The Four Types Of Friends You Have • Try Guys

How your group of friends is literally just like your family.

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Author Otaku Kalie ( ago)
I'm like all of them xD

Author Keneisha Pinto ( ago)
Somehow I'm three of them....The adult, The child and The teenager

Author Katie Brown ( ago)
im all four

Author Khiara Faith ( ago)
Anyone notice how very UN-try guys video this is?

Author caleighrosebud ( ago)
I think I'm a mix of old and child lmao but also depends on who I'm around and the situation.

Author Ricardo Assis ( ago)
Donald Trump forever 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author Effy Azean Ibrahim ( ago)
Kieth is just so cute! Without wearing glasses and acting like a baby. I WANT TO SEE MORE KIDDY KIETH

Author Ceiling Phan ( ago)
I literally hate all of these types of people except maybe the old person and the teenagers

Author Effy Azean Ibrahim ( ago)
Kieth is so cute acting as a kiddish child, I wanna see more baby Kieths pleas

Author Alexander Betancourt ( ago)
Finally a BuzzFeed video like the good old ones...

Author Lottie Hardy-thomas ( ago)
Why am i all of these XD

Author MissEL ( ago)
so good

Author Patricia Hrenic ( ago)
I'm the child and teenager lol

Author keepcalmandlovejaiden 2 ( ago)
I'm a mix of the adult and the teenager

Author Zitor ( ago)
They're all just the try guys being themselves lol

Author you don't know me ( ago)
Am I the only one who is literally all of these depending on the situation? Lmao

Author poxolatee ( ago)
This wasn't accurate at all but so damn fun to watch. Also yes, the editing was smooth af.

Author Alex Vause ( ago)
I really don't know how and why I ended up here when I don't have any friends😂😂😂

Author Arthur Kirkland ( ago)
I'm the old person wow.

Author Piko Canavarı ( ago)
I am an introvert :D

Author jasmine taylor ( ago)
Qualllllity video

Author Real Unkn ( ago)
likes ( including me )56,149 dislikes 1,314

Author Shamsa Shakir ( ago)
sometimes I'm the baby sometimes I'm the grandma

Author Rigel Acoba ( ago)
For ME Zach looks like the Child but the way that Zach ACT he really is a Old Person

Author RedX_16 ( ago)
I'm the teenager lol

Author Layla Nguyen ( ago)
Cash Me Outside How Bout' Dab?!

Lol Ned xD

Author ○•.Laиa Kaч.•○ ( ago)
I'm like the teenager and the child most of the time 😂😂

Author Ashley Lowe ( ago)
I've concluded that I'm all four, given the circumstance. lol

Author Jtizer_ 48 ( ago)
Cough cough collage humour

Author Letícia Evelyn ( ago)
I'm the old person OMG

Author Brooke Anna ( ago)
feels like college humor...

Author Sayje ( ago)
I am the perf combo of the teenager and the old person haha

Author Sophie Felice ( ago)
I am simultaneously the adult and the old person

Author TwistaSista ( ago)
Was the narrator Chantel? She did good! :)

Author jj cool ( ago)
im the baby in my squad hih

Author Charlotte Woods ( ago)
yep. im the old man. its kinda sad...

Author Estelle S. ( ago)
Keith=Jungkook, J Hope
Ned=Jin, Rapmon
Zack= Suga
Alien= V

Author Athina Haynes ( ago)
I'm right in the middle of The Teenager and The Child.

Author Anime Lover ( ago)
when you are all four of them.

Author Spoopy Emo ( ago)
I'm a mix of the Teen and the parent. It's not a very good mix

Author Fudgy-Chan ( ago)
*me slowly realizing that I'm the adult* oh no

Author Diamond Girllps ( ago)
I'm a mixture between the teenager and the child

Author Gallifreyan_Hunter ( ago)
I am The Adult 😂

Author Jess Jess ( ago)
I'm like the pervy old grandma

Author I like Pie ( ago)
But what if i only have 1 friend?

Author Arianna Quan ( ago)
I keep playing 2:00-2:05 over and over again

Author George Pinder ( ago)
Im the teenager

Author Liuhuayue ( ago)
What if you cycle among all four of these modes depending on your mood?

Author Ariadna Balderrama ( ago)
I have two best friends.
I'm the child, until they turn into children and then I'm the parent
My guy best friend is the old man
And my best best best friend is the teenager, but not this moody type of teenager, she's more like a pre-teen

Author Pepper Mint ( ago)
I'm the adult in the group. My friends even call me mom.

Author Emily Vera ( ago)
"your show is super depressing and not appropriate for kids"


Author PLAIN BAGEL ( ago)
2:01 the future is near us

Author Awkward KitKat ( ago)
Haha, I'm the teenager.

Author Taco channel 4 ( ago)
With me and my friends, it's only 3, not 4

Author Lady Unicorn ( ago)
im the teenager 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author Elitelyfe2 ( ago)
The Child : Miko
The Adult: ME
The Teen: Jacobe
The Old : Shaun
I used my friends XD

Author Rjgat 64 ( ago)
Does anyone else need the try guys emojis

Author ScouserGirl 2015 ( ago)
Eugene is hot

Author bros fart ( ago)
im probably the only one whos kinda all four...

Author Rupee Dupee ( ago)
You guys copied college humor

Author Mikhaila Nienus ( ago)
But eugine is really hot 😍

Author Mikhaila Nienus ( ago)

Author Rylee H. ( ago)
I asked my friend and they said I was magically the child and teenager

Author Sanny Cat ( ago)
I just realized I'm the parent...

Author Doxer ( ago)
I showed this video to my squad and I have been informed I am the teenager. I thought I was the responsible, adult one.

Author blah blah ( ago)
I'm the teenager...

Author Illuminati Fails ( ago)
Sim the teenager

Author Neko Lin ( ago)
Why am I THE OLD PERSON!I AM SO YOUNG!Now do I think about it I have been this way since I was ten...Does that explain why my back hurts...Plus I LOVE this video!

Author Tomato Juice ( ago)
I have four friends
And guess what
I'm the freakin teenager

Author Nightcore Fan ( ago)
i wish i had friends to do this with.

Author Mia Barajas ( ago)
I'm literally the teenager

Author Alyssa Diaz ( ago)

Author Kitty Kat Chan ( ago)
I'm basically the teenager

Author TeaTalks ( ago)
im the old person, and the child, yet i am a teenager...

Author Stormisnotaweeb B ( ago)
I'm everything but the old person

Author Tony Bonsai ( ago)
I like this :D

Author rosethorn aker ( ago)
my whole friend group is the child

Author Maned Wolf Animations ( ago)
Im the child XD at least thats hat my friends say XD

Author Paige Bader ( ago)

Author Rose Heir ( ago)
"your show is super depressing and not appropriate for Keith."
am I only one who thought that was adorable?

Author Siethvus ( ago)
no, i do not relate

Author SavvySlothOrigins ( ago)
Honestly I'm like a mix of all of them 😂

Author blackunicorn ( ago)
A mix of the adult, the child, and the teenager

Author Caroline Hope ( ago)
all i can think about is voltron. shiro=adult, keith=teenager

Author Kira Min ( ago)
Alrighty... Correct me if i'm wrong. The Child is "Jhope" and Taetae.... The Teenager is a mix of Jungkook and Jimin.... the Adult is clearly Eomma Jin and the Old person is Namjoon + Yoongi :333

Author Noah Calta ( ago)
I'm the sassy grandma that doesn't give a damn in my group

Author Kiwi YT ( ago)
Wait you can take videos on Instagram?

Author Exeniris ( ago)
I'm the person who threatens to kill my friends every five seconds

Author TwentyØneAttackØnTheCrybabies ( ago)
I'm a mix of the child, the parent, and the teenager

Author Richard Rivera ( ago)
I'm like the teen and the adult

Author RidingThatHorse 123 ( ago)
I'm the mom and the tean minus the quite always on phone moody thing

Author Taco llama Potato ( ago)
How am I both the child and the adult?

Author Bren Lockhart ( ago)
I'm a perfect combination of the four of them.

Author izzy pines ( ago)
Where's the one who constantly jokes about death

That's everybody in my friend circle

Author Yaz Dab ( ago)
I relate to the teenager, very relatable.

Author Caleb Laufenberg ( ago)
I am definitely the child

Author TehGalacticZebra ( ago)
In my opinion, if one of the Try Guys leaves, Buzzfeed is ruined. To be fair, it was already ruined, but the Try Guys are the only reason I watch Buzzfeed.

Author Shae Muchler ( ago)
The Child: Jimin and Taehyung
The Adult: Jin and Namjoon
The Teenager: Jungkook
The Old Person: Yoongi

is hell a bad word

Author Sele13 ( ago)
four friends? how about like one😅

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