How to get Free Pokemon from the GTS

This video will show you how to get free pokemon from the pokemon gts (global trading station). No hacks are used. As stated in the videos here are a few DNS:

Here is one for Black and White:
Random: (This is my server and in this server random event pokemon will come)
Shiny Pichu:
Shiny Eevee holding a lucky egg:
Event Arcues(with all 4 legendairie moves)
Event pichu(pikachu color)
Event shiny eevee(with lucky egg)
Event Farfetch'd
Event Cyndaquil(with rarecandy)
Event Totodile(with masterball)
Event Chikorita (with EXP share)
Shiny Tropius
Also you may need a party of 6 for this to work.

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