How to Mod GTA 4 With a USB Flash Drive Xbox 360 (EASY!!!)

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Modio download:
(Another modio link download) :
Eclipse is now called ProjectX FOR MAC!!!!... Here is the download link for it :

Usb xtaft xplorer download

Common questions

Q. Does it work on PS3?

Q.Does it work online
A. No it will not

Q.Will this work with GTA BOGT? (Ballad of Gay Tony)

A.Eclipse is now called ProjectX and its ONLY FOR MAC!!!!!!!!. Heres the download link for it:

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Author gta4gamresXD (6 months)
2014, this still works guys!

Author Coree Chapman (3 months)
Not real mods i need online these are just easy to do i need like car mods
and stuff how do you do that and i need to know how to get the mod menu for
Xbox 360

Author JsHaWn1o1 (23 days)
just tryed thanks it is awsome

Author luxie C (1 year)
1:53 am i the only one that heard the squik noice?

Author Bryan Rosales (3 months)

Author Mahmoud Ford (6 months)
horizon is better

Author sniperpro571 (1 year)

Author Christa Robles (8 months)
how do we get car

Author Tommy Whitaker (11 months)

Author gamez4dayz jack (5 months)
whats a clips

Author SwordX107 productions (1 year)
Hey man make more vids you should see this channels vid quality

Author UnitClan (1 year)
dude what kind of potatoe do you use? i need one

Author Isaiah Mccullough (1 year)
How do u download the mod app on ur PC

Author Christian Reyes (11 months)
How do I do it for windows 8 to do it fer Xbox 

Author Ryan Cline (8 months)
Hey do u have any car mods I need help with that 

Author AHMAD AR (1 year)

Author Kai Hedgemon (1 year)
Do u know how to mod multiplayer

Author shaggy4468 (1 year)
So can I get the iron man mod on my Xbox 

Author Metal Wolf Gaming (1 year)
Can you use Horizon to extract?

Author CodygoescrazyHQ (8 months)
um... thats a modded SAVE not a car mod! i want to kknow how to do that
and all other tuts are in like french or some bs

Author Waffulz x (1 year)
its just like horizon well it prob is horizon

Author Parsa thegamer (1 year)
How do you download cars

Author Alex Hall (1 year)
You just earned a subscribe YEAH

Author Roberto Osorio (1 year)
just do the same thing on modio it is easier I have mods

Author Kai Films (1 year)
i can't download for mac

Author Kody Cameron (1 year)
Can u hack me and do it

Author EXTREME BRO (1 year)
wtf you need 3 usb's 

Author Thaddeus Sager (1 year)
Dude how many more mods are there in this

Author TheMagicalPankake (1 year)
I have an elite :( how i do that!

Author Inf1niteSh0ckZ (1 year)
If you want real mods you are gonna have to get the iso disc and hot-swap
it! Not easy, can also mod it with a J-tag xbox and get a Chip for your
xbox! This kid is sooo fucking stupid I wanna HIT HIM WITH A BUS!!!!

Author xX SniperVision Xx (1 year)
do you need the game for the computer also

Author Ghost Exx (1 year)

Author Robert Keil (1 year)

Author young kha (1 year)
yo get rid of that it gave me a virus (just helping)

Author john woods (1 year)
it don't work

Author amellion diaz (1 year)
U confusing me yo

Author Jack Watts (1 year)
& faster

Author Kelvin Heng (1 year)
wait do you have unlimited ammo?

Author Noble Prince (1 year)
U suck

Author BrianTheeAwesome1 (1 year)
does it work on muiltiplayer

Author JESUS OCHOA (1 year)
ur so fucking annoying

Author ismael tapia (1 year)
is it like a 50 50 chance it will work or fuck up rigth and thanks

Author TheDankUniverse (1 year)
is this patched?

Author david stepanov (1 year)
cool, but how do you get other mods, like hulk mod or something

Author Chandler (1 year)

Author toxickiller907 (1 year)
r u a girl?

Author Shark Gamer (1 year)
How do i get the usb thing on the home screen it won't work it does not
work, it just opens then says 'This folder is empty.'

Author Larry hoffman (1 year)
Wow kid download??? Oh guys a free virous...

Author Kevin pitre (1 year)
Can I have your xbox

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