Mythbusters can a machine gun chop off a tree MINIGUN!!!

The mythbusters try to chop off a tree with a minigun and a machine gun! Awsome clip ;) (3000 rounds per minute!!!)

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Author the cellulon triptometer ( ago)
Do the same with a lot fewer bullets using a 30mm chain gun.

Author TheOtherSteel ( ago)
I felt sorry for the tree.

Author stevedragon666 ( ago)
Smells like victory!

Author Vrej Egon Spengler ( ago)
How much does each bullet cost?
If it is 10 cents, 3000 bullets per minute means = 300$

Author Uncivildefiance ( ago)
Oh! Oh! Do the M61 next!

Author twotailedavenger ( ago)
All that, and they didn't even think to bring a Ma Deuce? Shame.

Author Riley Simmons ( ago)
I feel like there's a real danger of lower leg burns and melted shoes with
this setup without the right foot and legwear...

Author maxwell mortimer ( ago)
I have a raging boner now.

Author omegaweapon2008 ( ago)
i usually cut down my trees with a 20 mega ton nuke.

Author ShotokanEditor ( ago)
i remeber terminator 2 minigun scene where he shoots through a small tree

Author Christian Caisley ( ago)
Hell, I didn't watch Mythbusters to see Meet the Heavy all over again...

Author emporer swag ( ago)
thats nothing compared to the heavys gun 10000 rounds per min

Author George Gordon ( ago)
Considering, the first machine gun built was sold by its demonstration of
it cutting down a try... why did you bother. History 101.

Author Sir Hunter ( ago)
bet ya a 50 cal could tear a tree down

Author ed hondo ( ago)
I remember when in the army we had to qualify with the m60 the target
was about 100 yards out behind that was a field over grown with weeds ..
after everyone shooting all day I noticed the weeds were cut like a lawn
mower .. smooth like a flat top hair cut .

Author Neikoo ( ago)
For the people wondering the reason why it has more then 1 barrel is so it
can shoot faster and dont overheat as fast.

Author Kevin Gillihan ( ago)
This right here has the ability with a .30-caliber clip to disperse with 30
bullets within half a second. Thirty magazine clip in half a second.

Author Josh Richards ( ago)
Mini guns are faster and more fun than a chainsaw

Author Doni Sykkel ( ago)
Now cut down trees with the Tsar-bomb

now use a 50!

Author Anh Triệu ( ago)
From now on, this should be the standard lumberjack's tool.

Author Heem Lo ( ago)
i thot machine guns were illegal?

Author Παραπολιτικός Τηλέτυπος ( ago)
these assholes with millions in budget can't buy a slow motion camera?

Author Xray Paul ( ago)
It is not a smart idea to shoot at a tree because there's a slight chance
that the bullet could bounce back and hit you.

Author FurryEskimo ( ago)
Came here thinking of "The Last Bastion" (OverWatch)

Author M Blake Jr ( ago)
LMAO, that's how fast libtards think ar15s shoot

Author M Blake Jr ( ago)
that's expensive, probably 50 bucks a sec

Author Onigiri Izumi ( ago)
How women pee that's how their aim goes ...*sigh*

Author American Knight ( ago)
I came here after Blizzard's Overwatch short for Bastion

Author Yuan Wang ( ago)
wow these ppl's weapon discipline is absolutely atrocious

Author motanelustelistu ( ago)
Yeah.Good ideea to test the stupidest idea of some american idiots.
Did you forget they are living thing and they are YOU'RE LONG LOST COUSINS
(they sare 30% of DNA with humans) ?
Just go shoot the stupid fat americans,more so the ones that asked this.
You'll be faaaaaar better of.

Author Ed Denoy ( ago)
This is the right weapon for self defense in a home invasion.Every
household sould be equipped with one.Are they affordable for the average
homeowner ?

Author super1million11 ( ago)
this gun does what liberals think an ar-15 will do

Author potato owner ( ago)
I like how gun makers have a great sense of irony "mini gun"

Author Joe Wilhelm ( ago)
A Browning M2 Ma Duece probably could have done it faster.

Author 2 wheeled demon ( ago)
they should sell these at Walmart or Academy

Author typical sniper ( ago)
you can do it with an ar15.

Author EGru1 ( ago)
imagine the effects on human targets.....not much left

Author Andrew B ( ago)
I wonder just what percentage of the bullets actually hit?

Author Skitt R6 ( ago)
She made that mini gun look good have to love the stance.

Author BangBangBye ( ago)
fuck you you fucking toture tree that bitch

Author Connor Clemmons ( ago)
Now I know what to do when my chainsaw blade breaks.

Author Violet Grace ( ago)
A couple million dollars wasted on cutting down a couple of trees... not
bad, not bad, pretty smart.

Author Austin0777 ( ago)
before I watch this video I'm going to say that I can personally confirm
this myth. I've done it with a shotgun before on an 8 inch wide tree. it
took a whole box of birdshot but it did the job. so I'm guessing with the
amount of rounds per minute that a minigun can put out you could cut down a
giant sequoia with enough bullets

Author Army Dog ( ago)
roung rounds real rounds are 5mm rounds

Author austin kha ( ago)
Holy shot! How much did each one of those bullets cost?

Author 1Klooch ( ago)
Love the Combat Boots/breezy Summer Dress combo!

Author Majin Snake ( ago)
Well, this gun delievers much freedom :-D

Author Aasher Ahmed ( ago)
that tree must be tree-a-fied

Author Winny Han ( ago)
a chain saw uses less energy. stupid shit

Author Popeyes Biscuits ( ago)
Lumberjacks should just use miniguns. Much more effective.

Author Argonwolfproject ( ago)
I want to see how long it takes a CO2 laser to cut down a tree :D

Author Thomas Clow. ( ago)
Could totally do it with a machine gun.

Author Brett Duffy ( ago)
did they pay the $200 tax stamp on them

Author Spunge Bub ( ago)
you can get the same effect with a

Author heartfire451 ( ago)
Why do that to some nice tree when there are so many child molesters,
rapists, violent criminals they could test that gun on?

Author Adam Mullarkey ( ago)
Somehow, I can't help but feel like a chainsaw would work just as well.

Author MR. WALKER ( ago)
Try using a 50 bmg.

Author Zuhair Soosor ( ago)
They could just have used a .50 cal with standard ammo to chop that tree
down no problem

Author Paul Ryder ( ago)
This is extreme overkill. I have cut down a tree with 4 30 round magazines
from a STEN.: a 9 mm 550 RPM sub-gun. Takes about 30 seconds. While my
experiment was a really stupid waste of money, I admit these people
completely out-classed me in ridiculously waste.

Author Dave Dowling ( ago)
Did it with less than 30 rounds 7.62 from 100ft.

Author Kevin ( ago)
Well it's stupidly obvious that'd work, even a shity handgun would chip
away a tiny bit, so after a very long time, the tree would fall.

Author SaNe Crimes ( ago)
know you no don't hide behind a tree if it getting shot at by a mini gun

Author TheAponymous ( ago)
Children in Africa could of eaten that car...

Author WorldOfSENILE ( ago)
This is just disgusting. Why the fuck are they killing mother nature and
High fiving about it?

Author rob ribant ( ago)
It will not be long until we see some crazed Jerk-face pulling up at some
jam packed event with that gun and just make Hell rain in under a minute.
It's coming, you all know it is.

Author ScottsMcHappy ( ago)
I bet there was a snake in the tree XD

Author sagesaria ( ago)
My aesthetic: smart women in pretty sundresses shooting down trees with
miniguns :)

Author gutz1981 ( ago)
"What happened?"
"I saw it!"
"You saw what?"

Author Alex Sxtx ( ago)
i guess any gun with the same amount of bullets would do the work - just in
a different time

Author Out Of Place Ninja ( ago)
I know a shotgun can fell a small tree, seen it with my own eyes. Also good
for shooting down branches high in a tree. Apparently, a shotgun is
sometimes used to shoot down genetic mutations in some trees so they can be
rooted and sold.

Author TertiaryChrome ( ago)
Chuckmate, woodchucks!

Author Justin Packard ( ago)

Author Jack the Gestapo (SS-Sturmbannfuhrer) ( ago)
sry for asking stupid question here but....why did they call this thing a
minigun? they're not mini, instead they're big as hell. to fool the soviets

Author The Ramblings of a Nobody (83 years ago)
The logic here is as long as your bullets are going THROUGH the trunk, you
CAN chop down the tree, it would just take a while

Author Jude Walters ( ago)
Watches this... Tells myself, oh yeah? Gets on battlefield. Shoots a tree
down with a pistol...... That's how it's done.

Author Doctortomsvideos ( ago)
I'm surprised with the recoil control. I know it it mounted but still. I
bet some real hard engineering went into that aspect of the gun.

Author Lars Van Den Broek ( ago)
that was expensive

Author bobs ( ago)
i wonder how much that cost to do

Author Jfreek5050 ( ago)

Author Odee “Oz” Dillon ( ago)
Yess, yess of course my namesake can do the job. ;-p

Author Annelise Meier ( ago)
Y u no use GAU - 8 Avenger ?

Author TheHog25 ( ago)
With any gun enough bullets at the tree it's going to cut in down

Author TheHog25 ( ago)
Try the MG42 its nick name is the Buzzsaw made by the Nazis in world war 2
it was like the min gun before the mine gun was made

Author boubacar keita ( ago)
ok i bet u all that one bullet (HE) of gau-8 avenger minigun will tear the
fuck up a tree

Author xXJMatherXx ( ago)

Author Dreagaster E ( ago)

Author Joey Jamison ( ago)

Author Samuel Disher ( ago)
Most Badass way to cut down a tree !

Author Charlie The Turtle ( ago)
So people think cost of bullets are a problem to the US government. They
could fire this for 24 hours at NO COST that will be noticed on the defence

Author Brage Register ( ago)
It's a fucking Minigun. Of course it's going to cut a tree in half. And uuu
you cut a tree in half with plenty of other guns.

Author The Protector ( ago)
Still not the Gau-8 :P Which.. a single bullet could down a tree XD But a
beast nevertheless

Author Guitar God ( ago)
I cut a boat in half with a minigun a few years ago

Author Jip Ramakers ( ago)
Americans and their affinity with guns...

Author Koa Kulani ( ago)
Mini guns aren't that 'mini'. Why do they call them that? What a pile of
brass that thing spits though! $1000.00 worth of ammo in 5 seconds! Badass!

Author willywonkadailyblah ( ago)

Author lysander ( ago)
don't forget to pick up the brass !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Evermore ( ago)
A minigun is the ultimate tree killer? How about a Nuclear Bomb?

Author James Hardman ( ago)
that was fucking awesome!

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