Eritrea - Images of Eritrean People's Liberation Front(EPLF)

This short video shows a collection of images of Eritrean People's Struggle to be free from Ethiopian occupation. It is also a tribute to the fallen martyrs of Eritrea during the Struggle for liberation.

Long Live Eritrea!!!
Awet N'Hafash!!!

Eritrea - Images of Eritrean People's Liberation Front(EPLF)

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Author lisro21 (2 months)
memphisto 1895,

You remind me of the story about the frog and the ox....
Many years ago there was a magnificent ox. One day, when he was taking an
afternoon walk, a poorly dressed and unimportant looking frog saw him. The
frog felt envy toward the beautiful, strong ox. But the frog yelled to his
friends, "Look at this ox! But he is no better than I am, if I tried." The
frog swelled up to twice his normal size. "Am I the size of this big ox
now?" he asked his frog friends. "You will have to be much bigger to be his
size," they said. The frog swelled up even bigger. "How about now?" he
asked his friends. "No, but you better not swell up more or you will kill
yourself," they warned.

But the frog wanted to be as big as the ox and puffed, and puffed. He never
got as big as the ox because he burst first.


Author said abdullahi (28 days)
The world admired courageous people ..Eritrea goes down in history book for
standing up to a bully risking everything without help from any world
community. They won the war

Author mebrak mengisteab (7 months)
Where are those people who say no to slavery. Kidem embi nemegzate hegi
ewin embi 

Author mephisto1895 (4 years)
@206amar1 Listen you son of a begging one cent whore. You are land locked
because of your ignorance and stupidity. How can it be that 4 million
people defeat 80 million people who received all kind of military support
from every SUPER POWER? I tell ya, You is a DUMMY, weak and embarrassment
to all those who believed in you. And yes, you are a spineless turd, who
sways where ever the wind blows. Now bow down to I who made you landlocked
and robbed your pride. HAHA I is the Eritrean WORRIER!

Author nanisenay (8 years)
wndemeye dont worry we dont want anything from them anymore now a days I am
starting to say proudly..."Ethiopians are the only colonizers in africa" ki
ki ki we got the shit outa u tigre's. wondemeye enesu lay mesak new enji
ewnetun menager....abo kezerachew new meselegn Ewnet Aywedum. one more ki ki cheers

Author fit (2 years)
@sam4237 the singer is Luul Fisehaye which the songs reminds back lot of
memories at the time of independece which was rel released after we gave
our voice for referundum is 99.98% for FREEDOM. It was good times then.

Author kingtutsp04 (7 years)
Proud to be Eri, I love you my beautiful people!

Author bla bella (4 years)

Author eddystyle213 (7 years)
Proud Eritrean and proud of EPLF gouvernement, if there is another
gouvernement eritrea is finish but not with with EPLF

Author nakfa (8 years)
i love the girl in da beginnnin

Author pompei1968 (3 years)
eritrea belongs to the kingdom of italy

Author Arun Josep (4 years)
@MIKELEWELELA congratulations i also erithria supporter. iam a
(eelam)srilanka tamis. but still we are not get liberation. still we are as
a slaves.our only hope ltte also distroyed by bloody srilankan army. with
the help of india, pakistan and china. have you hear about us( ltte)?

Author Zao125 (5 years)
y its just a military dictatorship

Author yikaALO (4 years)

Author Space Ketema (7 years)
Which song would that be? There are four different songs in the video...

Author yikaALO (4 years)

Author 206amar1 (4 years)
@TheEritrean Death to Eritrea!!!!

Author squeky11 (8 years)
Excellent video, love the music. After 30 years of war, against all odds,
Eritrea defeated the Soviet backed, American funded, Cuban milita man
aided, Ethiopian military. Outnumbered 20 to 1, Eritrea comes and shocks
the World by defeating Ethiopia and putting in a puppet government of TPLF
over Ethiopia. No wonder this was considered the greatest military victory
in African history, since hannibal defeated the Romans 3,000 years ago.

Author IsaiasAfewerki (6 years)
how about trying to unifiy with people in Ethiopia first? Ever try that?
Eat what's on your plate, before you order another plate. Eritrea for

Author mikeander18 (7 years)
Proud Eritrean. I love you ERITREA!!

Author erishicor (8 years)
i loveeee it!!! that gual ankere at the beginning took me back! i almost
cried watching this video..that wedi tukul song always gets my heart!great
job putting it together and posting it! and do u kno where i can get more
gual ankere music? again, thanks!! Awet N'Hafash!

Author Merhawe Haile (7 years)
yes and for this, i blame the west, american and europe

Author hadishakal (7 years)
i am happy 2 be eritrea and sister s awet nahafash.

Author joehanns (8 years)
Brother Isayas one of the greatest balck leader today in the world.he Don't
scare no body asways say the trhu,as used to be Brothe Malcom
X,Lumumba,Kruma,Fanon, balck panther leader Huey Newton ect..ect..

Author aminaerina (6 years)
They have given so much, now its us that have to do something for Eritrea.

Author vlibert (6 years)
god bless eritea people from ogaden brother

Author logs4017 (8 years)
GO GO GO GO GO Eritrea :)) LOve from SOMALIA

Author phresh07 (5 years)
Gual Eritrea, I have so much love for you.

Author incitaterrore (7 years)
l eritrea è liberba dall etiopia è ormai dal 91 un paese indipendente ma
allo stesso tempo nn è un paese libero e per ottenere questo pregio o
diritto di essere liberi bisogna di nuovo lottare e combattere ma questa
volta senza armi ma con le parole!per la libertà totale c è ancora molta
strada da fare ma un passo importante sarebbe quello di cambiare
governo!!!awet n haffasc!!!

Author Steelaron (2 years)
Songlist please ;)

Author yikaALO (4 years)
@206amar1 BIG LOOSER

Author amicheAgaMe (5 years)
John Foster Dulles said: "From the point of view of justice, the opinion of
the Eritrean people must receive consideration. Nevertheless, the strategic
interests of the United States in the Red Sea Basin and world peace make it
necessary that the country be linked with our ally Ethiopia." (U.S.
Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, 1952)

Author goytom99 (7 years)
the photos at 4:57 and 5:12 just had my heart pounding. Thank god there was
no ethiopians near me because they would all been dead on the spot. Just
drop them and walk away. Incredible colage spaceketema you the man.

Author EritreanKing007 (7 years)
Salaamat Deki Ere, adi Jeganus. Awet Ni hafash in the same time to my
Somali brothers just a have a faith with our Sudani brothers we will kick
these ethio bastards out of Somalia.

Author yikaALO (4 years)

Author EritreanKing007 (6 years)
Amche ethio ahiya you are funny. If u have indentity probleme to be
Eritrean, so plz return us our Eri pass and go back to Gamu-gaffa or gojjam.

Author aaron24HH (7 years)
agame, USraelis, UK and germany etc etc Eritrea will never kneel down!the
proof is Nakfa

Author pompei1968 (3 years)
the poorest terrone in south of italy is much wealthier than an eritrean!!
italy made eritrea of today

Author EritreanKing007 (3 years)
We didnt recived any good things from the Italian Facists occupation.

Author yikaALO (4 years)

Author normannodelsud (6 years)
Eritrea freedom

Author LaNyese (7 years)
eritreantiqaraly I agree wholeheartedly

Author mikele welela (4 years)

Author BahreNeGash (5 years)
Ketema, Are you sure he's NOT Tefeno? Wow, I never heard of anyone called
by the name Issaias Asfaha? Does he has any other songs besides Keyih
Nebri? I saw videos Tefeno playing the song. Hey, I could be wrong. Thanks
for the information.

Author millenium2003 (2 years)
LOL.. you replied to a comment i made 2 years ago..... i replied just to
let you know i am still alive and i still stand for i what said back then

Author Space Ketema (5 years)
@BahreNeGash: That is not Tefono, that is Isaias Asfaha singing one of his
rare songs Keyih Nebri.

Author 1969bor (6 years)
Thank you spaceketema,for showing our hero's for the haters,please keep

Author BahreNeGash (5 years)
By the way, besides making one VERY NOSTALGIC, you got a very nice

Author EritreanKing007 (3 years)
Terrone, the time of Fascist Italian time is over, Italia become like
Africa specially in the south.

Author dhuure (6 years)
i love Eritreans simply i think they are true worriers, and honestly i love
the way they defeat sick hungry Ethiopians out off their country.i'm not
eritrean i'm Somali ogaden and soon we will deliver the destruction of
addis ababa, itlooks the aid of the westrn is'n working this time.i love
eritria and i'm coming to visit you asmara.

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