Booty booty booty (maca powder/pills, aguaje)

talking about my booty journey

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Author misterbarela (4 years)
Yes real beautiful keep up all the good work wow real nice much love from
misterbarela mwuah!

Author 23kookiemunster (3 years)
does the aguaje make you gain weight in the abdominal area as well??

Author RhiaJuice (3 years)
@peachtree05 no it just goes to your butt

Author RhiaJuice (3 years)
@latoyaracquel85 thanks nov 19th marked a yr with no creamy crack and april
8th of this yr is when i did my BC i love my hair. But yes i am still
taking my supplements and i just added a new vid.

Author beauflower121 (3 years)
Go girl....there is hope

Author RhiaJuice (3 years)
@lynxxfemme maca and aguaje and i got it from whole foods they sell it on
amazon as well (the maca)

Author RhiaJuice (3 years)
@KIdDpurPLeJUnkiEe lol yes it is the same thing.

Author RhiaJuice (4 years)
@enviousbeauty21 i'm trying lol

Author MoKnows (4 years)
Loved it! Thanks for posting. This is great stuff. How many pills are you
taking a day?

Author RhiaJuice (3 years)
@evergloizm No just in my butt

Author Micah Jasz (3 years)
@Marhia07 oh no ill pass lol.... thanks

Author Que P (3 years)
My smoothie recipe contain maca, raw cacao powder, agave nectar, whatever
nutmilk of choice and ground sesame/sunflower seeds or ground
flaxseeds/pumkin seeds....tastes like chocolate milk

Author evergloizm (3 years)
did you gain only in your butt or did you gain weight all over? like your
waist area, legs, arms, etc?

Author RhiaJuice (4 years)
@JoJa00 Yes I get them from Rodolfo and they are like a reddish in color.

Author prettygirlsaywhattt (3 years)
u should have shown the workout plan

Author RhiaJuice (3 years)
@LuvIsCourage that's the only way i take it in protein shakes, yogurt or in

Author noorsalaam (3 years)
First video that I actually saw real results... Looks good girlie!

Author RhiaJuice (3 years)
@baby8969 no you don't have to take them forever, but i take the powder
form now.

Author Relovlee (3 years)
omg your video is great. Im a sista too thats never had a but and i dont
care about the fact my breasts are small either. Thanks for posting this.
Now I do have one ?, DO u suggest eating more food and working out to get a
bigger but or just continuing to eat sensibly then working out, im not sure
if i need to up the food intake? Please help

Author RhiaJuice (3 years)
@apatte4975 i may have to try that mix one day

Author bjfbeautiful (4 years)
hi Rhia love the video you always give great info

Author Fayven Ghebru (3 years)
@Marhia07 lool same, thats the problem! and do you think I could get
results just taking maca, instead of with the aguaje?

Author enviousbeauty21 (4 years)
Lol uhoh rhia .....u about to catch up wit me

Author RhiaJuice (3 years)
@PriNceSsbUbbleZ13 yes ma'am i started out on the maca

Author SillyRabbit425 (3 years)
Are you from charleston south carolina ?

Author Mahla Moore (3 years)
May I ask how many pills of aguaje you take a day?? I just purchased and
got mine in the mail but i wana make sure to take it right

Author quasez54 (4 years)
yay! im about to start my own weight gain challenge..i hope u meet all ur
goals..keep making videos.

Author RhiaJuice (3 years)
@23kookiemunster no it doesn't make you gain weight there

Author RhiaJuice (3 years)
@greeneyes619 just in your butt

Author RhiaJuice (3 years)
@MrsDardenxoxo If you can afford to take that much then I say go ahead.

Author disiz sumbull (4 years)
what happened to ur mn mix... last time I saw ur video.. it was growing out
nicely.... I like your natural hair as well... goood luck on ur journey..

Author RhiaJuice (3 years)
@PriNceSsbUbbleZ13 well i already have a high one so it's not really
bothering me lol

Author RhiaJuice (4 years)
@86meridian Thanks i love it too lol booty booty booty rocking everywhere

Author RhiaJuice (3 years)
@Relovlee a good protein shake 2x's a day and don't overdue it with the
food. because then you will have to work on the belly. Which you can do if
you get a squeem and do crunches as well.

Author LuvIsCourage (3 years)
ok so I just started powder form Maca and it tastes like x__x sooo you have any recipes or some wAys to fix the powder that it
doesnt taste so triff. I tried maca with protein shakes and yogurt, not so
bad but still ugh. ANY SUGGESTING?

Author DhatGirlTiny (3 years)
omg girl ! u grew a donkk ! :) lls . wat herb is u takin ? wat exercises do
u do & wat do u eat ? i wud love 2 knw im tryna get a bigger butt .

Author Anisa Shockness (3 years)
where can i find the rodolfo site??????

Author RhiaJuice (4 years)
@deevine1030 I just did a vid and i will be posting it once my camera
charges up. it went dead when i wanted to upload it smh

Author lynxxfemme (3 years)
where you just taking the maca powder? and what brand of the powder are you
using? You booty looks great!!!!!! :) thanks girl

Author RhiaJuice (4 years)
@missbella1024 you can buy maca from, whole foods, vitamin shoppe, or
online at or vitacost, but puritan pride usually have sales on
their vitamins. The powder form is more potent than the pill but if you get
the powder its not the best tasting so you can mix it with applesauce in
protein shakes or in yogurt. If you get the pill make sure you get
genatalized kind. And I take whey protein but soy is supposed to be better.
I'm going to get that next when this is finished.

Author missbella1024 (4 years)
where can i buy macca ? and what protien shake do you recommend ?

Author RhiaJuice (3 years)
@SillyRabbit425 no i am not, i live in tx

Author Juana4ev (4 years)
Where did you buy your Aguaje? From the Rodolfo guy on that blogspot site?
What is the color of the Aguaje supposed to be.. tan brown or?

Author RhiaJuice (4 years)
@JoJa00 lol yeah they were talking bad at about him at first but he turned
out to be the better one out of I guess the Ebay person that was selling

Author SexyShan06 (3 years)
where can i find maca pills or powder and the other stuff u talked
about?.... and can u list all the things u been using?....please?

Author Micah Jasz (3 years)
is mace the same thing as the sexual enhancer.... im celibate and da last
thing i need is for my sex drive to boost up lol.

Author RhiaJuice (4 years)
@FlipFlibbo I just want to tone up and gain for myself. We are our biggest
critics so once I'm at my goal I will be satisfied. I'm already happy with
me just want to improve me. Thank you for the wonderful comments.

Author RhiaJuice (4 years)
@SDAallday I don't take the maca pills anymore I use the powder so i use
about 2 tablespoons a day. And I take 6-9 aguaje pills.

Author latoyaracquel85 (3 years)
First off I love your hair. I recently repermed my hair after 3 yrs of
being natural. D'oh!!Anyway, thank you for being so brave and honest and
representing for women who want to become just more feminine and curvy. I
have more of an athletic build and want to have a lil more umphhh to my
curves. Are you still taking the supplements? Are you still seeing
progress? I might have to do a response video and show you my results. LOL.

Author RhiaJuice (3 years)
@SexyShan06 maca can be found in any health store like gnc, whole foods or
another health store

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