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Author EliminateGangstalking ( ago)
Same here I also get hit with extremely powerful direct energy weapons from the little white planes. They have been attacking me a lot lately!

Author Centzontly Tzephexcuahuitl ( ago)
you are a brave woman. I heard that smoke those clouds have nano technology that carries nanomicroships that eventually end up in our systems changing our DNA.

Author Targeted Individual ( ago)
They must have an alternative fuel source that we the people do not know about because they fly over religiously.
They always hover around in my proximity and then when the satellites, which are focused on my door spots me exit my house, the air crafts immediately fly over as if this is supposed to make me mad or something. But they must have an unknown fuel source or else this would be costing billions in fuel

Author acheron4455 ( ago)
i not able to reply to any comment this is happening to me also i am being gangstalked ofallon,il,an gainesville,fl

Author Byron Yohnson (733 years ago)
Shalahm sister M, how have you been?, you have no discussion box. I hope you and yours have been well and are experiencing The Glory and Grace of The Lamb of TMH Creator.Get at me.

Author SoulVoice ( ago)
Excellent Thank You...Im going through it now

Author Bari'ah Thompson ( ago)
I've heard these outside my house too. Every ten to 20 min during the day and night. What does this mean? What do I do? I'm Muslim are they watching me for this reason? I'm American and a law abiding citizen. Is it just because I been to Saudi and Dubai as a  English teacher. Its really annoying to hear it all times of the day and night can someone explain please? And give me pointers.

Author Joanne Canada ( ago)
Hi, I too am a TI and was wondering if you happen to know what Edgetech systems do because one of their systems has just been installed by my car underground parking at two locations only since I've become a TI!  I feel a pulsed beat sometimes -- is that woodpecker or ?????  See here:

Also if you go here
can you tell me what this is exactly -- the yellow fuzzy stuff; if click about 1/2 way through the video you can see it better.  Excuse the mess!  

Any help is much appreciated!  

Many thanks, 

Author momeesan ( ago)
They having been sending viruses out.

Author YODHEY7 ( ago)
I cant seem to leave a comment or email??? visit my channel

Author YODHEY7 ( ago)
I have been a TI for close to 2 years now...It looks like you have it easy compared to me. I get it all, satellite torture, v2k, stalking, everything, I wished you would make more videos. updates on how your are doing and what THEY are doing. GOD BLESS YOU, and pray that Jesus will throw those torture satellites out of the sky, amen.

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