How to get Free Pokemon from the GTS

This video will show you how to get free pokemon from the pokemon gts (global trading station). No hacks are used. As stated in the videos here are a few DNS:

Here is one for Black and White:
Random: (This is my server and in this server random event pokemon will come)
Shiny Pichu:
Shiny Eevee holding a lucky egg:
Event Arcues(with all 4 legendairie moves)
Event pichu(pikachu color)
Event shiny eevee(with lucky egg)
Event Farfetch'd
Event Cyndaquil(with rarecandy)
Event Totodile(with masterball)
Event Chikorita (with EXP share)
Shiny Tropius
Also you may need a party of 6 for this to work.

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Author Arisuarus Rex ( ago)
I have a shiny Mew, Anyone want to trade me it with A Shiny Meloetta?

Author ad D ( ago)
Hey I'm lookin for haunter pls somone post a offer I will only accept
pokemon lvl 30 and under

Author Obi A ( ago)
Hi. I was wondering if i need a different code for my 3ds as it wont
connect to the internet

Author Obi A ( ago)
I'm trying to do it but my 3ds wont connect to network after changing the
primary dns

Author Tyranigatr ( ago)
Go to phoenixmaster1's channel

Author potatoguy in mc ( ago)
is it for xy

Author jesse oni ( ago)
I keep getting a 003-2001 error

Author Riolu! ( ago)
I did it without having to do anything, however i can help you :)

Author PokemonfanTlp ( ago)
A virus, sweet ill get it now!

Author Daimond ( ago)
what do you do if you get error 52100

Author Sodalite ( ago)
wait nevermind

Author Sodalite ( ago)
i'm getting error code 52100 what did i do wrong

Author Mario Silva ( ago)
go to de pokecheck and register and put the dns in your nintendo and then
select thepokemon you want.

Author AngelzInMyHead Prince ( ago)
:D Got Shiny axew thanks

Author auzairiii1 ( ago)
@tilzczm yeah i agree def a top 10 BTW! check this game is really damn
addictive ==>\4cpjk

Author BySPQRclan13 ( ago)
Didn't work

Author oldscutlass1988 ( ago)
Got a shiny axew from gts

Author Captain Wrench ( ago)
The GTS is dumb. People offer Lvl 1 Abra's for level 100 Shamins! WTF?!

Author andrew reyes ( ago)
when you go to the pc go up stairs and talk to the 3 woman and says glob

Author The Shiny Mew ( ago)
Oh thats too bad.

Author Jaqes AJ ( ago)
It works

Author Jaqes AJ ( ago)
I got shiny legend

Author bradenb527 ( ago)
I will trade something for a japanese ditto

Author bradenb527 ( ago)
I will trade something for a japanese ditto

Author CrotchSniping ( ago)
Turns out it was actually a bad egg :3

Author Chance Brown ( ago)
Hi everyone i need help. I know this works but for some reason my wifi wont
connect :9 plz help whoever does i will thank them so much and give them a
shout out video on my channel ty bye

Author ArtilleryCrusader ( ago)
You are being ripped off. There's free versions.

Author Jake Van Ryzin ( ago)
Hey guys, there is an app for iPhone that allows you to receive any pokemon
you want with any moves, nature, and ability you want. It does cost a few
dollars but I have found that it is worth it, it is called poke builder.

Author Orion and Eduardo ( ago)
would it work if i have ss

Author Audrey Main ( ago)
@grim69dubstep sure I have pearl if you wanna trade

Author The Shiny Mew ( ago)
Then go nuts on your bicycle. Or just get a pokemon with the ability of
Flame Body. Or both.

Author lorenzo llanos ( ago)

Author marcus diego ( ago)
What is the code 2 get free shiny pokemon

Author CrotchSniping ( ago)
I got a japanese egg that was obtained from liberty garden and will take a
long time to hatch.

Author robinsonlpn ( ago)
Nice music

Author EnragedTurkey ( ago)
Hey, for some reason it wont accept my internet. I can't set up the
connection at all. This happens in the wifi connection set up screen. What
do I do?

Author IShartedxD IMO ( ago)
My pearl friend code is 1851 2881 0397 pm me if u wanna get together

Author thepiebrosmc ( ago)

Author Buraun ( ago)
Dose this work on 3ds?

Author Bobby Cat ( ago)
Calvin Harris also has the song Sexy Oven, another Misheard song.

Author Bobby Cat ( ago)
The song is "Waitin' for my Grandad" as heard by it's Misheard lyrics. I
hope that answered everyone's question.

Author Bryan Lee ( ago)
Nice camera

Author Austin LuckyJ ( ago)
Offering Groudon for a heart gold kyroge in global trade it's level 50

Author Pika Power ( ago)
gts uesd metranome

Author Brenden Reyes ( ago)
anybody else feel akward looking into the camera lens?

Author sage midson ( ago)
Does not diamond :( error52100

Author thesparkynation ( ago)
Thanks, this works, on Black 2 for me, you have to have seen the Pokemon in
the Pokedex before. I got a level 100 Pikachu knowing Surf from this.

Author artyirving ( ago)
not for me

Author Wendy Ortega ( ago)
it works xD

Author Destroyah340 ( ago)
I hate how you can only search for pokemon you've seen in-game. How am I
supposed to get Groudon or Arceus if I can't see them in here?!?! Unless
someone wants to trade???

Author Liam C ( ago)
I connected to the GTS using the DNS, but I haven't gotten the Pokemon I

Author darkNightmarezx ( ago)
I put an offer for one of my pokemon how do I tell if someone wants to
trade with it

Author ShinyEeveeLPs ( ago)
ok thx i'll try it

Author MegaBlazekin ( ago)
ik how to fix that go to this website and enter the error ww.

Author Kaibaiii ( ago)
can you do this with the usb wi-fi connector as well, if yes, how do you
change the dns?

Author katehuan ( ago)
Go search on google gts checker and you can get any pokemon for free but
only works on black and white

Author mewtwo898 ( ago)
works ya lil shits

Author Forrest Walpole ( ago)
are you using B2/W2?

Author Nathan DeLorenzo ( ago)
:( :( :(

Author Nathan DeLorenzo ( ago)

Author Atomic254 ( ago)

Author ShinyEeveeLPs ( ago)
I keep getting Error Code 51300 D':

Author roharro2 ( ago)
is there a chance that this might screw up your game? just wondering...

Author kendra winborn ( ago)
My friend code is 3483-1135-9192 please enter it

Author Sandro Giuliano ( ago)
Does only the BW DNS work on BW? Or the others too?

Author Tootdaddy17 ( ago)

Author MɪɴɪVᴏʟᴛᴀʀSʜɪɴʏHᴜɴᴛᴇʀ ( ago)
these things use to work for me. Kinda. I find a site where you can get
free pokemon. But no Shiny :(

Author chickadodo ( ago)
didnt work for me to and i had full party of pokemon

Author chickadodo ( ago)
y it no work ?

Author angel perea ( ago)
this kinda stuff never works some times

Author Ben Shepard ( ago)
i keep getting error code 52110

Author ShadowPuppy Kirby ( ago)
I did it and I didn't get the shiny eevee and now i can't reconnect. :( Im
going to have to clear my settings

Author Nuclear SnipeZz ( ago)
No victini AHHH

Author DeadVader11 ( ago)
will that be the same when i do like what u do?

Author lizisrandom ( ago)
never mind. now it just says communication error. but thats been happening
with my regular dns so idk whats going on.

Author lizisrandom ( ago)
I entered the shiny Pichu DNS in but it wouldn't connect even though i had
three bars

Author Morgan freeman ( ago)
everyone you have to have a full party of 6 pokemon or else the ones you
get will have 0 stats and be fainted

Author Morgan freeman ( ago)
this happend because you didnt have 6 pokemon in your party when you did it

Author Bajet Leggers ( ago)
I have tried this, it worked, and kept getting more Pokemon, the problem
they are all fainted and when I tried to heal them nothing happened to

Author bobfish223 ( ago)
i did this by accident

Author SkeletonWizard ( ago)

Author MɪɴɪVᴏʟᴛᴀʀSʜɪɴʏHᴜɴᴛᴇʀ ( ago)
Did you have a FULL party of 6 pokemon?

Author MɪɴɪVᴏʟᴛᴀʀSʜɪɴʏHᴜɴᴛᴇʀ ( ago)

Author MɪɴɪVᴏʟᴛᴀʀSʜɪɴʏHᴜɴᴛᴇʀ ( ago)
Like the FBI is going to take you to jail for cheating in a video game.
(Well, Pokemon)

Author Dawson Stallworth ( ago)
Sucking dick for shiny Ninetails, any takers?

Author SkywardSails ( ago)
These still work, right?

Author tubbytv99 (52 years ago)
It doesn't work on black 2 D':

Author Carl Jerousek ( ago)
Do it wrok on pokemon black2

Author RePuffle67 ( ago)
Check my video that i give Pokemon you want!

Author rock234561 ( ago)
I wunt a shiny ditto code :3

Author james soriano ( ago)
it doesnt work DX

Author james soriano ( ago)
do they work

Author palmer0700 ( ago)
how many times can you do this?

Author SkeletonWizard ( ago)
Exactly! The original comment was someone asking if this is legal.

Author palmer0700 ( ago)
hahahahahahaha that's the stupidest thing I've ever seen

Author paintmasterBLA ( ago)
yep it works for diamon pearl platinum heartgold soulsilver black white
black 2 white 2

Author Sparky17305 ( ago)
Only it starts with 2 digits

Author Sparky17305 ( ago)
If u r on a dsi put a zero before any thing else

Author The xTrueMaster ( ago)
does this work on pokemon diamond?

Author superannoyinghulk ( ago)
my DS is refusing to connect

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