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Author Rudy Mancuso ( ago)
Enjoy. Subscribe for more - new videos every week.

Author Joanne Alsoub ( ago)
I know Lele was doing the same as Rudy

Author Joanne Alsoub ( ago)
If your neighbour calls u don't answer he is not important

Author qnztbpnhbA ( ago)
► ◄

Author Ace Sora ( ago)
If only I got friends like he does

Author Kiarelis Ortis ( ago)
your hair is so pretty I want to brush it I love u hait alot😍😍❤❤❤❤💜💜👍👍

Author Kiarelis Ortis ( ago)
ruby u are so handsome and how maybe u are my brother and why sis lele call she was faking to and I love u video 😍😍😍

Author 3DS Kk ( ago)
I iove you and your videos😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍💋💋💋💋😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙🤣🤣🤣🤣

Author Lady _Anim3 ( ago)
Is it wrong to say that Rudy is HAWWWT??

Author Antman4real ( ago)
Why did she call if she was drinking as well

Author 11 LEGENDS ( ago)
Me when I grow up 😂😁❤️💕

Author Serenity Evans ( ago)
I love I love I love you😘😘😘😘😘😘

Author GamerJoanna Love ( ago)

Author Juan Infante ( ago)
I love lele'$ laugh

Author 3DS Kk ( ago)
I iove you

Author Luchiia Posada ( ago)
bruuuh.. lele tries too hard no offence.. lol

Author David Martin ( ago)
I love you vids Rudy

Author ranawaleed mahmud ( ago)
awesome video man I need these kinds friend 😁😀😂😃😆😆

Author gina potter ( ago)
Omg I'm dying laughing!!!!

Author Alexis Garcia ( ago)
dude I love you vedo

Author Aamani Basra - Churchville PS (1436) ( ago)
lele laugh at the end killed me

Author ashely and tainara boss ( ago)
RUDY MANCUSO are u and LELE  PONES dating ????????!!!!!!!

Author Swimgirl dab ( ago)

Author JONATHAN beaver ( ago)
mummy's boy, get a real job, join the army, you pansy. bet mummy still washes your underware.

Author Kaitlyn Garcia ( ago)
this club has everything

Author HSL Playz ( ago)
I could see inanas shadow

Author Fox Freak :p ( ago)
Lele's laugh though xD

Author DogeAndFluff Games ( ago)
I Like rudy but kinda mostly When lele joins  him cause shes my fav aswell!!

Author Evangelina Martinez ( ago)
are u dating lele like for real?

Author Cleverjoey ( ago)
Why did she call if she was faking too

Author Alexandra Radoi ( ago)

Author vic naty ( ago)

Author Shania Stuart ( ago)
you now when at the end of this video when his girlfirend calls why did she call when she doen't whant to talk I AM SO CONFUSED

:( ;)

Author Symonne Ayim ( ago)
I luvyoo

Author Mishaal Zeeshan ( ago)
No one gives a shit

Author Joana knows best ( ago)
di you spit spanech

Author Tamara Quillerat ( ago)
lele's laugh at the end is helarius

Author Amira Sabil ( ago)
How many shots did they take in this vid?? They should be drunk by now.

Author Ingrid O Connor ( ago)
Roses are red,Violets are blue,It's called Dead Man's Chest,Not Pirates of the Caribbean 2

Author Gillian Rodriguez Lee ( ago)
Lele messed up it was rlly obvious cuz u could see inana's shadow

Author RANDOM ( ago)
He says he is studying at the library but his boss calls him to ask if the files are done???????????

Author Xx_Nsyafiq_xX Xx_Hamzah_xX ( ago)

Author マディ -ちゃん ( ago)
Squad goals is Real! 😂

Author Sana Spencer ( ago)
Okay I lied this is my fave haha

Author alex 1280z ( ago)
@lelepons laughing is evil

Author Gaby Carrillo ( ago)
you're selling Espanol

Author floor Van Driel ( ago)
i love u soooooo much i Love u ideas

Author LJ Puns ( ago)
i just can't stop loving rudy tbh.
his videos always leaves a smile on my face❤❤❤

Author Josyele Belieber ( ago)

Author Aomine ( ago)
0:09 Hyi helvetti :DD

Author Angel Law ( ago)
lul. saw it comin'

Author Amy Saunders ( ago)
LOVE YOU VIDEOS 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️💛💛💛💚💚💚💙💙💙💜💜💜💗💗💗

Author _Uniquely Weird_ ( ago)
So much for a FaceTime grabe


Author dinu d1 ( ago)
When his mom call he's studying and then his boss calls?

Author Gapajp21 ( ago)
More roleplays plz

Author Derek Buy ( ago)
Why are they face timing why won't they call not face time

Author Besties 101 ( ago)
What if the other guys' friends or sumthin called?

Author Chloe Zoratti ( ago)
Is Lele drunk??

Author Kang Xiong ( ago)
₩ when is your birthday

Author Kang Xiong ( ago)
For the xiong family

Author Jair Aguilar ( ago)

Author Lety Olguin ( ago)

Author Pablo Escobar ( ago)
😂😂😂😂😂why did lele even call????

Author Alyssa Houng ( ago)
Who else could tell that Lele was also faking it? 😂

Author BlueKickFHX MCPE and MORE! ( ago)
Who Likes This Video I Hope That He Meet Rudy And Get 100000000000000000000$

Author Lyra Che ( ago)

Author Sierra Hellen ( ago)
Omg lele at the end tho 😂😂😂

Author Crazzy Cat ( ago)
Lele nice girl

Author Anthonylovesyou Anthonylovesyou ( ago)
Omg their dating ludy

Author Sophia Lovato ( ago)
The last one though😂😂

Author JairSss ( ago)

Author Jess Xiong ( ago)
You guys are so funny

Author Rilakkuma Xiong ( ago)
Good jobbbb

Author Nathan Meszaros ( ago)
You are the best

Author Sinai Finau ( ago)
😂 his neighbor

Author Ernie n/a ( ago)
the last scene seem expected but it was funny

Author Alson Ranger ( ago)
Rudy makes those videos where you can watch and watch all over again

Author Tasha Ezell ( ago)
lele was doing to

Author Beausy 12 ( ago)
Is it just me who felt bad for the neighbour 😭❤️

Author Paulina Vazquez ( ago)
that's me

Author sun chunxia ( ago)
what?? why did lele pons even call him in the first place?why would she do that?it makes no sense

Author Athul Krishnan ( ago)

Author Jenna_ Box ( ago)
the ending cracked me up 😂

Author Mariam Al Muhairy ( ago)

Author Elisarights ( ago)
DAT ending do

Author MANTE LIB ( ago)
so good

Author Extreme SHAAN ( ago)
These r so true

Author Kay's Universe ( ago)
Lele's face looked really red 😂

Author Marina Mariana ( ago)
Rudy coloca legenda em português por favor

ps: Te amo💛😍

Author MadMaxTubeHD ( ago)
Why did lele FaceTime if she had a secret

Author Olive Ndikum ( ago)
Too strong bro! I love it. One of my first times to watch yo vids dude, they're great!

Author clyde angelo moneva ( ago)
you should call the video
face time or fake time

Author HOLYBLADE36487 awx ( ago)
are you a musician

Author HOLYBLADE36487 awx ( ago)
I subscribe

Author HOLYBLADE36487 awx ( ago)

Author Lorena Botero ( ago)
why would lele call if she was faking too?

Author TrainShrek4 ( ago)
2:42 you made a mistake. If you are in bed, then how could Lele not be in the same bed as you if your girlfriend and boyfriend.

Author The amazing crazy Emoji ( ago)
Sgx x

Author Astrid The Amazing ( ago)
Don't hit "read more"

Americans these days...

Author Golden Core ( ago)
Is it just me or does rudys mom look a lot like faze rugs mom

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