Schnauzer miniatura

Schnauzers miniaturas con un mes y medio de vida

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Author phatalityprophet (5 years)
ke bonitos estan . Me akaban de regalar un schnauzer miniatura, tiene
apenas dos meses y no se si ya sea recomerndable hacerle algun corte de
pelo o si debo esperarme mas tiempo, obvio no se lo hare yo sino un
estilista de perros

Author minischnauzerful (3 years)
great!!! mabuhay...Philippines

Author ILoveJesus319828 (6 years)
Those puppies are s adorable. I like the 2 puppies that had a little bit of
white on them.

Author bambiberrys (4 years)
oh my gosh, my shnauzer has had 2 litters and they all looked like that xDD

Author -Miguel Encinas (3 years)
que bonitos

Author Skip M (3 years)
Who knew you could fill a plastic tub with that much cuteness?!

Author Bouero Guarner (5 years)
hola soy jose y yo tambien tengo un snauzer se llama perla y le estoy
buscando novio de donde eres que pides cachorro o dinero

Author dali98world (3 years)
awwww<3 pobresitos D; estaban encerrados y se estaban lastimando
pobresistos me partio el alma PERO ESTAN HERMOSOS!

Author househeadericmd (4 years)
OMG - i want everyone of them - i have 2 mini schnauzers myself. best dogs

Author origamicowz (5 years)
i like the 2 white bearded ones they are so cute!! ours was like that but
she ran away...:,(

Author sephorajunkiee1 (4 years)
@FeelTheFuryV8 amen to that

Author Ferran AZ (4 years)
lusiruss lusis

Author elgosblau (7 years)
la verdad es que si, sobretodo al pensar que iba a tener unos cuatro mas o
menos y nacieron ¡Nueve! jejeje. es una pena venderlos con el cariño que
les cojes Un saludo

Author TheRammstein18 (5 years)
No frieges si yo apenas puedo con 1 cachorro schnauzer, que llora en las
noches, se mea y caga donde se le da la gana(casi me mea el ps3) se pone
muy iperactivo el caon, lo sako o juego con el pa que se le quite las ganas
y no se de donde carajos saca tanta energia ah y tambien aveces se pone muy
webon y se duerme a todas oras y apenas tiene 1 mes y cacho y me da una
lata. Y ya le pusieron nombre se llama "baster" pero ni caso hace solo
cuando le digo "bastardin ven" a eso si le hace caso.

Author Amy Allen (4 years)
The 2nd one from the left that gets pushed out is by far the cutest one!
But it makes me so sad that no on allows him in and he just gets bullied!

Author Manuel Fernández (5 years)
excuse me but you mean muy poco

Author fankhauser99 (3 years)
Awwwwwww ... I want them all !!!

Author moninblue (4 years)
Nooooo parecen de pelíiiculaaaa!!!!!

Author Vyper1000 (4 years)
Yep they are hungry. My dogs pups always would freak out when they caught
their mom's scent.

Author Stango Dango (6 years)
OMG, they are so cute and I want another minature Schnauzer.

Author TheLuna1520 (5 years)
estan divinos y como en cuanto los vas a vender por que mi perrita tambien
es snauzer y va a tener cachorritos son de primera camada y no se en cuanto

Author Katz Armstrong (6 years)
I can just smell the puppy breath from here. Ha Ha. So cute!

Author Fernando Cornejo (5 years)
quiero unoooooo que hermosos

Author keytone62 (6 years)
aw there so cute i have a white miniatura schnauzer his name is Wesly.

Author jastinezz (6 years)

Author dinorael (5 years)

Author holipinieo1 (6 years)
umm english please?

Author Isabella Pescheira (4 years)
that was mean the one in the back was the cutest

Author Scarlett Eymy Alvarez Sanz (3 years)
Owww they sound like a guinea pig C=

Author Fany Diaz (5 years)
waa zonn super lindoss yo kiero uno pero no puedo convenser amis papas

Author IchiChanOtakuGirl (6 years)
Que monada!! Me encantan!!^^

Author chillincruisin (4 years)
@alans1960 actually....god didnt make schnauzers, man specifically bred
them to be as they are today

Author JCM449 (4 years)
AAAHHH que lindooooosss! me los quiero comer a besos! ojala esten en buenos

Author snaptapflare (4 years)
I bet those 6 dislikes are cats.

Author christophe bastian (5 years)
mignon n1

Author danilafalaleev (3 years)
Look at my goofy Miniature Schnauzer! lol =JLPUFjKEmtk

Author Gil Barrera Santamaría (3 years)
que bonitos cachorritos !!!!

Author elingeguille (2 years)
en una sola camada nacieron 6 pobre madre

Author TheBlue3yez (4 years)
@BrianBear24 soo sorry for u well i guess its good on one right?

Author Tempe Snyder (2 years)

Author milkarandy (4 years)
has any one noticed that schnauzers are so over reacted and cry about
everything. mine is like 9 right now and each time some one she knows rings
the bell she runs crying to the door untill some one opens it and continues
for about 10 min

Author AbbyAdorable1546 (5 years)

Author RAY RAYWEN (5 years)

Author Jade Slaughter (2 years)

Author conquisstador (6 years)
Sooo cute dogs, I want one :P

Author ximenapevensie (6 years)
Oye, pero eso es crueldad, no dejar a los pobres perros salir, que mala..

Author StarryNight022 (6 years)
Son preciosos!!! :)

Author Justakid12 (6 years)
So cute! But cant yew let them out of the box thing.. There begging to get
out :(

Author mOnIqaMuaki (4 years)
pretty i lOve :)

Author Mark23873 (3 years)
Adorable! Brings back memories when my Georgie was a baby 3 yes ago! 

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