Hitler's Imperial March

Music by: John Williams - Imperial March (Star Wars)

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Runtime: 3:04
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Author Humberto Infamatus (1 year)
... esa pendejada de Star Wars, y su intento mediático de vincular la
música con lo maligno... de inocular una idea ... de condicionar al animal
... convertirte en el perrito estúpido de Pávlov. Y todavía pagar por ese

Author barry steven (1 year)
Hitler was a total piece of nazi shit TB BRTALY honest I hate nazis

Author LeftALife91 (1 year)
Stop being a puppet of left-wing propaganda over the ages. He did nothing
wrong. Nowadays we have "multiculturalism" as part of the genocide against
Whites, to eventually breed us out and annihilate us. You fought on the
wrong side.

Author LordDonkeyhat (1 year)

Author LordDonkeyhat (1 year)

Author Itthikorncraft (1 year)
Hitler is darth vader rebirth

Author Eccebudasatiro74 (1 year)
Heil, Mein Führer! You are gone, but not forgotten, happy birthday.

Author Flamesman19 (1 year)
"Wrong side" Dude, have you ever heard of something called the Holocaust?
He killed over millions of people because he thought that Germans were the
best, and must defeat everyone. He led the Holocaust. If you would get your
head out of your butt and pay attention to the rest of the world, everyone
hated Germany during WWII. So maybe you are the wrong one.

Author Windownsmp (1 year)
where u get these numbers

Author Alexandru Ioan (1 year)
he was our only hope,but his legacy still lives

Author stoomthoom (1 year)
Yes lord u did please let me kiss your hand

Author Edson Rocha (1 year)

Author horselips (1 year)
ALL of history's bad guys - Louis XIV, Napoleon, the Mahdi, Ceteswayo,
Hitler, the USSR, Argentine Junta, Al Qaeda, and countless others all made
the same mistake - ignoring the undeniable, irrefutable, & absolute fact of
life & nature - that GOD IS AN ENGLISHMAN, &, according to Prince Bismark,
He holds a special PROVIDENCE for drunks, fools, and the United States Of
America. Let all future enemies of Anglo-American Christian civilization
beware. God Save Her Majesty & God Bless America!

Author ErickOrffs (1 year)
Came for Darth Hitler, stayed for stupid-ass comments.

Author Bartek Kolodziejczyk (1 year)
Doesnt it make u wonder sometimes, how the hell did they loose the war

Author Deivid io (1 year)
Nice artistic piece. Makes me think of the similarity between humans and

Author Spyder Fweek (1 year)
Hail jawa and the sand people! Don't forget 3po and r2

Author notVIPonEarth (1 year)
Hate nazis love hitler hate Jews Look closer at this piece of reality

Author Brian Peixinho (1 year)
Hitler had many good ideas. Not well thought out but some were very sound.
Most people don't understand it. Killing jews was his scapegoat and not the
right thing but it wasn't only jews. Again, this doesn't come close to
making it right. It is too complicated here...

Author fashizzle78 (1 year)
I think all those officers were himmlers ss gestapo .the black uniforms
indicate it

Author LeftALife91 (1 year)
Rest in Peace, last savior of Europe. We have fucked up resisting you. You
knew the truth, wanted the best for Europe. But you have sown the seeds for
the awakening. White race, unite!

Author 666madmonk (1 year)
Ha, I like it too! I've always hoped someone would do it this way :)

Author Chode Bean (1 year)
Heil mein fuhrer 卍

Author Patrick LLabbe (1 year)
So mature!

Author LeftALife91 (1 year)
Subhuman cunt. We will finish your people off eventually.

Author Theinvader (1 year)
i beg to differ if you have 18 million men and another millions in reserve
how do you feel if you can't control the temptation like hitler you'll be a
protege of hitler nazis are nazis its just National socialism but re design
it and you will be the hero just remove the anti semi et etc you will be
hero to your people it's easy to colonize in a legal way

Author ParasitesH8Truth (1 year)
Good, go jump off a bridge you stinking bleeding heart.

Author immortalDragonKing (1 year)
the japs deserved the 1st one you said

Author Caxton1488 (1 year)
The White race lost WW11..Unfortunately most Whites are to stupid to see

Author Bobiebob (1 year)
You sound like Hitler the jew version

Author Jennifer Lawrence (1 year)
Rest in Peace that whole jew thing is water under the bridge

Author notVIPonEarth (1 year)
Can you see it

Author mindstatekky (1 year)
USA government killed 5 million innocent children , women and men for the
last 10 years in the Middle-East , but no one seems to care even though we
all know it is happening even at this very moment , good world we are
living in , i hope we all die,because we dont deserve it.

Author devinrrod2 (1 year)
卍 :)

Author Patrick LLabbe (1 year)
By the way George Bush was just convicted ihn Indonesia of war crimes. Go
to CNN international for the story!

Author A New Rome (1 year)
He was a brilliant general, this according to David Irving whom is despite
being controversial a man who understands Hitler greater than anyone else

Author w4yne25 (1 year)
rip :'(

Author Patrick LLabbe (1 year)

Author Valkyrie Sardo (1 year)
Incorrect. Were Speer and Eichmann jewish? Be more thorough in your
research to avoid making sweepin generalizations.

Author joshua barton (1 year)
That was fucking wicked. Hitler was the real life evil emperor, and Nazi
Germany his real life evil empire. That's what you call true epic.

Author If Not Now,When? (1 year)
fuck hitler i roll up the joint and smoke hitlers ashes

Author lordjoshua4204 (1 year)
fucking hysterical

Author slauge (1 year)
Hitler did nothing wrong

Author Luke Makko (1 year)
Good night sweet prince u.u

Author TheHighPriest'sChair (1 year)
It's easy to get carried away by the charisma of the Nazi regime however
one should remember that they carried out of of the most brutal and sick
crimes against humanity in modern history. The galactic empire on the other

Author Joe Mansions (1 year)
Would you still dislike Hitler if he was an anti-racist? See the new comedy
film Anti-racist Hitler and praise Diversity.

Author Paul Glibert (1 year)
If this man died in 1939 he would have remained in History as a hero for

Author Theinvader (1 year)
Killing 60 million humans? Herr Hitler is the second most dangerous
dictator in the world first a old chinese communist who barely reduce the
entire population china leaving only 70 percent with 70 million kills

Author Patrick LLabbe (1 year)
Capitalism rips off the workers to pay the lazy bosses.

Author Shushue The Tea Maker (1 year)
Thats a GIGANTIC march.

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