PURE & RARE joe redmond grey pair

joe redmond grey pair of rare game cocks. ONLY 10 months old! hatched in 2007!

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Author benjieastig29 (5 years)
best crosses now yellow legged hatch x kelso =sweater perfect battle cross

Author edley roberts (1 year)
Does hen have egyptian fay in her?

Author loyalbabu (6 years)
hi there, well these are not rare at all in asia. there are millions of
them in india and pakistan and near about countries.

Author juize0287 (1 year)
do they even spar...

Author 1truamor4 (2 years)
Do you have any for sale often? I would like to buy a pair or trio

Author KGBattlecock (2 years)
Lawl, why the hell aint you trimmed the waddles? xD No matter, very
beautiful pair you have there, But as a wise man once told me, Pretty dont
mean shit.

Author Velasca (5 years)
the hen is natural i like

Author heightide (6 years)
I have pumpkin hulseys.True.They say they are great crossers but my cock
has won 6 times here in LA so what should i cross him with???

Author richard nisnisan (1 year)
maganda kpag greenlegend

Author greyroosterman405 (5 years)
joe redmon greys were originily bred from redquills,champions,grey and who
knows what else.ive been around them most of my life

Author MegaMontecarloss (4 years)
i gotta joe redmond hen any suggestions where i can get a rooster for her
(very nice birds better keep that bloodline they are very rare and smart in
the pit)

Author TubeYou (2 years)
Be professional. How much are them? if you dont want to sell, then tell us
where to get one

Author joalgula2000 (6 years)
nice line im interested,if you sale your bird,pls reply.

Author Robert Ellis (5 years)
Nice Pair....Joe Redmonds are great looking and fighting fowl. Half the
people making bad comments never met one across the pit. I think that would
change an attitude or two.

Author KelsoCock (5 years)
Harry, which one is it ,mealy breasted greys or silver quills?never in my
life have i ever heard them called anything but jrg`s. The man i got these
from has had them for over 70 years.Send me some pics of yours i would like
to see them.And i finished trimming him too he looks much better now.

Author hbkphoenix (5 years)
Nice chickens..

Author Jamiesyme999 (5 years)

Author roosters (1 year)
do you still have any joe redmond grey for sale? my email is

Author cobranin (6 years)
yup dats real rare its true nice

Author Brandon Ackerman (6 years)
how much

Author Tarazod Films (6 years)
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