Halsey - Now Or Never (Audio)

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  • “Now or Never” appears on Halsey’s forthcoming album hopeless fountain kingdom. Pre-order: http://www.findmeinthekingdom.com

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    Music video by Halsey performing Now Or Never. (C) 2017 Astralwerks

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  • Runtime: 3:35
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  • Guava Princess
    Guava Princess 1 hour ago

    What kind of this music?

  • SlayKaren
    SlayKaren 1 hour ago


  • Madalin Mucenic
    Madalin Mucenic 2 hours ago

    2:36 best part

  • iam bi
    iam bi 5 hours ago

    im supposed to be studying

  • Normal user
    Normal user 6 hours ago

    those people who disliked are fucking deaf or don't have taste seriously if u don't like it leave...seriously just fuck off

  • Deniece Tuggle
    Deniece Tuggle 8 hours ago

    love it cant stop listening it this to my love of my life my husband

  • Prannav Deviprasath
    Prannav Deviprasath 9 hours ago

    You better like the comment Now or Never

  • Beach Lover
    Beach Lover 15 hours ago


  • Flavia Costa
    Flavia Costa 16 hours ago

    I'm so in love for this song.

  • xMax Msp
    xMax Msp 18 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that This sounds like Rihannas Needed Me??

  • Dangerous woman
    Dangerous woman 19 hours ago


  • eri lopez
    eri lopez 19 hours ago

    people get salty @ halsey's new sound. but panic! fans know,,,, swear to shake it up if you'll swear to listen.

  • Brenda Griffis
    Brenda Griffis 20 hours ago

    I don't understand people hating on her for using the same melody as Needed Me. Every single artist samples things. But most Rihanna fans are coming at her for using the same melody, like WTF. She doesn't deserve hate for doing something that all artists do.

  • Örnie
    Örnie 23 hours ago

    Her voice is so annoying gtg

  • 정니나
    정니나 1 day ago

    Finally this one is out

  • Beauty &Power
    Beauty &Power 1 day ago

    Odee can relate too this song & 💕It👌Love her style n grace💯

  • Lacy H.
    Lacy H. 1 day ago

    I fan girled like crazy when i heard this ON THE FUCKING RADIO. OMG. Halsey fan for life here.

  • WalterOn Fridays
    WalterOn Fridays 1 day ago

    BADLANDS helped a lot of teenagers live thru the crazy times in their life. still does. im 18 and i still have the same challenges. now that I'm starting to talk to someone special this album may just help us with those kinds of things. crazy young beautiful love

  • Yeads
    Yeads 1 day ago

    EDM remix https://soundcloud.com/kennedyjack/halsey-kj-remix-radio-edit

  • Fabiola Oliva Oliva

    similitud con Need me- Rihanna.

  • Team True
    Team True 1 day ago

    Amazing 💖

  • Celine Telesforo
    Celine Telesforo 1 day ago

    This song reminds me of needed me x Rihanna,
    still a nice song tho

  • Left Handed
    Left Handed 1 day ago

    Her beats are on point. Her lyrics...


  • Vuslat Simay Baş

    You are PERFECT a women..... I love you very much! You must come to Turkey... Please come to TURKEY Halsey. Turkey love you....

  • Sofia Goycoolea
    Sofia Goycoolea 1 day ago

    good song!!

  • Keya McNeill
    Keya McNeill 1 day ago

    My daughter got addicted to this song very fast


    Cd Os Br?

  • alaskanwxnters _
    alaskanwxnters _ 1 day ago

    Check out the lyric video I made for her new release Strangers!

  • Meri Everything's Going to be Okay No matter What

    Lyrics-I don't want to fight right now. Know you always bite know I need you round with me but nobody wait around for me been through the ups and downs of me gotta a whole lot of love but you don't want to spread around with me yeah never pick up never call me you know I'm running out of time never pick up when you want me now I gotta draw a line baby Ive done enough talking need to know that you're mine baby we've done enough talking gotta be right now right now baby gonna love me now,now,now now , now now ,now, now, now or never hey hey I want you to hold me down, down, down , down, down, down, down , down forever hey hey said I want to keep you arrround 'round forever hey hey I want you to love me now, now,now,now,now,now or never turnin' off the light right now call it a night wishin you were 'round with me but you live in a different town than me been through the ups but you can never spit it out for me trying to talk to a wall but you can never turn it down for me yeah never pick up never call me you know I'm running out of time never pick up when you want me now I gotta draw a line baby I've done enough talking need to know that you're mine baby we've done enough talking gotta be right now, right now baby gonna love me now,now,now,now,now,now,now, now or never hey hey I want you to hold me down,down, down, down, down, down,down, down forever hey hey said you don't want to keep you arrround, 'round forvever hey hey, I want you to love me now,now,now,now,now,now,now, now or never (music/funky sound)hmmmmmyeah draw the line-up, don't take no more time up make your mind up, I need you to make your mind up, draw the line-up, don't take no more time up, baby you gotta decide something let me knoow, baby gonna love me now,now,now,now,now,now,now, now or never, hey hey, I want you to hold me down, down,down,down,down,down,down forever, hey hey said you know I want to keep you arrrrround, 'round forever, hey, hey, I want you to love me now,now,now,now,now,now,now,now,now, now or never(funky music/sond) then no sound and then the video stops. I hope these lyrics are right.:)🎶🎵

  • Hector Ruiz
    Hector Ruiz 1 day ago

    I have my “eyes closed" “strangers" so is “now or never".

  • luan sousa
    luan sousa 2 days ago

    Amém Halsey ♥

  • Carolina Ferreira
    Carolina Ferreira 2 days ago

    good song

  • Rohan Allen
    Rohan Allen 2 days ago

    That Rihanna - Needed Me flow lool! Dope tune though! :)

  • Rohan Allen
    Rohan Allen 2 days ago

    That Rihanna - Needed Me flow lool! Dope tune though! :)

  • le ah
    le ah 2 days ago

    this song omg😍😭❤❤

  • Darwin Enge
    Darwin Enge 2 days ago

    Fucking A. Head of the class .

  • Ali Smith
    Ali Smith 2 days ago

    Who's tired of hearing people say it sounds like Rihanna's needed me cause Ik I am

  • Prince Anderson
    Prince Anderson 2 days ago

    i like strangers better

  • Maria Stefanova
    Maria Stefanova 2 days ago

    I like the ''Hey''

  • Vicky Anderson
    Vicky Anderson 2 days ago

    I love Music "Now Or Never "🌹😍💓

  • Vicky Anderson
    Vicky Anderson 2 days ago

    I love Music "Now Or Never "🌹😍💓

  • Juliet Ngweno
    Juliet Ngweno 3 days ago

    this song is super hot fiya!!!!@@

  • lorac somaga
    lorac somaga 3 days ago


  • Vitória Keury
    Vitória Keury 3 days ago

    this is perfect

  • Krista X
    Krista X 3 days ago

    The song gets better with every listeb

  • poonam lal
    poonam lal 3 days ago

    I love this song

  • Huskarific Sayson
    Huskarific Sayson 3 days ago

    hey i was doing just fine before i met you

  • Sophia Resler
    Sophia Resler 3 days ago

    I'm so absesd w/ this song!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Estela's Life
    Estela's Life 3 days ago

    i need to copy the link for my youtube vid

  • Sleep Walker
    Sleep Walker 3 days ago

    Where my Day One Halsey Fans at??? Been here since 93 and Badlands 😏

  • Karla Castillo
    Karla Castillo 3 days ago

    Is just me or this songs sounds like work Rihanna ft drake

  • Denise de wit
    Denise de wit 3 days ago

    love this song

  • Laura Mena
    Laura Mena 3 days ago

    hola costa rica👑

  • Melanie Martinez Fan

    I love this song soooooo much!!!!

  • IamSquid
    IamSquid 3 days ago

    Here are some extra replay buttons if you want






  • joao marcos
    joao marcos 3 days ago

    muito bom

  • Valeria Ramos Plaza

    i'm in love with this song.

  • x Xhella-flushX x
    x Xhella-flushX x 3 days ago


  • Snow Villiers
    Snow Villiers 4 days ago

    I love you Halsey ❤️

  • Sheryl Cyril
    Sheryl Cyril 4 days ago

    ahh finally good songs that have meaning

  • yovanna tejeda
    yovanna tejeda 4 days ago


  • La Tía Misifüh
    La Tía Misifüh 4 days ago

    in love with this 😍

  • M.A.C.T Tv
    M.A.C.T Tv 4 days ago

    wait. Is she doing a Melanie Martinez type of thing where for each song she does a different book. Because on Eyes Closed she did a different book. If she did then this album is gonna be lit.

  • Ivonne Dlaf
    Ivonne Dlaf 4 days ago

    Es casi o muy famosa a mí me encanta mucho

  • Ivonne Dlaf
    Ivonne Dlaf 4 days ago


  • Ivonne Dlaf
    Ivonne Dlaf 4 days ago

    La canción está padre

  • maria silva
    maria silva 4 days ago

    waited so long for the audio ..Finally!

  • Camille Parker
    Camille Parker 4 days ago

    Super belle chanson ! Juste magnifique ...

  • Nayeli Gutierrez
    Nayeli Gutierrez 4 days ago

    esta canción me encanta

  • Andre Ramsdell
    Andre Ramsdell 4 days ago

    lol i love this so much, youtube "young thug - twostep" ur welcome okkk

    • daizne
      daizne 1 hour ago

      559 likes in 4 days??? wtf??

  • นิด ชัยปัญญา

    this song like me 😢😢😢

  • No Not Today
    No Not Today 4 days ago

    *body rolls till death*

  • emily hates people
    emily hates people 5 days ago

    am i the only one who noticed the Ø in 'NØW'?

  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl 5 days ago

    3:00 am

  • Ice Cream Pusheen!
    Ice Cream Pusheen! 5 days ago

    Queen! 😙😍👌💖👑

  • Tatum Rogers
    Tatum Rogers 5 days ago

    Pure art

  • Andrew Chow
    Andrew Chow 5 days ago

    halsey is so damn fine

  • Esteban Yansel Gomez Lara

    I like hasley😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Quézia Silva
    Quézia Silva 5 days ago

    I love this song! ❤

  • john bryan mariano
    john bryan mariano 5 days ago


  • Kenza Mm
    Kenza Mm 5 days ago

    this is a good song I just love it

  • alëxandra. n
    alëxandra. n 5 days ago


  • Marine Philippet
    Marine Philippet 5 days ago

    Am addicted... 😍

  • Hershall Sehajpal
    Hershall Sehajpal 5 days ago

    this song is a rip off of Rihanna's Needed Me

  • bfflshannah
    bfflshannah 5 days ago

    Oh my this is soooo good my halsey baby did good!!!!😍😭💍

  • Taeghan Underwood
    Taeghan Underwood 5 days ago

    Yesterday I was on a field trip and the first thing I heard was crying in the club, now or never, despacito

  • saranux
    saranux 6 days ago


  • chy blvzzy
    chy blvzzy 6 days ago

    You needed me ....................

  • laura pellicer
    laura pellicer 6 days ago

    some idiots are saying that Halsey version was written before rihanna's needed me version... lmfao... you better know that rihanna started in 2014, and dat bih in 2015.

  • BangtanGirl
    BangtanGirl 6 days ago

    addicted to this song 😍

  • Melissa Lewis
    Melissa Lewis 6 days ago

    nice flow

  • DAIMN 18
    DAIMN 18 6 days ago

    ياخي جربي تغنين عربي

  • Daphne Brookes
    Daphne Brookes 6 days ago

    this sounds inspired by Justin Bieber and Rihanna

  • Sean Gelles
    Sean Gelles 6 days ago

    This song is really good

  • emma kennedy
    emma kennedy 7 days ago

    I remember when Ashley came out with Badlands, that's when I first discovered her. I only knew of New Americana before it, I always stick with her no matter what. I love her so much and wish her the best of luck in her many music years to come.

  • zephaniah moore
    zephaniah moore 7 days ago

    needed me 2.0

  • AA King
    AA King 7 days ago

    If you listen to this song on the car then Like❤️

  • Treshawn Prewitt
    Treshawn Prewitt 7 days ago

    who came after billboards

  • acevedoj0416
    acevedoj0416 7 days ago

    1. sounds like a tired Ellie Goulding
    2. remake of Rihannas needed me beat

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