Mythbusters can a machine gun chop off a tree MINIGUN!!!

The mythbusters try to chop off a tree with a minigun and a machine gun! Awsome clip ;) (3000 rounds per minute!!!)

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Author Wolf Larson (3 months)
How dumb this is. Only for views. First of all the tree was dry that's why
it caught fire. It was dead. Second if it was a live tree it would not be a
stump and it would be more top heavy. It was just a stump so it would take
a LOT more bullets to take it down. Third should have used hallow points. 

Author zackary smith (2 days)
ive shot trees down with my ar 15 you have to shoot a live tree not a stump
and it doesn't have to be done with a thousand rounds ive done it with less
than 30

Author Sikes Pico (10 days)
this show is for fags 

Author JohannesDichtmann (4 months)
How much $ did they waste on this tree again?

Author Dilbert Doe (7 days)
Haha, the boys didn't want their wood to fall.

Author Tarryman (16 days)
I would say "Try it on a Kauri Tree from New Zealand" but, not many of them
left. At least none of the big ones.

Author Simon Cornelius P Umacob (6 months)
They're gunning down the Hometree in order to extract the Unobtainium
underneath it.

Author Wiz Khalifa (17 days)
As a liberal I find this video offensive 

Author Toby dog (7 months)
Why is the lady in the video and not where she is suppose to be? In the

Author Hat Dag Cat (8 months)
Should have also done it with a M2 Browning. I bet that would've took less
than 10 seconds.

Author thesyndrome43 (2 months)
not gonna lie, seeing kari firing a minigun gave me a bit of a boner

Author Teg Tactics (1 month)
this vid is gay. Mythbusters are gay. And manginas

Author Sean Hiatt (1 month)
A Gatling gun is NOT A MACHINE GUN rather were talking about 19th century
crank guns or modern electric guns. None of these weapons use rely on
recoil or escaping gas to function. 

Author Dillon Britt (4 months)
A Dillon Mini-gun used to cut down a tree...just happens to be my name. :-)

Author flames1000000 (2 months)
Poor tree.

Author dmbadcat (7 months)
Riddled with injustice, the tools of cowards and criminals!

Author Aaron Taylor (1 month)
When she was talking about the minigun, who else was thinking to themselves
"It costs $400,000 to fire dis weapon... For 12 seconds"

Author Bronco Films (3 months)
I did it with a .22lr why is this so crazy it was easy

Author npsit1 (1 month)
Kari Byron + chain gun = pants party... That is all.

Author twoqueens (1 month)
retard people. if they knew how dumb they look

Author Abra kadabra (11 months)
It would work great as a gardening tool.

Author Nvr Dwn (1 month)
Should have used a real live top heavy tree. This is gay.

Author Kingofeurope (7 months)
It costs four-hundred thousand dollars to fire this weapon for twelve

Author Ralphie Jones (8 months)
by my crude calculations, 45 seconds worth of 50 rounds per second at $245
for 500 7.62x51 mm bullets = $1100 worth of bullets to fell the tree.

Author MsSpitfire1978 (11 months)
That thing would hold down the cops !!! :D

Author kragseven (2 months)
My father told me that when he was in the army during WWll he was in Texas.
He said the trees at the end of their 1000 yard range were all cut off by
bullets. They used M1 30-06 semi auto rifles.

Author Alex Golembeski (1 year)
Anyone else think the narrator was about to call Kari fat?

Author The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race (4 months)
Psh, I bet that machine gun can't get past my dick.

Author Deadpool69ftw (5 months)
there is just something so right about a minigun and kari together...but i
just cant put my finger in it, i mean on it

Author Adam Toulouse (3 months)
Those stupid cunts couldn't even lift that gun a 4 year old could fire it
like that.

Author SimplyAsunder (1 month)
.50 cal, 1shot.

Author max p (8 months)
that myth was originally from the MG42, at 1800 rouncs per minute, it was
called "Hitler's Buzzsaw" and it could actually be carried by a small team.

Author Vector Vent (1 month)
Poor tree

Author James Young (3 months)
Sir Hiram Maxim did this to an 18 inch diameter ash tree around the turn of
the 20th century with a Maxim gun as a demonstration to some Chinese

Author Donavan McIntyre (3 months)
Not going to lie. I am a little turned on right now.

Author The Elder Pros (5 months)
Not over without a Bren or a handheld minigun 

Author YankeeCosmonaut (3 months)
$6000 down the drain, just in ammo.

Author TaoScribble (2 months)
Tree: "Mercy! *MERCY!!*"

Author Abra kadabra (11 months)
Can it be used as a paper shredder in office?

Author Thepowerfulkiller (4 months)
The reason y the pine catches fire is because of the intense friction
caused by the minigun bullets(not a single bullet)

Author Platinum Gamer (7 months)
should've used a 25mm autocannon with HEI

Author Daniel PI (7 months)
Missing FPS Russia here

Author Anthony Hall (5 months)
Stupid idiots and their stupid guns. Be a real human and fight with your

Author 706d (4 months)
Myth busters are a bunch of twats

Author steve Kos (7 months)
if kari spoke out against people having guns, and bad-mouthed gun owners,
then she needs to apologize to each and every one of them, after she did
this, because for her to supposedly be against guns, and for her to
then CHOOSE to do this, made her a hypocrite. no one made her do this, she
CHOOSE to do this. she was a hypocrite for being anti-gun, and then doing
something like this. i would definitely say this right to her face if i
ever met her.

Author HunterHornet (6 months)
wearing a dress helps to hide the wet spot she got from shooting that gun

Author SeraphimRoad (1 year)
1:48 "oh its smells good...smells like destruction" :) Movie quote worthy
next to "love the smell of napalm in the morning!"

Author Tony Grant (11 months)
225 trees watched this.

Author MrZthegamerz (6 months)
also a explosive gun will take dwn a tree with 2bullets- fpsrussia

Author NinjaOnANinja (5 months)
This is the second time the narrator has called Kari fat that I have seen.

Every time I ever heard him say "making the fat lady sing" she was always
center stage.

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