DIY Battery Powered Water Gun

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  • Clash With Clans
    Clash With Clans 2 days ago

    just Shake the future ...OhYEAH

  • tanmay khanna
    tanmay khanna 2 days ago

    can u design a fidget spinner using this machine

  • Halldòr Sölvason
    Halldòr Sölvason 3 days ago

    ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeaaaaa Nice video LETS GET WET i love it

  • Jarecki 88
    Jarecki 88 3 days ago

    Not for children. They desrtroy the battery.

  • Dark Slayer
    Dark Slayer 3 days ago

    I luv the first statement...LETS GET WET!!! XD

  • سعود الشهري

    A good project, your projects using the 3D printer began to evolve

    keep going :)

  • Nick Horvath
    Nick Horvath 3 days ago

    be careful not to run your battery too dead or you could permanently damage the cells. The drill has circuitry to cut out the battery if the voltage drops too far.

  • affan -6
    affan -6 3 days ago

    Oooooooooohhhh yaaaaaahhh

  • affan -6
    affan -6 3 days ago

    Oooooooooohhhh yaaaaaahhh

  • Pink Guy
    Pink Guy 3 days ago

    Nice video m8😘😘😍😍

  • Nihar gaur
    Nihar gaur 3 days ago

    That was so nice, and finally ... Ohhhhh Yeahhhhh....

  • Calo Nico
    Calo Nico 3 days ago

    Awesome idea man! If I could do it I would lol

  • Evren Uçar
    Evren Uçar 3 days ago

    The 3d printer unlocked your inner potential man :D

  • felixthemaster1
    felixthemaster1 3 days ago

    "Let's get wet" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • I.G. Noreme
    I.G. Noreme 3 days ago

    Maybe you could rotate the bottle to make some sort of stock. This would of course need some support from the bottom but I don't think that is a problem when you have a 3d printer.

    • Shake the Future
      Shake the Future 3 days ago

      Yes, that's another option.
      If I'll make another water gun, I'll consider all the suggestions.

  • tanmay khanna
    tanmay khanna 4 days ago

    wow awesome project

  • Sebastian Nava
    Sebastian Nava 4 days ago

    what your ethnicity? just curious

    • Shake the Future
      Shake the Future 3 days ago

      I am Latvian. Not sure if that answers the question.

  • coondogtheman1234
    coondogtheman1234 4 days ago

    I would have put the battery on top and the bottle on bottom so in case this leaks it won't get into the battery. There is a good amount of tech in those lithium drill batteries.

    • Shake the Future
      Shake the Future 3 days ago

      Yes, it's a good point.
      I considered to do it, but at the end I did not. The bottle does not leak, so there should not be any problems, unless you don't close it properly.

    • Yoni Hikri
      Yoni Hikri 3 days ago

      coondogtheman1234 I think he put the water on top to help the pump push the water, since, you know... gravity.

  • Luka Ratić
    Luka Ratić 4 days ago

    It seems like your becoming master of your work! Danny the 3D printing master! XD Cheers!

    • Shake the Future
      Shake the Future 3 days ago

      Just like with everything...more you do it, better you become. I am far off to be a master, but thanks for the kind words :)

  • LiNi
    LiNi 4 days ago

    STF can u say hi 🙏🏽

  • Nacho TV
    Nacho TV 4 days ago

    Dewalt might have to start considering having a Toy Division.

    • Shake the Future
      Shake the Future 3 days ago

      I am sure they would do good.
      Fathers would have an excuse to buy an extra battery for son's water gun......knowing that it is actually for their drill.

  • Centron
    Centron 4 days ago

    "Let's get wet !"

  • Uthman Ahmad
    Uthman Ahmad 4 days ago

    you are amazing and very talented

    you are the youtuber number one for me

    keep up the good work and I wish you you have the biggest youtube channels

    im sorry for my english it's not very good

    your biggest fan from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦

  • Ahmed Aly
    Ahmed Aly 4 days ago

    Oh yea

  • T C
    T C 4 days ago

    once again an amazing job...u always do awesome your channel! !!!!!!!

  • MC's Creations
    MC's Creations 4 days ago

    Great project, bro! And the best is you don't even need a 3D printer or a DeWalt battery to make it. :) Pipes and a battery pack would be more then enough. That's what makes it so great. :)

    • MC's Creations
      MC's Creations 3 days ago

      Shake the Future Sure! It can always be useful!

    • Shake the Future
      Shake the Future 3 days ago

      Thank You!
      Yes, you don't need 3D printer or drill's battery, but I liked the idea that you can use battery from a drill.

  • diego ramos
    diego ramos 4 days ago

    I personally dont like dewalt tools lol but I can just do it with a riobi drill

    • Shake the Future
      Shake the Future 3 days ago

      This is my first Dewalt drill and I love it.
      Can't speak about other Dewalt products.

  • thenameisblu
    thenameisblu 4 days ago

    Doesn't look like it goes that far... looks like the hole the water goes though is too big.

    • Shake the Future
      Shake the Future 3 days ago

      You are right. It's not the most powerful water gun.
      I tried to make the hole smaller, but the pump was not powerful enough to push through all the water.
      This was the optimal size. I need to swap the pump.

    • Yoni Hikri
      Yoni Hikri 3 days ago

      thenameisblu the cool thing is since it's 3d printed, it can be changed pretty easily.

  • Özgün Kara
    Özgün Kara 4 days ago

    I read water powered battery gun cuz its 2.30 AM here and clickbaited myself. nice vid btw

    • Shake the Future
      Shake the Future 3 days ago

      I do it all the time. Open a video and realize that I misread the title :)

  • Shake the Future
    Shake the Future 4 days ago

    Finally I found a use for the small water pump I had.
    Not bad for the size, but lacking power.
    If you make something like this, you’ll want to use more powerful pump.
    PS. I’ll read your comments in a few hours.

    • EestiYTsuckib
      EestiYTsuckib 3 days ago

      what if u put a metal tube on it

    • Shake the Future
      Shake the Future 3 days ago

      I don't think think the plastic will handle it.
      We'll have a single use flamethrower :)

    • EestiYTsuckib
      EestiYTsuckib 4 days ago

      Shake the Future if u put gasoline in it u have a flamethrower

  • EestiYTsuckib
    EestiYTsuckib 4 days ago

    first view first comment first like again ( i bet u have seen me)

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