BBC Tries to Ambush Milo...With Exactly The Result You'd Expect

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  • I never turn down BBC and today was no exception. But I have to say I was disappointed with his performance... The journalist is the BBC's James Cook.

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  • Jennifer Litzler
    Jennifer Litzler 4 hours ago

    omg..I love Milo.

  • CrossArms
    CrossArms 9 hours ago

    big black cock

  • Gabriel Anderson
    Gabriel Anderson 22 hours ago

    You gotta give it to him he's smart

  • arbabk09
    arbabk09 1 day ago

    How exactly did BBC "ambush" Milo? They just asked him basic questions about what he believes... and he answered... thats called an interview

  • Jose Adrain
    Jose Adrain 1 day ago

    but they do gang very often.....idk why any one would want Islam culture in America?? they see women as shit. ...fuck that I love my pork bacon and this America love those rules so bad go back to what ever shitty place you're running from

  • Andy Man
    Andy Man 1 day ago

    What an amazing bloke!
    Really enjoyed this vid

  • Franscine Garcia
    Franscine Garcia 2 days ago

    Who else read the title as Big Black Cock?

  • KingPsychoZ
    KingPsychoZ 2 days ago

    Big black cock ambushing Milo? Sounds like his dream cum true...

  • Clorox bleach
    Clorox bleach 2 days ago

    BBC stands for big black cock which I'm guessing is what they all have up there asses

  • Matthew Dean
    Matthew Dean 2 days ago

    ... Fuck yeah!...

  • MushyPanda
    MushyPanda 2 days ago

    "I'm not Implying your a white nationalist, it was just a question."

    But when Milo answered said question with a simple "no", he followed up with, "but isn't what you just said blah blah blah"

    That's pushing the implication you hack...

  • Daniel Wild
    Daniel Wild 3 days ago

    I was always kind of blasé about politics and stuff yano bernies a pot head hillarys a lying cut and trumps a racist idiot but actually listening to milo and hearing those views then going off to research it myself (and watch sjw's and feminazi's get pwned) I gotta say he may say dumb shit sometimes but trumps got it right I mean a lot of European countries are being essentially overrun by Islam and if it doesn't stop there won't be a Germany anymore or an England or anywhere else it'll be 'new Syria' or some bullshit Muslims raised in the west with non Muslim friends that grow up with our way of life and our (allowability?) to question Islam are completely fine in my book lots of Muslim friends but the immigrants coming over with their foreign ideals? hateful teachings? arrogance that we should be like them? they need to be barred because I'm starting to see that this isn't them coming over and assimilating into the culture. this is a slow methodical takeover of western civilisation

  • the shady grove
    the shady grove 3 days ago

    The organisation as it stands today would be apologists for nazis, they like fascists ideology, that's why they defend islam

  • the shady grove
    the shady grove 3 days ago

    BBC are a complete bunch of idiots

  • Tom van broeckhoven

    He is a smart guy but still, it's not so difficult to read him.
    And i can agree with some of the points he makes.
    About everyone being so sensitive all the time, political correctness, freedom of speech and more.
    I wonder if he is familiar with the work of a jim jefferies.
    A man far away from political correctness but just as far from the alt-right if I'm correct.
    And i have to say, quite hilarious.

  • underfire987
    underfire987 3 days ago

    man CBC is the exact same thing no wonder no one trust or watches main stream news anymore its all fake

  • sakaklovas
    sakaklovas 3 days ago

    I don't understand why Milo hates on lesbians so much, wouldnt more lesbians = more single men = more dudes for him to bang?

  • Dean Aly
    Dean Aly 5 days ago

    Milo is pathetic fag noisemaker

  • Hooded One
    Hooded One 5 days ago

    f'ing refreshing

  • Hooded One
    Hooded One 5 days ago


  • Patrick Moreira
    Patrick Moreira 5 days ago

    God bless this man. He's going to do wonders with his political time

  • Rose Stone
    Rose Stone 6 days ago

    I love him. If he wasn't gay I'd marry him.

  • Trance State
    Trance State 6 days ago

    BBC are so utterly full of leftist shite. They recruit, employ, pander to and love the Left. It's a disgusting organisation because every British subject regardless of political background must pay a tax of about £115 a year for the right to access this garbage.

  • Dark Lord
    Dark Lord 7 days ago

    Milo, you are a fuckin legend

  • Joshua Kilpatrick
    Joshua Kilpatrick 7 days ago

    Liberalism has had a similar problem to feminism. The idea behind it is right but the people who follow it have taken it waaaaaaay too far... It's a shame really

  • AyyItsTaco
    AyyItsTaco 7 days ago

    This man is a genius....literally...I want to see his iq scores

  • Jacob Riley
    Jacob Riley 7 days ago

    so where was the "ambush"? clickbaaaaait

  • a0z.universe
    a0z.universe 9 days ago

    I feel like watching this makes me +5 points more right wing.

  • a0z.universe
    a0z.universe 9 days ago

    I'm not saying I agree with Milo's ideals FULLY, but his ability to shut this shit down is amazing.

  • Sk1er Is Dope.
    Sk1er Is Dope. 9 days ago

    Big Black Cock ?!

  • The Holy Goat
    The Holy Goat 9 days ago

    If its a political analysis given by the BBC then its a joke everytime .

  • xX_NEXUS_Xx
    xX_NEXUS_Xx 9 days ago

    the only people who believe in the main stream media now are old fucks who don't know better...

    And leftest cucks.

  • Tom Pittala
    Tom Pittala 9 days ago

    Milo is a badass👍🏻🇺🇸

  • Jaylin Broan
    Jaylin Broan 9 days ago

    so... where's the ambush? :V

  • GabbyTheMeme
    GabbyTheMeme 9 days ago

    Milo is like fresh water in a contaminated world.

  • Kekistani General of the 77th battalion

    May KEK be with you Milo

  • The Meat Train
    The Meat Train 10 days ago

    One thing I don't like, he's gay. Common! Why!? The world would be put to shame if a man said it. Feminist would know their place on the earth.

  • Liam O'Brien
    Liam O'Brien 10 days ago

    Milo is awesome! I'm not exactly pro-LGBTQ but Milo does something many gays never do. They have an argument! Thanks Milo!

  • MrMc BeastModeXV
    MrMc BeastModeXV 10 days ago

    Hes so smart or he just uses common sense and reason and logic to validate his claims which isnt smart necessarily but is what all people should do when arguing about a subject especially ones so widespread

  • Christian cruz
    Christian cruz 10 days ago

    Milo is so hot

  • fear and cowardess sucks

    yeah bro. go Milo. I love you and im not even gay! solid

  • Lama 69
    Lama 69 10 days ago

    Boss!! 💪🏽

  • Dead-Rabbit Tenvia
    Dead-Rabbit Tenvia 11 days ago

    "Muslims hate everyone" Well... They did try to take over the west in the 1500s and 1600s. And the Religion hasn't really changed. They just exchanged their swords for guns.

  • KLEYO travel
    KLEYO travel 11 days ago

    I recently discovered this guy and I respect him. He makes good points and has a lot of balls to do what he is doing. I however don't understand some of the hypocrisy tangled up in his arguments like for example that Trump supports free speech while wanting to mess with the first amendment and that he called a woman barely literate, while Trump is not far behind with his regular speech fuck-ups and limited vocabulary. It just feel that he supports Trump on the basis 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend' and not so much on his competences as a president.

    I also think he is being ignorant about his belief that people are not so dumb to tell the difference between a piece of political analysis and a joke.

  • Aqw aq
    Aqw aq 11 days ago

    Both sides putting words in each others mouths,,

  • chris reese
    chris reese 11 days ago

    James Cook is walking a little funny now a days.

  • Epic Miller
    Epic Miller 11 days ago

    This man is a fucking genius

  • Stick Crual
    Stick Crual 11 days ago

    I like your ideas in politics, but I dislike your behavior and your nails, lol.

  • Hillary For prison
    Hillary For prison 12 days ago

    "I don't trust you as far as I can fucking throw you"

  • Shmutz
    Shmutz 12 days ago

    So Milo does like BBC?
    I mean, Big Black Cock

  • Anthony Banks
    Anthony Banks 12 days ago

    Milo I'm not gay but ... man crush !

  • Leandro Zuniga
    Leandro Zuniga 12 days ago

    he said "all my boyfriend's are black" lol. he makes me laugh so much XD

  • Jami Lalalalalalala
    Jami Lalalalalalala 12 days ago

    Wow he fucking destroyed them

  • Haag Johnson
    Haag Johnson 12 days ago

    While a lot of people in this comment section are saying how unprofessional the BBC were in this video, the man didn't interrupt Milo once. Unlike past interviews, he actually let him speak

  • John Doe
    John Doe 12 days ago

    Silly news, Milo likes a different kind of BBC(;

  • Ignacio Alvarez
    Ignacio Alvarez 13 days ago

    Next up. The US is racist because the presidents house is called the "White House"

  • Light
    Light 13 days ago

    god i love this man

  • DrCalviny
    DrCalviny 13 days ago

    I equally don't like Trump or Hillary. It was like finding the lesser evil. I don't really care if people support either of them, but I can't find myself doing the same.

  • Deus Vult
    Deus Vult 14 days ago

    10/10 I love it

  • Philip Baidoo
    Philip Baidoo 14 days ago

    Just as it is; more grease to your elbow.

  • Stefan Nieuwoudt
    Stefan Nieuwoudt 14 days ago

    brain fart

  • MuchycZ
    MuchycZ 14 days ago

    Lol that BBC journalist is such an idiot :D

  • Jerry Uallera
    Jerry Uallera 14 days ago

    until when BBC will be cosidered a serious TV?

  • Tiago Coelho
    Tiago Coelho 14 days ago

    This video is probably not the best place to say this but Im actually curious: I agree with most of what milo said but I also dont agree with some of the actions trump and the republicans in general have done since he was elected...

    Do most republicans believe that he is actually qualified for the job even after all the ignorance he has shown during his campaing phase? He has no idea how to run a country, neither does his staff, at least in my opinion...

    My question is : do republicans trully believe that trump and his staff are the right people for the job? And if so, why?

    (P.S- im neither republican or democrat, im not even american... Im just curious...)

  • Rusty
    Rusty 14 days ago

    I like milos ideas except Islam idea. Not all Muslims are bad lol. Only radical

  • toddlerwipes
    toddlerwipes 14 days ago

    I thought bbc meant big black cock.

  • ZeroPhoenix
    ZeroPhoenix 15 days ago

    "All my boyfriends are black" that's like that one kid that says I'm not racist I have black friends😭😂✌🏽😭😭😭😭😭

  • The Last Ghost Hunter

    WTF is a Brit talking shit about America

  • Mr. Mister
    Mr. Mister 15 days ago

    Watch the BBc accidentally walk into Milo's house while he's having an orgy xD

  • Vincent Bryan
    Vincent Bryan 15 days ago

    Honestly the BBC guy did make good points and milo just responded with if they don't get it then they're stupid.

  • Teague Zell
    Teague Zell 15 days ago

    BBC? Big black cock?

  • Satans_Lapcat
    Satans_Lapcat 15 days ago

    the only man i know of that can shit on anyones soul at any given moment.. love it

  • Bold Bandit
    Bold Bandit 15 days ago

    Glad to have Milo on our side!. Trump in 2020.

  • Marvin Turner
    Marvin Turner 15 days ago

    Milo's on fire!

  • D e f y i n g G r a v i t y

    Big black cock?

  • Josh L
    Josh L 15 days ago

    Don't always agree with Milo (mostly do), but goddamn do i love watching him work. He's such a charmer.

  • Manuel Jimenez
    Manuel Jimenez 15 days ago

    The title sounds like a really intense porn video.

  • s33d
    s33d 15 days ago

    As a centrist, these interviews are always interesting.

  • Tom Darank
    Tom Darank 16 days ago

    I don't think anyone can disagree at the level of arrogance and pretentiousness that Milo exhibits. It just makes it kind of hard to want to believe the things that he has to say.

  • remy romy
    remy romy 16 days ago

    Beautiful depiction in history of the smart people of the internet VS. the creepy corporate national slimy business run side of the media. AND IT ENDS WITH THE RESULT YOU'D EXPECT.

    clear people VS corrupt establishment

  • Ace Von Ike
    Ace Von Ike 16 days ago

    I wish I was half as Intelligent as Milo

  • Braden Guillory
    Braden Guillory 16 days ago

    Milos brain is amazing

  • Version135
    Version135 17 days ago

    Milo you fuckin rock.

  • Luck Duck
    Luck Duck 17 days ago

    I thought he likes the BBC?

  • LavenderPages
    LavenderPages 17 days ago

    I love you Milo, I don't always agree with everything you say, but I love and respect how frank and real you are! Never any bullshit! Facts and proper deductive reasoning! We need people who can critically think and don't hide behind bullshit! I just subscribed. Carry on famously glorious creature.

  • Luck Duck
    Luck Duck 17 days ago

    can some one explain to me what his opinion is bc I am so confused

  • Tecum Ilic
    Tecum Ilic 17 days ago

    Milo is funnier than any comedy show

  • mbshyn
    mbshyn 17 days ago

    Big Black Cock tried to ambush milo.. with exactly the results you'd expect

  • JenoPaciano
    JenoPaciano 17 days ago

    I read BBC and thought this was something else.

  • James Collins
    James Collins 17 days ago

    "You're are stupid and I don't care."
    I love this guy!

  • redstone god
    redstone god 17 days ago

    milo is almost the most queer est man I've seen but my god does he have a lot of good in him XD

  • Crash Bandit
    Crash Bandit 17 days ago

    It's so refreshing to listen to someone keep it real.

  • Nocturnal Gaming
    Nocturnal Gaming 17 days ago

    Title implies "big black cock tries to ambush milo"

  • Hannah Elizabeth
    Hannah Elizabeth 17 days ago

    he has such an attractive mind

  • Danski Barnes
    Danski Barnes 17 days ago

    BBC bias pigs and perverts

  • Ralph Hsiao
    Ralph Hsiao 17 days ago

    I don't agree with Milo but I think he'd be a cool guy to talk to. I think political correctness is important for clarity of understanding and for respect. I think that even if you don't believe in radical islam, you should make it a label to help shift Muslims away from it, since you're gunna have a hell of a rough time waiting for Muslims to disappear from the world.

    I wish I could have a talk with Milo one day. I don't agree with his stance overall, but he makes really good points and he's clearly a very smart man. I'm nowhere near as coherent as he is in thought, in the sense that he can iterate his point very quickly, so I'd have to ask him to slow down haha. I have a feeling he wouldn't be that patient tho :P

    What I want to say about this video is this:

    1)The importance in political correctness is that there is DEFINITELY way too many people who are too ignorant to know the difference between humor (FAKE) and politics (TRUE). The ignorant people that support Milo will misconstrue a lot of what Milo brings to the table. Same with the ignorant people who don't support him. And even for people who aren't ignorant, there is a lot of way to interpret speeches, particularly if that speech is acknowledged by the owner to require interpretation. So there are definitely people who WILL interpret literally that Islam and everyone Islamic like gang rape. Secondly the problem with comedy being inserted into what are supposedly political statements is that there is just a lack of disrespect. The amazing thing about pure comedy is that you can be as rude and indecent as you want, and the other group knows that you're joking and don't mean ANY of it offensively. However, you're debating with someone, there should be some decorum if you really want to get your point across. For example, if I disagree with homosexuality, and I said something like, "Gays are pretty much useless men who make a lot of noise," sure, that's a joke, but it's also offensive and definitely not conducive to conversation.

    2) I am personally atheist. I don't believe in any religion and I can't really imagine how other people do. But I do respect people having conviction in their faith, so long as it's not affecting me. So what I want to mention about Islam, is that there are clearly a lot of Muslims who can follow their faith without being explosive (Pun intended) and extending their practices over the rights of other citizens. If you want to judge Muslims based on the horrific acts that may or may not be promoted by the original preachings, that's being unfair if you don't do that for Christians as well. True, not many people do such terrible acts under the name of Christianity anymore, but what I want to say is that religion changes to adapt to the society. It might sounds silly because religion is supposed to be unwavering truth, but I personally believe that religion has to adapt in order to survive in a new culture. So what I'm ultimately saying is that whether you think old Islam is bad or not, shouldn't you accept moderate one as the real Islam? Rather than characterizing all Islam as radical or dangerous, I think it's smart to open a path of acceptance for those who are the moderate, modern Muslims. If we do that then you'll be part of changing radical Islam, which I think is going to be more successful than just trying to contain it from the rest of the world. That would be a LOT of people that you are trying to contain.

    P.S. I don't know why I'm spending so much effort on a youtube comment...

  • Stefan Yellow Curry
    Stefan Yellow Curry 17 days ago

    How can you hate this faggot?!

  • Gipstetz
    Gipstetz 17 days ago

    Dig it. We the People. For the People. By the People. USA USA USA USA

  • Evan McKimmy
    Evan McKimmy 18 days ago

    that news station needs to change there acronym when they have Milo on or he might get in the mood lmao

  • bubby32698
    bubby32698 18 days ago

    I fucking love milo lmao

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