Japanese sword action exercise.

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Author Darkmoreplague ( ago)

Author Leonel J Valladares ( ago)
Whether they teach movie fighting techniques, or practice katana valet, you
must understand that for them to be able to teach what teach or show, they
must have practiced martial arts at some point in life only through the
understanding of the blade, how to cut how to block how to thrust, how to
sheath the blade, how to move and position yourself to block and counter
attack, then yes this is also in part if not in full martial arts. Dare one
of them to a duel. It's all different in real combat but practice does

Author Măcre C ( ago)
Samurai Jack

Author Alexandrnikakoy nikakoy ( ago)
В бою ваши выкрутасы на кунае вертели.айяяй!

Author hjkl ( ago)
Thank you for the video.
This is one of the best demonstrations of real kenjutsu on youtube.

Author Angel Ishikawa ( ago)
eita 0:55

Author xorohede ( ago)
japanese mambo jambo………hilarious!!

Author Tigre Blanch ( ago)
Katana wa samurai no tamashii.

Author Лубомир Фенык ( ago)
practising with real swords, these are real men

Author Hector Diaz ( ago)
Eso para mi es poesia.

Author Devoti ( ago)
as i've said before, these guys are self-declared acting instructors. i
know they are japanese, and many think this is an actual dojo and an actual
sword art, but here's a quote from their website: "Tsurugi - is not a
martial art.
We do not teach how to defeat opponents.
Nor do we teach how to hurt others, though we do teach how to act the
fighting scenes."

Author Haohmaru Of The Wind ( ago)

Author TheMaster9312 ( ago)
So these exercise are part of a kenjutsu's lesson? (sorry for my english
:-) )

Author Hirameki Dojo ( ago)
Or watch less anime and practice bujutsu instead :)

Author Hirameki Dojo ( ago)
Tsurugi is another reading for "ken". It's the same kanji.

Author tatsujindojo ( ago)
Tsurugi is a type of sword, that predates the ken, tachi, katana and
shinobigatana. typically, Tsurugi is double edged and straight.Looks
similar to the European broadsword in style. 

Author Brian Chow (Otaku Gamer) ( ago)
tsurugi i think is their style of martial art,i recommend u start watching
anime then u will be more understanding about it XD

Author MasterfightTV ( ago)
Hello, can you explain this video please ? Is it a demonstration or a
seminar, or... ? What's is "Tsurugi" ? Thank's

Author Ryan Seven (Secret Scientist) ( ago)
Looks good, feels wrong.

Author l2a3sterling ( ago)
1.23 ballroom dancing meets sword fighting 

Author JOE BLACK ( ago)

Author moga iulian ( ago)
God Job !!!! 

Author AriT020 ( ago)
They learning efficient foot maneuver so that if an armature try to swing a
blade at, they can move out of the way while slide the idiot at the same

Author sempaiSteve1 ( ago)
Very impressive :) Well done on some good training and a cool video

Author Zi-lion Gr ( ago)
The song theme AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Author bmwadventure2007 ( ago)
Who is your sensei? I am impressed by your performance. respect,Gilles

Author christian jongbloed ( ago)
excellent -

Author Davis Dawson ( ago)
0:25 menly shit

Author Semibobo ( ago)
gay shit

Author transformer ( ago)

Author sanoichiro ( ago)
It's really not very far removed from traditional Ryu. I've studied Muso
Jikiden Eishin Ryu for most of my life. I also have many books on Katori
Shinto Ryu, and Kashima Shinryu. I see bits and pieces here from many ryu.
I don't live near any dojo right now, but I would be glad to train in this
art if there was one available near me. Also, you might be surprised at how
showy traditional ryu can be.

Author Mou “Mousetek” Siluck ( ago)
Actually this tsurugi is just a modernized non traditional version. But
true traditional is less showmanship more get it done and go.

Author PAPANOSUKE100 ( ago)
WOW !!!! Respect

Author Devoti ( ago)
it would be nice if there was something pointing out that this is for
acting movies and theaters and the like. that it's not meant to be real
sword practice. because people see this and imitate it, and think they're
being real samurais. and then they join a dojo, and they refuse to accept
the teachings, because it doesn't look like in the movies.

Author Richard Saez ( ago)
i know this is a bit old but anyone can tell me which the font they are

Author s8927111h ( ago)
Why are they dancing?

Author SOLENOID4 (1188 years ago)
bitches in black ....useless shit for idiots 

Author Pierropod ( ago)
I love the sheathings!

Author 123starwalker ( ago)
then you must to be in kendo...not only teach a way for use the
sword...but in kendo iis more like the way of the samurai

Author BigDaddyMacc (378 years ago)
i want to learn the way of samurai. 

Author pownda H ( ago)
This guy will definitely survive the zombie apocalypse

Author Sam F ( ago)
Wo0o0o0o0oW. I adore such a master.

Author Sam F ( ago)
I adore such a master.

Author Jjejet ( ago)
Teach me!

Author Anagh Sharma ( ago)
At 0:35, that was a sick move

Author reego ma ( ago)
I would like to acquire martial arts but enrolling is quite expensive.

Author HipposHateWater ( ago)
I figured that would be the case as well, but the Iaito I've seen are still
a bit too...pointy for anything involving drills/kata/stuff with another
person in front of you :P

Author Urdarbrunn ( ago)
They're keepers of the peace, not soldiers. Now I await hatred for quoting
Phantom Menace.

Author NickLiang ( ago)
Im sure they're Iaitos not Shinkens lol

Author Kondo87 ( ago)
Would love to come and train with you guys. 

Author Ronald Harrow ( ago)
Very nice!

Author mugenv ( ago)
Yes this is what I've been looking for. Such flawless form SUPERB!

Author Kalydosos ( ago)
I could watch that instructor all day his movement, very fast, smooth and
body positioning is excellent!

Author HEROINBONER1 ( ago)

Author wrp247 ( ago)
you'll probably have to got to japan, because it doesn't look like they're
in the US.

Author Joel Bernola ( ago)
Great techniques. I would like to check out this dojo.

Author Antonio Guamil ( ago)
Ahahahaha good one dude ....

Author ELIO TUDINO ( ago)
nice !!

Author Toma Bobsan ( ago)
I like :) cool

Author carloko08 ( ago)
aaah el weon seco :O 

Author serfwe erwr ( ago)

Author Lucas Nygård ( ago)
The sword they are training with is the iaito (unsharpened sword)

Author Ryan Briggans-Jones ( ago)
I love how there is so much passion and focus in this video. truly the
Samurai spirit.

Author MultiWesky ( ago)
Where is this school Please XD ?!? 

Author MorteWulfe ( ago)
Hey I know, put the Gaijin in white so we can see the bloodstains better!

Author Tonglong ( ago)
where is that school?

Author rimidalvetarak ( ago)
OMG, this is soo nice. May I know if this school is for action (movie)
only, or does this school also teach proper Kenjutsu?

Author MrJordanwell ( ago)
I usally say bad thing about these kind of school but not this time nice

Author Swordsquire ( ago)
Truly beautiful swordsmanship. Thank you for sharing it.

Author ronin2167 ( ago)
At first I was like...why are they wearing their swords on the wrong
side...then I realized it was from a tv. 

Author HipposHateWater (1818 years ago)
Are you using unsharpened iaido practice katana? Or did you take
inexpensive katana and blunt the ha?

Author leereturn2006 ( ago)
ok i didnt see bruce lee here, but why is he screaming on backgound?

Author Mekugi ( ago)
Yeah..."chanbarra kenbu" would be a good name for this methinks. 

Author Devilikg ( ago)
Owesome!! pls b my coach !

Author Devilikg ( ago)
This guy is badass !! pls b my coach ^^

Author Joshua Brown ( ago)
Where is your school?

Author silverrunne ( ago)
where can i buy the “劍” headbands?

Author jung567 ( ago)
so wat ryu is affiliated with this?

Author DougExiter ( ago)
Being a student of the Western or European martial arts, I participate in
rebated steel combat. The movement and behavior of the sword differs
greatly in combat, when one blade is striking another. The senses and
emotional energy of the fight, whether it be in one on one or melee with
many others can interrupt your training and you must rely on your
conditioning. Does your group participate in any full contact training like
this, armored or otherwise?

Author jung567 ( ago)
hmm... what is tsurugi?

Author musashi01 ( ago)
Before to start TSURUGI what a sword style you studied?Please answer
me....I like your skills

Author KhuranDixal ( ago)
Very good speed and 'softness' of movements. I love it. What Ryu do you

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