The Four Types Of Friends You Have • Try Guys

How your group of friends is literally just like your family.

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Author GamerCat ( ago)
I'm like a mix of the teenager and the child XD

Author Sari KK ( ago)
I'm the adult in my group of friends. the only person not in my group of friends is the old person

Author ThatOneIndianKid IzHere ( ago)
I'm the introvert loser

Author Larry Yares ( ago)
I'm the teen because

Author Maggie Adcock ( ago)
Did anyone else notice that these are just the four HOGWARTS HOUSES!?!

Author Miss Wolfy ( ago)
i have only 2 friends :'(

Author KPOP MulFan ( ago)
i'm the kid+old person so i'm just weird

Author Social life ( ago)
I'm literally a mixture of all of them

Author EMMA SEWELL ( ago)
#whenyou'rethemomfriendinthegroup This is extremely relateable.

Author Sally Thrailkill ( ago)
This is my life right here..

Author JL Rainbow Pie ( ago)
Im the Child

Author SUPER MEGA ALAN ( ago)
You played your self i have no friends

Author AlexTehFangirl ( ago)
I am the teen clearly 😂

Author ya girl enj ( ago)
"cash me outside how bout that" as soon as Eugene said something i said that's everything

Author ZodiacCloud ( ago)
Lol I'm the child

Author Karma ( ago)
I'm all of them at the Same time... That's why people think I'm so weird

Author Nana Lita ( ago)
Omg Keith without glass is so weird

Author Cottxon Candy ( ago)
That annoying friend that keeps saying she's the teenager while she says your the old person...

Author Cottxon Candy ( ago)
I'm none of these... I'm the preteen

Author C. Shen ( ago)
Zach hhhhhhh

Author IT HAS BEEN SHIPPED! ( ago)
I'm the child😱😧😩😫😭

Author asdfghjkl smmei ( ago)
im the child

Author Esha ahmed ( ago)
i have 3 youngre sisters but we 4 are same as them i am the teeneger one

Author nino Lola ( ago)
I,m the teenager

Author Milquatz ( ago)
I'm literally the teenager haha

Author Dipper Pines ( ago)
I'm a mix of the child and the teenager.

Author Cherry blossom ( ago)
I am the child and also the tallest. I feel you Keith.

Author Sweetpea Chickpea ( ago)
so who's the bad influence?

Author Krystal Chandler-Morgan ( ago)
what about the preteen?

Author Audreysays RawrXD ( ago)
I'm literally the teenager no joke XD

Author FeelingSalty ( ago)
I'm most definitely the teenager.

Author u can't Park Jimin if u don't ride him ( ago)
*Ned* - "cash me outside how bout da" *dabs*
*Me* - ok me

Author Kaelacraftygirl ( ago)
lol zacks the grumpy old man

Author Justice Beaver ( ago)
Chris should've been a part of the Try Guys!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Author Justice Beaver ( ago)
Keith looks hot AF on the thumbnail. 😍

Author Elīna Brikmane ( ago)
I'm more like the teenager.

Author sofia nilsson ( ago)
I'm 12 and the old person, great...😒

Author J Dawg ( ago)
i could stare at keith's face at 0:15 all day

Author Rachel Isawesome ( ago)
I'm a child and an adult

Author Whise owl AJ ( ago)
I'm he child obiously :P

Author Destinee Quattrocelli ( ago)
Eugene is so good looking! 😂😍😂

Author TwilightJ Gaming ( ago)
i'm the child and I am a the youngest in my squad

Author Bear Kononow ( ago)
The Child
The Adult
The Teenager
The Old Person

I am the teenager.😂😂😂😂😂

Author miau miau27 27 ( ago)
im definetly the child one im a surely ..........the child.......^_~

Author Epic Panda ( ago)
How am I alone all of these

Author 완전MAX h ( ago)
the teenager is me

Author Landrei Films ( ago)
I'm Fuckin Ugine.

Author Carmen Lopez ( ago)
missed one: the friend who leaves school after a semester. that happened to me my best friend left school only after a semester to go to a new school

Author Maddy Drake ( ago)
*is all four in one*

Author EvanGaming ( ago)

Author Vaishnavi Zade ( ago)
i m the teenager

Author Sailor Moon ( ago)
Eh I'm more like Eugene though I'm very competitive when it comes to games and though I always want to be alone and like whatever or maybe I'm just a teenager but I'm just a tween ( tweens are almost teenagers but only 7 - 12 (7 to 12) are tweens .) whatever

Author Hey Guys ( ago)
I have had all

Author ie Yang Yoe ( ago)
. The child one

. The Adult one

. The Teen one

. Old person

100% TEEN

Author CHO YEON KIM ( ago)
Me:The Teenager

My Best Friend:The Adult

My Another Friend:The The Old Person

My Another Friend Best Friend:The Child

Author cool D ( ago)
I'm the child and teenager!

Author Sidemen XIX ( ago)
Ha pause at 2:06 look a today's specialist it's literally says Your mom great Easter egg thank me later

Author happyish 2400 ( ago)
funnyist vid ive seen in years

Author share bear ( ago)
how am i all of these friends

Author Alya The Coconut ( ago)
I'm a mix of teen defense and child humor

Author ThePantaloon _HQ ( ago)
I'm the old person..?

Author jess suiugan ( ago)
I'm the child for sure,my friends get annoyed of me so easily!

Author THE HOLY SPAGHETTI LORD! A.K.A Julie/Crybaby ( ago)
I'm 24/7 all of them.

Author Hannah Dangatan ( ago)
old people for the win

Author AnnieRules 27 ( ago)
The Child (Keith) - 👦🏼
The Teenager (Eugene) - 👨🏼‍🎤
The Adult (Ned) - 👨🏼‍💼
The Old Person (Zack) - 👴🏼
I really want their emojis...
but that's the closest I can get.

Author Amelia The Tiger ( ago)
I'm a girl but I'm like the teenager

Author Barshat Rai ( ago)
I have a best friend that wears the same thing everyday

Author rareseal 25 ( ago)
Turns out i'm the child...

Author Benjamin Mason ( ago)
Lol I am all 4 of them and none of them

Author Wolf Stich ( ago)
welp I'm the teenager....damn

Author MimiChu ( ago)
did you mean peoples personalities?, anyways il ove this video.

Author Nynevin of Hyrule ( ago)
I'm the Old Child.

Author Steven Rodrigues ( ago)
This seems like a CollegeHumor ripoff

Author Jacob Harris ( ago)
I'm watching this on my birthday

Author Will Demers ( ago)
buzzfeed PLEASE make a "which try guy should you date" quiz i will lay down my life

Author Harry Potter ( ago)
I don't even have 4 friends...

Author The warrior101 & The Warriorsource ( ago)
Its weird I'm like the Child and the Adult in my group

Author Abbie J ( ago)
... I am all of these 😂😂😂😂

Author CB RANDOMNESS ( ago)
2:03 I'm hurting

Author Raven Queen ( ago)
"Every squad has the child"
Huh is someone talking about me?

Author Samara Jones ( ago)
i would be the teenager

Author Fanbro Universe ( ago)
What if i have no friend

Author GoldenSwitch ( ago)
But...Where do i get some?

Author Sofi is WEIRD ( ago)
The child
The adult
The teenager
The old person

I'm all of them....

Author Vain Sadist ( ago)
I'm the teenager.. cuz I'm a teenager

Author Lewis Hohwy Barclay ( ago)
i don't have 4 friends

Author EmOtIcOn RaBBiT ( ago)
i'm the mixed of the teenager and child XD

Author Partycacctus TM ( ago)
"I will kill you in your sleep" me

Author MiniStrawberry Min ( ago)
I hate to admit it but I am the teenager

Author Mr.General.Dr.detective Clark Wilson Francis ( ago)

Author Infinite Skys ( ago)
I'm The Teenager

Author TRINITY KIM ( ago)
"No need for fancy editing... goddamn that was good."

Author Annabeth 1052 ( ago)
I'm literally just a really shy version of all 4

Author RapmintXmafia ( ago)

Author Vkookphan ( ago)
I'm the teenager

Author Albino Polar Bear ( ago)
I think I'm the teenager but its probably because I'm actually a teen

Author soccer lover2005 ( ago)
they should try the spiners

Author I am emo but in a Gerard Way ( ago)
I am The Teenager all the way XD

Author Miguel Muniz ( ago)

Author Miguel Muniz ( ago)

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