Modern Talking - Maria

Isn't this tune, Maria, a simple and beautiful song?


The following are a few personal lines dedicated to my twin soul woman:

I've watched you growing up,
Your dreams I tame,
I am the voice who calls
Your hidden name
And only you can sense
My deepest thrill,
Together we form one and unique whole,
Blue forests' reel...

In every beating heart
There is a bliss,
They hope to find someday
The magic kiss...
But their search is long
And clouded dark
Because outdoors the most of them look for
The inner spark...

The meaning of my life:
Your eyes that soothe...
You are my ultimate
And purest truth...


Only She knows how to complete the rest of the poem...

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Author Maria Azizi ( ago)

Author Ekaterina Spindler ( ago)
Maria is Diether Bohlen Russian grandmother's name. Also, the girl on the
pic looks absolutely Russian.

Author jejeran claudia monica ( ago)

Author Debolina Majumdar ( ago)
uffff Thomas Anders is the prince of this world and his voice is fantacy!!!

Author Pepicek Khoversky ( ago)
Maruska, I miss you

Author Carmen Arenas ( ago)
gracias me encanta desde siempre 😍

Author Kovacs Antonii ( ago)
cea mai bună muzica

Author Gracjan Ronalo ( ago)
i love it

Author Kitt Pham ( ago)
Does any one have the Tabs for this song?

Author vitor hugo Hugo (1615 years ago)
O amor percorre territórios devastados da alma com a calma necessária para
reflorestar um a um. Dissolve neblinas. Revela o sol. Desfaz máscaras.
Reinaugura a humildade. Faz ventar. Faz chorar. Faz sorrir." O amor
percorre territórios devastados da alma com a calma necessária para
reflorestar um a um. Dissolve neblinas. Revela o sol. Desfaz máscaras.
Reinaugura a humildade. Faz ventar. Faz chorar. Faz sorrir."

Author mha moody ( ago)

Author János Szimán ( ago)
Nagyon jó !!

Author Claudiu Ene ( ago)

Author Sławek C ( ago)
super song,śliczne.

Author Mitu Ionel ( ago)
maria frumoasa melodie

Author Ivanca ilic ( ago)
Ce melodie!!! Nemuritoare!!! Multumesc pentru postare!

Author Sandra Caster ( ago)
who is the twin flame of this person?

Author jeromie adams ( ago)
song to beautie to stuck in box ...let here the hole world

Author Maria Lurdes ( ago)
Thomas Anders

Author pulsatilla45 ( ago)

Author Moninder Deep ( ago)
Lovely song

Author Vladimir Scalvenzi ( ago)
quem viveu a decada de 80 e não ouviu e não curtiu modern talking,perdeu
uma das maiores oportunidades de sua vida

Author Kevin Andres ( ago)
magnifique chanson je ne me m'en lasse pas.

Author Marcela Butnariu77 ( ago)
Sono una Maria💓

Author annacoribioanna ( ago)
Except "Maria" is probably a brunette...:-)

Author Ihab Basyoni ( ago)
sweet songs in sweet days

Author ‫البراء مؤمن‬‎ ( ago)

Author Terézia Fazekas ( ago)
Superek. Vagytok? 2o15 11hó 2o

Author Grzegorz Gawrychowski ( ago)
zajwbiegali c

Author maria moura ( ago)
This beauty song modern talking dedicked for me, because today is my
birthday and my name is maria, thank you modern talking for dedicked this
song for name maria ......

Author Jose Martinez ( ago)
la mejor música que formó parte de mi infancia y a la cual , cada día me
gusta más, gracias por siempre modern talking

Author miki graná ( ago)
nice song with ese toque español

Author fisico fisico ( ago)
Dedicado =/= Test

Author sara pralea ( ago)
Muzica adevarata nu moare niciodata

Author Maria Kalo ( ago)
Nice! very Spanish awesome ritm!

Author osum ahnaf ( ago) romantic song... I like it

Author Peter Vidnar ( ago)
duet ki ne bo pozabljen nikoli...taksni dueti nastanejo enkrat na 100 let

Author SOLANGEL Cuba ( ago)
I love it so much!!!!

Author ‫אברהם חליף‬‎ ( ago)
i like it...

Author László M ( ago)
The Most Beautiful of Their!

Author Judith Gerwarth (1550 years ago)

Author László M (1061 year ago)
The most beautiful numbers

Author Valentin Patic (883 years ago)
E de suflet.

Author Nathalie Maillard ( ago)
J adore

Author Hchcuci Hcjcjcjcu ( ago)
Cele mai frumoase cîntecele de dragoste**muzica face parte din Tine

Author Marry Annee ( ago)
So romantic,I like it!

Author Namuk Ray ( ago)
my song

Author postparker (1052 years ago)
Oh, when she speaks, these Spanish words
It's like a fire in my soul, and it hurts
And when she moves, I cannot sleep
I think I'm strong, but I know I'm so weak
When she's next to me, oh, it's like extasy

Lonely Maria, Maria, Maria
You're such a beautiful but lonely senorita
Lonely Maria, Maria, Maria
Oh, do you have the time, to kiss me, oh, Maria

Maria, Maria, I know, Maria, I miss you so
Maria, Maria don't go, baby, I need you so

Oh, when she dances and when she smiles
It's like an old, old Spanish lullaby
And when she talks, see how she dance
It's like an old, old Spanish love romance
When she's next to me, oh, it's like extasy

Author Lamiye Yaqubova ( ago)
Super Super Super Super Super Super Super

Author Mohamed Shaa'ban ( ago)
Maria one of my favourite songs i love this song so much 

Author Nina rasciosova ( ago)
Thank you tnank you thank you thank you am laki listening this sogs

Author Meryloyu Lila ( ago)
Dla Ciebie.....🌹

Author Grzegorz “Bollo” Wawrzyniak ( ago)
Polecam wszystkim modern talking!!!

Author Plüss Marina ( ago)
Ich auch erstes Mal gehört ...

Author lisa ritter ( ago)
ist aber wunderschönes lied

Author lisa ritter ( ago)
Dieter du bist vollkoffer du kennst dein eigenes lied nicht :)

Author Michelle Styles ( ago)
Wer guckt auch nur nach weil sie das gerade bei dsds gesungen hat und
dieter sein lied nicht erkannt hatte :D

Author xXnexioXx / NexioEdits. ( ago)
nur schade das der Dieter sein eigenes Lied nicht erkennt -.-

Author Mária Tischler ( ago)

Author felix baumgartner ( ago)

Author Worldxian ( ago)
que cancion mas hermosa 

Author Marek Koky ( ago)
Very nice Song

Author Tarik Benzagouta ( ago)
Great its modern talking

Author Tarik Benzagouta ( ago)
What a song wow but its modern talking

Author Ungureanu Natalia ( ago)
great song

Author Andrzej Gąsienica Samek (1023 years ago)
Super przeboje wracają wspomnienia

Author Remigiusz Bajson ( ago)
jestem samotny ale sluchanie przeboij z moich mlodych lat wprowadza mnie w
dobry nastroj

Author sorin iorga ( ago)
maria maria maria

Author Santosh Santa ( ago)
Super song

Author Poran Alexandru ( ago)
Beautiful song

Author Tomasz Przybylski ( ago)
super utwory ,przypominaja mlodosc

Author Terence Galland ( ago)
fantasy of Maria!

Author kiki Dino ( ago)
This is so weird my friend came up with a song that went,"Maria Maria
Maria, such a lovely señorita." And he found this on the Internet. Hello
Eric if you read this.

Author Maria Remizovschi ( ago)

Author Iulian Grigoriu ( ago)
... thx ..... 

Author Радостин Киров ( ago)

Author JAWA 250 Bajka ( ago)

Author Maria Gutierrez ( ago)
Me gusta el aire latino español que tiene esta canción. Very nice.....

Author Dewdrops Ghlaiel ( ago)
amazing memories, when i got that CD for the 1st time , I couldn't stop
listening day and night
I miss it and miss an old friend , wish he is fine

Author Maria del mar Martinez Gonzalez ( ago)
como me gusta recordar estas canciones preciosas de mi epoca de chica joven

Author JA H ( ago)
This is such a ""Beautiful and sexy song'' so ""Touching and soothing to my
heart and
""Soul'' ""Great song from Modern Talking''
I,d, L.

Author Mercedes Bencze (23 years ago)

Author Татьяна Гладких ( ago)
Большое спасибо! замечательная песня и исполнение....!!!

Author Peter Grundza ( ago)

Author freepress666 ( ago)
Great song playing the role is so much fun in a reality of your own making


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