Mythbusters can a machine gun chop off a tree MINIGUN!!!

The mythbusters try to chop off a tree with a minigun and a machine gun! Awsome clip ;) (3000 rounds per minute!!!)

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Author Alex Golembeski (7 months)
Anyone else think the narrator was about to call Kari fat?

Author Lecrie (1 month)
Should have also done it with a M2 Browning. I bet that would've took less
than 10 seconds.

Author MsSpitfire1978 (4 months)
That thing would hold down the cops !!! :D

Author max p (1 month)
that myth was originally from the MG42, at 1800 rouncs per minute, it was
called "Hitler's Buzzsaw" and it could actually be carried by a small team.

Author steve41557 (2 months)
American Ingeniuty!! Take that!

Author SeraphimRoad (7 months)
1:48 "oh its smells good...smells like destruction" :) Movie quote worthy
next to "love the smell of napalm in the morning!"

Author Abra kadabra (3 months)
Can it be used as a paper shredder in office?

Author Abra kadabra (3 months)
It would work great as a gardening tool.

Author Everette Richardson (7 months)
It's named "mini-gun" as a joke.

Author Yuurg (4 months)
That's a proper TF2 minigun, but non-portable and without the ammo

Author Michael Cox (5 months)
Anybody up for a cost estimate on the bullets required to do this?

Author Max Hanff (1 month)
The question i keep asking, WHERE THE HELL DID THEY GET THAT FR.O.M.???

Author ilia7887 (6 months)
i want to remind that i think i remember that each bullet costs 0.75 cents
so if it took a min. and the gun fires 30000 rounds per min...... thats a
lot of money

Author Norman Ng (7 months)
wonder what the A10 tank buster with GAU8 would've done to a tree

Author hobie slug (8 months)
135,000 rounds . I had a pilot tell me his mini guns fired 5k a minute .
maybe he was talking about both sides of the chopper

Author Wayne Kerr (4 months)
Let that be a lesson to you, naughty tree. Standing around like that is

Author Stephen Bachman (8 months)
How did this gun ever get the name mini gun there is nothing small about

Author Kingofeurope (6 days)
It costs four-hundred thousand dollars to fire this weapon for twelve

Author steve kosman (6 days)
if kari spoke out against people having guns, and bad-mouthed gun owners,
then she needs to apologize to each and every one of them, after she did
this, because for her to supposedly be against guns, and for her to
then CHOOSE to do this, made her a hypocrite. no one made her do this, she
CHOOSE to do this. she was a hypocrite for being anti-gun, and then doing
something like this. i would definitely say this right to her face if i
ever met her.

Author Goggles Tigerkhan (1 month)
the heavy would be proud

Author Hyperblex Media (2 months)
They should try the MG42 :)

Author Jackson Davis (7 months)
@Ricky Spain You have absolutely NO idea what you're talking about do you.

Author Spioszeq (5 months)
"It smells good" "it smells like destruction" how cheap is it

Author Tony Grant (3 months)
225 trees watched this.

Author halo3odst (4 months)
They should try the mg3

Author Emerson M (6 months)
Miniguns rule!

Author seanazaz (4 months)
It's easy to shoot down a tree.... just takes awhile

Author dushyantx (6 months)
Kari is hot!

Author Jeremiah Mealer (6 months)
She was pregnant in that episode

Author Strafnaya (6 months)
really, this thing needed to be confirmed?

Author fritz alain (5 months)
next time use a .50 cal. 10 rounds and your done xD. 

Author Platinum Gamer (18 days)
should've used a 25mm autocannon with HEI

Author John-Michael Kyono (1 year)
Man I love the 2nd amendment. This gun is legal to own. Because you need
this to chop down people, I mean trees.
Mythbusters can a machine gun chop off a tree MINIGUN!!!

Author TheSuperCommentGuy (8 months)
Narrator: "But it ain't over 'til the fat lady sings, and in this case, the
fat lady is..."
(Camera shows Carrie)
Narrator: "The Dillon minigun!"

Author STUART SUGDEN (2 months)
Every guy should have a woman like her she is magic

Author ricky spain (7 months)
1 .50 BMG explosive round can end either both tree's misery in a split

Author Arda Kozan (4 months)
Female heavy (tf2)

Author 747Grant (8 months)
HAHAHA kari is a badass

Author Ismael Ravenlock (6 months)
id like to see kari doing this in a bikini

Author GiltronTheOne (2 months)
I know that a machine gun can chop off a tree it was so fun to do and fun
to see it fall.

Author Ralphie Jones (1 month)
by my crude calculations, 45 seconds worth of 50 rounds per second at $245
for 500 7.62x51 mm bullets = $1100 worth of bullets to fell the tree.

Author mrfunnybees (7 months)
you should have used mg42 the buzzsaw to chop down trees or the ma duece
or m240 would be awesome too that 50 cal round

Author RLDragonStrider (8 months)
Needs an MG-42

Author oltep (6 months)
"Dillon, you son of a bitch!"

Author bigpurple100 (2 months)
Erm ppl will get pissed when u use these on them and they'll try getting u
back. And trust me we used these against civilians in Vietnam...and now in
other countries too I can't imagine why Americans don't undstand and why
most of the planet hate em.... Ye it's Fox News right.

She says "yeah the sweet smell of destruction!"
I'm not sure if it's funny or scary 

Author pingufromindia (6 months)
just curious.......but shouldn't the bitch be in kitchen making sammiches? 

Author Rodney Jones (8 months)
Needs a pooh

Author Flameableflare (8 months)
2:02 that grin xD

Author dmbadcat (11 days)
Riddled with injustice, the tools of cowards and criminals!

Author Max Hanff (1 month)

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