Yu-gi-oh Forbidden Memories - Seto 3rd

the hardest battle of the game

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Author thunderdaniel30 (1 year)
you can also get meteor b dragon from him

Author monkeyrahha (5 years)
black luster solider? lolll ........ i don't think you can get that card...
he used gameshark.. u can't get great moth and some of his cards.. dat nub
cheater lol

Author hunt4t2 (3 years)
@InvisibleBOY96 omg r u kidding me? its obv he cheated and ur praising him?
guess ur applauding his gameshark using skills eh?

Author LittleEmoBoy001 (5 years)
go to coolrom and register then sign in to the psx ISO section. It is under
puzzle games.

Author Lucas Fernandes (5 years)
you use game shark! aff man!

Author 5goldshot (5 years)
Yugioh Forbidden Memories rom can some one find me one plz i been serching
for 3 days

Author Vinni Timão (4 years)
eh verdade q graça teria se vencesse com codigo? pra mim eh muito melhor
vencer na raça como o renato11ify disse

Author darkwizard117 (5 years)
You are using GAMESHARK. You cheater.

Author darrknesssun07 (3 years)

Author chileno415 (3 years)
did you hack for your cards

Author MultiStrikerX (4 years)
concordo com voce cara,eles nao sabem jogar sem codigos mo raiva!

Author Metasas (4 years)
Hhahahhaha yeah, dude, the funniest part about it, is that I was getting
killed by Sobek, but once I got past him and his buddy, I was able to
survive Heishin 2nd, Seto 3rd, Darknight, and Knightmare, all in a row.
Kinda odd that I struggled with the semi-final cronies and not the big
bads, though I certainly wouldn't want to try my luck again, this game is
damn hard. >.>

Author tristanjumawan3570 (3 years)
hardest battle of the game my ass. this was so fucking easy for you.

Author MrMrUm (4 years)
he cheated

Author darrknesssun07 (3 years)

Author David Fitt (5 years)
ey amigos con q programa hacen los videos??

Author QuanTzuBlueDragon (4 years)
@Metasas It's not hard if you keep dueling for the good cards. I beat
Labyrinth Mage, Sebek, Neku, Heishin 2 and Darknite easily. The hardest are
Seto 3rd and Nitemare. You just need the good cards, like Red-Eyes, Dark
Magician, Gaia the Fierce Knight, Skull Knight and Meteor Black Dragon.

Author darrknesssun07 (3 years)

Author jradflow4477 (3 years)
You're a fucking bastard cheater. This is bullshit No one can beat seto
kaiba. this is fucking horse shit. I hate you.

Author womys (4 years)
Can you make Meteor B Dragon?

Author Ruben Tovar (5 years)
el tiene gamesharck

Author animemaster222 (4 years)
he cheated

Author filmfan555 (3 years)
yo, maybe its a stupid question, sorry but where did you get that fuckn
strong cards like blue eyes ultim. dragon and skull dragon?? and so MANY
equipes???? i mean...i have 3 meteor b dragons and black mages with equipes
that belong to the mage but always if i fight seto 3 i wont get them for a
long time and till i get them ive lost the game...i need more cards so
where the heck did you get that? :D

Author kingofdul (2 years)
yo tengo tadas las cartas

Author MichelMFM (5 years)
That sucks. I got MBD around my 100th duel and up, but my younger brother
erased my memory card and replaced it with a new game. I started all over
and this time I got MBD on my 34th try. I was so excited! Does anyone know
how to get Harpie Lady and WInged Dragon #1 without gameshark. Those two
are my favorite cards ever.

Author demonn6 (3 years)
Andres -.-

Author RKODragon15 (4 years)
for which console is this for?

Author Bryan Chong (5 years)
how can i get those good cards?

Author hiphop13ccc (3 years)
no seas tramposos asi no se vale juega limpio mierda xD

Author Salvador Enrique Bittar Ochoa (3 years)
lo hiciste mierda!!! xD

Author catboon1 (3 years)
This game is easy to beat if you know what your doing. Meadow Mage: 1Meteor
Dragon, 3Dark Magician, 3Skull Knight, 3Meteor Black Dragon (550 duels)
Jono 2nd: 3Red eyes Black Dragon (147 duels) Sebek: Zoa (2 within 50 wins)
Pegasus: Dragon Treasure, Bright Castle, Dark Energy, Widespread Ruin, Acid
Trap Hole. (S-Tec 300 wins) And then use the duplicating glitch to get 3 of

Author elxnaxox12 (5 years)
yeah, it's a cheat ;) i have ALL the cards in the game, thanks to that
cheat :D I think there's no way to have the B-E U D without a Ritual ^_^ If
you want to have that cheat, just tell me :D

Author Carlos Calderón (3 years)
seto tercero, the most powerfull

Author pkingusorun (4 years)
red eyes from jono 2nd

Author womys (4 years)
@pkingusorun thnx! but, how do you get red eyes or 999999 chips?

Author Mark Ashbury (3 years)
What is up with the CPU always leaving strong monsters still in ATK mode
when THEY KNOW something way stronger is already on the field. And what the
hell was up with this game with the 999 starchips?! LIKE I COULD AFFORD
THAT! I just used my chips to get Aqua, Dragon, and Thunder monsters to get
a Twin Headed Thunder Dragon fusion going on, and some beast fangs on that
shit, Umi....haha this was a fun game though...

Author DarkmanXneo (5 years)
That Boss is a nightmare!!!

Author darrknesssun07 (3 years)

Author UprisingJC (Taiwan) (3 years)
@catboon1 I guess I know what you mean... That's how I got 3 lightning
cards(magic) , dragon treasures , bright castles and some other magic or
trap cards... Ty for the explanation. What I have is MBD , BLACK MAGICIAN ,
RED-EYED BLACK DRAGON , curse of dragon(for combining Two-headed dragon) ,
meteor dragon(Forming MBD with Red-eyed black dragon)...etc. I have each of
them x3. What I still want is Black-eyed white dragon. I wonder if Seto 3nd
is the only one we can get that card from.

Author GT5Player (5 years)
LOL that was easy of course if u got the most powerfull cards... WITHOUT

Author psaile93 (1 year)
and black luster soldier

Author maggie dep (5 years)
heres a tip guys, free duel meadow mage alot of times he gives good cards
such as meteor black dragon etc.

Author John96921994 (1 year)
beat the game today with 3 meteor blacks but only one dragon treasure thats
it.. i got lucky i didnt see any beud at all ;)

Author jaketno (1 year)
how the hell do you hack the game and ONLY get an A-POW?!

Author galatina88 (4 years)
come si fa a sbloccare le carte drago del teschio nero, grande falena
perfetta, guardia del cancello e drago finale occhi blu? grazie

Author Gonzalo G (1 year)
722card.mem pff very easy like this way..

Author ivanfck117 (3 years)
@Elite0960 SURE

Author InvisibleBOY96 (4 years)
wow you are very good 5* for the time

Author TheDeathwing93 (3 years)
it would've been cool if he showed blue eyes ultimate dragon attacking. it
looked so freakin awesome.

Author hunt4t2 (3 years)
@ps3daboss21970 by hacking.. only way to get one legit is to have three
BEWD and the ultimate dragon ritual

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