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Author Angela Haaf (2 months)
I wonder if Ron Goldman was at the wrong place at the wrong time and got
caught in the crossfire of her murder, or if he was an intended target from
the get go, like Nicole was. It's a hell of a coincidence for a sequence of
events to take place that would have him walking up to her house at the
exact moment she was being murdered. Horrible.

Author Robot Lover (1 month)
OJ murdered those two innocent people and the reason he got off was because
most of the jury was black and the prosecution team of Christopher Darden
and Marcia Clark was completely inept.

Author OneMileyCyrusFanVlog (6 months)
If those socks were so bloody, why would he leave them in the MIDDLE of his
room, on a carpet (in great exposure) just before he left for Chicago ?

Author pocahontas (3 months)
I can't believe that people still watch this. Not that its bad, I like the
documentary but it just goes to show how much of a big deal it was. 

Author barabus quin (24 days)
O.J. made a run for it in his bronco with $10,000.00 in cash and a disguise
and a gun.

Not something an innocent man would do and that was kept out of the trial.

I don't think it mattered because the south central jury made up their
minds after Furmans testimony and F Lee Baily saying nigger 11 times in
court while cross examining Furman.

So having beat a double murder rap you would think that O.J. would stay
below the radar and count his blessings he beat a double murder rap but not
this fool.

He goes and does an armed hotel room invasion to recover what he thinks is
his property and now resides in prison with a minimum 9 years sentence. 

Author Stoolie33 (2 months)
There is very little mystery here. A double murderer was found innocent. It
happens. Way too much is made about the legal "Dream team" that Simpson
had. The three stooges could have defended him. Race was the issue, way
before murders. The instant I saw the jury and heard them, it was all
clear. 9 black women out of 12 jurors who were incredibly uneducated and
just wanted to cash in on being on the jury the instant the trial was over.
They would have said "He be incent" if there was a video of OJ committing
the crime. It was all about race.

Author Mimi M.B. (3 months)
Funny, cause this white man, OMG yes a White man thinks OJ is innocent.
WTF. So yall can go ahead with all thet thinking he is guilty. If he is we
will never know and according to the findings and evidence they dont see
him as the person that did this.

Author Michael Ehline (1 month)
*BBC - OJ Simpson the Untold Story*

Author Khaki Macaroni (1 month)
Me at 5 minutes: "Oh, OJS DEFINITELY did it."
Me at 35 minutes: "Oh, OJS definitely DIDN'T do it."
Me at 50 minutes: "Jason DEFINITELY did it."
Me at 60 minutes: "It was DEFINITELY a drug-related thing."
Me at the end: "I have absolutely no idea who did it..." 

Author Keith Hall (2 months)
The one thing I can't work out is that unless OJ was as good as Bruce Lee,
how would he be void of any cut's, bruises scratch marks, anything (but a
small cut on his finger) after a very violent struggle between Goldman (who
was an advanced martial art's training) Nicole and the Murderer, is mind
boggling... I have done Martial Art's. I do believe OJ had done it for him.
Hey, just my opinion.

Author bob miller (5 months)
After reviewing all of the evidence and tapping into the portion of your
brain that contains common sense, you are quite literally an idiot if you
don't think OJ Simpson murdered both of them. 

Author Lt Col Speirs (5 months)
Did this OJ Simpson guy killed those people?

Author Alan Hogan (20 days)
The Private Investigator is clutching at straws. In short, he is talking
out of his arse.

Author georgemcclurelive (4 days)
Scanning the comments below, what I see is every single cry of "rascism" is
accompanied by a lack of logical thinking, a lack of examination of actual
evidence. These people made up their minds BEFORE and are basing their
thoughts on emotions.

I listened carefully to the lady juror who was calm, logical, unemotional,
and to the point. She said "I just looked at the evidence". They all did,
and they all did a jobthat I'm proud of. They didn't presuppose, and they
weighed the evidence on its own merits.

Author HDsharp (25 days)
If he didn't do it then surely there would be a strong case that someone
was hired did it.

Author Laz N (4 days)
fuck! i thought he was great on naked gun

Author Jay Young (14 days)
He who spoke at 55:49 advances compelling reasons that Simpson might know
more about the murder than he has been willing to come forth with. After
all, we cannot deny that this was a case of life in the fast lane in
extremis. There are no Mother Teresas in this sordid narrative. Despite
Jason erratic lifestyle, I don't see a connection here. None at all.
Cherchez the drug scene. That's where the action happened or generated.

Author alvin banks jr (3 months)
OJ is guilty and Mike Tyson is innocent!

Author Texas Ray (2 months)
Truth is we have no way of knowing if the murder even really happened or
anything about the facts. All we have is the media. And the media is no
more trustworthy than the government. Much of the "news" nowadays is
nothing but fabrication. It's planned in advance and then staged according
to plan. And the object is to manipulate public thinking in specific
ways. The result of the OJ case is to create or exacerbate division
between blacks and whites in the US. Whether the victims were really killed
or not, I think this was a preplanned scripted media event from start to
finish, with OJ and the police working together along with the media all
intended to effect specific changes in the public thinking. It's
Machiavellian / Hegelian dialectic thought control. Another interesting
point is that the OJ Simpson case broke just at the time that the first WTC
bombing trial began and continued until it ended. So the headlines were
all about OJ during that entire trial. And the trial hardly made the news
at all. The trial was all about how the FBI actually planned, organized,
and carried out the first WTC bombing, The FBI provided the explosives,
built the bombs and planned the attack. Then they just entrapped some
stupid arab idiots to serve as patsies. So it was important to limit too
much public scrutiny on that trial. And the OJ Simpson story did the

Author andre johnson (29 days)
I'm Black and i say he is definitely Guilty.

Author kamyueloh (1 month)
33:17 - this has got to be enough for a not guilty verdict in itself - if
they had the evidence, there was no need to tamper.

Author gillan bowd (16 days)
that ron looks a right slimey tosser!

Author Oscar Mesta (1 month)

Author Malamute (8 days)
OJ Simson also killed Robert Kardashian who knew the truth. Robert
threatened to tell everything in a special with Barbara Walters. Then OJ
decided to kill him.

Author Dean Young (4 months)
A lot of white people were angry that the black community seemed to be
rooting for O.J. when in fact they were rooting AGAINST the perceived
racist police especially after hearing the recording of Mark Ferman talking
about planting evidence and mistreating "niggers" in the past. No one has
blasted him for it but Mark Ferman was the main instrument in losing the
case. Then, after all the mishandling of evidence and conflicting
information and speculations by the prosecution, the jury HAD to find
DOUBT. (Read Chas Grav below). Most Blacks believe O.J. did it but that the
racist police (who they hate) tried to cheat the law, as they always do
with blacks, and FAILED to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, his guilt.
They were cheering for a perceived victory over the racist police, not
because away with killing Nicole.

Author Aotearoa Seniores (13 days)
The one that could possibly taking out the culprit is either Sherlock
Holmes or Conan Edogawa / Shinichi Kudo. Sadly, both are fiction.......

Author Chris Cruise (3 months)
White women marry black guys just for their money then go back to white men
when their bank account is full. 

Author Autshot20 (15 days)
Certain protocol wasn't followed so ALL of the blood evidence is tainted?
They just wanted to convict OJ so badly, they planted all the blood
evidence? They come across two victims at the condo and immediately think,
"lets pin this on OJ"? The lead detective, in the very first minutes of the
investigation says, "every thing we find has to point to OJ, no matter
what." And Fuhrman plants the 2nd glove at the same place where thumps are
heard against the wall? Yes, and one of the crime scene investigators went
into OJ's closet, put on a pair of his shoes and walked through the blood
at the murder scene. Of course.

Author Chacarita Senior (23 days)
I've only watched 30 min of this and for the first 15 min i was CONVINCED
that OJ is guilty. Then the next 15 min. convinced me that the polce
planted the evidence and that OJ is innocent.

That's some clever planning form the TV people who made this documentary.

Author joe smith (11 days)
Talk radio in LA reached its height during the trial. People even stopped
talking about the Lakers during this time. People always show their true
selves. OJ in prison for some other crime, Zimmerman in constant trouble,
Rodney King could not stay out of trouble etc etc.

Author MsBarzone (4 hours)
Big question? If Vanater had brought the blood to the timing of the finding
of socks, (during that 3 hours) how could Vanater possibly have known it
was OJ's at the time? In order to have planted it on the socks? He would
have needed to have been proven it was OJ's first? Right? But from the
sidewalk? C'mon? It wouldn't have been enough? Didn't they prove that the
bloody gloves have Blood? So why didn't they use the blood from gloves?
How'd they know which blood to know? It didn't go to the lab yet? Right?

Author Chelsea Long (19 days)
It was a guy named glen rogers on hired to steal from and kill his ex wife
and on was nearby when it happened they found his footprints at the scene
of the crime

Author Mazas Betmenas (6 days)
Guys wtf are on about have u watched those forenzik professionals talk? U
sayin he did it but theres so much mystery and u still say he did it? Half
of u guys just have no use of ur brains u just have ur opinion and dat is
fukd up. Im a white guy from eastern europe this is first time ive seen dis
story and u know what? I think u are all so stupid u should stop and think
before u say sumtin. 

Author Cheech Chong (1 month)
Nicole was a slut and Ron was a drug dealing Jew...

Author Bertram Poulsen (1 month)

Author Steven Cook (6 months)
Innocent people don't go robbing and kidnapping. his ass is guilty, they
also don't run from police.

Author dmhtuber (1 month)

Author Nubias (1 month)
@mitch cumstein "No, I'm not just guessing. I'm using a wealth of info
about the case to make a reasonable opinion about what happened."
Yes,that's called a hypothesis,and hypothesis is still a guess. "Is it
concrete? No." Thank you for proving my hypothesis. You can't be kinda
right in a murder trial. All the ducks have to line up. A Human's life is
at stake. As to if it is more plausible then a Jason theory,that is
subjective,it depends on the litmus. You have proven that your statements
are illogical,and invalid. But that is my opinion,and like I said that is
subjective. Just because I think I am correct does not make me correct.

Author metasymplocos (6 days)
whoever did it is a bad Mo Fo .... 😱

Author tharleyify (2 months)
27:26 The English cop is right, all that blood evidence is inadmissible,
appalling police work by the LA cops. Bad cops, very bad cops.

Author Matt Plyley (1 month)
This was only a "big deal" because we all had limited TV stations and radio
stations back then. I recall how I would go to work all day @ 16yrs old
and come home to NOTHING but this crap on 2,4,5,7,9,11,13 Sure we had some
cable but it's still like today, re run city. The day the verdict was
announced I was driving a water truck, at work, and thought finally....the
radio can play music again. Fuck OJ.

Author cerestial yoyo (1 month)
The blood type of the blood in Nicole's nails is proved to be Nicole's.
That is what was said in the closing argument by Prosecutor Ms. Clark in
the criminal court. So, why does this BBC documentary say that the blood in
her nails is not OJs, but someone else's (real killer) ? Am I wrong????
Please someone tell me why this is happening.

Author zorkoff1 (18 days)
Everyone knows that O.J.was guilty.I believe that he was found innocent so
the blacks In Los Angeles wouldn't riot,and destroy the city.

Author Rachel Simson (2 months)
obvious that OJ had an accomplice

Author MrOnyourbike (1 month)
The major missing point is no one points at his best mate cowling who I
think is involved there were two people present him one other or even him
and his son

Author Tony James (21 day)
he might have gotten away with two murders but karma will always get you
thats why his ass is where he belongs until he dies

Author binharb Harb (2 months)
Dead bitch and dead pimp. Oj is ok blonde bitch

Author Augustine Lee (2 months)
The police also cut his fingers to crate evidence!!

Author Felix Ray (1 month)
I was angry at the time, but I see it differently now. Furman lied to the
jury about his racist behavior, and he found the bloody glove under
suspicious circumstances. Maybe he did it, maybe he didn't, but a jury
can't overlook it when cops commit perjury and some of the evidence looks
fake. If a killer got off, blame the LAPD for keeping guys like Furman on
the job.

Author Dizzy Diaz (12 days)
I'm starting a riot in the name of fuck OJ Simpsons broke ass. Why? IDK
Baltimore did it, why cant I.

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