Veronica Jackson - "Bossy R" Music Video (The Electric Company)

Bossy R likes to change the sounds of vowels! Put an "R" in a word and change the word!

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The Electric Company features animation, music, comedy and celebrities to show how the power of words can solve problems, especially those caused by a naughty group of neighborhood Pranksters! This TV show, online destination, and com
munity outreach experience offers children a hip hop portal into the world of literacy, vocabulary, and phonics, providing an entertaining medium for exposure to crucial curriculum.

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Runtime: 3:4
Comments: 126

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Author kolt Cervantes ( ago)
Did you know my name is
Kolton Cervantes 

Author kolt Cervantes ( ago)
Cat cart

Author Gracie Williams ( ago)
Oh by the way the twins that was the same color that hat I think were ir
and er we're so so so awesome and cute.💄💋💙❤💖💕💅

Author Gracie Williams ( ago)
when she sings she make me want to sing to and by the way at the at the
last part her daughter I bet that was a daughter . o by the way I agree
with the two boys with the black or brown hat the ir and the er.😇😍😎🙌👑

Author Ania Smith ( ago)
the twins were in step up 3D and all in

Author Millie Lugo ( ago)

Author Donnie Lee ( ago)

Author Sean Gardner ( ago)
I LOVE your soging

Author Nesta Morris ( ago)

Author Jessica Gonzalez ( ago)
I like the twins with the brown hats

Author Aiyven Conners ( ago)
plz dont be bossy i dont like being bossy but i like you song

Author Stephanie Hernandez ( ago)
anyone know songs like this one?

Author Tia Nguyen ( ago)
You can do fat to fart

Author Eva Washburn ( ago)
You can turn fat to fart

Author Marci Kirk ( ago)
R e should be mered

Author Arhonda Brown ( ago)
the electric company

Author Arhonda Brown ( ago)
this my sons bossy R

Author rellie rellz ( ago)
What episode is this on

Author Carmen Jones ( ago)
Veronica Jackson - "Bossy R" Music Video (The Ele…:

Author Jelene Wynn ( ago)

Author Darnel Roby ( ago)

Author Evangelina Washburn ( ago)
The little girl is little r

Author Miss Cassidy ( ago)

Author Kenneth Seaborn ( ago)

Author Kenneth Seaborn ( ago)
Why is the little girl not singing but ever boty els is

Author Kenneth Seaborn ( ago)
I herd this in 2# grade too and I am in 2# too

Author Kenneth Seaborn ( ago)
I like the song 

Author Page Sorey ( ago)

Author Michelle Kopecky ( ago)
I have seen this video in second grade and I am! Don't forget I love BOSSY
R! My
name is MoRgan ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Author mill9609 ( ago)

Author sajeda2011 ( ago)
"E" and "I" look famished. Somebody feed them please. :o

Author lawri.luvs.lemonade11 ( ago)
I wonder who tht girl is. I think shes bossy r's daughter....

Author Cierra Harris ( ago)

Author hi ( ago)
E and i though ;)

Author noemi hernandez ( ago)
like in stid of saying car I was like hey guys car and cart

Author noemi hernandez ( ago)
I like ur song I saw this song at my school

Author Breana Fizer ( ago)
They all rock I looked at y'all's comments you all love it I love it more
than all of you'll

Author Diamond Johnson ( ago)
Thaa Lil Girl Is Gorquuss Nd She Ckann Dancee . I Used To KNow Every word
Until It Stopped Cominq Onn :)

Author Sugar Dash ( ago)
e i and u make the same sound with r. first, germ, and burst.

Author Ganesh Subramanian ( ago)
Girl you bossy

Author Ganesh Subramanian ( ago)
The boys are cute

Author muchdance1999 ( ago)
bossy r sure likes to use the slide and drop

Author OzzieCrackers ( ago)
what about y?

Author Brian Colling ( ago)

Author Erika Rosalyn (1217 years ago)
heck ya

Author Erika Rosalyn (1259 years ago)
he is not hot "a" is but not as hot as tom felton uhhhhhhhhhhhh hot!!!

Author Nellie K. Adaba ( ago)
I like the dance and the music

Author tutussantiago1234 ( ago)
Tuvo aeiou

Author 461video ( ago)
I loooooooooooooooooooooooove that song

Author p5l12 ( ago)
all of them are pretty cute

Author ThePantieraider ( ago)
E and I are in step up 3

Author Takiyah Jones ( ago)
like this song

Author mariam prater ( ago)
that girl know how 2 dance

Author Brainstormer623 ( ago)
@jayjoester Or lowercase Bossy "R".

Author Sonicfan1911 ( ago)
"U" is hot.

Author Declaration of Independence ( ago)
Listening to it right now

Author lizard81288 ( ago)
This song gets stuck in my head for days. Why must it be so catchy

Author Tawanda Taylor ( ago)
my cus likes this song

Author PurpleGurl1200 ( ago)
When they said "E and I sound just alike" It sounds like "He and I sound
just alike" :)

Author uponit57 ( ago)
What's the name of the group of guys singing? It seems like I've heard of
them...don't know where though...

Author Vee ( ago)
this i cool

Author Linh Tat ( ago)
i like o and the twins

Author Hannah Brown ( ago)
so...this video out of some of the other ones that were shown on the
electric company show, is pretty cool, this one is one of my many favorites
i added to my playlist...i might ask my little cousins to listen and see
what they think. :D keep on making song lik this one and "electric city"
thankz :3

Author Corynica ( ago)
Talk about making learning fun and cool.

Author Tranique Henson ( ago)
the little girl was standin on her toes @ 0:40 and @ 0:41

Author Tranique Henson ( ago)
i like the little girl

Author Tranique Henson ( ago)
@genesis1793 yuuuuup

Author genesis1793 ( ago)
arent those twins in the movie step up 3

Author DinohThunder1000 ( ago)
i like i and e best

Author Coo Santiago ( ago)
oooh i love lombard twins

Author XClac ( ago)
@SummerSpees : Lombard Twins :)

Author Briana Jade ( ago)
i love this

Author odoubleday ( ago)
Ok, so I'm a baby boomer and I've watched Electric Company since about
1979, with my kids. Now my kids have their kids watching it. That Veronica
Jackson is Bossy R-right. But I don't think that's her real name. I think
it's Keena-Kharee something. And the little girl...wowwww. The whole
group's "got it going on."

Author Zamdobber ( ago)
O and U are amazing! :P

Author k3 gambino ( ago)
arent those the twins from step up 3d

Author Kenny Gakumba ( ago)
im 18 i was fliping over the channel,and then i was jaming to this song
that liltle girl is just working it

Author missy5245 ( ago)
:D Can't get this out of my head

Author laneypenns ( ago)
The little girl is y. I think r thought she had spunk...and then she could
use i and e.:D

Author Amanda D ( ago)
@Firegirlable Those are my other favorites. :D I love how they're doing the
same dance just out of sync, then suddenly they match up. lol

Author Firegirlable ( ago)
@TurboCute3000 Me too. My favorite are the dancing twins.

Author Imad Hamid ( ago)
rock on BOSSY R

Author laneypenns ( ago)
The girl is Y.

Author KitsuneTheFighter ( ago)
I like the voice of the guy who does o.

Author Ace.Voodoo ( ago)
i like the "I" part

Author Ben Ramsey ( ago)

Author Summer Spees ( ago)
Anyone know the names of those dancing twins in the video? The Electric
Company has used them more than once for dance scenes and I think they are
cute, I'd like to know who they are in real life.

Author Gee Alexander ( ago)
@YungsingersrAWSOME Yea its the twins in Step Up 100%

Author cutypinkiebf ( ago)
who was the kid

Author YungsingersrAWSOME ( ago)
okay i was watching the step up trailer and there where these two twins and
they looked alot like e & i so my question that them(e and i)? the
exact name of the trailer is Step Up 3D Movie Trailer 2 - Official (HD)
check it out and please tell me what you think

Author Desjambra J. ( ago)
That girl can dance. Look at her. Suprise she can do all that in a dress too

Author h bhm ( ago)
one of my favorite electric company songs!

Author Firegirlable ( ago)
@TurboCute3000 Me too.

Author YungsingersrAWSOME ( ago)
im just in love with "u"

Author codename5543 ( ago)
E & I dance moves are on point

Author Luie Maverick ( ago)
Lmao I'm "A" and I forgot I shot this till today.. too funny

Author leahg314 ( ago)
that little girl is awesome!

Author joelee_316 ( ago)

Author Hal20062b ( ago)
"Y", I think.

Author LimeLime99Zone ( ago)
I love this sketch! I like "o" ! but what about that girl that keeps
dancing, who she?

Author UberScienceNerd ( ago)
I have been shown who is the boss!

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