Candid Nylons - Library Jeans & Hosed Feet

This woman was rubbing her sheer tan nylon feet for what seemed like forever. I sat right next to her and recorded it as close as possible. It seemed like her shoes were bothering her. I could actually smell her nylons from where I sat too. Must of had a long day at work and just changed into her jeans but didn't change those nice smelly nylons.

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Author John Par ( ago)
wow i would be staring! 

Author zoose21 ( ago)
i could stare at her feet for hours

Author Maverick2591b ( ago)
Little sexier than jeans and hosiery. Did you know that Joyce DeWitt, while
playing in "Three's Company" refused to go bare legged, prefering to wear
pantyhose or tights when she wore shorts, dresses, or pajamas? Lucky us!

Author zoose21 ( ago)
this is so hot,i think i would just crawl under the table and grap her
ankles and smell her feet and hold em tight until the cops beat me with a
night stick and drag me out,be worth goin to jail

Author 07ude ( ago)
the candids are always the best for some reason

Author drewav8r ( ago)
They look like they smell and need to be aired out! Wish I was there.

Author ken griffith ( ago)
very sexy

Author TenderAce ( ago)
I'd like to take a long time with those baby's before I carry her to my

Author steve2275 ( ago)

Author phzombie ( ago)
so good!

Author Nylonfootline ( ago)
Her feet are gorgeous. I can't help but want to smother my face in them and
smell them all over.......

Author Nylon666 ( ago)
And i`m under the desk and sniff the feet from both of you

Author smwca123 ( ago)
I once played footsie with a girl wearing jeans & nylons. I was wandering
around the library in my socks; she wore open-back sandals when i first
noticed her. I sat down across from her; After chatting for a few minutes,
I touched her toes with mine. She smiled at me, slipped off both sandals,
and touched my toes with hers; and we sat there chatting, with our toes
touching, for a long time

Author CaRiE B ( ago)
cute i would play footsie with her under the desk..

Author DavidDickem ( ago)
You could smell her nylons? Must have been heaven. I tell my wife like 2
hours before i come home from work to put on her nylons and high heels. So
when i get home, I do her while she's lying on her back....this way i can
smell her hot pantyhosed feet as we're doing it. It's heaven man, believe
me. My cock gets hard like a rock from the sweet aroma.

Author atllz ( ago)
Good clip!!!

Author kjdhkjdsg ( ago)
wish she would do one barefooted

Author Bob Petkovic ( ago)
how old was that lady?

Author chris cutter ( ago)
nice !!! didn't u talk to her ? is ehr feet itchy ?

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