the future

Author Thorir the Hound ( ago)
I don't care what her views are she's still so damn sexy.. I would drown for her

Author arsayyaf mohtesham ( ago)
Do Good things for Humanity,
IN SHA ALLAH ,ALLAH will forgive your all sin mam and ALLAH will give you hidaya you can reach the TRUTH

Author PMeursault ( ago)
those lips must be constructed from donated scrotal skin

Author Jacklyn Wells ( ago)
Hurricane Matthew showed us a taste of what the UN/Haiti felt from it. We should help them!

Author amichalo ( ago)
In the end she is talks about stopping wars that cause refugees. Agreed!

Author Dave Fordham ( ago)
I am amazed by how dilated her pupils are. It's not that dark.

Author Omar Sadik Mohamoud Ali ( ago)
Love humanity. No to fear. No to bigotry. People who negatively judge others for trying to make the world a better place should look at themselves first. What did you contribute to the world? This woman could at least stand tall and say I did something for humanity.

Author Lady x ( ago)
even the devil can bless you.

Author Gx Concepts ( ago)
Its easy for us to live as one, if we weren't so damn selfish and self centered...She is trying to make a difference by informing and actively getting involved...She's awesome. One Love Angelina

Author Charlie Mills ( ago)
How many refugees has this woman taken into her multi-million dollar mansions? zero. What a virtue signalling hypocrite. Why do people put these drug addicted, zombie-like celebrities on such a high pedestal?

Author Alexandra A. ( ago)
#AngelinaforPresident :)

Author john adams ( ago)
She wants to be the next Lady Di....fat chance, she's as mad as a bag of ferrets.

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