BBC - OJ Simpson the Untold Story

This program is an in depth investigation into new evidence that has been found surrounding the murder trial of O.J. Simpson.

Who did kill OJ's ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman? This is still a gripping tale. It may be five years on but this story hasn't lost its heady mixture of violence, race, sex and Hollywood glitz.

Five years ago, the world watched spellbound as OJ Simpson was acquitted of murder. And interest in the case remains as great as ever. Why, asks the BBC's former Washington correspondent Bridget Kendall, are we still obsessed?

Ask any American exactly where they were when the verdict in OJ Simpson's trial was announced and they will probably remember. It was one of those defining moments.

When the dramatic announcement came that OJ had been found "not guilty", the reaction was almost as stunning as the unexpected verdict. America was divided down the middle.

Five years since that moment, and still the ghosts in this weird and ghastly double murder have not been laid to rest. And it is somehow fitting that the latest investigation to unearth new clues into what might have happened - who did kill OJ's ex- wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman? - is not the result of police work, but a television documentary, OJ: The Untold Story. Once again, it is trial by television, a TV audience being invited to sift through the evidence and draw their own conclusions.

What is more, there are some startling new revelations and a real-life American private eye to help guide us through the maze of new circumstantial evidence. Not exactly a suave Raymond Chandler hero with deadpan delivery, Bill Dear is no Humphrey Bogart. But as a tenacious private detective from Dallas, Texas, he certainly proves that all those American crime novels got one thing right: one private eye with a bee in his bonnet and apparently boundless energy can get a whole lot further in coming up with new leads than an American city police department.

To begin with gruesome photos from the crime scene and eyewitness accounts from the LA police detectives reminds you of how they built their case, and convinces you all over again that surely the evidence against OJ was overwhelming.

But then comes the analysis: the evidence that does not add up.

Here the makers of this documentary have been careful not to be too categorical. They offer two sets of circumstantial evidence that point to two quite separate suspects and two quite different lines of inquiry. So who do they think did it? There is no final chapter to this new investigation. Watch it, and decide for yourself if you still think OJ is guilty.

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Author Mimi M.B. (2 months)
Funny, cause this white man, OMG yes a White man thinks OJ is innocent.
WTF. So yall can go ahead with all thet thinking he is guilty. If he is we
will never know and according to the findings and evidence they dont see
him as the person that did this.

Author Angela Haaf (1 month)
I wonder if Ron Goldman was at the wrong place at the wrong time and got
caught in the crossfire of her murder, or if he was an intended target from
the get go, like Nicole was. It's a hell of a coincidence for a sequence of
events to take place that would have him walking up to her house at the
exact moment she was being murdered. Horrible.

Author Stoolie33 (1 month)
There is very little mystery here. A double murderer was found innocent. It
happens. Way too much is made about the legal "Dream team" that Simpson
had. The three stooges could have defended him. Race was the issue, way
before murders. The instant I saw the jury and heard them, it was all
clear. 9 black women out of 12 jurors who were incredibly uneducated and
just wanted to cash in on being on the jury the instant the trial was over.
They would have said "He be incent" if there was a video of OJ committing
the crime. It was all about race.

Author pocahontas (2 months)
I can't believe that people still watch this. Not that its bad, I like the
documentary but it just goes to show how much of a big deal it was. 

Author OneMileyCyrusFanVlog (5 months)
If those socks were so bloody, why would he leave them in the MIDDLE of his
room, on a carpet (in great exposure) just before he left for Chicago ?

Author Steven Cook (4 months)
Innocent people don't go robbing and kidnapping. his ass is guilty, they
also don't run from police.

Author C. A. Gravenhorst (7 months)
The problem with the OJ case is that, no matter how you slice it, you wind
up with disturbing, nagging questions that it just doesn't make sense that
OJ 'plans' a murder, with hat and gloves to boot, but makes no plan to hide
his involvement or provide a reasonable alibi. The allegation by police
that it is a 'rage' killing, and yet they present evidence of fairly
thought-out planning, which belies the notion of a crime of passion. The
appearance of planning belies the assertion of a crime of passion, as does
the rather expert 'execution,' if you will, of two individuals with
remarkable skill and not a peep from either one heard. The loss of a hat
belies a sense of planning, not to mention the bumbling loss of a glove as
well, and then, that's not enough, the loss of the OTHER glove AT THE HOME
OF THE ALLEGED PERPETRATOR! It's beyond credible. Too much of the evidence
seems too pat, and there is no doubt evidence collection was compromised.

The duty of a jury is NOT to figure out 'whodunit.' Their job is to
determine if the State has surmounted the high hill of constitutional due
process and presented a case beyond reasonable doubt (that is, if you have
any reason to doubt, the case fails). The State failed. Whether OJ
committed murder or not is irrelevant. The well-being of the rule of law,
constitutional liberty, and safeguards against the power of the State
outweigh any other concern. Jurors are not there to protect a defendant
from the power of the State; they are there to protect THEMSELVES against
encroachments on the freedom of citizens from unreasonable state

Author Michael Ehline (6 days)
*BBC - OJ Simpson the Untold Story*

Author Lt Col Speirs (3 months)
Did this OJ Simpson guy killed those people?

Author Keith Hall (1 month)
The one thing I can't work out is that unless OJ was as good as Bruce Lee,
how would he be void of any cut's, bruises scratch marks, anything (but a
small cut on his finger) after a very violent struggle between Goldman (who
was an advanced martial art's training) Nicole and the Murderer, is mind
boggling... I have done Martial Art's. I do believe OJ had done it for him.
Hey, just my opinion.

Author Chris Cruise (2 months)
White women marry black guys just for their money then go back to white men
when their bank account is full. 

Author bob miller (4 months)
After reviewing all of the evidence and tapping into the portion of your
brain that contains common sense, you are quite literally an idiot if you
don't think OJ Simpson murdered both of them. 

Author Dean Young (3 months)
A lot of white people were angry that the black community seemed to be
rooting for O.J. when in fact they were rooting AGAINST the perceived
racist police especially after hearing the recording of Mark Ferman talking
about planting evidence and mistreating "niggers" in the past. No one has
blasted him for it but Mark Ferman was the main instrument in losing the
case. Then, after all the mishandling of evidence and conflicting
information and speculations by the prosecution, the jury HAD to find
DOUBT. (Read Chas Grav below). Most Blacks believe O.J. did it but that the
racist police (who they hate) tried to cheat the law, as they always do
with blacks, and FAILED to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, his guilt.
They were cheering for a perceived victory over the racist police, not
because away with killing Nicole.

Author alvin banks jr (1 month)
OJ is guilty and Mike Tyson is innocent!

Author Goon Industries (1 month)
Just read "If I did it" available online....if you think he didn't do it..

Author S. Oles (5 months)
Chas Grav, you seem to have no understanding of "reasonable doubt". It
doesn't mean "any doubt". If it did, no criminal would ever be convicted
of anything. if you seriously doubt OJ's guilt, you are so gullible you
must think the moon landings were faked in a movie studio and Shakespeare
was written by four women.

The gloves were leather. Soaked with blood, then washed. Try washing a
pair of leather gloves and see how much tighter and stiffer they get. OJ's
absurd pretense in court that he couldn't fit into them was something out
of the Three Stooges: proof that he never learned to act.

I lived not far from Brentwood in 1994-5 and watched the entire trial. OJ
lied about everything and his lies were exposed. E.g. when the inept
prosecutors showed the footprints in the blood were from costly Bruno
Maglis, OJ said "I would never own those ugly ass shoes!" Then a photo
surfaced of him WEARING his Bruno Magli shoes and proof of his purchase was
found. No wonder he refused to take the stand, since he had no alibi. An
innocent man would WANT to take the stand to prove his innocence.

If the mother of your children were brutally murdered, would your response
be grabbing a ton of cash, firearms, and a fake beard, jumping in your car
and trying to flee to Mexico? Who but a guilty man would respond that way?

As other posters point out, OJ's plan might have worked if Ron Goldman
hadn't shown up unexpectedly to return -- I believe -- Nicole's mother's
glass, which she had left at the restaurant. It's not known definitely
whether he and Nicole were lovers, but it seems plausible that the
beautiful rich divorcee and the very handsome and virile young waiter were
more than friends.

In any case, OJ -- who had regularly flown into violent jealous rages
during their marriage -- must have assumed Ron was arriving for a booty
call. Now he had to murder both his wife and the unexpected witness who he
assumed was boinking his wife. (He considered her his possession even
after their divorce.)

He only went free because of the remarkable ineptitude of the prosecutors
and his "dream team" of expensive lawyers engaging in a disgusting campaign
of obfuscation and race baiting. Judge Ito favored the defense because he
was afraid of being murdered himself by thugs and blamed for the ensuing
riots if he adjudicated the case fairly. I lived in Los Angles at that
time and the frightening Rodney King riots, barely two years earlier, were
still very fresh in memory.

If OJ is innocent, we must let ALL MURDERERS out of prison, since I'm not
aware of any killer who has been charged with so much physical, blood, and
circumstantial evidence. Wake up and smell reality.

How many other ridiculous conspiracy theories are you a True Believer in,
Chas? Do you think space aliens built the Giza pyramids?

Author Robot Lover (5 days)
OJ murdered those two innocent people and the reason he got off was because
most of the jury was black and the prosecution team of Christopher Darden
and Marcia Clark was completely inept.

Author kamyueloh (13 days)
33:17 - this has got to be enough for a not guilty verdict in itself - if
they had the evidence, there was no need to tamper.

Author Oscar Mesta (13 days)

Author cerestial yoyo (9 days)
The blood type of the blood in Nicole's nails is proved to be Nicole's.
That is what was said in the closing argument by Prosecutor Ms. Clark in
the criminal court. So, why does this BBC documentary say that the blood in
her nails is not OJs, but someone else's (real killer) ? Am I wrong????
Please someone tell me why this is happening.

Author Mark Wheeler (1 month)
what about the serial killer who bragged he was going to take down Nicole

Author tharleyify (1 month)
27:26 The English cop is right, all that blood evidence is inadmissible,
appalling police work by the LA cops. Bad cops, very bad cops.

Author Texas Ray (1 month)
Truth is we have no way of knowing if the murder even really happened or
anything about the facts. All we have is the media. And the media is no
more trustworthy than the government. Much of the "news" nowadays is
nothing but fabrication. It's planned in advance and then staged according
to plan. And the object is to manipulate public thinking in specific
ways. The result of the OJ case is to create or exacerbate division
between blacks and whites in the US. Whether the victims were really killed
or not, I think this was a preplanned scripted media event from start to
finish, with OJ and the police working together along with the media all
intended to effect specific changes in the public thinking. It's
Machiavellian / Hegelian dialectic thought control. Another interesting
point is that the OJ Simpson case broke just at the time that the first WTC
bombing trial began and continued until it ended. So the headlines were
all about OJ during that entire trial. And the trial hardly made the news
at all. The trial was all about how the FBI actually planned, organized,
and carried out the first WTC bombing, The FBI provided the explosives,
built the bombs and planned the attack. Then they just entrapped some
stupid arab idiots to serve as patsies. So it was important to limit too
much public scrutiny on that trial. And the OJ Simpson story did the

Author Nubias (18 days)
@mitch cumstein That is not the data you mention in your statement on this
page,I do see you mention it on another page. That I did not see. It is
still irrelevant because it is never proven how it got there. And he did
explain his cuts to Law enforcement,I have a friend who was there. If he
had of engaged Ron Goldman,he would have gotten his butt kicked,or at least
sustained significant damage. Disabling someone with a knife is not
difficult. Could Mr. Goldman do it? I guess not that night. O.J. has
arthritis,and all kinds of crap,not to mention he can't read! He is not
capable of carrying out such a diabolical crime physically. Shoe
prints,blood,cuts on hands. At best it could be suggested that maybe he was
there,if any of the evidence is trustworthy,it does not say murder. It
says there are prints,now prove how they got there. Along with all the
other evidence that counters any of it like that serial killer Glenn
Rogers,who gave Nicole's pendant to his Mother,and says he did it. I am
just saying all the parts have to fit. I am not a expert on the case,I was
working a lot during the trial,and could care less,and I was living at the
time in L.A. I am not saying that Jason's story is more conclusive,then
anything else. I am saying that none of it gives the answers. And when
people guess,like your doing,it's just that. I can not say who,or what,and
yah I am just a guy on youtube,but it was proven to me that O.J.,could not
have done it. He isn't very bright,and he helped put himself in these
circumstances,but nah this is someone else's work.

Author Dassoon Fitz (1 month)
the reason why o.j. got into so much trouble in his life is because he had
a comples about not being white. this is why he was not very nice to his
white wife. but she, too, was a head banger. five abortions!! she had a
complex because she was not black.
still, i do NOT believe he was a murderer. twelve people said he was
innocent. why, then, should some people still accuse him of murder? he
should sue them for slander and libel. i certainly would if i were in his

Author Ben Nyatanga (1 month)
It`s like peeling a humongous end up back to where you started
plus a misty view on the whole thing. 

Author StellarBlue1 (3 months)
What an incredible pile of shit and waste of time. Yes, the LAPD is full
of rat bastards. However, in this case, OJ definitely did the dirty deed.
This BBC farce is just tabloid entertainment, nothing more.

Author Helle Jackson (1 month)
People are so stupid. He's aint guilty 

Author toob247 (1 month)
He prolly told ol glenny boy to rob the bitch just like he robbed the
sports memorabilia guy. And glenny fukface rogers killed tjem like he had
many others. 

Author Bertram Poulsen (1 day)

Author wordscontrolminds (1 month)
Yet another reason to decriminalise drugs...... too many lives lost in this
pointless war, which is also an affront to personal liberty. Tax monies
from drugs could be billions ( as has been proven with medical marijuana),
some of which could be pumped back into treatment and research into
addiction. Like sex, this is a stupid taboo, an elephant in the room which
needs addressing.

Author Nubias (17 days)
@mitch cumstein Your missing the point,I am not an investigator,nor do I
pretend to be. I have made no claim I can prove nothing. I am just as
ignorant as most observing this horrific story. It is not up to me to prove
anything. " I have to prove it to you? With what? A videotape?" No of
course not,because you can not,either can law enforcement. You just proved
my hypothesis,thank you. Without concrete evidence,your guessin,as I have
said. You don't even no where to begin,you make what you feel are educated
guesses,and feel that is proof it is not. He had money and used it to beat
the system. That's not a new story even with some good evidence,which is
the case here. It just was not good enough. Instead of worrying about 1 Man
who beat the system,people should be trying to fix the system,they are to
busy playin with cell phones to care. So it will keep on happening. All the
parts have to fit,they do not in this case. And your statements are proof
of that,and now millions can see that for themselves.

Author aitana Thomasel (1 month)
They all like a second person involved 😑
His big ass did it by himself.

Author dmhtuber (10 days)

Author Rey Toledo (3 days)

Author Matt Plyley (12 days)
This was only a "big deal" because we all had limited TV stations and radio
stations back then. I recall how I would go to work all day @ 16yrs old
and come home to NOTHING but this crap on 2,4,5,7,9,11,13 Sure we had some
cable but it's still like today, re run city. The day the verdict was
announced I was driving a water truck, at work, and thought finally....the
radio can play music again. Fuck OJ.

Author beanie green (1 month)
Looks like O.J. was set up as a patsy and the killer? Maybe too
untouchable; someone had it in for O.J. Nicole was just an 18 year old
waitress who married money; doesn't look like she did much with her life
except enjoy it. I think the deaths of Ron Goldman's boss and all the
waiters are significant...maybe the two were killed as "examples" and the
LAPD were ordered to set up O.J. When he was found innocent, Ron's family
went after O.J. Someone was determined to lay the blame on O.J. for some

Author KeeperOfProphecies (1 month)
I must say, this documentary actually changed my mind. It presented a
reasonable level of doubt into OJ's guilt.

Author Khaki Macaroni (19 days)
Me at 5 minutes: "Oh, OJS DEFINITELY did it."
Me at 35 minutes: "Oh, OJS definitely DIDN'T do it."
Me at 50 minutes: "Jason DEFINITELY did it."
Me at 60 minutes: "It was DEFINITELY a drug-related thing."
Me at the end: "I have absolutely no idea who did it..." 

Author MrOnyourbike (25 days)
The major missing point is no one points at his best mate cowling who I
think is involved there were two people present him one other or even him
and his son

Author tallaganda83 (7 days)
Wonder if enough evidence, was left in this case to use current technology
such as DNA etc. to solve this crime?

Author IARRCSim (8 days)
It seems like best way to push American police to do investigations well is
having them go after rich suspects who have the money to find their
mistakes. Non-millionaires just go to jail because police can be careless
and malicious and there's no means for suspects to push for oversight.

Author katrinaparis (1 month)
Why didn't they look in all directions, as supposed to? Why were they only
looking at OJ? Very strange of the police.

Author Cheech Chong (10 days)
Nicole was a slut and Ron was a drug dealing Jew...

Author GeneticKH (2 months)
The 435 people who disliked this are deluded (mostly black) people who
still think he's innocent.

Author Sixtyz muzik (17 days)
It's such old history this. Such a sad thing to see what a mess some people
make of their lives

Author Collin St.Dic (1 day)

Author Felix Ray (25 days)
I was angry at the time, but I see it differently now. Furman lied to the
jury about his racist behavior, and he found the bloody glove under
suspicious circumstances. Maybe he did it, maybe he didn't, but a jury
can't overlook it when cops commit perjury and some of the evidence looks
fake. If a killer got off, blame the LAPD for keeping guys like Furman on
the job.

Author Rachel Simson (1 month)
obvious that OJ had an accomplice

Author Nubias (16 days)
@mitch cumstein "No, I'm not just guessing. I'm using a wealth of info
about the case to make a reasonable opinion about what happened."
Yes,that's called a hypothesis,and hypothesis is still a guess. "Is it
concrete? No." Thank you for proving my hypothesis. You can't be kinda
right in a murder trial. All the ducks have to line up. A Human's life is
at stake. As to if it is more plausible then a Jason theory,that is
subjective,it depends on the litmus. You have proven that your statements
are illogical,and invalid. But that is my opinion,and like I said that is
subjective. Just because I think I am correct does not make me correct.

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