BBC - OJ Simpson the Untold Story

This program is an in depth investigation into new evidence that has been found surrounding the murder trial of O.J. Simpson.

Who did kill OJ's ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman? This is still a gripping tale. It may be five years on but this story hasn't lost its heady mixture of violence, race, sex and Hollywood glitz.

Five years ago, the world watched spellbound as OJ Simpson was acquitted of murder. And interest in the case remains as great as ever. Why, asks the BBC's former Washington correspondent Bridget Kendall, are we still obsessed?

Ask any American exactly where they were when the verdict in OJ Simpson's trial was announced and they will probably remember. It was one of those defining moments.

When the dramatic announcement came that OJ had been found "not guilty", the reaction was almost as stunning as the unexpected verdict. America was divided down the middle.

Five years since that moment, and still the ghosts in this weird and ghastly double murder have not been laid to rest. And it is somehow fitting that the latest investigation to unearth new clues into what might have happened - who did kill OJ's ex- wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman? - is not the result of police work, but a television documentary, OJ: The Untold Story. Once again, it is trial by television, a TV audience being invited to sift through the evidence and draw their own conclusions.

What is more, there are some startling new revelations and a real-life American private eye to help guide us through the maze of new circumstantial evidence. Not exactly a suave Raymond Chandler hero with deadpan delivery, Bill Dear is no Humphrey Bogart. But as a tenacious private detective from Dallas, Texas, he certainly proves that all those American crime novels got one thing right: one private eye with a bee in his bonnet and apparently boundless energy can get a whole lot further in coming up with new leads than an American city police department.

To begin with gruesome photos from the crime scene and eyewitness accounts from the LA police detectives reminds you of how they built their case, and convinces you all over again that surely the evidence against OJ was overwhelming.

But then comes the analysis: the evidence that does not add up.

Here the makers of this documentary have been careful not to be too categorical. They offer two sets of circumstantial evidence that point to two quite separate suspects and two quite different lines of inquiry. So who do they think did it? There is no final chapter to this new investigation. Watch it, and decide for yourself if you still think OJ is guilty.

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Author Joe Neighbor ( ago)
Complete bollocks!
They had to make an interesting show so they gathered the usual idiots and
fabricated all this nonsense.

The worthless scumbag psycho OJ killed these people.

Just to entertain the idiots here commenting otherwise:
Do you completely ignore the fact he about beat her to death (with his
hands) a few years before.
Watch the OJ Simpson tapes; OJ confessing he beat her and caught in lies
over and over again.
He couldn't stand the sight of blood? How could he then beat Niccole to a
pulp several times (all documented).
Not to mention he was getting knife training from Navy Seals for movie at
the time he killed these poor people.

Really, get a fucking clue people!

Author ginoforever2011 ( ago)
Oj son did it. His son went there angry and he was on psychotic drugs.
Three month prior he was on probation for pulling a knife on his boss and
then cut his girlfriends hair with a knife. Threw her in a bath tub. His
son is sick and OJ covered him. He was in a mess at the funeral and could
not view her body. She probably started screaming at him for not showing
up for a dinner that night. He was embarrassed. They have pictures of
Jason with a black cap on and why the media ran to OJ is beyond me. His
son has a history of violent attacks. I believe he went there that night
to confront her and he killed her. OJ went to see what he had done. Oj
hired a prominent attorney for his son the next day. Why didn't the media
report this stuff.

Author arrivagabry ( ago)
what a clown this man is, he has everyone chancing him in his bronco on tv
to attract attention, he had no intention of killing himself. ! if you want
to kill yourself you do it! you don't put up a show! an attention seeker,
wants everyone to feel sorry for him. What an ass he is...and so many
stupid people fell for it! People cheering, so ridiculous, Americans are
dumb, anything that makes audience!

Author Louis Linsley ( ago)
yeah well, sometimes a story is 'untold' for a good reason. It's pure
hyperbole and conjectures.

nice voice.

Author Mere C ( ago)
God, this private investigator. "No parent could murder his ex-wife with
their children upstairs!" Uhhhhh. Abusers do that alllllll the time.

Author Mere C ( ago)
Everything else aside, that private investigator is wrong to assume that
because Simpson willingly went into an interrogation without his lawyer he
must not have been guilty. Confident culprits are quite common. (Sorry,
alliteration unintended.) For example, callousness and decision making
based on an inability to anticipate future discomfort well go hand in hand
in people with psychopathy.

Author Garrett J. Smith ( ago)

Author Erika Greiffenstein ( ago)
Maybe they fought each other and both died and someone else came a long
looked around and messed up the whole thing, to make it look like it was OJ

Author sugarcane1984 ( ago)
If Ron Goldman was black, everyone would be saying that the murder was drug

Author teresa Wilson ( ago)
whether he did it or not, his life has been ruined and everyone thinks he's
guilty! He can't and will never have a real life!!! he's ruined. .... makes
you think about what the bible says " vengeance is mine".....and it seems
like he's paying for it one way or the other! guilty or not!

Author Pete Wells ( ago)
Ok if all this blood was drag from the crime scene how come there was only
a spot on the outside of the Bronco. If the Juice was the killer than how
come there wasn't any blood on the floor mat for all to see along with that
spot on the outside????????

Author Pete Wells ( ago)
The dog did it...

Author Dracolotl ( ago)
If Jason is the one responsible for the murders, then WHERE ARE HIS CUTS
AND BRUISES that his father "should have had" around the body?
*PS* Killer or not, Jason should have been put into an asylum as far as I'm
concerned. Just being on medication for acting like a violent nutter isnt
quite enough.

Author Batool Esk ( ago)
i believe his son did he and oj took the blame willingly

Author Baptershib Obask ( ago)
-- So EDTA means that that blood was planted there to incriminate OJ ?
omg... bastard policemen...

Author Cristy Peach ( ago)
yeah right@untold ass!! lmao

Author bennymutant ( ago)
I knew he didn't do it.

Author bookguitarguy ( ago)
I'm not sure what happened, but as to the EDTA in the blood on the socks
and the gate, it's also possible that Simpson was guilty, AND that the
police planted evidence-ie, the fact that they planted evidence (if true)
would not automatically prove that Simpson was innocent, in any way.
Because they screwed up so badly and completely contaminated the crime
scene, yet had other evidence pointing strongly towards Simpson, it's
entirely possible that with or without permission from superiors, someone
might have planted evidence that they thought would help convict Simpson to
"make up for" their TREMENDOUS screw-ups at the initial crime scene. People
should remember that, because the idea that he was either guilty, OR
"framed" for the murders is a false dichotomy, as they're not mutually

Author Tom Nield ( ago)
That Private Investigator is like one of the cops from South Park.

Author Maxine Nickolls ( ago)

Author Jason Goldstein ( ago)
Seriously, everything this PI talked about was speculative and not based on
anything factual.

"OJ was known for hating the site of blood, therefore there was no way he
could have used a knife." Is this guy serious??!!

Author gregory watkins ( ago)
EDTA found... That's planted evidence, there's no other answer.

Author terry montgomery ( ago)
can anyone point the way to where the Barry Scheck v Denis Fung cross in
full can be found?..cheers.

Author Nathan Donaldson ( ago)
The prosecution failed big time. This is what arrogance gets you. Darden
was so damn sure that those gloves would have fit OJ that he made OJ try on
the gloves in front of the jury..if their case had not already fallen apart
then that idiotic demonstration did its job in the failure to convict OJ.
Another thing, EDTA preservative was found in the blood on Nicole's back
gate. In lamen's terms, blood had been planted. Yet another thing,
Vannatter had a vile of OJ's blood that he did not immediately submit to
the processing unit. After everything was said and done 1.5 milliliters of
OJ's blood went missing. Hmmm..where did it go? Surely blood couldn't have
just jumped out of that vile on it's own. Another issue, everybody keeps
talking about the "cuts" on OJ's hands. What cuts? OJ only had one cut on
his left middle finger. How does that one cut contribute to the murders?
Ron Goldman was fighting for his life, surely OJ would have had more "cuts"
than this. Yet another issue, if you go back and look at the crime scene
tape, you will notice that once police arrived at the murder scene, they
contaminated the murder scene from the get go. They were traipsing through
the victim's blood wearing no protection over their shoes there by
contaminating the scene. Another issue, there was blood on Nicole's back
and under Nicole's finger nails that did not belong to OJ. Another issue,
folks you have to realize that the year before this murder occurred Rodney
King had been beatened by 4 white cops. There was video surveillance
catching them in the act and yet they still got acquitted. I say this to
say that the LAPD is known or was known to be racist. They were known to
pick on minorities. They were known to plant evidence. So why all of a
sudden in the OJ case they're deemed clean or people say that there's no
way evidence could have been planted by the LAPD. Whomever stays in
California and actually believe that the LAPD could not plant evidence is
beyond delusional.

Author cyninbend ( ago)
This idiot in Texas can't even get Howard Weitzman's name right. Howard,
not Harold. The amount of planting for this evidence not to point toward OJ
and only OJ is astronomical! Dozens of people would have had to either
participate in planting it or look the other way--putting their careers and
freedom in jeopardy.

The selective editing here combined with this ass trying to make a buck
from the not-so-bright people with Dunning Kruger Syndrome who can't grasp
the huge volume of evidence...most left out here--Jill Shively, who saw OJ
racing back to Rockingham from Nicole's....the limo driver who saw OJ cut
across his lawn after no one answered the door...if Fuhrman had planted the
Bronco evidence and glove, socks, and OJ had turned out to have an alibi
for the evening--or have been in Chicago already (they had no way of
knowing when the Bronco blood was discovered and booked!) he's have been
open to felony charges for planting evidence and a potential capital
charge! For framing a guy the cops had always protected and refused to
charge for assaulting Nicole numerous times before? NONSENSE.

There was NO screaming. Necks are slit BECAUSE it silently kills the
victim--no way in Brentwood can anyone make a lot of noise without
attracting attention. This bull about OJ being innocent because "who kills
the mother of their children?"---is this idiot serious? OJ beat Nicole to a
pulp--according to police who responded and wrote up reports years
earlier--while HIS CHILDREN WERE IN THE HOUSE! We have police reports from
by their current or former significant other. At least 1/3 of all female
murder victims are killed by current or former partners! We know OJ pleaded
guilty to beating Nicole and was sentenced to community service. Nicole's
chances of being killed by OJ went up 70 times when she left him! This ass
is talking garbage--but for the BBC to be spreading this bullshit that
conflicts 100% with statistis available from google with a few clicks is
inexcuseable. BBC, please remove YOUR heads from your asses. We'll wait.

Oh, and had any of you done any research, OJ filmed a movie where--as part
of preparation for the role--Navy seals taught him how to slice the throats
of people quickly and silently. That's when OJ went in the shop and
purchased a couple of those knives the seals carry. It was all over
tabloids and magazines, andTV shows that picked up the story. OJ was a
massive guy. I saw him carry the Olympic torch up the California incline in
Santa Monica in 1984 with Nicole at his side. His thigh was the size of her
torso in circumference. I'd bet this fool never saw them together. She was
5'3 or 4" tall while he was at least 6'1" tall. He was a big guy with hands
as big as a football---guys always commented on how big OJ's hands were
when he held ac footbal.

The blood is not smeared or dropped--on the socks it's a microscopic
spray--which happens when people's necks are sliced and their hearts are
beating. Then, when OJ took them off, the blood was still wet and the sides
of the socks touched so the blood that is thicker on one side where it
actually landed at the crime scene is thin on the other because it was a 2d
hand thing that spread when the socks lay flat on the floor with the sides
touching--only visible under a microscope. Who could plant that? It is so
complicated but each piece of evidence had such a proof of authenticity.
Only an idiot says you are too guilty so you are innocent.

Ron Shipp was OJ's friend--NOT Nicole's---he would not know shit about her
life--he was a wanna be friend that never could get into the inner circle.
He also knew OJ did it and admitted as much back in the 90s! "Rumors of
drug use?" Yet OJ did not use that to get his kids or reduce the
settlement? There was NO evidence ever introduced at either trial that she
was less than a devoted and stellar mom. They were separated then divorced
for YEARS. Since when can't a single woman have relationships? This
smearing the victim is shameful! She was with OJ from 18 years old--so when
they broke up you'd expect her to go a little wild to have the single youth
she missed. To imply it was more than that, or that she was having affairs
while she was married to OJ and they were living together is fiction. No
one ever suggested that before--not even OJ! BTW, OJ was the one who used
lots of drugs--not Nicole. OJ is the one whose drug use was discussed as a
cause of the rage at the time of the murders by their friends, not hers.

Author C Chandler ( ago)
CANNOT believe the incompetence of most policemen at crime scenes in this
day and age.

Author C Chandler ( ago)
Wonder what would happen if I fled the cops? Leather, by the way, shrinks
when it gets wet. A crime of passion does not give anyone a chance to
choose a weapon, but a gun (BANG BANG BANG) would have made enough noise to
draw attention.

Author softytop1000 ( ago)

Author Jacinta Hartley ( ago)
I think what everyone should take from this is that the color of your skin
doesn't matter in violent crimes (or crimes in general) but how deep your
pockets are and how much you are willing to fork over to get off. I think
if most people (guilty like OJ or innocent) had access to expensive,
talented representation then our prisons wouldn't be as full as they are
now. Just some food for thought...

Author Carlos Perez ( ago)
Min 18:50 the argument of a father not being able to kill a mother in front
of their kids is so stupid......That has happend so many times in
history.....and besides a furious and gelous killer you think is gona be
thinking not to kill because their children are upstairs sleeping.....I
imagine that when you have the courage to kill a person you lose the
perspective of everything, you are in another state of mind......This
detective sucks big

Author GD Xstep (strim355z) ( ago)
Drink apple juice, becuase O.J will kill you.

Author Ray Turner ( ago)
After watching this, I do not think OJ killed them. I think he paid someone
to do it. He is a psychopath, remember. Also, another factor to this case
is the reputation of American police forces. They have an international
reputation for being poorly trained & quite blaise when it comes to
forensics & investigations.

Author Dracolotl ( ago)
24:48 for those saying that its stupid for the British to be involved, its
pretty silly to say that when the british specialist points out mistakes
that really screw up the investigation. Investigators from Britain actually
come up with different ideas when compared to Americans in situations like
this, so that way you can actually find other explanations and solve a case
more quickly comparing ideas.
As for the case itself, how else could Nicole have got those occasional
bruises and battered cuts if not from abuse from her husband. (I know about
the new year argument where OJ admits to hurting Nicole slightly) Was she
really just making makeup for a "horror movie" or whatever?

Author Link Doe ( ago)
That nigga guilty

Author umar soto ( ago)
Such strong evidence on oj still he got away with it unjust and cruel world

Author Chosen Juan ( ago)
big black cock the untold story haha

Author infinityand0 ( ago)
this is dumb

Author Annie Mack ( ago)
Well, Well, Well, Los of guilty offenders cooperate with the cops, they
just don't tell the truth, they play the good guy. Consider the Jodi Arias
case. no normal people wouldn't imagine a parent doin what he did, but
unfortunately anyone who can kill the way those two were killed, wouldn't
worry about the kids in bed. None of those 'how could this or that''
objections hold any water at all.

Author xjay1234 ( ago)
And to think Fox News now use that white supremacist Mark Furhman as some
police expert speaks volumes

Author Boy Doll ( ago)
People just can't get enough of this murdering son-of-a-bitch

Author Richard V ( ago)
People who insist he didn't do it (snicker snicker) are not of sound mind.
They're the same people that will tell you we didn't go to the moon and
that religious cults are a good idea . Best to keep them at distance.

Author mano fiske ( ago)
This clown trying to "disprove" Simpson's involvement -- has he any clue
(forgive the pun) what it is like for someone to ambushed? Nicole Brown
went down without any real resistance; she hadn't a chance.
Goldman barely fared better He was taken by surprise , was able to offer
little more than an instinctual level defense/struggle ; succumbing in
short order . This " investigator" from Texas is desperately trying to
tailor things to fit his imaginings about others being responsible for the
carrying out of this crime.

Author mano fiske ( ago)
Article II ' natural born Citizen ' enjoins sole allegiance at birth.
Cruz, Obama, Rubio, Jindal et al are not Constitutionally Eligible to the
office of the President of the United States.
They are, at best, Statutory US Citizens, Constitutionally, naturalized at
birth or shortly thereafter.

The off-spring of non-U.S Citizens are not permitted to assume Command in
Chief of the U.S Military. Obama was , for example, born a Citizen of the
United Kingdom & Colonies through his non-U.S Citizen, Father, barrack
obama sr.

Author Tammy Arishenkoff ( ago)
I get suck a kick out of comments saying 'oh he's guilty, it's so obvious'.
Same people who think Trump actually knows what he's talking about. Only
hear the highlights and don't bother to actually open your eyes to see the
EVIDENCE. I always thought his son did it, and I'm sure OJ let things drag
on to protect him. This case was botched from the beginning and the system
worked as it should. When you commit a crime like that, there would've been
blood all OVER his vehicle and his nice light carpet in his house. Open
your eyes folks. A pair of socks just conveniently laying in the middle of
the room all by themselves? It is laughable.

Author Spacy Mind ( ago)
Wait wait why dont we ask the physicic twins !

Author Classicmovieuploader ( ago)
His son, Jason Simpson, was in the navy and was taught how to engage in
combat with a knife. Also the same knit hats he wears were found at scene,
and on the glove animal hair(of the same kind of dog he has) was found
there. His son had not been taking his meds for months, and writing crazy
letters. After Nicole told Jason she would come to the restaurant with
family/friends that night and went to Ronald's instead without telling him.
Him clocking out and writing it instead of "punching out" also weird. Oj
was not in the best of shape then, I do not think he would've been able to
take on Ronald Goldman, his son who was trained and a lot stronger could've
and did. You look at the autopsy their are defensive wounds on Ron's
knuckles(which means he got in some good shots) and skin and blood under
Nicole's nails were NOT OJ's. No way Oj gets out of that situation without
scratches, bruises to the face and MULTIPLE cuts. Also his son left the
country not long after the murder for a few weeks. If you remember, OJ and
his team had something to reveal to the court but ONLY if he was found
guilty....People want it to be OJ so bad, but it wasn't. He probably does
feel guilty for knowing his son did it, and after going to the scene he did
not even try to call police.

Author Nick Crowther ( ago)
I believe it was OJ's son Jason, and that OJ helped him cover it up etc.

Author ciabones ( ago)
Ok its clear this private investigator thinks with his heart and not his
head. Like todays liberals.

Author Nesha Davis ( ago)
all I know is o.j. was in excellent condition when they arrested him the
next day... he did not look or walk like a man who had just murdered 2
people.... with all that blood and Ron Goldman fighting for his life, where
are the bruises on Simpson?

Author Judge 400 Years ( ago)
Guilty as charged I honour.

Author Wolf Williams ( ago)
Okay, you're already in trouble when you have this ass-hat Dear saying
things like, "Nobody as a parent could do that!" Really? You mean no parent
could drive their kids into a lake and drown them, a la Susan Smith? Before
that, Dear says, "The case is too comfortable, too pat." You know why,
Bill....? Because it WAS a pat, comfortable case. OJ is a nincompoop who
stumble-bummed his way through a double homicide. Dear--not the LA
detectives--was the one who had his mind made up early.

Author NESK ( ago)
yess not gulity haa yess

Author darryl mcneill ( ago)
This how's how divided America is by race and how race was the factor in
the verdict and not evidence a shocking indictment on American society

Author Geeno dente ( ago)
what a shit show.

Author Trump 2016 ( ago)
I remember the trial. I was shocked they let him loose. He was was the
first black man to get away with murder. Not cool.

Author Jiggley Krowzer ( ago)
Faithful wife, dedicated and loving.... to OJ, the piece of shit who beat
her and abused her regularly. Even my BLACK friends aren't THAT fucking
stupid, they clearly see that OJ was the cuckold, and couldn't STAND that
his wife was fucking around with "the help" (waiters, actors, etc). He was
"The Juice" how dare she turn her back on him. So NO folks it wasn't some
racist LAPD veteran cop with an immaculate record who was "mad that OJ had
a white girl" it was the OPPOSITE, OJ was mad that his "white girl" (who
was now legally single) was moving on from him and his abuse. FUCK YOU OJ,
and Johnnie Cockring is a disgrace to black folks everywhere.

Author Jiggley Krowzer ( ago)
Saying NIGGER behind closed doors while being paid to act out a "bad cop"
fantasy for a screenwriter HARDLY condones the brutal murder of 2 people by
the one victims psycho stalker cuckold ex husband.

Author Jiggley Krowzer ( ago)
OJ and his Las Vegas armed robbery was a DIRECT result of Fred Goldman
attacking that murderous race traitor piece of SHIT OJ, taking him for all
he is worth. OJ was so angry he committed an armed robbery and now he rots
in prison. If he gets paroled I'll gladly put him in the fucking ground.

Author Baby Bunch ( ago)
him and Casey Anthony both enough evidence to convict ,o.j. ran in a car
chase,and Casey didn't report her daughter foot 31 days..clear evidence but
no conviction

Author Reginald Jones ( ago)
on did it because the crooked cops and white washed media told you idiots
he did it.....Racist are so sad...and scumbags. Mark Nathan Vanader and a
4th cop killed those people investigating her for drug trafficking her and

Author Bradley Jacob ( ago)
Unfortunately for Nicole and Ron, the LAPD did too much. They should've
done their jobs with ethics, integrity and honesty and OJ would've been
proven guilty. U can't play dirty and expect to come out clean.

Author Bradley Jacob ( ago)
The LAPD framed a guilty man....

Author Bradley Jacob ( ago)
Any observant person can see that unfortunately, the outcome of that trial
had nothing to do with OJ, Nicole or Ron. It was only about the LAPD and
their practices...which clearly demonstrated a complete and thorough
breakdown and lack of ethics, integrity and honesty. If the prosecutors had
acknowledged that up front, owned it and got it out the way, the case
would've had a very different outcome. Instead the prosecutors tried to
defend the horrible actions of the LAPD while trying to convict OJ at the
same time. Basic strategy....You can't play defense and offense at the same doesn't work. Yet the prosecutors couldn't figure that out??! The
prosecutors office, especially Marcia Clark and Chris Darden, were horrible
attorneys. They simply were not smart enough. Period. RIP Nicole and

Author Bradley Jacob ( ago)
It's this simple the OJ case had the correct outcome. Like it or not. If
you understand and believe in our legal system then the case all came down
to one thing. If when the lead detective takes the 5th when asked if he
planted evidence in the case then the defendant must be found not guilty or
a have a mistrial but guilty was never an option once the guy leading the
investigation did that. Otherwise our justice system is a fraud. OJ
absolutely killed them and was guilty but the powers that be screwed it up
and that's how you get away with murder in America

Author Bradley Jacob ( ago)
The prosecutors and the LAPD sunk the case period. What was wrong was the
ongoing, long standing unethical behavior of the LAPD. Garcetti, Clark and
Darden could have used this case to call the LAPD to task on that while
convicting OJ at the same time. The evidence against OJ was overwhelming.
However, clearly none of them cared to address and acknowledge the
significant issues with the LAPD. Even after the lead detective, as well as
other detectives flat out lied under oath. They committed perjury, took
home evidence, etc. yet received virtually no disciplinary actions against
them as a result?? This was only approx. 20 yrs ago and this did not occur
in a 3rd world country. When was this ever ok to do by any police
department in the United States of America??? The LAPD sunk the case
period. Not the jurors & not the defense attorneys as they can only use the
information was not their fault. The LAPD and the prosecutors
sunk the case. Period.

Author BULLETNATION ( ago)
Nelix Sulu I did not know that about Jason.

Author Ashley eilzabeth Marchand ( ago)
I think oj Simpson is guilty of killing his ex wife and Ron Goldman not
cool it should of been guilty verdict and not guilty verdict not fair

Author MoneyTakerBaby ( ago)
Never heard about this Jason shit either, but clearly being a piece of shit
wife beater is in the family. I dont care about race, if you are that
violent, you're dangerous to society, and that's one bloodline I would
never want to be in the same state as let alone same city.

Author MoneyTakerBaby ( ago)
I honestly never saw Ron's knuckles before, I think he killed them,
possibly with other people there to help who Ron was fighting I guess...
that would explain it, AC worshiped him and based on what he did in the
Bronco, he would have done that too. But, based on our judicial system, I
believe it was the correct verdict. There is no way he is guilty based on
the US constitution's guarantee of a fair trial that requires a jury to
decide you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt... there is no way Marsha
Clark proved it, and that's why he got off. I've heard many lawyers, legal
experts, prosecutors etc that deal with criminal cases say that, and I've
always agreed that. The blood evidence was not legitimate, part of it was
but it just was not. Think about it, how could he somehow get in the car
without barely any blood being on the outside, the handle, everything else,
the cops got greedy. They realized OJ killed them, and they spread the
blood to try and make him look more guilty. They were definitely sweetening
the case. Had they let the prosecutors just do their jobs, and not spread
that blood, he would have been guilty. Basically, they wanted him to get
the death penalty or whatever, because Mark was certainly extremely racist,
and they violated law after law with dealing with the blood. I think he was
definitely not alone, and he definitely killed Nicole, but maybe the guy
with him was the one that killed Ron.

Author Lucas View ( ago)
I'll tell ya what the FX TV series The People vs O.J. proved. The black
communities cared more about getting a black famous guy off than they did
about the death of two people. I wonder if they would have chosen
differently if the victims had been black. It just solidifies the selfish
ignorance of the black community - and my black emotionally stable friends
agree. The difference is...had OJ been white....the white community would
have still stayed with their opinion of the evidence - guilty. But..since
he was black we had to endure the ignorance of the black folks. I guarantee
you none of those celebrating black folks had one afterthought of those who
were murdered. Not one. But - we all did.

Let me ask you...
If you received a phone call from an officer informing you that your sister
or brother or mother or husband or wife or daughter or....were found
dead....would you hang up without asking HOW, WHEN or WHERE? No way in
hell! I don't care how distraught a person's psychologically
impossible...unless you already knew. That's the strongest piece of
evidence in my opinion.

Author Jama 93 ( ago)
Judging by this documentary, the prosecution didn't - in no way shape or
form - prove OJ's guilt 'beyond a reasonable doubt.' He's therefore,

Author Itsmy Ownvevo ( ago)
Why don't O.J Simpson take the Lie Detector Test?

Author Ted Phillips ( ago)
Brits are so stupid

Author daveyork0 ( ago)
Watching this gives me compassion for soldiers that come back with PTSD.
Who did it plays it again and again in their mind even 20 years later no
matter how many great Superbowl memories they may have besides.

Author daveyork0 ( ago)
He must have hated those trifling douche white boyfriends crawling around
the scene and her doing drugs with them while their kids were right there
able to work out all of what was going on. Solved those problems. Badass
bitch & wrong place to be for a Jewish boy that's any good.

Author OldScratchJohnson ( ago)
O.J. is a sick son of a bitch

Author Keyshia Barrt ( ago)
Leave oj alone just because he's a black man doesn't mean he commited the
crime these people are trying to bring this old case back to the light
because his appeal is coming up soon.How many white cops are getting away
with murder today and there aren't any television shows being made about
it. Wake up!!

Author southlondon86 ( ago)
Anyone know the name of the instrumental used at the very beginning?
Doesn't say in the credits.

Author lilericjr2012 ( ago)
Also the Ron Goldman guy knew karate and the person who was trying to take
Ron down he went down with a fight whomever attacked Ron, Ron really fought
back and OJ never had no bruises on him also OJ did mentioned in one of his
interviews that Nicole dealt with drugs and that other men she dealt with
could have played a part of this case

Author lilericjr2012 ( ago)
Besides the cops screwing up the case, I been believe that Jason had
something to do with this case the boy has had many problems since he was
14 years old and he owns knives. It is funny that Jason was also obsessed
over Nicole and Jason was these different types of medicine that made him
feel like he was two people. I just don't know why they never interviewed
Jason and up to this day OJ knew his son had something to do with this case
but he never said nothing and OJ knew the boy had many issues.

Author High class Trash ( ago)
Looking at the facts I don't think OJ killed them but he was at the crime
scene after.

Author High class Trash ( ago)
Looking at the facts I don't think OJ killed them but he was at the crime
scene after.

Author Kris Fendi ( ago)
I am sure that murderer decline any comments about this. I hope they keep
him in jail . Nicole was not know soccer mom but she did not deserve to die
neither did Goldman.

Author marcelaruby84 ( ago)
Why doesn't the authorities investigate the obvious? Glen Rogers is on
death row and once he dies all his secrets die with him. They say there was
more than one person that did this, OJ payed him to do this and had to see
the crime scene before Oj gave him the money, Glen took Nicole's angel pin
and gave it to his mother, also he was in the area at the time because he
killed gallager lady. Why won't they put two and two together??

Author allthewine ( ago)
This is an fucking awful documentary.

Author HEAT1996 ( ago)
There are facts and hard evidence that points to his guilt, but there are
also facts and evidence that call for reasonable doubt...AND THAT is what
influenced the final verdict. If there is a reasonable doubt, you canNOT
convict a man of murder if you are following the law.

It was Marsha Clark and Chris Darden's job to prosecute OJ and prove he did
it. They did not prove their case as well as Cochran and Bailey proved OJ's
innocence. And Fuhrman's 5th amendment testimony singlehandedly did the
defense's job for them. The prosecution's star witness has a history of
fixing crime scenes and falsifying evidence against Black people and the
accused in the current case is Black = the prosecution is finished. Hence
the verdicts. PERIOD.

I believe OJ knew who did this (possibly paid them to do it) and was there,
but I don't believe he actually did the stabbings. Doesn't make him less
guilty. But Notice how he showed up in Vegas to get his stuff back with
accomplices. I believe he had help during the Brentwood murders. And his
accomplice(s) did the stabbings. But that's just belief. You can't convict
a person off of belief unless you are acting emotionally/unlawfully.

People are going off what they believe / feel and will only focus on the
facts that support it and ignore the ones that don't.

This video gives a lot of analysis into the defense that was NEVER offered
to the public. People saw way more evidence that showed his guilt, than a
reasonable doubt.

Author southlondon86 ( ago)
Is 2016 the year of murder obsessions? First Making A Murderer then The
People vs OJ Simpson.

Author Jahari Kavi ( ago)
LAPD is so incompetent...I swear...

Author VIKES931 ( ago)
Usually the Brits are smarter than this, Completely ridiculous documentary

Author Nicole Perez ( ago)
Any one ever think that maybe it was someone going after Ron that day?
Followed him to Nicole's house and bam. Just saying that's another
possibility that wasn't ever brought up.

Author Ethan Perez ( ago)
I hate oj simson

Author poweroftheatom ( ago)
oj did it and the cops helped him

Author TheValvacious ( ago)
Extra Extra, read all about IT: Martin Sheen will executive produce Hard
Evidence: O.J. Is Innocent, a new true-crime docuseries that will attempt
to show that Simpson is innocent. It will be based on the book by Texas
private investigator William C. Dear, titled" O.J. Is Innocent and I Can
Prove It."
copy in your browser:

Author Wayne Williams ( ago)
At 55:36: So OJ risked conviction of a double homicide because he didn't
want to talk about drugs? That's the dumbest f***ing I've heard in a long

Author Kojo BoDuke Ajani ( ago)
If white people can stop being racist for a moment, they could realize that
a father/son share nearly the same DNA...that's why the blood was only
1/100 million versus 1/10 billion which proves a match..Jason's blood could
have been a perfect match, and the glove would probably fit..but white
folks can't see it cause they're blocked by racism and that stupid ass book

Author Jay Hemp ( ago)
Hate to be the one to tell you, but justice has nothing to do with the law,
its about how lawyers are puppeteers and the jury are puppets, judges
facilitate a boxing match between defense and prosecuting puppeteers. Case
in point, just look at the Rodney King case a few years earlier, or look at
all of the guilty people who were acquitted in the early to mid 1900s. The
prosecution were just better puppeteers.....PERIOD

Author Del Macaree ( ago)
wife beater and stalker and then a double murderer ! Nothing to do with
black and white but it was all to do with justice and those idiot jurors
will go to their graves as accessories to two murders. I hope the photo of
the crumpled body of Ron and the picture of the nearly decapitated Nicole
haunt them. They gave a jealous unstable monster his freedom. But don't
worry the rest of the world saw OJ for what he was...

Author Garry People ( ago)
because of that racist cop, it was deemed ok for a black man to kill two
white people and get away with it.

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