BBC - OJ Simpson the Untold Story

This program is an in depth investigation into new evidence that has been found surrounding the murder trial of O.J. Simpson.

Who did kill OJ's ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman? This is still a gripping tale. It may be five years on but this story hasn't lost its heady mixture of violence, race, sex and Hollywood glitz.

Five years ago, the world watched spellbound as OJ Simpson was acquitted of murder. And interest in the case remains as great as ever. Why, asks the BBC's former Washington correspondent Bridget Kendall, are we still obsessed?

Ask any American exactly where they were when the verdict in OJ Simpson's trial was announced and they will probably remember. It was one of those defining moments.

When the dramatic announcement came that OJ had been found "not guilty", the reaction was almost as stunning as the unexpected verdict. America was divided down the middle.

Five years since that moment, and still the ghosts in this weird and ghastly double murder have not been laid to rest. And it is somehow fitting that the latest investigation to unearth new clues into what might have happened - who did kill OJ's ex- wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman? - is not the result of police work, but a television documentary, OJ: The Untold Story. Once again, it is trial by television, a TV audience being invited to sift through the evidence and draw their own conclusions.

What is more, there are some startling new revelations and a real-life American private eye to help guide us through the maze of new circumstantial evidence. Not exactly a suave Raymond Chandler hero with deadpan delivery, Bill Dear is no Humphrey Bogart. But as a tenacious private detective from Dallas, Texas, he certainly proves that all those American crime novels got one thing right: one private eye with a bee in his bonnet and apparently boundless energy can get a whole lot further in coming up with new leads than an American city police department.

To begin with gruesome photos from the crime scene and eyewitness accounts from the LA police detectives reminds you of how they built their case, and convinces you all over again that surely the evidence against OJ was overwhelming.

But then comes the analysis: the evidence that does not add up.

Here the makers of this documentary have been careful not to be too categorical. They offer two sets of circumstantial evidence that point to two quite separate suspects and two quite different lines of inquiry. So who do they think did it? There is no final chapter to this new investigation. Watch it, and decide for yourself if you still think OJ is guilty.

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Author LiquidMetalX7 (20 days)
I always knew deep down that he didn't do it.

Author Phillip Ofori - Amoyaw (22 days)
i think the reason why black people were so happy about oj being released
was because for once a black man skipped jail when there's been so many
blacks who have innocently been sent to jail for a crime they did not

Author charles baker (2 months)
Amazing how many black folks jumped for joy for a killer getting away with

Author Mario Pinto (1 month)
Prison stabbings are the most frequent, and documented knife attacks,
injuries sustained through these attacks would give a basis of injuries to
the perp's fingers, arms, and body, which Simpson had none of except the
fingers cuts, which is on his left hand, the same hand supposedly wielding
the knife... does not add up...

Author chinacane (2 months)
The LA racist police actually did believe that OJ did it, so they tried to
fix it so that he would be convicted but subsequently backfired on them.
The reality might be somewhere in the middle. It seems that OJ was there
probably after the murders were committed, either by his son or the drug
dealers that OJ and his ex-wife were involved with. The nail cuts on his
finger could be OJ trying to stop with son at some point in this saga or it
could be an unlucky coincidence.
The fact that Goldman was working at a restaurant known to he a den of drug
pushers, several of whom were murdered, shows that Goldman may have been
just another victim along with his girlfriend. Drug deals gone bad or
Nicole talking too much as is mentioned in this video.
It could also be that the drug dealers killed the two in OJs presence and
told him to take the wrap or else they would kill his children too.
I don't believe OJ killed these two. He is not psycho enough but it seems
his son is, as are drug dealers.
The cuts on his finger could be pure coincidence. I've come across
coincidences in my life time that have astounded me. Had those coincidences
been associated with a murder case lets say, I would have looked very
guilty to a jury.

Author Amidat (2 months)
How did the neighbors not hear screams?? Where was the dog that had blood
on it's paws yet didn't intervene in the attack?

Author Shan Church (2 months)
What about Glen Rogers the serial killer who was involved with Nicole
Simpson and did work at her place around the time of the murders. What
about Glen Rogers family who came forward with evidence. I am so sick of
people trying to keep racial tensions brewing over this case and profit
from the murders of two people. Why didn't they scrap the victims finger
nails for evidence. If they fought the attacker surely dna evidence would
be under their nails What about the missing Oj Simpson blood viles that
the police "lost" before they "found" the blood drops on the socks. What
about the fact that the gloves just didnt fit. How many gloves shrink so
much in rain or snow that they just dont fit anymore. Glen Rogers is white
with blind hair and blue eyes so I guess making the famous black athlete
the guilty one the more sensational choice. who cares about justice.

Author Wardrumsfire (2 months)
devoted wife mother. yeah so devoted she ended up . divorcing her
husband.taking his stuff. and sleeping with all the waiters of this resto.
,yup sounds like a nice women to me. tiss lol. ignorant Americans always
have to make women into victims!!

You wanna use and abuse Men. If you get killed for it. Don't expect my
sympathy. No sympathy for the devil folks. In The United States 80% of all
divorces are applied for by Women. THAT'S HOW SWEET THE WOMEN REALLY ARE!!

Even if O.J is guilty.I sure have understanding for His motives!! when you
keep using a man,. you will end up paying for it. common logic folks!!

If shes so innocent and devoted during her marriage,. then that reflects on
O.J keeping His women in check. look what she did after the divorce. she
could not get enough sex. wild. stupid. and all at the expense of O.J.

just like all these divorced women. don't try and milk sympathies from me
for Nicole. i am one of those guys who see's through the non sense. and O.J
is a perfect MGTOW MALE. don't mess with MEN LADIES this is what happens
when you use men!!

Author Anne Morrissette (11 days)
Still think he did it. Thee police just botched the case so bad. How they
gonna search his house when he wasnt even there intially??? His actions
immediately following murders were too suspicious

Author Harry Callahan (3 months)
The Bruno Magli shoes hung him, denies ever owning a pair, why deny owning
a pair to start with ah? only 300 sold and can be seen in the blood what
was washed away just 36 hours after the murders! cut on hand, no alibi,
fancy dress costumes, Nicole says if she ever ends up dead OJ done it...and
what you know.

911 calls Nicole Brown-Simpson made to police on October 25, 1993

NICOLE: Can you send someone to my house?
DISPATCHER: What's the problem there?
NICOLE: My ex-husband has just broken into my house and he's ranting and
raving outside the front yard.
DISPATCHER: Has he been drinking or anything?
NICOLE: No. But he's crazy.
DISPATCHER: What is he doing there?
NICOLE: He just drove up again. (She begin to cry) Could you just send
somebody over ?
DISPATCHER: Wait a minute. What kind of car is he in?
NICOLE: He's in a white Bronco, but first of all he broke the back door
down to get in.

Real innocent.

Author baiwatch1 (12 days)
Bill Dear has some silly and unreasonable arguments. OJ is afraid of
blood? OJ the football star? It is highly unlikely that a professional
football player would have a fear of blood. This idea is not worth
mentioning to the BCC, or anyone.

He boldly states that "nobody, as a parent" could murder the mother of his
children knowing that they will see her body. Granted, it is unlikely that
most people, under usual circumstance, would commit this crime. However,
it is a severely extreme claim to say that no existing parent could commit
the crime.

This guy is so self-absorbed, so confident in even his brash conclusions,
so deluded by his own emotions, he can't be taken seriously. This private
eye is as blind as a bat. 

Author opinionatorX (1 month)
OJ is innocent. The only thing he is guilty of is eating to much.

Author victoria elaine (2 months)
too many theories. too many suspects if you look at this case honestly
possible planted evidence. a older son with a violent history. people in
her drug circle of friends and associates had been murdered in the same
fashion. DNA found under her finger nails that did not match OJ. the
doctor who performed the autopsy did not testify at trail. I heard that the
grand jury did not want to prosecute this case. Vertel was the impounding
company that had the bronco. The tow driver said he did not see any blood
any where. Blood does not appear and then reappear. the timeline does not
even seem plausible.

Author Andrew Taylor (25 days)
Is it possible OJ was covering for his son?

Author msotil (1 month)
Regardless, even if the woman deserved what came her way, I don't think the
waiter did.
The circumstantial evidence points to OJ as the murder without any room for
doubt in my mind.
And if his not-guilty verdict upsets some people, there have been plenty of
miscarriages of justice in the annals of the judiciary of the USA and no
one makes much fuzz about those.
It is an imperfect system that is often praised by the criminal who gets

Author Daniel Petersen (4 months)
I don't think O.J was guilty, the police assumed it was him from early
stages, this is a key fact, it changed the way that they interpreted the
evidence. They made the evidence fit the theory, not the other way round.
And while I'm having a moan, what INCOMPETENT IMBECILE turns up to a crime
scene and leans against a railing, having walked through and over valuable
evidence, and rubs his shoes everywhere? It is just stupid and I think that
he should be identified and given a right bollocking!

Author Bubbles177 (2 months)
My theory, his son committed both murders, then panicked and called his
dad. His dad came and tried to get rid of as much evidence while he was
there, but couldn't get rid of all of it. I believe he knew his son did it,
but would rather people think he did it, that's why he was so willing to
turn himself in when they came after him and why he never really made any
comment about the whole thing. One thing that I know for sure is parents
would rather take up for something than to have their children be at blame
or fault.

Author Adrienne Fest (1 month)
It was Glen Rogers! End of story. 

Author reg profant (2 months)
They talk about the glove which they say shrunk, b.s. and they failed to
mention there was no cut in the glove. How do you cut your finger without
cutting the glove? Magic? Who and why was out to get him?

Author Maximilian Dummnichtswürdigkerl (4 months)
THat is what you should expect from mixed race relationships

Author junejunejuniejune (4 months)
Oj had deep AND fresh lacerations on his hands the day after the murders.
Typically when someone is stabbing someone repeatedly, the hand slips and
is cut on the blade. This is just typical forensic facts here. When he was
questioned about the manner in which his hand and fingers had been cut, he
said (verbatim) "I don't know" which would be ridiculous and illogical and
highly suspicious. They investigators were sloppy sure, but that does not
prove OJ's innocence one bit. There are too many holes to account for
"being planted". They surely could not plant lacerations on OJ's hands the
day after the murder.

Author Anddi Heir (5 months)
The video "My brother the serial killer" the man claims he killed them and
has details that sounds like he really did?

Author sue she (5 months)
guilty as hell. he got off because he's black.

Author Cal El (2 months)
if his hands were come the gloves were not????

Author Donnie Brasco (16 hours)
He sold his soul to the Devil

Author Will Molinar (5 months)
Anyone who thinks OJ didn't do it is ignorant of the facts. And stupid.

Author jennifer spicer (3 days)
let's see... two people stabbed and practically decapitated, both dead; and
then, with the discovery of a glove " this now becomes a crime scene."

Author OnlySoulMusicHere (3 days)
Not that i give a Rat Ass About O.J. But Fuck Nicole she was a Fuckin'
Stinkin' White Slimy Whore Anyway hell she Fuck All O.J. Friends!!!

Author Markella Bordeaux (4 days)

Author RobertConFukable RCF (5 days)
He's guilty as fck 

Author Pasu suel (5 days)
the only way they could disprove oj his guild was by proving the evidence
was planted and oj was set up.

all they have is people suggesting that it could have been someone else.
no where, in this video, do they disprove the evidence.
the way they reason : if there is any other explanation at all , then you
can not say guilty.
but that way you cannot convict anyone ever. there is always another
possibility. thats the problem with 'proof', always.

oj had blood of the victim on his socks ..... not his son. how do they
explain this? .... they dont explain it.
oj had blood in his car, not his son. how do they explain that ? they dont.

-lot of proof against oj simpson
-no proof against anyone else, except people reasoning that it would
couldnt be him because: his son was very violent. we dont have any proof
against his son, were just saying he has been violent
oj could not have done it that way, because they would not have done it
that way.
well, it was done that way by SOMEbody and oj has the blood allover him and
his car.

Author Paul Malale (6 days)
She was gold digger better she die

Author SubliminalOrigami (3 months)
If Simpson was wearing gloves, how did he have nail-gouges on the flesh of
his fingers?
Simpsons room look immaculate, except for the socks, bloodied, left on his
rug? Not tossed in a bin or left in the shoes to dispose of...
Weird case.

Author maddog76 (6 days)

Author Jenny M (7 days)
Be sure your sin will find you out. At first I thought he was innocent, but
now since his arrest for robbery I believe he is guilty because God made
sure he was punished in the end.

Author Pauly69s (7 days)
"CNN raced to get the real story"...followed by the BBC...lOlz...

Author bornzo99 (8 days)
At the time of the trial I was working from home & myself & my business
partner watched every single minute of the entire trial. About 1/3 of the
way thru, I'll never forget, we just looked at each other & said almost
simultaneously, "he didn't do it!" Over the years I've talked about it with
many people & when I ask how much of the actual trial they saw, never have
any of them said they watched even half of it yet they all had formed the
same opinion, that OJ was guilty. There was another piece of eyewitness
evidence that this documentary doesn't talk about but fits the story of the
ideas of multiple killers & it being related to some people that both OJ &
Nicole were connected to. There was a neighbor of hers who gave sworn
testimony that he was out walking his dog & saw I believe it was 3 white or
Hispanic men in dark clothes running from the alley behind her home &
jumping into a dark colored car. He said they all had on black or dark blue
clothes & one was carrying a type of duffel bag. I've always said after
watching the entire trial that at the most, OJ may have known something
about who did it. To me there is almost no way one man could've done this
violent a crime all by themselves. There was so much blood that the person
or people would've been covered in it not just a bunch of drip drops here &
there. Especially when you include the fact that Goldman put up a fight.
According to one of the forensic experts, she was killed first & Goldman
second. For it to have been one person he would've had to have been huge &
extremely powerful to kill her 1st, damn near decapitating her, while
fighting Goldman at the same time. It's messed up that a case that so
polarized the entire country, was mishandled so much by the LAPD & LA DA's
office & we'll never even get to know the identity of the guy they kept
referring to as "OJ's friend". They don't want to reopen the case because
it makes them look bad but they already have egg on their face so the
wisest thing to do would be to finally put the actually killer or killers
behind bars because I'm sorry people but OJ REALLY didn't do it! 

Author Michael Flynn (11 days)
I always thought Jason Simpson did it.

Author sluten anstalt (11 days)
The bastard is set to die in prison now anyway after his completely
distinct felony conviction, which provides evidence of his violent
character. The kind that did not exist back in 1994.

Author That Guy Again (12 days)
This video title -'BBC - OJ Simpson - the Untold Story' is completely
misleading. How can it be an untold story when the BBC have just gone and
told everyone! It's almost as misleading as that feature film I saw once,
'The Never Ending Story'. I can categorically assure everyone that the
film DID end!

Author C. Anon (13 days)
He didn't pull to the side of the freeway when the police tried to pull him
over. In fact if he was innocent he would have pulled over to let them pass
safely. so he was running from the police. WHY?

Author Andre Cherkasov (4 months)
as the white person, there are much more of fagots that are white, sneaky
white fat fucking pigs.than blacks. They whole government is corrupted by
white rednecks. I respect black people as much as anyone else but as you
seen, white pigs cant do their job and thats why the whole U.S. Government
is fucked, inside the U.S. as well in other parts of the worlds military
wise. It will come back to hunt America sooner or later. With love from

Author CabooseAzul (2 months)
Its a well known fact that cops love to incriminate rich black people.
Even if all the evidences are against him, its irrelevant. Its all a racial
issue right?

Author julia393n (14 days)
Wonder if his kids talk to him or not 

Author kingjoseph shaw (14 days)
Remember. They are nuggets. U is i. T is r. The data shows what they are.

Author Jon Jones (15 days)
31:00 do they think were stupid, isnt it possible to have blood on say
the palm of your hand and be bleeding from the back which would explain
leaving 3 blood samples in places like the console while leaving only one
in the door from the bleeding knuckle, who grips a door handle whole
handed, everyone uses a fingertip to knuckle joint to do any more would
leave you open to get your fingers caught. they skew this horribly

Author Sapien1 (15 days)
Anyone with 1/2 a brain knows he did this shit. Unless you're black and
blinded by race.

Author kevin b (15 days)
one name: Vincent Bugliosi a great lawyer who did a great job unlike the
dream team coverup.

Author Anshuk Jain (16 days)
Got some understanding on this case..

The video is pro OJ..

Author austin teutsch (16 days)
Here's the deal. O.J. killed her. Why? Because what are the odds that he
just happen to have a cut on his hand the very same night his ex-wife was
killed. And the glove. One on Bundy and the other at his house? Come
on. Motive? Nicole is messing around in front of HIS kids. Green eyed
monster got the best of him. Blood on his car, Nicole's blood. Come on. 

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