9 Scientific Cooking Techniques

All cooking is science: we use chemistry and physics to steam, fry, bake, or microwave almost all of our meals. However, there are some cooking methods that delve into even deeper and stranger scientific territory.

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Author SFPToyashi ( ago)
60 revolutions per second?
wow, almost like Russian History.

Author Paramour Monster ( ago)
Alice was here >_> damn Nakiri(s)

Author ImpuriTEA , ( ago) meth?

Author Business Burd ( ago)
cheese, yogurt and pepperoni. i ate that as a kid, and sometimes now. now science might prove my childhood tastes!

Author Yushan Cong ( ago)
So today I discovered that Pectinex Ultra SP-L is commercially available. For like, 9 bucks.v This is the stuff that breaks down pectin structure (like the white bitter strands on oranges) and is usually used commercially so you can have rly sweet juice or those canned lil mandarin oranges.

GUESS WHO'S GONNA GO ON A FRICKEN CITRUS SPREE (I am so excited to try this)

Author waie wazini ( ago)
soo can i have pineapple on pizza now

Author Middlist ( ago)
home-made chocolate and mashed loquats is the best

Author Ben Miller ( ago)
Had a raspberry sorbet with frozen olive oil beads on top that was made by adding liquid nitrogen to raspberry puree and to olive oil.

Author Morgan Olfursson ( ago)
Brainy and good looking, you are a Unicorn .

Author PirateLordOfGalaxy ( ago)
Molecular geometry doesn't matter if it's FUCKIN RAWWWRR. FOK OFF!

Author HelloDarling! ( ago)
Molecular gastronomy is one of my favorite cuisines I got to learn at culinary school. Unfortunately it's very expensive, not only to study but also to eat it. Most molecular gastronomy restaurants cost up to 14,000 dollars to eat there. But, the food the chefs make are a piece of art... And don't make me get started with the foams and airs. Those things are so cool and odd

Author lozoft9 ( ago)
This video has some kind of combed reverb on the audio. It's really distracting.

Author ApplepieFTW ( ago)
If maltodextrin has both a hydrophobic and hydrophilic side, the why isn't it an emulsifier? Shouldn't having both a hydrophobic and hydrophilic side mean that it can quite easily bind to water?

Author Darkwind2805 ( ago)
8:11 Remember what happened to the last guy who thought that? He was right. And he died.

Author tornvideo ( ago)
7:49 - "Air" though composed of gasses, is not a gas unto itself.

Author LiveLife Random ( ago)
Alice! haha anyone who watched SNS knows her lol love her by the way

Author Angrybirds neyugn ( ago)

Author Karin Jyrgenson ( ago)
nothing healthy and vegan.. never mind. moving on..

Author dIRECT0R ( ago)
Your blonde highlight is appropriating European culture.

Author PokeMaster22222 ( ago)
Grilled cheese and tomato soup?
UGH - GOD NO. I cannot _stand_ tomatoes, no matter how they're prepared. As for grilled cheese sandwiches...too bland. Needs more flavours - how about a toasted cheese, ham, and creamed corn sandwich?

Author Garga ( ago)

Author inceptori ( ago)
7:00 ... sooo.... just use soap?

Author Abiy BattleSpell ( ago)
too much effort

Author aLime404 ( ago)
so if you vaporize tomato soup and grilled cheese, can I just sit in a room with that until i'm beyond blazed on that salty soupy goodness?

Author Dent on Deck Gaming ( ago)
I like to drink me some balls

Author Vinzent Slot ( ago)
Sounds good to me

Author Marjon Chua ( ago)
Alice Nakiri brought me here! :)) #ShokugekiNoSoma

Author Frenchie The Fry ( ago)
*watches cotton candy part*
Me: STOP ABUSING THE SUGAR! I'm never eating cotton candy again ;-;

Author Patrick Chen ( ago)
So you're telling me my eating my cookie(or whatever dessert type thing) with my rice might not be weird?

Author La-ti-do ( ago)

Author Kitti McConnell ( ago)
Maltodextrin Molecules would be a great name for a techno band

Author The_REAL_DOGE Very wow ( ago)
Is this the video on how to cook meth

Author SilverTalon:F ( ago)
so cool

Author Munjee Syed ( ago)
great ad integration

Author Munjee Syed ( ago)
nitrogen berrys

Author Mark The Gr8 ( ago)
When you turn to SciShow for cooking tips..... :)

Author Sarah Rmili ( ago)
Am I the only one that doesn't like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

Author Jessica Ericksen ( ago)
I appreciate the knowledge that you have to share, but may I add a suggestion that will improve this channel? Focus more on getting others to understand your theory by showing more pictures and giving more examples.

Author Stephen Bartelmann ( ago)
so.. meat glue is wont u wont to eat??

Author Retro .Spekta ( ago)
Flavored foam looks like the chef spat on the food?!

Author George Smith ( ago)
I say my good man, why is that caviar on a metal spoon?
One should always avoid metal utensils with caviar!

Author Christopher Day ( ago)
Whomever drew that cellulose monomer messed up the bonding sites of the hydroxyl/methoxy groups DID NOT PAY ATTENTION IN ORGANIC CHEMISTRY. Mistakes like that make me itch. Like spelling 'the' as 'teh'. *shakes fist*

Author Caroline Green ( ago)
cooking is an art, I agree.

Author Julia Lerner ( ago)
Is there any info on how the human body responds to these substances and processing techniques?

Author Cruznick06 ( ago)
I used spherification in a cullinary competition about five years ago. Made little cakes that looked like sushi.

Author Kalebfenoir ( ago)
My friend swears up and down that Cool Ranch Doritos and chocolate milk are the best thing ever. Something about 'the best aftertaste'. I can't verify; I hate cool ranch doritos. LoL But for me, Grilled Cheese Sandwich with either pickles or olives on the side is a good flavor combination.

Author Colin MacLaughlanWeir ( ago)
A dark Art

Author Ashley McKee ( ago)
Itd be cool if one could make cotton candy out of something healthier than sugar. Kale cotton candy, anyone?

Author Garett Mcafee ( ago)
factoid liquid nitrogen is 77° Kelvin another factoid I'm 14

Author Alec Dziuk ( ago)
Someone should try to make an edible foam with helium so you would have floating food.

Author will jim ( ago)
Hi SciShow team.
I love your show. Wondered if you could help me understand what's going on. I'm currently regenerating the water softener at work for the dishwasher. Adding loads of salt to the tank which contains some sort of honeycombe resin and the letting the water pass through with all the salt. Seems mighty wasteful but I'm sure there's a reason. I know there are several different types of water softener. Please explain soft and hard water. I want to get it.

Author Video King ( ago)
N C H O = Nacho
6 7 0

Author athanatic ( ago)
Food-pairing a friend pointed out to me years ago. Grapefruit juice and a snickers bar. About as close to making each successive taste seem like the initial sip/bite. I like that!

Author Samuel Paulini ( ago)
Well, the transglutaminase is harmful not only because of illegal practice of some Chinese or other shops gluing pieces of meat likely containing some amount of bacteria on their surface but also because of pathogenic effects likely cancerous. To list a study:

Author Samuel ( ago)
this is so cool i was just learning about analytical techniques!

Author Frosty TheLion ( ago)
i learned like 34 words in this video

Author Mitchell Hall ( ago)
Shokugeki no Soma

Author twitchunlimited ( ago)
Zinc trisodium, aspartate, Sorbitol and bisulfate, Oxide beta carotene, Lactic acid, carob bean, Grade A milk emulsified, Malto-dextrine alkalide, Silicon deoxylite, Lots of sugar...

Author Great Value Bleach ( ago)
no, you shouldn't

Author charlietuba ( ago)
Sin against nature: pineapple on pizza.

Author Oumi Oumaima ( ago)
do an episode about Synesthesia please

Author Sarah Skyler Bucu ( ago)
i fry chicken without oil... i use bit of water and let the fat out. the chicken is salted, so there would be caramelization. but caramel is carcinogenic so...

Author ihartevil ( ago)
thx for this awesomely ha bisky vid i loved this a lot michael you are so kickassic

Author Shinmiri ( ago)
Food Wars/Shokugeki no Souma just comes into mind.

Author Paul Peterson ( ago)
Cooking IS an art. BAKING is a science.

Author Chevy Williams ( ago)
Am I the only one who thought he said ''fucking mess" @ 6:30 ? lol and had to re-watch like 3 times to see he said fluffy mess/ness.
. Still not even sure xD

Author Chuck Sta. Maria ( ago)
*Sodium Alginate*
Shokugeki no Soma

Author Ahrujan ( ago)
what even is you hair lmfao

Author Necrikus ( ago)
Sorcery in your kitchen? It's more likely than you think.

Author Jørgen Christensen ( ago)
You are awesome. Really awesome.

Author AGuyNamedSmith ( ago)
Is it just me or did it sound like he said "throw a stick into the fucking mess"?

Author Sahil Haridas ( ago)
I just finished grade 10 this year and I'm so glad coz I understand most of this

Author SoundsUzed ( ago)
He is finally blinking!!!

Author FaynaMadrid ( ago)
2:34 no, YOU're hot!

Author Knight Commander CYP ( ago)
Caviar and chocolate? :/ that is disgusting..

Author Hedgehog ( ago)
white chocolate and caviar??

Author Tori R. ( ago)
Why do we have earwax?

Author Cameron Law ( ago)
"Twirl a stick into the fucking mess, and you get cotton candy"

Author David Hughes ( ago)
Two words: bacon foam.

Author Tranx #1 ( ago)
hi guys i am really intreasted in scienece i have on question please tell how did dinosauras diaspper

Author Harpo Django Rose ( ago)
I made fish-sticks, but I fell asleep and they baked for four hours.

Author Camden T. Meyer ( ago)

Author Alinosu67890 ( ago)
But chocolate doesn't smell like anything.

Author DivideByZero ( ago)
I knew a lot of this because of shokugeki no soma

Author future emperor of the galaxy ( ago)
When will you finally release a SciShow book?

Author hehe eks dee ( ago)
Vanilla ice cream+french fries

Author A.J. S. ( ago)
#9...So that is probably why soy lecithin is reported to potentiate edible cannabis, because it makes the cannabinoids more likely to be water soluble instead of strictly fat soluble...very interesting.

Author annoyed chef ( ago)
used most of those methods at work. even not so fancy restaurants today use them.

Author Ruvin Eric Perez ( ago)
as a cook, I really appreciate your back to back videos with food Science. cheers :)

Author Kali Takumi ( ago)

Author Georgette Williams ( ago)
Talk science to me...

Author Kyle Micallef ( ago)
Less animal corpses next time please.

Author Unshippedtundra ( ago)
At 4:20 the food compounds spell out NaCHO

Author iX cel ( ago)
Or if it is suddenly removed for some reason, what would happen?

Author iX cel ( ago)
What is under the sand?Like if we removed all of the sand from all of the deserts? What would it look like?

Author Delfo Andres Diaz Gonzalez ( ago)
Someone else noticed that sodium alginate is "NaCHO"?

Author Kason Wayne ( ago)
I like his voice

Author DarkShadows713 ( ago)
But how does Dippin Dots work

Author Joren Carlson ( ago)
What's the difference between the different types of gas you can get at the pump? Is there any actual advantage to buying the more expensive gas?

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