Binging with Babish: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Special

The gang dreams up some disgusting, heavily alcoholic dishes and drinks in the irreverent multiple-people-shouting-at-once-comedy, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Strap on your kitten mittens and whip up some wine in a can as we faithfully recreate each revolting repast, and if you aren't blackout drunk yet, see if we can make them palatable.

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Author Haris Hanic ( ago)

Author Fatima Camp ( ago)
Hahaha this is in the vegetarian playlist

Author Arin Tentacles ( ago)
did that alcoholic milk make you ultra violent

Author BrownBagAVClub ( ago)
I dont like It's Always Sunny but I love this Babish episode.

Author Betbettington54 ( ago)
I want a milk steak boiled over easy

Author FINkymi ( ago)
I wanna marry this man.

Author Paul Brettschneider ( ago)
Was the actual rum ham even cooked?

Author Daily Ritual ( ago)
I just made the milk steak. AWESOME!!

Author TheCrushenator ( ago)
Your Riot Juice is basically a Blue Hurricane...

Author 11maxed11 ( ago)
from 100k to around 700k subscribers in 2 months? fucking hell that's awesome and you deserve it!

Author glove DutyFreeProductions ( ago)
>celebrating 100k subs
>2 months later
>680k+ subs

Getting up there, boy!

Author Esben Rasmussen ( ago)
Does anyone know how to make caramelized toast? like toast roasted in sugar so it comes out chewy and crunchy?

Author Levi Paulsen ( ago)
cook steak in milk until pallid and misshapen lol.

Author jordan palos ( ago)
1:32 "cool"

Author Jake Wells ( ago)
The fight milk episode was my favorite hahahah

Author Sean Walker ( ago)
Fuuuuuck Riot Juice is rough

Author Jackson Williams ( ago)
What's your spaghetti policy here?

Author gnr91689 ( ago)
I found a new channel to sub to wewt

Author loki guy ( ago)
I love you!~

Author hussein hussein ( ago)
Made me feel like going out and buying some Vodka. Great episode

Author Alex Michael ( ago)
He's the hottest man that I can't see his face on youtube....

Author Scottdogg 529 ( ago)
For the Riot Juice, would 4oz grain alc, 2 oz blue curacao, 4oz pineapple juice be an accurate judge of measurements?

Author Eddie Alv ( ago)
You should have your own restaurant with all these recipes

Author Cyoot Dragon ( ago)
i am in love with these cooking videos

Author Fuzi97 ( ago)
What is this blue drink?

Author Shaun Renew ( ago)
Am I the only one who finds "Its always Sunny..." seriously unfunny.

Author 0utlier ( ago)
" No! I don't give a rat's ass about your collection agency! And as for the $15 co-payment, eat shit and die! "

Author Beast boy 999 ( ago)
This dude is impressive

Author tim turner ( ago)
milksteak does not have meat in it. it is rotten solidified milk. kind of like cheese.

Author Tibbs142 ( ago)
god with the way your creations look and the effort you put in to it how do you not finish all the them immediately?!?

Author Kodak God ( ago)
Do more videos like this, where you make the original then your own version.

Author Jenny Koda ( ago)
Can I ask - what would be a good substitute for grain alcohol in the fight juice recipe you designed? I want to make it but I also want to wake up the next day.

Author GameLord64 ( ago)
Can you make Steven Universe food? (i.e. Fish Pizza, Cookie Cat, etc.)

Author Kay Bee ( ago)
Finally saw your face in a tutorial! :D

Author ezim93 ( ago)
I hope you get to do an Arrested Development episode in a similar manner. I would love to see your take on hot ham water.

Author NickGeorge ( ago)
2 months later he has almost 700k

Author Patrick Johansson ( ago)
7:31 FACE REVEAL xdxdxd

Author hange zoe ( ago)

Author firebrand gaming ( ago)
on the fight milk you should have shaken it without ice to make it creamy and then with ice to chill

Author Jacopo Diluzio ( ago)
Ramen from naruto

Author Fiskerdoodle ( ago)

Author Sebastian Harte ( ago)
Make honey boo-boo s'getti

Author Louisa L. ( ago)
I love your background music.

Author Actually Arin ( ago)
Why can Danny DeVito not make me laugh?

Author William Thompson ( ago)
My friend makes a blue cocktail that he made up himself called an Adios Mother Fucker.

Author RaidsEpicly ( ago)
I made your riot juice recipe (everclear pineapple juice curacao) and it tasted like straight everclear....can anyone give approximate drink mixing ratios?

Author Dilhoon ( ago)
I now have a favorite cooking channel

Author Oscar Hagman ( ago)
100k subs 20th feb 2017, 650k today... that is crazy fast

Author Aaron maust ( ago)
do milk steak

Author sonikpamplemousse ( ago)
Riot Punch nice

Author Blue Phoenix ( ago)
I fucking love this channel.

Author Trafwise Gamgee ( ago)
the milk steak is made wrong. the "milk" is suppose to be bodily fluids

Author Andrew Ridosko ( ago)
swankys taco shop in tennessee made a similar drink called the trailer crunk that was successful in the attempt of inebriation.

Author Andrew Ridosko ( ago)
i like alcohol once a month regardless of the stress going on. i still like to be healthy and skinny, but if anyone wants to dump a lifetime supply of weed on me that would be great. i will smoke weed till i die but my drinking slowly fades away.

Author Luke Posadas ( ago)
Dude this guys is awesome. Who else would like to see some anime dishes though? Perhaps starting with the ever popular Ichiraku Ramen from Naruto? Please up vote the comment so perhaps he will see that there are people who are interested!

Author Carlos ( ago)
Have you thought about giving hells kitchen a try?

Author Keith Rinzema ( ago)
You should open a restaurant with TV show inspired dishes! That would be awesome!

Author FuckPunkers ( ago)
milk steak

Author Always Sunny in California ( ago)
Dat ratatat during every video <3

Author Carter Larosa ( ago)
No making cheese steaks in ur mouth?

Author Keaton Fitzgerald ( ago)
Y do you say wannabe chef? You're really creative to fix all these dishes

Author Bryan White ( ago)
DO Hair Cake from Filthy frank

Author GohModley ( ago)
Doing the Lord's work. Thank u

Author Gabe9408 ( ago)
Anyone know the songs that he uses?

Author Scubadog ( ago)
Dude, Ratatat! I'm so pleasantly surprised to hear them here!

Author scottwoot ( ago)
Great background song choice :)

Author Treft Hergom ( ago)
Make the milk steak over hard with jellybean garnish.

Author david ferrara ( ago)
charlies energy balls?

Author UnknownRex ( ago)
use lower heat and cheddar, and the cheese will stick to the sandwich :)

Author Brandon Szparagowski ( ago)
is that Ratatat I hear?

Author Anon Anon ( ago)
disliked, didnt use the full ham to give rum ham the respect it deserves

Author Ailuri Valyx ( ago)
I both hope and fear that I am about to watch a man cook a steak in boiling milk and then eat it with jellybeans.

Author no thanks ( ago)
happy to hear ratatat!

Author dkim ( ago)
that slo mo was the dopest thing i've seen in a minute

Author Zach Brown ( ago)
all you retards saying he made a Blue Hawaii for Riot Juice, when was the last time you ordered a Blue Hawaii made with fucking Everclear? idiots...

Author Darker Side of Magic ( ago)
i subscribed on the south park episode you did. but this!!!! this was beautiful!!!!!

Author dfss csss ( ago)
You need to do a Simpsons episode, Flaming Moes and Krusty burgers.

Author SCARFACE9511 ( ago)
What was the alcohol he used for Riot Juice? I couldn't hear it clearly

Author ( ago)
Charlie's milk steak should be used in war crimes interrogation.

Author tntgoboomtwenty ( ago)
also, grilled cheese life hack, don't use butter use mayonaise, no joke, i do it myself, i will make a video for proof

Author tntgoboomtwenty ( ago)
raw quail eggs taste a lot better then raw chicken eggs

Author Wayne Gassmann ( ago)
I have only watched two of your videos and your recipe creativity is awesome!!!! Well shot too!!!

Author Coffee Ninja ( ago)
They have a book out, that actually has some recpies. You should check it out.

Author lockjaw larry & the meme team ( ago)
Make Beef Gurewitch

Author Nitasha Johnson ( ago)
I'm going to start watching always Sunny after this.

Author HashSlingingSlasher ( ago)
He should have worn *the duster* while he was making this

Author Sol Vitriol ( ago)
that was not rumham, rumham is a feeling

Author Tiela Jensen ( ago)
Does anyone else watch this to hear him talk? I love his voice.

Author Paddy Mullen ( ago)
Funniest one I've watched so far XD ... tasty renditions too.

Author Andrew Gonzalez ( ago)
the milk stake reminded me of arson bjork

Author zak villarreal ( ago)
Show us how to make crowtein

Author gsboss ( ago)
how do you make mac's famous mac and cheese

Author MalyRasta 420 ( ago)
I love this channel! Just found it yesterday 👍🏽

Author zimboth ( ago)
And to this day some people still claim he's going in for "maybe one more sip"

Author KingMJAH ( ago)
i love it when you try to improve the taste of the food after wile staying true to the original concept

Author Nerdster Blaze ( ago)
well the food is supposed to taste like shit that's the joke

Author Maxine McCann ( ago)
I like to make it in my mouth. It tastes better.

Author adj789 ( ago)
omg this is awesome

Author Itz_Jamez ( ago)
What about macs famous mac and cheese

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