Eritrea - Images of Eritrean People's Liberation Front(EPLF)

This short video shows a collection of images of Eritrean People's Struggle to be free from Ethiopian occupation. It is also a tribute to the fallen martyrs of Eritrea during the Struggle for liberation.

Long Live Eritrea!!!
Awet N'Hafash!!!

Eritrea - Images of Eritrean People's Liberation Front(EPLF)

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Author Belay Wolde ( ago)
infinite militarism! what is the differnce between Isayas and mengistu?

Author Tekellamer ( ago)
ኤረ ዓደይ ዓዲ ጀጋኑ!!!

Author Tekellamer ( ago)
Second song was originally sang by ኢሳያስ ኣስፋሃ (Issais Asfaha) and it is
called ቀይሕ ነብሪ (Keyih Nebri)

Author ናፍቆት ኣስመራ ( ago)
tekalisena naxntena amxina addis atina kea ne meles kof abilnayo.

Author Xmuslim Atheist Rebel ( ago)
The world admired courageous people ..Eritrea goes down in history book for
standing up to a bully risking everything without help from any world
community. They won the war

Author lisro21 ( ago)
memphisto 1895,

You remind me of the story about the frog and the ox....
Many years ago there was a magnificent ox. One day, when he was taking an
afternoon walk, a poorly dressed and unimportant looking frog saw him. The
frog felt envy toward the beautiful, strong ox. But the frog yelled to his
friends, "Look at this ox! But he is no better than I am, if I tried." The
frog swelled up to twice his normal size. "Am I the size of this big ox
now?" he asked his frog friends. "You will have to be much bigger to be his
size," they said. The frog swelled up even bigger. "How about now?" he
asked his friends. "No, but you better not swell up more or you will kill
yourself," they warned.

But the frog wanted to be as big as the ox and puffed, and puffed. He never
got as big as the ox because he burst first.


Author mebrak mengisteab ( ago)
Where are those people who say no to slavery. Kidem embi nemegzate hegi
ewin embi 

Author MrAllthatnmore ( ago)
Also Tanzania Invaded Uganda ,,, Somalia tried invading Ethiopia, Nigeria
and Cameroun. Rwandans and Congo Africans invade other Africans all the
time Fool!

Author fit ( ago)
@sam4237 the singer is Luul Fisehaye which the songs reminds back lot of
memories at the time of independece which was rel released after we gave
our voice for referundum is 99.98% for FREEDOM. It was good times then.

Author Steelaron ( ago)
Songlist please ;)

Author millenium2003 ( ago)
LOL.. you replied to a comment i made 2 years ago..... i replied just to
let you know i am still alive and i still stand for i what said back then

Author MrAllthatnmore ( ago)
Where do you get your facts?? The US was against Ethiopia in the 80s. Think
before you speak lest you make yourself sound ignorant. 2 yrs ago or not I
had to say something

Author EritreanKing007 ( ago)
We didnt recived any good things from the Italian Facists occupation.

Author KtK ( ago)
the poorest terrone in south of italy is much wealthier than an eritrean!!
italy made eritrea of today

Author EritreanKing007 ( ago)
Terrone, the time of Fascist Italian time is over, Italia become like
Africa specially in the south. 

Author sam4237 ( ago)
who is the singer at 7:55 ? please i know the song but i can't remember the
name of it!! thank you

Author KtK ( ago)
eritrea belongs to the kingdom of italy

Author 1welwel ( ago)
Space what an image you have captured almost all.Thank you on behalf all
Eritrean heroes.

Author BahreNeGash ( ago)
See the map of Tigray Republic crafted in 1976 in Dedebit caves. w w w.
Ethiopianreview. com By Elias Kifle In 1976, the TPLF (Woyanne) crafted its
Greater Tigray Manifesto. The manifesto called for transforming the
northern Ethiopian region of Tigray in to an independent country through
expansionist policies. For Greater Tigray to become a reality, TPLF
decided to control Ethiopia and systematically appropriated lands from
neighboring regions of Gonder, Wollo & neighboring Eritrea. 

Author BahreNeGash ( ago)
@206amar1 Nega-Agame,,, Still bleeding your heart out all over Eritrean
videos all over youtube? Too bad,,, Barking against, Ethiopians, Eritreans
& Somalis all over the internet ain't going to SAVE your Agame nightmare
from Tigray being another Rwanda. For now,,, keep barking like a rabid dog,

Author 206amar1 ( ago)
@mojo06 Hey, Italian dikala, only the Eritrean government made up those
numbers. Remeber this, you can make up casualties, but we occupied 25% of
Eritrea bastard. 

Author mo jo ( ago)
@206amar1 Your human wave tactics failed miserably. 123,000 ethiopians
dead, for nothing. Eritrea now and forever bitch.

Author 206amar1 ( ago)
@mephisto1895 You listen to me you cheap son of an Italiano whore aka
Eritrean donkey remeber your slave asses were given independence. Remeber
you Eritrean sons of bitches were destroyed in Badme and had 25% of your
land occupied. Ever since you stupid Eritrean monkeys were sanctioned, your
economy has been dead. You can't buy weapons since your sanctioned.
hahahaha im not going to waste my time with an inferiorty complex Eritrean
like yourself.

Author mephisto1895 ( ago)
@206amar1 Listen you son of a begging one cent whore. You are land locked
because of your ignorance and stupidity. How can it be that 4 million
people defeat 80 million people who received all kind of military support
from every SUPER POWER? I tell ya, You is a DUMMY, weak and embarrassment
to all those who believed in you. And yes, you are a spineless turd, who
sways where ever the wind blows. Now bow down to I who made you landlocked
and robbed your pride. HAHA I is the Eritrean WORRIER! 

Author Arun Josep ( ago)
@MIKELEWELELA congratulations i also erithria supporter. iam a
(eelam)srilanka tamis. but still we are not get liberation. still we are as
a slaves.our only hope ltte also distroyed by bloody srilankan army. with
the help of india, pakistan and china. have you hear about us( ltte)? 

Author mikele welela ( ago)

Author 206amar1 ( ago)
@yikaALO Death to your sister who I fucked in ASS-mara Eritrea. Death to

Author bla bella ( ago)

Author 206amar1 ( ago)
@TheEritrean Death to Eritrea!!!!

Author Jok Alor ( ago)
No, no, brothers fight each other to teeth and still brothers!!!! You
speake the same language and may be the same religon, and so on. Its better
for noughbers to live in peace for their benefit and welfare of both
people. We will do the same in the South Sudan once we gain full
independent in 2011, we will try to live in peace with arabs in North Sudan
and other people.

Author TheEritrean ( ago)
Long Live Eritrea. Can't wait for May 24!

Author millenium2003 ( ago)
Ethiopians = European & Americans wanna be's. Africans dont invade other invaded Eritrea unprovoked and SOmalia as well. All that to
please the US governent.

Author millenium2003 ( ago)
Wipe Ethiopia off the Map.!!!

Author millenium2003 ( ago)
Omg!! whats with this hate yall...Im neither ethiopian nor eritrean...But i
feel like Ethiopia is the aggresor......Fuck Ethiopia!!!

Author mephisto1895 ( ago)
Nope, you were Ethiopian and I was Eritrean. I am sure you are saying all
that crap now because you are LANDLOCKED. 30 Years ago when we weren't
armed you killed and raped my people. Today we are in a great position to
punch you right back. Stay in your country i stay in mine until all my
soars are healed. Then we might find forgiveness and start anew on equal
footing and maybe even reunite. until then please stay on your side of the

Author mephisto1895 ( ago)
Donkoro. We fought for 30 years to be called Ethiopians? What is in your
worm infested Ethiopian Head? Fesam!

Author BahreNeGash ( ago)
By the way, besides making one VERY NOSTALGIC, you got a very nice

Author BahreNeGash ( ago)
Ketema, Are you sure he's NOT Tefeno? Wow, I never heard of anyone called
by the name Issaias Asfaha? Does he has any other songs besides Keyih
Nebri? I saw videos Tefeno playing the song. Hey, I could be wrong. Thanks
for the information.

Author Spaceketema - “ሓለንጋ ሽደን ኣግኣዚ” ሓለንጋ ሺደን ኣግጋዚ ( ago)
@BahreNeGash: That is not Tefono, that is Isaias Asfaha singing one of his
rare songs Keyih Nebri.

Author BahreNeGash ( ago)
The video has a combination of a lot of songs & singers. But at the
specific 01:50 time frame of the video, the song was played by TEFONO. To
find out more, google or search youtube for "eplf singer "tefeno". Let me
know if that's what you were looking for. Good luck & enjoy the show.

Author phresh07 ( ago)
Gual Eritrea, I have so much love for you.

Author EritreanKing007 ( ago)
Keep your comments about Eritrea away. We don't need your advise and u.
Eritrea 4 Eritreans

Author Zao125 (1176 years ago)
y its just a military dictatorship

Author EritreanKing007 ( ago)
Down Tplf and Ethiopia. Long live Eritrea

Author EritreanKing007 ( ago)
Ogadeni bro u r welcome to Eritrea, like Eritreans who were welcome in
Somalia in 60's to 80's.

Author EritreanKing007 ( ago)
Amche ethio ahiya you are funny. If u have indentity probleme to be
Eritrean, so plz return us our Eri pass and go back to Gamu-gaffa or

Author EritreanKing007 ( ago)
Amche why don't kill yourself? it's better for everybody, u seem to have a
big indentity probleme and frustration.

Author kingtutsp04 ( ago)
Proud to be Eri, I love you my beautiful people!

Author EritreanKing007 ( ago)
I m so Proud to be one of you Deki Anbessa, deki wlad Nebri, deki Ere

Author Wise Berhan ( ago)
I am very proud to be an Eritrean & have brothers & sisters like every one
of you. Fikren Salamen N'hizbe Eritrea.

Author sirbigam ( ago)
Jigna ahwatay, ya missed my fallen! thanks for the footage.

Author LaNyese ( ago)
eritrean Your welcome

Author LaNyese ( ago)
eritreantiqaraly I agree wholeheartedly

Author LaNyese ( ago)
Eritrean I know I have done a little research and both african peoples are
beautiful inside and out. I wish there was some way for all africans to get
along we have too much trouble with other ethnic groups to fight amongst

Author It Is Bold! ( ago)
???/? do not get it!

Author mia johannessen ( ago)
Amen to that!

Author LaNyese ( ago)
I just hope we as a black African people can learn to unite to get rid of
foreigners. We don't need to go around killing eachother whether we be
Eitrea or Ethiopian. We are one people one love

Author It Is Bold! ( ago)
Eritrea is a police state

Author It Is Bold! ( ago)
where are the real terminators and yekalos? they passed away for our
country, but whoever betrayed their cause and lagacy should be held
accountable...fuckin like dictator Issayas should be brought to justice,,,

Author AddisTemari ( ago)
Eritrea stay strong and stand together. Your unity is breathtaking, your
courage clear. Even a mother with lij on the tut stood her ground. I will
always respect your accomplishments Eritrea, you are wonderful and a

Author Spaceketema - “ሓለንጋ ሽደን ኣግኣዚ” ሓለንጋ ሺደን ኣግጋዚ ( ago)
Which song would that be? There are four different songs in the video...

Author dodo “dman16” mcpoopoohead ( ago)
My dad is an Ethiopian. And one of his 2 Eritrean friends went to medical
school with him were part of the EPLF. I am glad that Eritrea won. Because
the derg was massecering and so was haile selassie.

Author EritreanKing007 ( ago)
Salaamat Deki Ere, adi Jeganus. Awet Ni hafash in the same time to my
Somali brothers just a have a faith with our Sudani brothers we will kick
these ethio bastards out of Somalia.

Author nakfa ( ago)
Eritreawi what are you talking who say i speak for all Eritreans i speak
for me and my freind and for all my family.who do you want than as

Author Eritreawi ( ago)
Wesikela bel. Menke tbehal wedey nsekas? Nigus Nakfa? Who are you to decide
for others? If Eritreans want another President then shouldn't that be
their choice? Entaway eka nseka dea "we don't need new president" ktebil?
You don't speak for all Eritreans. You don't decide for others.

Author nakfa ( ago)
for all eritreans that thinks we need New prisident,We dont need new
president we need someone who will blow Meles.If Eseys Will be no more
president who do you wont than Bush or something.

Author cutegual ( ago)
nanisenay<--sorry to reaad your comment i know are getting tourtured
,hurting inside of you,,coz your ppl are drugged on strreett on somalia and
that is why you ki ki ki not coz you happy> Meskeenn amhara are dying
everywhere. I don't call those colonizers heheheh coz they are weark and
sick by HIV

Author cutegual ( ago)
Proud of my ppl<--luv you! Eri 4 life

Author goytom99 ( ago)
motherfuckers How you gonna come to my country to kill me and then raise
your hands and surrender. fuck that!!! Fuck geneva con..and all that
bullshit! Ethiopians are just morons and if they persist with this bullshit
they will wake up one and their country will be in five peaces. Ashatat,
Donkoro Eo'dug...

Author goytom99 ( ago)
the photos at 4:57 and 5:12 just had my heart pounding. Thank god there was
no ethiopians near me because they would all been dead on the spot. Just
drop them and walk away. Incredible colage spaceketema you the man.

Author Spaceketema - “ሓለንጋ ሽደን ኣግኣዚ” ሓለንጋ ሺደን ኣግጋዚ ( ago)
we care my friend...

Author tariqziyad ( ago)
who cares

Author eddystyle213 ( ago)
Proud Eritrean and proud of EPLF gouvernement, if there is another
gouvernement eritrea is finish but not with with EPLF

Author mikeander18 ( ago)
Proud Eritrean. I love you ERITREA!!

Author squeky11 ( ago)
Happy Sweet 16 Eritrea!! Against All odds, Eritrea over came the challanges
put infront by The US, UN, The Soviets, The Cubans, East Germany, Israelis
and a million man Ethiopian Army, who all united in ATTEMPTING to stop
Eritrea! Thanks to all the Eritrean freedom fighters who gave up their
lives to give birth to Eritrea!

Author Marshall High ( ago)
1. They have a good HIV awarness program out thier 2. HIV is spreading
crazy everywhere lol, not just eritrea 3. my family is poor and they still
love issayas 4. New schools and hospitals are being built 6. IF everyone
left the country of eritrea then that would destroy the economy, duhh
7.Issayas is not thinking shortrun but longrun, and defending your country
against traitors is not waging war u idiot.

Author eyub77 ( ago)
True liberation fighters, But I bet theose sincire fighters didnt fight for
a dictatorical eritrea

Author Merhano30 ( ago)
Again and again i watch this video and still amazed that a tiny but
powerful country beat a big waste of land country (Agames). Like Wedi Tukul
said Yikaleo

Author Spaceketema - “ሓለንጋ ሽደን ኣግኣዚ” ሓለንጋ ሺደን ኣግጋዚ ( ago)
Perseverance is the key bro! Just persevere and you will achieve your
goals. No body in the whole world even thought that Eritrea would be an
independent nation. But as you can see it happend though perseverance and
sacrifice. All what I say to Oromo brothers is persevere and you will
achive your it OROMIAA or greater control of Ethiopia. Peace!!!

Author Senay M ( ago)
wndemeye dont worry we dont want anything from them anymore now a days I am
starting to say proudly..."Ethiopians are the only colonizers in africa" ki
ki ki we got the shit outa u tigre's. wondemeye enesu lay mesak new enji
ewnetun menager....abo kezerachew new meselegn Ewnet Aywedum. one more ki ki cheers

Author eyub77 ( ago)
Nice video, I have allways had solidairty, But replacing mengistuas
dictatorship with isayas dictatorship equals dictatorship

Author Spaceketema - “ሓለንጋ ሽደን ኣግኣዚ” ሓለንጋ ሺደን ኣግጋዚ ( ago)
You bet they did! Of the real fighting force that is excluding the women
maintaining the Eritrean bases and supply lines to the front, 30% of them
were women. By the end of 1991 EPLF had around 70,000 military personal so
you can imagine how many women where in the Eritrean forces. Even the
latter border war women were and continue to be integral part of the
military force in Eritrea.

Author ethio0402 ( ago)
Don't u guys feel shame when u say that u were colonized by ethiopia???? u
are ethiopians look at your skin, your language your culture your food,
your religion. You are freaken Ethiopians wheather you like it or not, u
were part of ethiopia not colonized by ethiopia

Author squeky11 ( ago)
Excellent video, love the music. After 30 years of war, against all odds,
Eritrea defeated the Soviet backed, American funded, Cuban milita man
aided, Ethiopian military. Outnumbered 20 to 1, Eritrea comes and shocks
the World by defeating Ethiopia and putting in a puppet government of TPLF
over Ethiopia. No wonder this was considered the greatest military victory
in African history, since hannibal defeated the Romans 3,000 years ago.

Author nakfa ( ago)
am proud to be an eritrean

Author nakfa ( ago)
i love the girl in da beginnnin

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