BBC - OJ Simpson the Untold Story

This program is an in depth investigation into new evidence that has been found surrounding the murder trial of O.J. Simpson.

Who did kill OJ's ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman? This is still a gripping tale. It may be five years on but this story hasn't lost its heady mixture of violence, race, sex and Hollywood glitz.

Five years ago, the world watched spellbound as OJ Simpson was acquitted of murder. And interest in the case remains as great as ever. Why, asks the BBC's former Washington correspondent Bridget Kendall, are we still obsessed?

Ask any American exactly where they were when the verdict in OJ Simpson's trial was announced and they will probably remember. It was one of those defining moments.

When the dramatic announcement came that OJ had been found "not guilty", the reaction was almost as stunning as the unexpected verdict. America was divided down the middle.

Five years since that moment, and still the ghosts in this weird and ghastly double murder have not been laid to rest. And it is somehow fitting that the latest investigation to unearth new clues into what might have happened - who did kill OJ's ex- wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman? - is not the result of police work, but a television documentary, OJ: The Untold Story. Once again, it is trial by television, a TV audience being invited to sift through the evidence and draw their own conclusions.

What is more, there are some startling new revelations and a real-life American private eye to help guide us through the maze of new circumstantial evidence. Not exactly a suave Raymond Chandler hero with deadpan delivery, Bill Dear is no Humphrey Bogart. But as a tenacious private detective from Dallas, Texas, he certainly proves that all those American crime novels got one thing right: one private eye with a bee in his bonnet and apparently boundless energy can get a whole lot further in coming up with new leads than an American city police department.

To begin with gruesome photos from the crime scene and eyewitness accounts from the LA police detectives reminds you of how they built their case, and convinces you all over again that surely the evidence against OJ was overwhelming.

But then comes the analysis: the evidence that does not add up.

Here the makers of this documentary have been careful not to be too categorical. They offer two sets of circumstantial evidence that point to two quite separate suspects and two quite different lines of inquiry. So who do they think did it? There is no final chapter to this new investigation. Watch it, and decide for yourself if you still think OJ is guilty.

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Author Todd Johnson (1 month)
O.J. Simpson = murdering, scum sucking pile of dog shit. Any and ALL of you
who claim he is innocent are in one of two categories. Category
WANT him to be innocent so bad that you think you believe it. Category really believe he is innocent, which makes you an
uneducated, naïve moron. 

Author Steven Cook (22 days)
Innocent people don't go robbing and kidnapping. his ass is guilty, they
also don't run from police.

Author Chas Grav (3 months)
The problem with the OJ case is that, no matter how you slice it, you wind
up with disturbing, nagging questions that it just doesn't make sense that
OJ 'plans' a murder, with hat and gloves to boot, but makes no plan to hide
his involvement or provide a reasonable alibi. The allegation by police
that it is a 'rage' killing, and yet they present evidence of fairly
thought-out planning, which belies the notion of a crime of passion. The
appearance of planning belies the assertion of a crime of passion, as does
the rather expert 'execution,' if you will, of two individuals with
remarkable skill and not a peep from either one heard. The loss of a hat
belies a sense of planning, not to mention the bumbling loss of a glove as
well, and then, that's not enough, the loss of the OTHER glove AT THE HOME
OF THE ALLEGED PERPETRATOR! It's beyond credible. Too much of the evidence
seems too pat, and there is no doubt evidence collection was compromised.

The duty of a jury is NOT to figure out 'whodunit.' Their job is to
determine if the State has surmounted the high hill of constitutional due
process and presented a case beyond reasonable doubt (that is, if you have
any reason to doubt, the case fails). The State failed. Whether OJ
committed murder or not is irrelevant. The well-being of the rule of law,
constitutional liberty, and safeguards against the power of the State
outweigh any other concern. Jurors are not there to protect a defendant
from the power of the State; they are there to protect THEMSELVES against
encroachments on the freedom of citizens from unreasonable state

Author Harry Callahan (6 months)
The Bruno Magli shoes hung him, denies ever owning a pair, why deny owning
a pair to start with ah? only 300 sold and can be seen in the blood what
was washed away just 36 hours after the murders! cut on hand, no alibi,
fancy dress costumes, Nicole says if she ever ends up dead OJ done it...and
what you know.

911 calls Nicole Brown-Simpson made to police on October 25, 1993

NICOLE: Can you send someone to my house?
DISPATCHER: What's the problem there?
NICOLE: My ex-husband has just broken into my house and he's ranting and
raving outside the front yard.
DISPATCHER: Has he been drinking or anything?
NICOLE: No. But he's crazy.
DISPATCHER: What is he doing there?
NICOLE: He just drove up again. (She begin to cry) Could you just send
somebody over ?
DISPATCHER: Wait a minute. What kind of car is he in?
NICOLE: He's in a white Bronco, but first of all he broke the back door
down to get in.

Real innocent.

Author sparky6899 (1 day)
Look at those crime scene photos and think about the type of person it
takes to do such a thing. Regardless of the verdict, the whole circus
around it was disgusting and the way it was hijacked and turned into a tool
for racial 'one upmanship' should have all involved hanging their heads in

Author OneMileyCyrusFanVlog (24 days)
If those socks were so bloody, why would he leave them in the MIDDLE of his
room, on a carpet (in great exposure) just before he left for Chicago ?

Author S. Oles (1 month)
Chas Grav, you seem to have no understanding of "reasonable doubt". It
doesn't mean "any doubt". If it did, no criminal would ever be convicted
of anything. if you seriously doubt OJ's guilt, you are so gullible you
must think the moon landings were faked in a movie studio and Shakespeare
was written by four women.

The gloves were leather. Soaked with blood, then washed. Try washing a
pair of leather gloves and see how much tighter and stiffer they get. OJ's
absurd pretense in court that he couldn't fit into them was something out
of the Three Stooges: proof that he never learned to act.

I lived not far from Brentwood in 1994-5 and watched the entire trial. OJ
lied about everything and his lies were exposed. E.g. when the inept
prosecutors showed the footprints in the blood were from costly Bruno
Maglis, OJ said "I would never own those ugly ass shoes!" Then a photo
surfaced of him WEARING his Bruno Magli shoes and proof of his purchase was
found. No wonder he refused to take the stand, since he had no alibi. An
innocent man would WANT to take the stand to prove his innocence.

If the mother of your children were brutally murdered, would your response
be grabbing a ton of cash, firearms, and a fake beard, jumping in your car
and trying to flee to Mexico? Who but a guilty man would respond that way?

As other posters point out, OJ's plan might have worked if Ron Goldman
hadn't shown up unexpectedly to return -- I believe -- Nicole's mother's
glass, which she had left at the restaurant. It's not known definitely
whether he and Nicole were lovers, but it seems plausible that the
beautiful rich divorcee and the very handsome and virile young waiter were
more than friends.

In any case, OJ -- who had regularly flown into violent jealous rages
during their marriage -- must have assumed Ron was arriving for a booty
call. Now he had to murder both his wife and the unexpected witness who he
assumed was boinking his wife. (He considered her his possession even
after their divorce.)

He only went free because of the remarkable ineptitude of the prosecutors
and his "dream team" of expensive lawyers engaging in a disgusting campaign
of obfuscation and race baiting. Judge Ito favored the defense because he
was afraid of being murdered himself by thugs and blamed for the ensuing
riots if he adjudicated the case fairly. I lived in Los Angles at that
time and the frightening Rodney King riots, barely two years earlier, were
still very fresh in memory.

If OJ is innocent, we must let ALL MURDERERS out of prison, since I'm not
aware of any killer who has been charged with so much physical, blood, and
circumstantial evidence. Wake up and smell reality.

How many other ridiculous conspiracy theories are you a True Believer in,
Chas? Do you think space aliens built the Giza pyramids?

Author Narred Darr (6 days)
i say it was a set up. it was all too convenient with the gloves et al.
and if OJ did do it? then it's the US police Dept's fault for being such
fucking rank amateurs at being detectives and forensics.

one thing is for fucking certain - JFK was murdered by a conspiracy and LHO
WAS a patsy but the cops wiped away all the evidence on that and created a
magic bullet theory which dumb yanks SHOCKINGLY totally believed!

that crime scene forensics show that people scream about.. i dunno what
it's called, CSI something.. there is NO WAY ON THIS PLANET THAT AMERICANS


by the police authority's own ineptitude OJ was innocent.
simple as. they couldn't prove it was him cos they bollixed up the evidence
with people stomping all over the evidence? it's so laughable. just
watching it and i could not believe that there was still blood and bodies
and the fuckign forensics were ACTUALLY WORKING STILL with people lounging
around ?!?!?1
i mean whaaaaaaa?????

it's a horrible murder for 2 people but justice is justice and if you have
morons with the IQs of glasses of water [ie, US cops=corrupt, inept,
stupid, careless, lazy, greedy, bloodthirsty, triggerhappy, racists morons
who should be retrained as PROPER police] then certainly someone killed 2
innocent people but who knows?

i vote OJ is innocent.

gonna watch a more recent OJ case report now and then decide whether the
"wookie defence" is needed or not.
i fank yew!

Author ShadowinaCave (12 hours)
If you add two aspects from this documentary to the overall story -- Jason
Simpson being the murderer and his father lying to cover for him, and
over-zealous police being convinced Simpson was guilty and manipulating
evidence to try to make sure he was convicted -- then all the pieces that
haven't fitted so far fall into place.

Simpson may have been a scumbag and bad husband -- and he certainly
spiralled out of control after the murders -- but that in itself doesn't
make him guilty of murder.

And as for the shoes: what if they were Simpson's shoes, but it wasn't
O.J. who was wearing them at the scene? If Jason had "borrowed" them, he
maybe didn't know (or probably wouldn't care) how expensive they were. And
it would make some kind of sense of Simpson's dumb lie about them, rather
than implicate his son.

Author Dominic (3 days)
That nigger was guilty than and he's guilty now. The ONLY reason he was
found not guilty is because of the stupid niggers in the jury who be needin
to fight gainst dat white devil. 

Author Frenchblue8 (20 days)
Easy enough for OJ - already adrenaline-charged - to VERY quickly get the
best of poor Ron Goldman - who was totally in shock, and still trying to
get his head around 1. That what was happening to him was actually
happening, 2. If he had in fact, caught sight of Nicole, already down, he
was also reacting to THAT, thinking first to get to her to help her (she
tragically was of course, beyond help even then) 3. That for some ungodly
reason, OJ Simpson had seriously hurt Nicole and was now attacking him. It
would only have taken those few seconds for OJ - superior in height and
weight to Goldman, and with adrenaline on his side, to get Goldman down,
then slit his throat. I don't believe the utterly innocent, Ron Goldman
ever had a chance.

Author uptheIRA (1 day)
Wife beater and murderer. Pussy negro

Author Huge Brown (13 days)
Simpson did it & he wasn't alone not rocket science! 

Author shelagh mcgee (3 days)
The police fucked up and O.J protected his older son!

Author bob miller (12 days)
After reviewing all of the evidence and tapping into the portion of your
brain that contains common sense, you are quite literally an idiot if you
don't think OJ Simpson murdered both of them. 

Author Narred Darr (6 days)
"i shall say it again... this is a wookie...
a wookie on ENDOR!

ewoks live on endor!


case for the defence rest, your honour."

Author Shan Church (5 months)
What about Glen Rogers the serial killer who was involved with Nicole
Simpson and did work at her place around the time of the murders. What
about Glen Rogers family who came forward with evidence. I am so sick of
people trying to keep racial tensions brewing over this case and profit
from the murders of two people. Why didn't they scrap the victims finger
nails for evidence. If they fought the attacker surely dna evidence would
be under their nails What about the missing Oj Simpson blood viles that
the police "lost" before they "found" the blood drops on the socks. What
about the fact that the gloves just didnt fit. How many gloves shrink so
much in rain or snow that they just dont fit anymore. Glen Rogers is white
with blind hair and blue eyes so I guess making the famous black athlete
the guilty one the more sensational choice. who cares about justice.

Author TheRoomy (25 days)
"Hooray! Murderer gets set free! Yaaay! That cop was racist so that
means we'd all feel much safer having a brutal murderer who takes no qualms
about viciously stabbing two people to death out among us at all times!

God damn every time I see them celebrate... I'd just like to think about
the families of the victims, especially the completely innocent guy who had
nothing to do with anything and was just in the wrong place at the wrong
time. The racist cops deserved to be fired, and OJ deserved a guilty
verdict. The asshole cops being racist shouldn't automatically give
murderers "get out of jail free" cards. 

Author Frenchblue8 (20 days)
Cannot BELIEVE that this P.I., Bill Deare is sitting there saying that he
just "couldn't believe" that O.J. would go down to Parker Center to answer
questions against his lawyer's advice, if he had just killed 2 people. Is
he kidding??!!?? And this guy is a 40 year veteran in the business,
apparently VERY successful??!! Because O.J. Simpson - and people of that
ilk, i.e., sociopaths - are JUST THAT ARROGANT!! They believe they are
smarter than everyone else - especially a bunch of "dumb cops". Simpson
knew he had to do it at some point, I think he thought he was just getting
it 'over with'.

THEN, Deare insists that since he, himself, is a father, he KNOWS that NO
father would have, could have EVER left Nicole lying there for his children
to find. Again - a statement like this from a 'seasoned professional"??!
Sick people have done the most horrific things TO their children, which
Deare clearly would know. Allowing his children to find her, to Simpson,
would have just a 'necessary evi' - IF it actually had occurred to him at
all. That whole rant of his was just unbelievable.

Author phatmeats (4 days)
The dallas detective makes several good points! Impossible for the killer
to come out of that altercation without injuries, OJ had no injuries other
than a minor cut on his finger!

Author listerone (14 days)
Phil Spector-*GUILTY*...Robert Blake-*GUILTY*....Ted Kennedy-*GUILTY*....OJ-

Author PURRO PARRI (26 days)
Great other viwe on who could of conmited this crime.....looks like a crazy
hatsfull o.j. jr by far.....
Well hopefully he will need money an confess to get a book deal....I KILLED

Id pay 29.95 for that☺

Author L hob (21 day)
This guy so clearly did it. There is nothing about any of this that says he
didnt, it all screams he did it. He is a violent woman beater who killed
her in a jealous rage just as has happened with many women

Author Debbie Mason (18 days)
I do believe that police corruption was definitely involved.

Author Nurture Nature (3 months)
There are people commenting here either to rubbish OJ as he is black or
Nicole because she is white- Cretins! Two people were horribly murdered,
they DID NOT deserve to leave this earth in such a way. No matter how much
hurt there is, or what happened in the past, they did not deserve to die.
If OJ behaved in such an erratic way afterwards, he should be treated with
suspicion, as anyone else should. STOP focusing on their colours and look
at everything concerned!

Author Charlie Smith (1 month)
Nicole's watch was broken and had the time of 9:59. Any thoughts on what
that might mean?

Author Mario Pinto (5 months)
Prison stabbings are the most frequent, and documented knife attacks,
injuries sustained through these attacks would give a basis of injuries to
the perp's fingers, arms, and body, which Simpson had none of except the
fingers cuts, which is on his left hand, the same hand supposedly wielding
the knife... does not add up...

Author drewqq (1 month)
It's irrelevant whether Simpson killed them or not. Any case this badly
bungled by sloppy and incompetent law enforcement should have been
immediately dismissed. 

Author Jesus Fucks Children (1 month)
It could have been him, but if you watch "My brother the serial killer"
they show some pretty good evidence it was a serial killer.

Author brikrantz1 (1 month)
This documentary is a big steaming pile of BS. Read Vince Bugliosi's book
OUTRAGE if you want a clear, no-nonsense account of what happened during
the trial and why the jury came to the decision they did.

Author crashstitches79 (3 days)
There's a lot of good info scattered in this giant batch of sensationalist
tripe. It's buried under all the yellow salesmanship and pandering, but
it's there.

Author phatmeats (4 days)

Author Damon Ashley (27 days)
the two lowlifes deserved to be murdered.

Author Debbie Mason (18 days)
I also believe that the oj's son may have been involved. 

Author Jeff Schwartz (1 month)
PS: The house on Rockingham was destroyed several years ago - 2001 I think
- and a new house was built on the property by the new owner of the

Author enigmaxlr8 (11 days)
OJ's son probably planted the blood on the socks or someone in the police
department maybe planted it on the socks and in the car. I would think as a
father OJ would do anything to protect his children including his son.

Author Maggie Gaffney (9 days)
This is & always will be a disgrace that O.J was not found GUILTY!!
Straight up from jump!

Author Robson1898vascao (9 days)
Above all that race shit are the families of the victims. And no matter
what, they should get justice.

Author Pancho Cabrera (1 day)
Did o j pay for this

Author VJ SWORD (13 days)
Not one mention of Faye Resnick...or "My Brother, The Serial Killer" Glen
Edward Rogers...

Author 1138thz (28 days)
Nicole was living high on the Hog on OJ's money for years before and after
the divorce, lots of Cocaine, plenty of alimony. She was an out of control
parasite that wanted more than she had coming. **So IF OJ did kill her**
and her Cocaine connection (Goldman) I applaud his actions, regret the
trouble his whore caused him and am tickled pink that he beat the charges.

Author chuck wick (6 months)
Amazing how many black folks jumped for joy for a killer getting away with

Author Papa Woody (7 days)
A British accent doesn't make the bullshit any truer. 

Author goheat77 (10 days)
why dont they drug him to talk?? very simple.

Author David Chapman (1 month)
Wow so OJ was framed, I totally believe this Documentary. 

Author juan louis (11 days)
How could celebrated it ? They are disgusting . He killed his wife people !
there was no reason to be happy..

Author Charlie Smith (1 month)
Jason must have had a pretty clean alibi because the police didn't even
bother with him at all. 

Author hammer-to-jezebel (16 days)
Moral of the story? Don't let your white daughter date a black man.

Author Chaut Karl (15 days)
OJ Simpson is my favorite nigger!

I could so sodomize his highly orgasmic butthole in a prison shower.

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