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Author john appleseed ( ago)
Vanessa was an awesome champion for RWV back in the day. She eventually got
pounded by Afrika and lost the belt

Author Esteban Ramirez ( ago)
yes, she goes by the name Elle Cee

Author puma59graciefighter ( ago)
I agree. Instead of doing porn they take off their clothes and either choke
other females out cold or get choked out cold. Sucks for them, but hey we
enjoy it!

Author Melvin Bonzarelli ( ago)
I feel sorry for these gals. Their only other career choice was blowing
japanese tourists in the local Motel 6 in North Los Vegas.

Author bwoiz76 ( ago)

Author Randy S ( ago)
can you put me into a submission hold....Please? :)

Author RyonaFanx ( ago)
i would love to wrestle her and put her in a submission hold that she'll
never esacape from it :)

Author shifduprisch ( ago)
Do they also have the biggest tits

Author TheMoh333 ( ago) sport betting offering 25% money back for every losing bets

Author Cristiano Ronaldo ( ago)
she wud make a perfect sex slave. shes got a whiny bitchy voice, amazing
sexy tits, a firm hot ass... i want her as a slave ;) shes only got a
little bit of tummy poking out... but its all good

Author André-Mathieux Gervais ( ago)
Wait a minute... That's WWE's World Heavyweight championship!!!

Author cyaninternetdog ( ago)
@jingle2626 vid and sound out of synch.

Author Hawkeye752 ( ago)
A babe!!!!!

Author DarkLizerdGuy ( ago)
hottest woman ever

Author Moshedb23 ( ago)
I was supposed to face her (Vanessa Harding) last month for some new
matches that they were supposed to shoot out here in Los Angeles but the
promoter pulled me out of the match for some oddball reason, he was
probably afraid that I would show her up in the ring or something or I
would make her look bad, well it's his loss and too bad because he passed
on someone in his prime I'm 29 years old.

Author kevin b ( ago)
Please take some acting lessons.

Author 234Assassin ( ago)
whats with the WWE heavy weight Championship

Author Sham O'brien ( ago)
Vanessa was black haired. But she was such a crap wrestler she must have
wanted to change her image.

Author garduvino ( ago)
I thought she was black haired. If you dont believe me, look the video
"Vanessa in ring mixed match 1" She is wonderfull.

Author 2strong2cool ( ago)
How the mighty have fallen

Author garduvino ( ago)
How do I come into the ring with her? What do I must to do?

Author Thecritic2013 ( ago)
tat belt has the wwe logo on it and if this is top talent id hate to see

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