Best Pashto saaz in Rabab

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Pashto Rabab Music Pakistan , peshawar , Izhaar rabab, Kph , pathan , great rabab , best rabab ,Afghanistan , Afghan , Kabul , Kandahar , World ,


Author Safeer Khan (20 days)
Pas tho saaz

Author yusuf khan (4 months)

Author Raja (4 years)
I lik this rabab.. long live Pashtons and long live Pakistan..

Author Jam Kashif (4 years)
I like the music but what do you want to say by showing the map of unknown
pushtoonistan. Long Live Pakistan.. Pakistan Zindabaad.

Author NiazA221 (5 years)
os yai khawand woko....wah wah

Author originalAFGHANS (5 years)
Long live the Great Pashtons

Author sean T (3 years)
pushtoon are the best

Author ayshajan4eva (4 years)
this rabab is amazing!!!!

Author shams472 (3 years)
deer kha

Author eaMusIk2008 (3 years)
wah wah

Author m bangash (1 year)

Author kingkhan911 (4 years)
Top class music.

Author sab khan (5 years)
yh long live da gr8 pahtuns brapppppppp!!!

Author suliman khan (4 years)
love pakistan.

Author TheAlijanan (4 years)
der kha warka dung

Author Afghan4life15 (2 years)
4 people don't know what they are talking about

Author jamaka khan (2 years)
finally!!!! i found this :) thx 4 de sharing man

Author faisalyusufzai888 (3 years)

Author Pakwarrior1 (3 years)
Very good :) very nice...

Author 2009Ahtisham (4 years)
@calidsaleemi bacha bia de khpal beghairattop khakara ko

Author khanjee65 (3 years)
The best in best I ever listened. Long live Pakistan and Pukhtoons.

Author Yaseen Wazir (4 years)
this is the 1st in all rababz Best Rabab Pashto SaaZ

Author nargas3106 (4 years)

Author Fazle Rabi Rodval (1 year)
pukhtana ka da afghanistan di aw ka da kpk,da yaw bal ehteram kaway yaw bal
sara mena kaway,

Author wajahat ali Khan (4 years)
nice saaz

Author 221hashmat (4 years)
i love pukhtunkhwa and loy afghanistan zindabad. (H.khan bangash)

Author capricorn380 (4 years)
nice saaz

Author Haseeb Mehmood (3 years)
Beautiful music. Makes mr ache for home soil.

Author UnPreDicTabLeLyF (5 years)
Hey man how can ya call urself originalafghans ???? Long live the great
pashtoons or Long live the Gr8 Afghanistan ??

Author alisher khugakhel (1 year)
my all time faveret lovely

Author leosunee (5 years)
beautiful,,so beautiful,,,pashto muzic iz da best

Author ker691 (4 years)
wht the name of this song??

Author shahqaboolgull (4 years)
@gr8shahnoor that is what called a true Pakistani and true muslim those who
love pakistan i love them

Author The7rose (5 years)
Love dis saaz!!!! 5 STARZ *****

Author chaprikhattak (3 years)
Aghyar wayi da dozakh jaba da za ba janat ta da pukhto sara zam...
Zwandi,khaad o abad ose pukhtano..

Author Bash Tareen (3 years)
so sweet

Author derojay (4 years)
very nice der kha der kha .....tanananananananatan

Author Arif Khan (3 years)
i dont think that 2 dislikers are pukhtoons.....!!!

Author DILAWAR KHAN Khattak (5 years)

Author saloonsix (4 years)
@calidsaleemi beghairat de dala zooya seh nah khabar nah ye che pah
Pakistan aw Iran Pasey kama loobna joora shawey dah aw yahoodo kam saashish
tayaar karey deh aw hasey de spey pashantey ghapayger. Pukhtun nah ka deh
Pakistan sooreh laarey shooh nuh umar lah bah dar pah dar shee ( laka de
Afghanistan wala ).

Author iceandfire212 (3 years)
Does anyone know the title of this or who played it? To the creator of this
video, next time please don't leave out this essential information.

Author sohail khan (1 year)
albamba verbamba

Author Salts Salt (1 year)
pakhto me khawakha da, kho da afghaistan da para malk da akhpal Pakistan
bad na mannu. da aghanistan pukhtun au bachyano akhplay kusrai la
khyberpakhtunkwa kharsa kare wa. bas us de sirf yo ehtram pate de.
khyberkhwa pukhtuun la da cha hamdardi na da kaar, der khushala di pa
akhpal zee k, Afghanistan pukhtun de Allah pak pa Afghanistan de khushal wa
sati. Amin

Author kingsaib (3 years)
hey am the rabab man

Author nosh789 (3 years)
I think I heard it 100 times at once.............very very gud RABAB and
player as well.........

Author Tahir Ali (1 year)
aaaw kana deer kha

Author w3llcom3 (3 years)
zabardast saaz yara i like it

Author khattak khan (2 years)
@originalAFGHANS : Brother... y poisoning Muslim Ummah by Regional
Nationalism... Is it not enough to be
MUSLIM................???????????????? By the way... i belong to NWFP.. but
i am not agree with ur Nationalism slogans..............

Author MusafirYem (5 years)
Brilliant job thanks for uploaded it..i heard when i was child.thanks

Author zohaib khan (1 year)
Daar kha..

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