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Author erroll t. Paguio ( ago)

Author Amie Felarca ( ago)

Author Hannah/ BodyHarmer101VEVO ( ago)
My boyfriend looks and sounds EXACTLY like Hiro Hamada and their personalities are similar and his name even is Hiro, but he's Filipino, tanner, 5" 9, has long hair like Vic Fuentes, and is in middle school with me and he says I look like a shorter, Filipino/Polynesian Moana with shorter hair. So we're technically Hiro and Moana being a couple XD

Author vaishnavi Solanki ( ago)
hiro in real life looks so cute

Author Melanie Antunes ( ago)
Miki Minaj looks like mrs potato head did anyone just notice in this video and not before xD

Author ThePusheen PusheenRock ( ago)
There was a girl that looked like me she was in John Burrows but now I think she's in College

Author Aaron Richards - David Leeder MS (1544) ( ago)
*It's the eyebrows*

Author BTS Trash ( ago)
Don't press the Read more

U Savage..

Author Mya Hodge ( ago)
Real life Elsa come freeze my house

Author Lexie Spears ( ago)
I love her hat!

Author LozItsMe_47 xox ILuvChocolate_47 xox ( ago)
it all about the "Eyebrows" 😂LOL!!!

Author Freya Broughton ( ago)
My mum said I look a like hermione from Harry Potter

Author Katelyn Barksdale ( ago)
the people from up are actually modeled from those people that it showed in the video

Author Yasmin Owniss ( ago)
i love your hat

Author Bryan Borbon ( ago)
the eyebrows!!

Author aniyahsmithVEVO ps the best ( ago)
My friend in school looks like Harry Potter!!

Author Onexity ( ago)

Author Jack Smith ( ago)

Author kitten sunflower kitty ( ago)
and i look like belle

Author Pretty girl I wish I was ( ago)
She doesn't look like Elsa .

Author Bubblegoose ( ago)
A senior at my school looks like Hero's (from Big Hero Six) older brother. Like no joke, when I first saw him at a show choir performance, I thought it was him back from the dead. :)

Author Rasamy Sengmany ( ago)
that's so messed up about saying the girl that's from Asian looks like flash from zootpia , but it's true 😴

Author Marisapep2 ( ago)
Her face tho at 2:28 and 2:29 lol that's hilarious!!!! Does anyone know where she gets all of these photos from every time she does this stuff?

Author Banana Swirl ( ago)
My friends always tell me I look like elsa

Author bioassayful ( ago)
1:35 it looks like he has boobs. i'm sooooooooo dirty minded.

Author puppylover 101 ( ago)
I'm kiara from lion king I'm the one who plays kiara

Author Lilly Chan ( ago)
what movie is above lol

Author Cameron Lucero ( ago)
Love hat 🎩

Author Mirza Muhammad Ashraf ( ago)
u kinda look like mulan

Author Fizzah Bi ( ago)
Nearly 2million I remember when I found her channel at 300,000 Wow YOU'VE GONE SO FAR

Author Diana Hodge-Jang ( ago)
My high school math teacher looks like Elsa. She has the face, hair color, always wears blue, and her last name is Snow.

Author Wowzer Schnauzer ( ago)
Sub - Crush asked you out
Like - You crush is good friends with you
Comment - Good luck for a week

Author Mya's Funny Gaming ( ago)
1:12 she said above insdead of up

Author Emilly Ashby ( ago)
what did the librarian say to the student?

read more

Author Donna Rudge ( ago)
It's not zootopia it's zootropolis

Author Emily Cico ( ago)
it's "THE EYEBROWS" !!!!!!

Author hai der ( ago)
How many hats do you have?

Author Kendall Lynn ( ago)
I ain't ever gonna get over how much that Asian girl looked like that sloth from zootopia

Author Sienna Mills ( ago)
Elsa looks more similar to me

Author Skittle Cat1234 ( ago)
She said the grandpa from "upove" it's "up" lol

Author Skittle Cat1234 ( ago)
She said the grandpa from "upove" it's "up" lol

Author Yummy Bunny ( ago)
Where can I buy this hat???

Author Sean Merrifield ( ago)
1:20 who's the man in this?

Author GalaxyGurl ( ago)
1:10 From above? Its called up not above!!!!!!

Author Lauren Lewis ( ago)
Wow so cool

Author Ruby Mason ( ago)
Isnt it zootropolis ??????

Author ColobBesties FOREVR ( ago)
You know who's the most beautiful person in the world???

Look at the first word

Author Ana Trbojevic ( ago)
If anyone watches timeless doesn't kyutie look a bit like Jiya but prettier?

Author Kristine Hubbard ( ago)
I love the sonic hat!😂😂😂

Author Magfra Omar ( ago)
It's so funny when ppl don't know he designed UP 😂 😂 😂

Author Panda bear ( ago)
my friends say I look like you your pretty

Author CutsieGirl 3890 ( ago)
I think the girl who looks like Mary from Epic, was so shocked when she saw this. I mean her eyes are huge, you can so tell she was shocked

Author CutsieGirl 3890 ( ago)
that's what I yelled when I saw who you are wearing on your head. 'Hey, Sonic!"

Author moikkakauppa ( ago)
3:33 the toys are in the wrong hands:-O

Author lila rainbowdash ( ago)
yes mes

Author Sara Darwish ( ago)
Comment yes if you watched zootopia

Author Sara Darwish ( ago)
Haha lol kyutie😂

Author JoeyKong 123 ( ago)
are those your natural nails? LIKE IT UPP GUYS SO KYUTIE CAN ANSWER IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Nah probably no one gonna like it ;)

Author Victoria Edwards-rushworth ( ago)
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Author Anna's Angels ( ago)
The girl who looks like Elsa her name is Anna Faith and her sisters name is Lexi Grace they perform shows for kids dressed up as Anna and Elsa

Author A.A.E Avacado ( ago)
I think the Elsas look soooo much alike

Author KITTENPLAYZ 1 ( ago)

Author Roxy Mayflower ( ago)
I need to find that dude that look like Hiro and kiss him

Author DT4leaf ( ago)
No wonder Steve Harvey always looks so familiar...

Author Lea's Toy Review ( ago)
because she is pretty

Author Lea's Toy Review ( ago)

Author Undertaleisnice ( ago)
we have found the real else
me: i have found the sonic cap :D

Author Anis life ( ago)
Ilu girlll you make me happy ps eyebrows on fleek

Author Akame513 I have a quetchen about pizza ( ago)
Scar's doppelganger(I don't know how to spell it :/) looks like he has boobs. (º*º)/

Author Valeria Ruiz ( ago)
I love ur videos

Author Maddison Pako ( ago)
funny because niki minaj only looks like mrs potato head because they are both aĺl plactic sorry Niki

Author Glenn Kobayashi ( ago)

Author Michielle Mendoza ( ago)

Author FNAF Luis Zavala ( ago)

Author Alberto Regla ( ago)
u look like Mulan to me

Author Luis Garcia ( ago)
big hero 6

Author Kaelyn Allan ( ago)
My cousin is a boy in my classes double-gainer, it's creepy whenever I see them I always mix up there names one take they were together right next to each other and I got so damn confused 🤷‍♀️

Author Anime is life XxwolfieXx ( ago)
Kyutie just wanted to let you know big hero 6 will have a series coming in fall 2017

Author Anime is life XxwolfieXx ( ago)
Am I the only one who thinks the one of 1:45 looked kinda like Rowan Blanchard

Author Linda Nguyen ( ago)
that Asian girl is Rowan Blanchard isn't it?
-she's not asian-

Author Xxcookie PlayzxX ( ago)
Ellen looks like Kyutie....

Note:this was a if you can please stop protesting about my joke it will be kind of you...

Author KitKat Katelyn ( ago)
Let it go let it go 😝😜😋😺😸

Author Glamor Doll ( ago)
1:54 one of your kyutie fam is dead and it's me

Author lisasasauce ( ago)
Oh, Mrs. potato head...

Author Kat Sempai ( ago)
Oh, nothing looks the same on this one except...
the eyes! And the nose! And the mouth! and the hair! And the eyebrows!

So, technically, there he same in many ways...

Author DerpyGamer_4343 ( ago)
1:55 Is meh fave lolololol

Author Hannah's Disney Speed Art ( ago)
i came here 4 disney and thats what i got. :) thx!

Author Shayna Lam ( ago)
Andy is coming!!!!!!!!!!

Author Shane Aeris ( ago)
Kyutie, im 10 years old and my mom said that we only have 5 twins in this world... I dont know who to believe you or my mom....🤔

Author luis martinez ( ago)
Ellen (every time):THE EYEBROWS!!!

Author ThunderDaBabyWolf ( ago)
They displayed for the girl from epic I watched the full movie and they displayed for Huerta from big hero six

Author Genesis Maravillas ( ago)
lol she totally said "above" instead of the movie up at 1:10 😂

Author Colette Marotto ( ago)
When I went to the movies I saw someone who worked there looked like ratatouille

Author Cassie Jade ( ago)
I look like Aurora from sleeping beauty

Author KawaiiBear ( ago)

Author Noemi Louk ( ago)
can i get 13 likes for my birthday!!!

Author Faded Glory ( ago)
um she said up was called above 😂 in sorry I just laughed so hard

Author Nicole Castellanos ( ago)
elsa is the simaler the most

Author GRACE ACANFRIO ( ago)
Theese are funny Ellen u r really cool 😎 and u are very pretty plz I would like to be like you plz reply

Author GRACE ACANFRIO ( ago)
Plz subscriabe im 3

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