Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Cast ★ Before And After

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  • OLCtv
    OLCtv 1 day ago

    michael rooker they should've showed his Robocop picture

  • TwentyØneCrybabiesInBadlands

    i didn't realize Peter's mother died and became golden bitch that rules a highly advanced VR flying bot controlled by her own kind, am i making sense?

  • Too Mark
    Too Mark 1 day ago

    제프 카플란 있네 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • kasmin pasivo hacker

    You could put the name of the songs you put in the video please

  • Марко Веселич

    @2:08 LORD HAVE MERCY!!! <3 <3 <3 which movie is that?

  • Jessica Day
    Jessica Day 3 days ago

    Yoоu сan watch Guаrdians оf thеe Gаlаxуууу hееere

  • VikingII
    VikingII 3 days ago

    God damn those titties.

  • Jb Pablo
    Jb Pablo 3 days ago

    who is nebula she gave me a boner

  • Rizky Dharma
    Rizky Dharma 3 days ago

    what the song when gamora part?

  • SSJ Mitchell
    SSJ Mitchell 3 days ago

    Mantis has nice tits

  • 고슴도치
    고슴도치 3 days ago


  • AlanWylde
    AlanWylde 4 days ago

    Excellent job my friend !!

  • Eric Logan
    Eric Logan 5 days ago

    In Avatar Zoey is blue, now she is colourful again

  • Mia H
    Mia H 6 days ago

    i love Karen gillan so much, and i found it so funny in the last thing with matt smith.

  • fabianvM3
    fabianvM3 6 days ago

    i give u a 👍 just for this frame 5:34 😍

  • Doomsday260
    Doomsday260 6 days ago

    and he turned into a tree

  • Doomsday260
    Doomsday260 6 days ago

    he turned into a raccoon

  • DarkVitamins
    DarkVitamins 6 days ago

    Mantis is 30..? Shit, what's the opposite of pedofilia? I think I might have it.

  • deannp84
    deannp84 7 days ago

    he looks better as Drax to be honest

  • Renato
    Renato 8 days ago

    I am groot

  • Taseman
    Taseman 8 days ago

    So... Where's Ben Browder? :P

  • KittyBella Gen
    KittyBella Gen 8 days ago

    Zoe Saldana is now my new favourite actress, I had no idea that she was in avatar or Pirates of the Caribbean ( think At Worlds End)

  • Ricapeanut
    Ricapeanut 8 days ago

    Gamora is so hot*-*

  • jennings mills
    jennings mills 8 days ago

    mantis is the only bug I'd ever eat. & eat & eat & eat & eat.

  • KasInel :D
    KasInel :D 8 days ago

    music 2:17 - 2:27 ???

  • Owen
    Owen 9 days ago

    This whole video I was thinking, this is the best sound track in a YouTube video I've ever heard

  • Owen
    Owen 9 days ago

    Wow, what are the songs used

  • Jordan Yruegas
    Jordan Yruegas 9 days ago

    I'd fuck the shit out of Mantis @2:07.

  • Lucinda Alvarado
    Lucinda Alvarado 10 days ago

    I HAD ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA THAT MIKEY CYRUS WAS IN THE POST CREDITS AS THE VOICE OF MAINFRAME!!!... HELL I even looked up the Cast on IMDB and her name didn't even show up!!... What a shock!!! XD

  • Oceaniac Julian
    Oceaniac Julian 10 days ago

    Turn down the music

  • WingChroniam
    WingChroniam 11 days ago

    Name of songs used??

  • Top Trend
    Top Trend 11 days ago

    Hello! Come to my channel;) You'll like it;)

  • Alex Uppachi
    Alex Uppachi 11 days ago

    Lol i thought role of collector played Pitt)

  • Mohamad Hanif
    Mohamad Hanif 12 days ago

    I just came here for the music.

  • Angel David Prado
    Angel David Prado 12 days ago

    2:28 song??

  • Christian Washington

    Anyone inventory join rank fairly best strengthen unknown.

  • Grenadeh
    Grenadeh 12 days ago

    I remember her being far less attractive, without the makeup.

  • Rodrigo Emanuel Reible

    Can anybody please tell me the name of the song that sounds during the Rocket section? 2.29 to 2.39

  • Jmgjgdjd5
    Jmgjgdjd5 12 days ago

    I noticed that Bautista was in 007 Spectre

  • Ormi Ader
    Ormi Ader 12 days ago

    0:47 Chris O'Donnel? Oh Wait.

  • secretorganisation
    secretorganisation 13 days ago

    id tap nebula

  • Lekso Garsevanidze
    Lekso Garsevanidze 13 days ago

    where is stallone?!

  • Galsifer アニバル

    Youtube me recomendo tantas veces este video (mas de un mes XD) que termine viendolo XD

  • Shane Cleghorn
    Shane Cleghorn 13 days ago

    Would've liked more Yondu. Rooker has a great film resume.

  • SamReneé
    SamReneé 13 days ago

    Loved seeing the before and afters. This video and all the songs on here were so awesome! Got my thumbs up! :) +make more like these!

  • Aroma de Azúcar
    Aroma de Azúcar 14 days ago

    me ha encantado!

  • Ren
    Ren 14 days ago

    Zoe Saldana and Pom Klementiff <3

  • Yann Thomas
    Yann Thomas 14 days ago

    humanity ice credit automatic presidential ie.

  • Josh Went
    Josh Went 14 days ago

    WTF I didn't nebula was amy pond...

  • Алексндр Александрович

    Блять опять дрочить

  • Wakkolot
    Wakkolot 15 days ago

    Anyone else annoyed that the clips of "Karen Gillian" from the Fires of Pompeii aren't her at all? Wrong priestess. lol

  • qwe6348
    qwe6348 15 days ago

    Damn nebula is sexy

  • Matthew Woolsey
    Matthew Woolsey 15 days ago

    dude Chris is a country boy haha dang and he bulked up

  • Dyzz
    Dyzz 15 days ago

    Redhead nebula :)

  • Eddie Adams
    Eddie Adams 15 days ago

    when vin was 33 he looked 25, when hes 49 he looks 55 lol

  • Terra Rose
    Terra Rose 15 days ago

    What song was that at 4:42?

  • I know Im cool
    I know Im cool 15 days ago

    Of course everyone is saying Mantis is beautiful in real life

    In the inside

  • Mitchy Snitch
    Mitchy Snitch 16 days ago

    where thumbnail from?

  • Anthony Picky
    Anthony Picky 16 days ago

    nice mashup

  • Santana Peters
    Santana Peters 16 days ago

    can i just state the fact, that Nebula is played by Karen Gillan, who in turn played Amy pond...AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ~serious doctor who fanboy scream~ lol i never realized this till just now

  • André Pellegrin
    André Pellegrin 16 days ago

    dude I love pom just couldn't go to sleep without seeing who she really looked like...I was not disappointed...

  • Bodish Green
    Bodish Green 16 days ago

    Джони КАРАТЕ!

  • The Trash
    The Trash 16 days ago

    Just call me Snake

  • Britt Cagnina
    Britt Cagnina 17 days ago

    Credit to the great music used in this clip? List the music somwhere ffs.

  • NiCoOo
    NiCoOo 17 days ago

    fuck me i didnt know shes in avatar !

  • Lidia Ponpon
    Lidia Ponpon 17 days ago

    wow i like those woman

  • Matthias Wong
    Matthias Wong 18 days ago

    So I guess the weeping angels made Nebula

  • Fps_ fanvair
    Fps_ fanvair 18 days ago

    anyone know the song name at 03.05 ?

  • Simon Rasmussen
    Simon Rasmussen 18 days ago

    So Nebula is Amy Pond! I had no idea :0 Maybe I should rewatch Doctor Who again.

  • Peta Rickard
    Peta Rickard 19 days ago

    Ss. Ffffd gdgd Gf

  • Peta Rickard
    Peta Rickard 19 days ago

    Fsddg d. Fdfs

  • William Trice
    William Trice 19 days ago

    What's the song at 2:29?

  • Jon Dunmore
    Jon Dunmore 19 days ago

    If you came for the SEX, here it is: 5:41

  • william cassity
    william cassity 19 days ago

    Damn Nebula

  • charles Hansen
    charles Hansen 20 days ago

    yo... i hope i age as well as some of these people.

  • iNovqtion Gaming
    iNovqtion Gaming 20 days ago

    3:56 song?

  • Claudia Weihrich
    Claudia Weihrich 20 days ago

    First ! today hit of B !K H

  • Eva Maria Lorenzo Garcia

    Goodyear ver y good

  • Joe Vete
    Joe Vete 20 days ago

    Correction: Ronan the Accuser was NOT in Vol. 2, but it was good to see him on this list anyways.

  • Shubham
    Shubham 20 days ago

    what is the background song?

  • TheCstar07
    TheCstar07 20 days ago

    Thanks that was awesome

  • Amirul Ridhwan
    Amirul Ridhwan 20 days ago

    The mantis bed part in this video .. Truly sexiy 😍

  • Jeffrey Wilkinson
    Jeffrey Wilkinson 21 day ago


  • Ale324 Rodriguez
    Ale324 Rodriguez 21 day ago

    muy buen vídeo gracias..

  • cotoba
    cotoba 21 day ago


  • Leslie Williams
    Leslie Williams 21 day ago

    Need songs you used for this video

  • Tom Jerry
    Tom Jerry 21 day ago

    ego is bitch

  • L1lith Hate
    L1lith Hate 21 day ago

    nice movie, nice video :)

  • Dark Energy HOTEP
    Dark Energy HOTEP 22 days ago


  • Rick Carioti Clash Royale

    you forgot Dave hasslehoff

  • Wicked Synergy
    Wicked Synergy 22 days ago

    Song at 3:01 PLEASE!!!!

    • Wicked Synergy
      Wicked Synergy 8 days ago

      Thank you so much

    • Arogh14
      Arogh14 11 days ago

      Whiplash (original Mix) Far East Movement & Onderkoffe

    MOTZI 22 days ago

    Music name around 3:56 please ?

  • Evie Meisner
    Evie Meisner 23 days ago

    I understand if you don't believe me but
    My dad is an occupational therapist and works with bautista's mentally ill grandmother

  • Keith Woodson
    Keith Woodson 23 days ago

    I love em all

  • kingJV91
    kingJV91 23 days ago


  • ogre jim
    ogre jim 23 days ago

    I love Yondu!

  • Mbali Mthembu
    Mbali Mthembu 23 days ago

    great content :)! didn't have any lulls

  • Avid PCGamer
    Avid PCGamer 23 days ago

    Awesome video

  • Vladko Kardanov
    Vladko Kardanov 23 days ago

    3:36 what song

  • LeaksSoReal
    LeaksSoReal 23 days ago


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