Mythbusters can a machine gun chop off a tree MINIGUN!!!

The mythbusters try to chop off a tree with a minigun and a machine gun! Awsome clip ;) (3000 rounds per minute!!!)

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Author Andrew B ( ago)
I wonder just what percentage of the bullets actually hit?

Author Skitt R6 ( ago)
She made that mini gun look good have to love the stance.

Author BangBangBye ( ago)
fuck you you fucking toture tree that bitch

Author Connor Clemmons ( ago)
Now I know what to do when my chainsaw blade breaks.

Author Violet Grace ( ago)
A couple million dollars wasted on cutting down a couple of trees... not
bad, not bad, pretty smart.

Author Austin0777 ( ago)
before I watch this video I'm going to say that I can personally confirm
this myth. I've done it with a shotgun before on an 8 inch wide tree. it
took a whole box of birdshot but it did the job. so I'm guessing with the
amount of rounds per minute that a minigun can put out you could cut down a
giant sequoia with enough bullets

Author Army Dog ( ago)
roung rounds real rounds are 5mm rounds

Author austin kha ( ago)
Holy shot! How much did each one of those bullets cost?

Author 1Klooch ( ago)
Love the Combat Boots/breezy Summer Dress combo!

Author Majin Snake ( ago)
Well, this gun delievers much freedom :-D

Author Aasher Ahmed ( ago)
that tree must be tree-a-fied

Author Winny Han ( ago)
a chain saw uses less energy. stupid shit

Author Benjamin ( ago)
Lumberjacks should just use miniguns. Much more effective.

Author Argonwolfproject ( ago)
I want to see how long it takes a CO2 laser to cut down a tree :D

Author Thomas Clow. ( ago)
Could totally do it with a machine gun.

Author Brett Duffy ( ago)
did they pay the $200 tax stamp on them

Author Spunge Bub ( ago)
you can get the same effect with a

Author heartfire451 ( ago)
Why do that to some nice tree when there are so many child molesters,
rapists, violent criminals they could test that gun on?

Author Adam Mullarkey ( ago)
Somehow, I can't help but feel like a chainsaw would work just as well.

Author Shadow Knight ( ago)
Try using a 50 bmg.

Author Zuhair Soosor ( ago)
They could just have used a .50 cal with standard ammo to chop that tree
down no problem

Author Paul Ryder ( ago)
This is extreme overkill. I have cut down a tree with 4 30 round magazines
from a STEN.: a 9 mm 550 RPM sub-gun. Takes about 30 seconds. While my
experiment was a really stupid waste of money, I admit these people
completely out-classed me in ridiculously waste.

Author Dave Dowling ( ago)
Did it with less than 30 rounds 7.62 from 100ft.

Author Kevin ( ago)
Well it's stupidly obvious that'd work, even a shity handgun would chip
away a tiny bit, so after a very long time, the tree would fall.

Author SaNe Crimes ( ago)
know you no don't hide behind a tree if it getting shot at by a mini gun

Author TheAponymous ( ago)
Children in Africa could of eaten that car...

Author WorldOfSENILE ( ago)
This is just disgusting. Why the fuck are they killing mother nature and
High fiving about it?

Author rob ribant ( ago)
It will not be long until we see some crazed Jerk-face pulling up at some
jam packed event with that gun and just make Hell rain in under a minute.
It's coming, you all know it is.

Author ScottsMcHappy ( ago)
I bet there was a snake in the tree XD

Author sagesaria ( ago)
My aesthetic: smart women in pretty sundresses shooting down trees with
miniguns :)

Author gutz1981 ( ago)
"What happened?"
"I saw it!"
"You saw what?"

Author Alex Sxtx ( ago)
i guess any gun with the same amount of bullets would do the work - just in
a different time

Author Out Of Place Ninja ( ago)
I know a shotgun can fell a small tree, seen it with my own eyes. Also good
for shooting down branches high in a tree. Apparently, a shotgun is
sometimes used to shoot down genetic mutations in some trees so they can be
rooted and sold.

Author TertiaryChrome ( ago)
Chuckmate, woodchucks!

Author Justin Packard ( ago)

Author Jack the Gestapo (SS-Sturmbannfuhrer) ( ago)
sry for asking stupid question here but....why did they call this thing a
minigun? they're not mini, instead they're big as hell. to fool the soviets

Author Vaas Montenegro ( ago)
So nobody here realises that trees are living things?

Author The Ramblings of a Nobody (83 years ago)
The logic here is as long as your bullets are going THROUGH the trunk, you
CAN chop down the tree, it would just take a while

Author Slimgee Osby ( ago)
50 cal vs mini gun

Author Jude Walters ( ago)
Watches this... Tells myself, oh yeah? Gets on battlefield. Shoots a tree
down with a pistol...... That's how it's done.

Author Doctortomsvideos ( ago)
I'm surprised with the recoil control. I know it it mounted but still. I
bet some real hard engineering went into that aspect of the gun.

Author Lars Van Den Broek ( ago)
that was expensive

Author tomatoesofdoom ( ago)
i wonder how much that cost to do

Author Jfreek5050 ( ago)

Author Odee “Oz” Dillon ( ago)
Yess, yess of course my namesake can do the job. ;-p

Author Annelise Meier ( ago)
Y u no use GAU - 8 Avenger ?

Author TheHog25 ( ago)
With any gun enough bullets at the tree it's going to cut in down

Author TheHog25 ( ago)
Try the MG42 its nick name is the Buzzsaw made by the Nazis in world war 2
it was like the min gun before the mine gun was made

Author boubacar keita ( ago)
ok i bet u all that one bullet (HE) of gau-8 avenger minigun will tear the
fuck up a tree

Author xXJMatherXx ( ago)

Author Dreagaster E ( ago)

Author Joey Jamison ( ago)

Author Samuel Disher ( ago)
Most Badass way to cut down a tree !

Author Charlie The Turtle ( ago)
So people think cost of bullets are a problem to the US government. They
could fire this for 24 hours at NO COST that will be noticed on the defence

Author Brage Register ( ago)
It's a fucking Minigun. Of course it's going to cut a tree in half. And uuu
you cut a tree in half with plenty of other guns.

Author The Protector ( ago)
Still not the Gau-8 :P Which.. a single bullet could down a tree XD But a
beast nevertheless

Author Guitar God ( ago)
I cut a boat in half with a minigun a few years ago

Author Jip Ramakers ( ago)
Americans and their affinity with guns...

Author Koa Kulani ( ago)
Mini guns aren't that 'mini'. Why do they call them that? What a pile of
brass that thing spits though! $1000.00 worth of ammo in 5 seconds! Badass!

Author willywonkadailyblah ( ago)

Author lysander ( ago)
don't forget to pick up the brass !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Evermore ( ago)
A minigun is the ultimate tree killer? How about a Nuclear Bomb?

Author James Hardman ( ago)
that was fucking awesome!

Author ThePoopMaster01 ( ago)
I think Barack Obama was on the show once right?
Why don't you bring him out to shoot the tree down!

Author Ali Hisham ( ago)
Poor tree

Author Adam Greenlee ( ago)
That's so expensive

Author Taylor “Savage Lord” Has ( ago)
Next, try an M2 Browning, which shoots 50 cal!

Author mich ael ( ago)
try it with a 80mm auto cannon

Author Rhine Horn ( ago)
Check her panties I am certain they are wet right now

Author Tombs Clawtooth ( ago)
Don't need a machine gun to cut down a tree. It's just a lot faster than a
semi auto.

Author 900bz ( ago)
Im actually shocked that they had to test this because aint it obvious?

Author Joshua Pavao ( ago)
everyone in comment section talking about cost have very bad mathematics
and economics....first carrie was wrong...this is a .223 version....not a
.308 version.....1000 rds of .223 is about $280.00 on the internet from
lucky gunner or cheaperthandirt. com so a full minute =$280.00 × 3=
$840.00. YOUR WELCOME :)

Author Iamthedudeman00 ( ago)
What myth? You can cut down any tree with any working fire arm as long as
you have enough bullets and enough time! The mini gun just does it faster
than most of other guns!

Author Tanner AK ( ago)
I once shot down a little birch tree with about a five inch diameter. It
took about a half hour and a couple 10/22 25 round mags.

Author dominik Sabedini ( ago)

Author Creeperboy Carreon ( ago)
I'm going to add a part to my animated film where I try to shoot the
villain with a Gatling gun, but I miss, firing at a tree which falls on the
victim and goes boom boom!

Author bo0bh3ad (982 years ago)
family guy brought me here.

Author HD DenoZard ( ago)
What a great way to use ammunition, you could ha e fed the african
childrenn ohhh the agonyy

Author Music sports songs ( ago)
The Gatling gun has been obsolete since the Civil War. That's why it wasn't
used AT ALL during WWI or WWII.

Author RAGNAROK Flor ( ago)
are these trees even alive because aren't dead trees more brittle then live
trees because of the decomposition? if so they cheated

Author The Butler Did It (1853 years ago)
What is this obsession with Americans for guns?

Author MrZsc ( ago)
and they say war thunder is realistic.

Author Boosta Coosta ( ago)
first off thier too far away the ideal distance is about 10 feet

Author Boosta Coosta ( ago)
man down south us rednecks cut trees down with a couple boxes of 12g

Author chbrules ( ago)
The YT Channel, Demolition Ranch, cut through a telephone pole with like a
couple hundred 7.62 rounds from an aptly chambered AR-15.

Author soulassassin0g ( ago)
Does anyone else think Carrie should have done this topless or is it just

Author Sirfilipus ( ago)
I wanna see a minigun with tiny miniguns on it.

Author Anal “Negro” Avocado ( ago)
"She fires $200 custom tool cartridges at 10,000 rounds per minute, it cost
$400,000 to fire this weapon, for 12 seconds"

Author bkriegel95 ( ago)
Smells like destruction.

Author bob maki ( ago)
you can take down an 8" oak tree with four 3.5" mag. 12 gauge slugs..way
cheaper..just sayin..

Author Tim McMullen ( ago)
Look at the smile on her face at 2:00- lolThat's totally redneck sexy !

Author Kenneth Hauck ( ago)
can a maching gun "chop off" a tree?

lmfao, I guess it depends on what the tree is attached to

Author Kman314 ( ago)
Tree got REKT

Author B. Phil ( ago)
Come on, she's got to be the coolest chick on TV in my opinion. Who just
fires a machine gun while chill as a mofo?

Author Inkeldink ( ago)
or just use a Ma Deuce...

Author Conor Climo ( ago)
They should've used an MG42.

Author Eric Scher ( ago)
I've cut down 10" pine trees with a short burst from a pig. (M60 LMG)

Not hard to do.

Author Keith Oakes ( ago)
A gatling gun would be fun to shoot, as long as you have deep pockets (ammo
ain't cheap!) & a bloody big motorized reloading press to go with it. That
thing is a brass fountain! But I'd gladly settle for the pretty lady
shooting it, she's hot!

Author Zac Gan ( ago)
holy crap how much did all that ammo cost. :O

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