Hitler's Imperial March

Music by: John Williams - Imperial March (Star Wars)

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Author TRUTH SERUM II ( ago)
Darth Vader was right!

Author Bilbo Swaggins ( ago)
Space Nazis or real Nazis?

Author Андрей Падня ( ago)
Now I understand, it is impossible to win with such dog music.. Compare
"Farewell of Slavianka"

Author Limitlesschaos07 ( ago)
Hitler and his army of storm troopers, with the exact song i was asking for

Author Dio A ( ago)
This is what the internet was made for!

Author Nicephore Phocas ( ago)
Offensive to who ??

Of courses , the whining jews & their dummies americans slaves !!

I am not offend at all.

How great the world would be today if 3th Reich armies had wins ??!!

HEIL the great Fuhrer !!

Author Porter Blank ( ago)
Very very soon a man is going to come just like this one and he will tell
you all about the Evil 1%er's and he will be Right....

Author marios manesis ( ago)
great video and music by John Williams, thanks

Author Yassine Scorpion ( ago)
In a single word: Greatness

Author Dwight Newsom ( ago)
The movie and the music were years apart but they go together very well.

Author Darth Sidious ( ago)
Salvación y gloria eterna a Adolf Hitler, un hombre que casi nos libre de
los males del mundo actual si tan solo hubiera triunfado ¡¡SIEG HEIL MEIN

Author Itthikorncraft ( ago)
Hitler is darth vader rebirth

Author Windownsmp ( ago)
where u get these numbers

Author Sevenhills ( ago)
USA government killed 5 million innocent children , women and men for the
last 10 years in the Middle-East , but no one seems to care even though we
all know it is happening even at this very moment , good world we are
living in , i hope we all die,because we dont deserve it.

Author barry steven ( ago)
Hitler was a total piece of nazi shit TB BRTALY honest I hate nazis

Author BringThekidSomePunch ( ago)

Author BringThekidSomePunch ( ago)
Mother of gid

Author SAK 1991 ( ago)
Thats a GIGANTIC march.

Author 666madmonk ( ago)
Ha, I like it too! I've always hoped someone would do it this way :)

Author guadalupe lozano ( ago)
Gloria al Gran Adolfo por siempre.

Author Valkyrie Sardo ( ago)
Incorrect. Were Speer and Eichmann jewish? Be more thorough in your
research to avoid making sweepin generalizations.

Author Lucas Ferreira da silva ( ago)
because music Darth Vader?

Author KRAUT HAMMER ( ago)
If anything it is a Zionist regime, which is the kind of thing this Reich
was trying to eliminate from happening. 

Author KRAUT HAMMER ( ago)
World War Eleven? 

Author Princess Khaos ( ago)
Now it's official, I'm definitely going to Hell for being so excited about
seeing this.

Author Caxton1488 ( ago)
The White race lost WW11..Unfortunately most Whites are to stupid to see

Author Kieran Brauer ( ago)
This regime was incredibly efficient at conquest and could well have
established a 1k reich had the US not intervened. Now we have a different
paradigm in power I would argue more covertly evil but just as lustful for
domination: the Anglo-American empire.

Author ErickOrffs ( ago)
Came for Darth Hitler, stayed for stupid-ass comments.

Author fashizzle78 ( ago)
I think all those officers were himmlers ss gestapo .the black uniforms
indicate it

Author Omar Campos Flota ( ago)
not after 1941...

Author A New Rome ( ago)
He was a brilliant general, this according to David Irving whom is despite
being controversial a man who understands Hitler greater than anyone else

Author Omar Campos Flota ( ago)
politician yes, general no, he should have not messed in military matters

Author horselips ( ago)
ALL of history's bad guys - Louis XIV, Napoleon, the Mahdi, Ceteswayo,
Hitler, the USSR, Argentine Junta, Al Qaeda, and countless others all made
the same mistake - ignoring the undeniable, irrefutable, & absolute fact of
life & nature - that GOD IS AN ENGLISHMAN, &, according to Prince Bismark,
He holds a special PROVIDENCE for drunks, fools, and the United States Of
America. Let all future enemies of Anglo-American Christian civilization
beware. God Save Her Majesty & God Bless America! 

Author A New Rome ( ago)
That lunatic was one of the greatest generals and politicians that ever

Author Spyder Fweek ( ago)
I want to eat beans out of a Jerry Helmut!

Author louieg40 ( ago)
that sucks cuz now you're dancing with the devil hahahahaha

Author louieg40 ( ago)
and what's wrong with that? your intolerance of other races sickens me. and
the sad face is, is that you got 10 likes, just goes to show that society
is still as ignorant and racist as it was back then. i have lost all faith
in humanity. 

Author TheHasanMurat ( ago)
Jews created Hitler.

Author strange person ( ago)
Trying not to laugh. Failing. Laughing.

Author sevenelizabeth ( ago)
They like many civilizations before them underestimated the Russian winter.
Additionally their leader was a raving lunatic. 

Author Bartek Kolodziejczyk ( ago)
Doesnt it make u wonder sometimes, how the hell did they loose the war

Author Alexandru Ioan ( ago)
he was our only hope,but his legacy still lives

Author EFB562EFB ( ago)

Author Eduardo Castillo Perera ( ago)
Tank you, I needed something for my history presentation.

Author Deivid io ( ago)
Nice artistic piece. Makes me think of the similarity between humans and

Author stoomthoom ( ago)
Yes lord u did please let me kiss your hand

Author notVIPonEarth ( ago)
Can you see it

Author notVIPonEarth ( ago)
Hate nazis love hitler hate Jews Look closer at this piece of reality

Author Francis ( ago)
Killing 60 million humans? Herr Hitler is the second most dangerous
dictator in the world first a old chinese communist who barely reduce the
entire population china leaving only 70 percent with 70 million kills

Author Francis ( ago)
i will entirely great full if i have 18 million men at my disposal and i am
honored if i have the vast resources of the America i could colonize the
entire poor and average country in africa in legal way legal in a sense no
one will see that i'm colonizing the country i help and split into half the
resources that i can gather then when i leave the country that i colonize
i'll make sure that it will be removed from the most poorest country in the

Author Francis ( ago)
i beg to differ if you have 18 million men and another millions in reserve
how do you feel if you can't control the temptation like hitler you'll be a
protege of hitler nazis are nazis its just National socialism but re design
it and you will be the hero just remove the anti semi et etc you will be
hero to your people it's easy to colonize in a legal way

Author Francis ( ago)
non aryans yes?

Author Claudio Beltramo ( ago)
the new world order had a strong enemy, so overthrew him. Let us now
present who was crazier: if Hitler or the U.S. government? el nuevo orden
mundial tenia un fuerte enemigo, por eso lo derrocaron. Miremos ahora el
presente quien estaba mas loco: si Hitler o el gobierno de Estados Unidos?

Author Patrick LLabbe ( ago)
Capitalism rips off the workers to pay the lazy bosses.

Author Patrick LLabbe ( ago)
So mature!

Author cemal yapici ( ago)

Author Cosmoline ( ago)
Hey Nazi pukes, I got some fresh 54R for you.

Author Cosmoline ( ago)
Yet they still lost. Weak squarehead fucks. LOSERS!

Author Cosmoline ( ago)
Calling someone a "Jew" is a huge compliment. Israel is far stronger than
Germany now. 

Author Cosmoline ( ago)
Fuck Hitler, fuck all nazis. KILL THEM ALL

Author Spyder Fweek ( ago)
Hail jawa and the sand people! Don't forget 3po and r2

Author marcorp87 ( ago)
Ese Hitler era un loquillo

Author David Bartlett ( ago)
Wow you really got it mixed up. Socialism = Evil. The only good system is
where what you get is based on how hard you work not how good you are at
getting people to give you handouts. When you tax people into oblivion in
order to pay for ludicrous social programs they don't bother working so
hard and nothing gets done. This is why the Soviet Union collapsed. 

Author MrMinerGuy142 ( ago)
No, he's a Russian, or Polish, or French, or American, or Briti- you get
the point...

Author Patrick LLabbe ( ago)
You are the FUCK! Socialism is about fixinbg the social order so no on e is
left behind. Socialism does work look at France, Switzerland, Sweden and
many Eurosocialist countries. Too many people mix up socialiosm with
STATEISM of the so called "communist" countries. Capitalism iks a
reprfessive system where those at the top oppress the workersw for profits
and could give a fuck about society. 

Author Patrick LLabbe ( ago)
You are totally FUCKIED UP! "Hitler had many good ideas" BULLSHIT! 

Author Brian Pex ( ago)
Hitler had many good ideas. Not well thought out but some were very sound.
Most people don't understand it. Killing jews was his scapegoat and not the
right thing but it wasn't only jews. Again, this doesn't come close to
making it right. It is too complicated here... 

Author Brian Pex ( ago)
You're an asshole... Socialism breeds lazy fucks and no innovation. Why do
you think all great achievements of the last 200 years mainly came from
capitalist ideas?? Wake the fuck up loser 

Author KCTC11 ( ago)
wow..... great....

Author Craig ( ago)
This was funny but why did I have to click through an extra page to allow
myself to see this, youtube is getting stupid.

Author Patrick LLabbe ( ago)
By the way George Bush was just convicted ihn Indonesia of war crimes. Go
to CNN international for the story!

Author Patrick LLabbe ( ago)
The USA as a neo-imperial power is responsible for genocide on a massive
swcale. The Capitalist/Fascist system must be destroyed. The UK, France and
other present and past imperial powers must be destroyed and the New World
Order of ONE WORLD Socialism must emerge from the ashes!

Author Patrick LLabbe ( ago)
Fiuck Hitler!

Author Patrick LLabbe ( ago)
You're still an asshole!

Author Patrick LLabbe ( ago)

Author Equestrian Republican ( ago)
Because we didn't slaughter 16 million people in cold blood for being

Author John D. ( ago)
Sieg Heil

Author Patrick LLabbe ( ago)
Stupid Fuckin idiot! Alle Nazis müssen einen schmerzhaften Tod sterben. 

Author Patrick LLabbe ( ago)

Author Angel Med ( ago)
crimes against humanity as of the USA against Japan in Hiroshima and
Vietnam, crimes of UK army in India, crimes of French army in Africa, why
you assholes don't dare talk about that??

Author TheHighPriest'sChair ( ago)
It's easy to get carried away by the charisma of the Nazi regime however
one should remember that they carried out of of the most brutal and sick
crimes against humanity in modern history. The galactic empire on the other

Author Molusc ( ago)
Lord Hitler, can you hear me ?

Author Gordon Ilaoa ( ago)
Yeah I understand what u mean...Wow thats a big Nazi rally 

Author Muhammad “Yuuya” Muizzuddin ( ago)
Heil Vader!

Author TheUltrasBorussia ( ago)
Absolutely amazing that only one man could create so much power and get
such a large following.

Author Chode Bean ( ago)
Heil mein fuhrer 卍

Author edgardusXII ( ago)
The national socialist Germans truly possessed the noble virtues of the
early agrarian Roman & Visigoth.

Author Joe Mansions ( ago)
Would you still dislike Hitler if he was an anti-racist? See the new comedy
film Anti-racist Hitler and praise Diversity.

Author Nerdbuster ( ago)
Happy birthday!

Author Eccebudasatiro74 ( ago)
Heil, Mein Führer! You are gone, but not forgotten, happy birthday.

Author Grant Solomon ( ago)
Hahahahaha really star wars? :D

Author If Not Now, When? ( ago)

Author Oodlepoodle Puke ( ago)
fukin lol

Author If Not Now, When? ( ago)

Author Oodlepoodle Puke ( ago)
that can't be good for your lungs you know. 

Author If Not Now, When? ( ago)
fuck hitler i roll up the joint and smoke hitlers ashes

Author bellevernon15012 ( ago)
The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as being
potentially offensive or inappropriate. Viewer discretion is advised. Why
dont you tube put this warning on the videos the hood niggers upload of
there rap music? 

Author Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion ( ago)
Why has this been flagged offense by YouTube..? It is the music for the
Dark side of the force not the good. 

Author Kragen67 ( ago)
It's amazing that a lowly corporal would rise to the top of the DAP party
that he was supposed to spy on, and ultimately all the way to Fuhrer. Who
could have imagined that a bohemian nobody would lead the world to it's
worst conflict in history, and become the most infamous man of the 20th
century. In the spirit of StarWars he was the emperor.

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