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Author zombietwinkies44 (4 months)
the fist level in vid is tied for my fav stage

Author StormSuperSayain (2 months)
my user is black2013hawk 

Author Jason Carpenter (5 days)
I want to be added my name is jeremiah

Author blade the hedgehog (3 months)
Did you know that rose team is the estayest team

Author the dragon slayer clan (1 month)
Egg Fleet happens to be my 2nd favorite stage

Author Jide Banjo (21 day)
sonic been teachin us not to love these hoes since day one

Author 10FALLGAMER (1 month)
When you finished the first stage I thought the game crashed lol

Author Antonio Soriano (3 months)
Yea Fortress was one of my fav and the music was epic as well. I wish they
made an HD remake of this game

Author Claire Edwards (21 day)

Author Abraham Hernandez (3 months)
Does GameCube work for wii

Author DaiDai Omar (3 months)
oh come on why did you reastart?

Author Najeh Ddembe-Williams (1 month)
I watch lots of your vid,s

Author Super football player (5 months)
it took me 2hours to beat that level ps2

Author descono0cido (3 months)
I know this video is old as fuck but still...Why does he have to say 'Oh my
gosh' every 2 seconds? It's so annoying.

Author TableTennisDutch (3 months)
19:42 Best moment to say that! XD

Author william dews (10 months)
now they will

Author Trini Secunda (4 months)
shoot i though he fought metal sonic.... what game is that in???

Author Angel Morales (5 months)
Team dark

Author Denise Wickson-Dix (6 months)
Team rose

Author Meowmeow0 (9 months)
Ugh this game is soo annoying! I finally get past a boss and then knuckles
suicides and I have to restart!! Im fed up

Author matty ice (9 months)
Sonic heroes should have an hd release 

Author HaProsonic 2619 (3 months)
I'm just getting sonic heroes
And excited to get it

Author 41550daniel (11 months)
1:17 Tails is an 8 year old fox that can make planes and can stop an evil
genius with an IQ of 300, but he can't say "Look at all of those robots!"
and says "Look at all of those Eggman's robots!".

Author Jonathan Greene (8 months)
Sonic Heroes!

Author Taekwondoninja94 (7 months)
Final Fortress is my favorite stage in this game because I think it looks
awesome and I love the music.

Author Mad Bro?? -_- (1 year)
This is my best sonic game 

Author Anthony Restivo (10 months)
What about metal?

Author Jarrin Davis (11 months)
It saddens me greatly that this game is only on the UK PSN...

Author Aliza Rubin (9 months)
Imagine if platformers had fall damage.

Author XTrueSonicFanX 12 (1 year)
honestly reply if u used flying for like half of the game

Author Najeh Ddembe-Williams (1 month)
am only 6

Author Denarie Rawlins (11 months)
Team dark

Author Profluffy1 (4 months)
To be honest, since you played this game before I'd expect you to be better
than what you show in the video. You're actually pretty shit at this game.

Author Death17789 (10 months)
I loved this game 

Author Pedalvideos (9 months)
DARKKKK !!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Michael Love (10 months)
When i had this game knuckles and tails were rarely used by me 

Author Death17789 (10 months)
That was awsome

Author Ryu Shadow (10 months)
yes another halo fan

Author supershadowfan2000 (10 months)
The emblems are used to unlock more multiplayer games

Author Mad Bro?? -_- (1 year)
I love all of your videos

Author XTrueSonicFanX 12 (1 year)
on egg fleet i always used tails because i was only 7 and did not feel
like dying. I died anyway

Author Mindcraft & Sonic (1 year)
he buy them

Author Mikey4wf (1 year)
oh how useful the quick-step would've been in these special stages

Author Gabriel Sonicstar (10 months)
For some reason on final fortress I always get an A-Rank when I don't
deserve it.

Author hedgehogsonic11 (1 year)
You referenced Spirit! At least somebody watched it!

Author JC Kraft (1 year)
My XBox 360 acount is JCKraft! Add meh! ^.^

Author turolretar (7 months)

Author minecraftclone1 (1 year)
no more sega saturn no more tails doll they just keep following me! leave
me alone!

Author hedgehogsonic11 (1 year)
Ride through gravity!
Ride through what earth planned!

Author Tabitha Brown (1 year)
I used to have a PS2 with Sonic Heroes. Now since the Game lost and maybe
the PS2 this could have been helpful. Every time i pick Chaoix it hard and
getting the special challenge and Chaos emerald that is the hardest for me!
Wish i had My PS2 and Sonic Heroes game. well not your fault mines!

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