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The Best of #EpicMusic 2014 | 1-Hour Full Cinematic
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So it's finally here, no more waiting! We have all waited for so long (a bit too long). But anyway, it's here! The epic conclusion for the epic year 2014 of epic music.

30 tracks. 1-hour full cinematic. 9 editors. 3 months' work.
All that's left is to enjoy!

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Tracks list:

00:00 Brand X Music - Buccaneer Island
01:53 Audiomachine - Impera
02:46 Really Slow Motion - Collapsing Universe
03:50 Epic Score - Ride to Glory
05:04 Really Slow Motion - Suns And Stars
06:38 Phantom Power - Fate's End
07:50 Position Music - Sanctum
09:19 Two Steps From Hell - Riders
10:22 Ivan Torrent - The Bounds of the Universe
12:17 Gothic Storm - Destiny Awaits
14:02 Gothic Storm - Beyond The Stars
14:52 Immediate Music - Falling Into Inertia
16:27 Immediate Music - Protectors Of Truth
18:23 EpicMusicVn - Last Reunion
22:48 Future World Music - Larger Than Life
28:38 Song To Your Eyes - Air Support
31:07 Thomas Bergersen - Empire of Angels
36:07 Liquid Cinema - Aeterna
37:38 Position Music - Time lapse
39:00 EpicMusicVn - Starlight
41:06 Hi-Finesse - Rebirth
43:31 Thomas Bergersen - Creation of Earth
44:58 Nightcall - Dead V
49:03 Michael Conn - Pitcairn Story
51:30 Audiomachine - Blood and Stone (Remix
53:25 Immediate Music - Icarus Rising
55:51 VonLichten - Witness to History
57:51 Sergey Saliev - When the spring comes
01:01:17 Outro: Two Steps From Hell - Compass

Movies / Games: The list of movies and games used can be found in the credit section at the end of this video.
or check it here:

Video edited by:
Tuan Phong
Anh Tuan
Gabriel O'Conor
Cuu Deli
Long Phan
Carlos Cabrera

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Runtime: 1:3:26
Comments: 4865

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Author son pham ( ago)
Great, let me use the video and post again, there is your source

Author Firma Jugendstil Juwel Schmuck Onlineshop ( ago)
Wow :-)) schöner zusammen schnitt von meinen lieblings Filmen, Top Musik

Author 燕雯婷 ( ago)
where is FFXV??????????

Author Austin K ( ago)
Why don't these pieces of music get the fame they deserve? They are so fantastic! ^_^

Author YunaLP ( ago)
i love it!

Author Hưởng Nguyễn Công ( ago)

Author Azolot Loner ( ago)
Damn, 2014 was a damn fine year for epic music....

Author andrew bell ( ago)
all I can say to this is the real heroes don't go for the glory they are the ones who sit in the back and make thing happen they don't need no time in the spot light they just do what they do while others take their glory

Author Albert Hasanov ( ago)
what a film in 13:52 - 13:54

Author MastaTutorialz ( ago)
in the first i expected oblivion theme, whyever

Author Epic Music ( ago)
Phim đây mình tự dựng hay là sao anh

Author yERICstyler XD ( ago)
watch while high :)

Author Albert Hasanov ( ago)
whats a game on the 25:18 ?

Author Faith Henderson ( ago)
what movie was 47:14 / 1:03:25

Author dinulescu george ( ago)
e cool

Author Ethan Baird ( ago)
The roar at 44.45

Author Tooraj Zand ( ago)
Hi i want to use this miusic for my work , i need licens or not ? thx

Author warwick et la bête ( ago)
5:36 the best music in the world

Author rwan sh ( ago)

Author Bonari Nicolae ( ago)
Name film 2:01 ; 3:37

Author Алексей Тузовский ( ago)
Заебись тема!

Author nxr255 ( ago)
This playlist is my morning coffee. Worth a dozen of espressos.

Author hi76 ( ago)
that transition at 28:30

Author Marios Joker ( ago)
this is wonderful

Author Vigneshwar P ( ago)
This collection is a Masterpiece!!

Author sensy 01 ( ago)
like beauty and the beast, all the epic music are the same, but very beautiful

Author Le Carlton ( ago)
I take dumps to these songs

Author ( ago)
Wonderfull synchro.

Author Casino Bernd ( ago)
I like it so much!

Author -Loki - ( ago)
Rejoignez l'appel du Bastion ! Vous Audiophiles Francophones de l'épique ! Notre communauté vous attends :

Author -Loki - ( ago)
j'invoque le.....BASTION !!!

Author Alessandro Rodrigues ( ago)

Author Cua Kỳ Cục ( ago)
46:24 what is that film? pls

Author electricatom2 ( ago)
i wouldnt choose volcano for good nature image, there were explosions so devastating that Car Bomb was like a fart in comparison, does meteorite that wiped out dinosaurs is considered nature to protect too?

Author drag pomp ( ago)
β νδθηβθηδβθφγθυβγυ8βυηθυβε

Author Quantum Jump ( ago)
What Fire Emblem is doing here ?

Author Noé Sommer ( ago)
nik les stups

Author Daniel Waggott ( ago)
I loved it and it is cool!!!!

Author hitheremynameisbingo ( ago)
I just came here for music but it's so expertly edited, I just want to watch it instead!!! *o*

Author Luna Music ( ago)
me gusto mucho

Author lonewolf0923 ( ago)
47:00 I think. Such a sad movie...

Author Michel Carnieto ( ago)

Author Anakin Skywalker ( ago)
The first was the best

Author bobikbonbon ( ago)
Wows going better with this music :)

Author Maxim Werna ( ago)
you missed dragon nest in the list.

Author Kasia Wróblewska ( ago)
I never thought doing my homework can be so epic

Author Susana Nelly Cornejo ( ago)
Wonderful!! Great!! Thank!!

Author enes TR-KAYNAK ( ago)

Author math ! ( ago)

Author Marius - Gaming ( ago)
Is this copyright?

Author Volkan kral ( ago)
38:30 pure orgasm

Author GetThat Zero ( ago)
You compose everything!!

Author Dim Liats ( ago)
the best collection!!!!

Author Trieu Cam ( ago)
:3 Epic Music VN best rồi, playlist toàn nhạc của nhóm k, tks ạ, video tuyệt vời

Author a23919763 ( ago)
What's the movie at 46:00, plz?

Author Darso Encho ( ago)

Author Ольга Разбегина ( ago)
Просто слов нет, классно! Awesome!

Author LATG2000 ( ago)
Best ever !! wow !!

Author fart man ( ago)

Author fart man ( ago)
Best of Epic Music 2014 | 1-Hour Full Cinematic | Epic Hits | Epic Music VN
Epic Music VN
Epic Music VN

Author Colette Segaud ( ago)

Author Colette Segaud ( ago)

Author El ( ago)
"Epic Vietnamise" think these are composed in US not in Vietnam, you steal skill from others for yourself, that's a bit racist

Author Arch Koko ( ago)
wow, the best effect and music!!

Author rubenvsr ( ago)
i love magic and that stuff <3

Author Karim Khechab ( ago)
hata lmamat

Author сергей савинов ( ago)

Author Cenk Qorxmaz ( ago)
Most epic songs; Gloryhammer angud mcfire and Götterdammerung muss fliegen !

Author eduardeau ( ago)

Author David Mayer ( ago)
no words.

Author Legend Sop ( ago)
Go! Jack Oakshield! Or Thorin Sparrow.... ehm... Awesome Music!

Author George Johnson ( ago)
I LIKE IT!..............................and I'm an old Rock & Roll Freak..........................

Author Barbara Fürlinger ( ago)
GREAT VIDEO! *_*/) really love it. music & transitions. just everything <3 very well done!

Author Pablo Degaetani ( ago)
las criaturas del min 2:13 y del 2:27 de que peli o juego son?

Author Névéna Ecuvillon ( ago)
24:37 game ???

Author klarawijs ( ago)
made my day! gonna listen to it over en over! <3333

Author Black Deft ( ago)
19:20 name pls ;P

Author olol lplp ( ago)
Damn! what a perfect songs they are!

Author Levi Oz ( ago)
What is the list of movies at the track "Protectors Of Truth"?

Author Farzad Forouzanfard ( ago)
its very beautiful mix, armagedon movie with iliya zaki music, thanks thanks thanks to iliya zaki

Author ssorceN ( ago)
Hearing this while writing a Book. Pure epic.

Author João Artur ( ago)
Someone knows the movies in the first sound?/Alguém sabe os filmes da primeira música?

Author Alucard X ( ago)
Impressive !

Author Laura Semple ( ago)
How have i never seen the video only to glance across during my favourite track and its accompanied by one of may favourite films, Brilliant

Author Aerocraft ( ago)
would it be okay if I used this for a video?

Author 9400jfm ( ago)
42 brillant...

Author Ramsay Fan ( ago)
love it big time .)

Author PCTipsGR ( ago)
What's the anime in Bucaneer Island?

Author Eddy Coale ( ago)
One of the best compilations ever made

Author حسين المحمداوي ( ago)
موسيقى روعه و جميلة جدا جدا

Author Jesper Høgstedt ( ago)
rigtigt god

Author Mark Dias ( ago)
I think this is by far the best one.

Author Peter Lelke ( ago)

Author Francesca L Hall Composer ( ago)
Great Mix!

Author Martin Doose ( ago)
sensational music - over and over again! For example 31:50 and following... my favorite!

Author Morgan LRDLC ( ago)

Author Trinity Nguyen ( ago)
Reall great compilation! Where can I buy or download Starlight?

Author the geek ( ago)

Author chinta chandan ( ago)
2nd music clip which movie is it?

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